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Top 8 Blogger Outreach Tools to Grow Your Blog

Outreach Tools

Blogger outreach is the cornerstone of content marketing and link-building projects. You cannot expect to get quality links without connecting with leading bloggers, collaborating with them, and maintaining long-term relationships. Things can get even trickier when working with multiple bloggers, as most agencies do. Although the strategy is time-consuming, it generates more traffic, sales, and revenue, so you cannot miss out. Thankfully, you can rely on a blogger outreach tool to cover the entire workflow automation and make things effortless. There are several options to explore, so you may feel overwhelmed while picking the one that matches your needs. We comprehensively overview the best outreach tools and software in 2022.


Pitch Box

Pitchbox has the best features you need to streamline your outreach and link-building efforts. But minus the bells and whistles may slow down your outreach program. It enables you to focus on creating valuable connections and discussing collaboration opportunities with leading niche influencers. The key benefits you get with this powerful tool include prospecting, scalable outreach, automated follow-ups, integrated email clients, relationship manager, and performance reporting. Once you get comfortable with these features, blogger outreach is a breeze. You can quickly find link-building opportunities and bloggers, personalize outreach emails for better response rates, and make data-driven decisions with outreach analytics.



Next on the list is Respona, an all-purpose blogger outreach, link building, and digital PR software. It serves an incredible mix of productivity and personalization. You can use it to connect with the relevant bloggers and journalists in your niche, collaborate with them to spread the word about your brand, earn quality links to their sites, and boost your website’s traffic. Respona’s AI assistant helps you find outreach opportunities in real-time, get contact information, create an automated email sequence, and personalize your campaigns. The tool is a time-saver and super easy to use, so it makes it into the list of favorites.



BuzzSumo is basically a content marketing tool that helps you research popular blog post titles and evaluate content performance on search engines or social media. However, it doubles up as a blogger outreach tool as well. After identifying the popular content with BuzzSumo, you can reach out to the bloggers and pitch them to publish your guest post or link building. You can filter the searches by type, location, and content popularity, making it easy to find the best influencers in your niche. Moreover, you can leverage it to pick engaging topics for the pitch and guest posts.



Another outreach tool worth considering is Mailshake, which helps empower link-building campaigns. You can utilize it to create and automate cold email campaigns. It offers details like people who open, click, and track your emails. The Mail Merge feature lets you send individual emails to several recipients in one go. You only have to set up a template and use the built-in parameters of the tool to fill in the blanks. The best part is that you get to personalize individual emails quickly. Mailshake enables you to send scheduled emails and automate follow-ups. You can also create drip campaigns and keep track of leads with the Lead Catcher feature.


BuzzStream lets you research influencers, conduct personalized and efficient outreach, and manage relationships. While BuzzStream sounds pretty much similar to the other tools, you can get some unique features with it. The tool lets you effortlessly add new bloggers, link-building profiles, and social media profiles to your account while browsing a search engine. You can research influencers automatically by uploading a custom list of URLs. BuzzStream scours each website for you and provides you with their contact information, traffic statistics, and social metrics. It means you have all the information to streamline blogger outreach without investing massive effort and time.



With Traackr, you can locate social media influencers in your niche, but it is only a start. It helps you with more than outreach; you can also manage your relationships with bloggers and measure their impact on your business. It means you can easily understand what works and what doesn’t. With these insights, you can fine-tune your future strategies and ensure better outcomes for your outreach efforts. The best feature you get with Traackr is influencer scoring based on relevance and reach. Additionally, you get tools for tracking conversations and importing existing contacts. You also get a broad range of filtering options that empower you with a targeted outreach strategy.



Inkybee has a huge fan following because of its simple approach to blogger outreach. It helps you through every stage of outreach, from digging up contact information to reaching out to niche influencers. While most features are similar to other tools, Ongoing Blog Discovery is a unique offering of Inkybee. It gets you additional influencer opportunities by continuously scanning the web to find blogs in your target niche. You end up with more options in less time.



As the name implies, this tool is tailored for content marketers. But it helps with blogger outreach too. You can use the Connector feature to schedule and send personalized outreach emails. The tool also offers templates and tracking features to make your outreach program as simple as possible. The Notifier helps you find brand mentions and reclaim them for link-building connections. As you approach bloggers to claim brand mentions, you can open the opportunity to build new relationships. You can be a little creative with this tool and go the extra mile with your influencer marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a comprehensive list of the best blogger outreach tools in 2022, you can compare their features and functionalities. A comparison can help you pick the one that takes care of your current needs and future expectations. The objective is to ensure you get the best outcomes from your outreach campaigns with minimal effort and time. Each tool does it in its own way, so you can rely on them to empower your campaigns. Dig deeper, compare, and choose wisely, or even better, let an expert help you pick the right one!