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A Guide on How to Redirect GoDaddy Domain

How to redirect godaddy domain

Domain forwarding is where a domain name redirects visitors to a completely different URL and domain name. Essentially, a user visiting a website that uses domain forwarding goes to another URL instead. The domain name they entered may not remain in the address bar. The URL displayed on the address bar is the selected one that the domain is forwarding to its users. This article will delve into the reasons to redirect your domain including how to redirect GoDaddy domain:

Reasons to Redirect your Domain

For starters, there are several reasons that necessitate domain forwarding, such as:

  • Change of business name

When a business changes its name, the domain name changes too. It is, therefore, necessary to find a way to direct users that visit the old domain to the new one. Failure to which a business risks losing traffic that they had gained with the old domain name. Domain forwarding makes it easier for individuals to retain their loyal patrons.

  • Frequent change of job

The frequency of job changes differs in various professions. Industries like real estate, insurance, and sales tend to be prone to more changes. If you work in such a field, your best bet would be securing a domain that would be unique to you and that you won’t need to change. However, if you have worked in different companies and had your domain name related to that company, you may want to change the domain name to that which ties you to the new company. Domain forwarding ensures that your older clients find you. You do not need to update your business card and redistribute it to your clients. The address on your former business card continues to be valid as it will redirect clients to your new browser.

  • Multiple domains

Domain forwarding comes in handy for individuals with multiple domains seeking to centralize their operations. Domain Forwarding will direct visitors from various subdomains to the main one. Since you are operating your business on one website, it will be best for the other domains to forward traffic to your main website.

  • Website Redesign

Some businesses have a temporary site to direct their visitors to when building or redesigning their site. Domain forwarding comes in handy in such instances.

How to Redirect your GoDaddy Domain

Seeing how essential domain forwarding can be for businesses and individuals, it is vital to know how to do it. GoDaddy makes the entire process as seamless as can be. Here is how to redirect GoDaddy domain:

Step 1

Log into GoDaddy.

Click on your name (It should be on the top right).

On the options that appear, Click on ‘My Products’.

Step 2

Look at the listed domain name and click the ‘Manage’ button.

Step 3

The manage button should lead you to the main options area for your domain.

Go to the ‘Additional Settings’ box. (You may have to scroll down a little to get there).

Click on ‘Manage DNS’.

Step 4

Clicking in Manage DNS gets you in the DNS management section of your domain. Any changes in this section will affect the functionality of your domain. You, therefore, need to have extra caution. Scroll to the bottom to find the ‘Forwarding’ Box (It will be on the right). Then, click on Add for the domain.

If you do not see the forwarding box, it could be because your domain does not point to the default nameservers for GoDaddy. If your knowledge of DNS monitoring and management is limited, you may need to seek the advice of professionals or use tools to help you. That will help avoid further complications that may compromise your website and domain name.

Step 5

Insert the link you want to the domain to forward to after clicking ‘Add’. Choose the Forward Type you want. It could be permanent or temporary.

What is the difference between Permanent and Temporary domain forwarding?

Despite the name, the effects of permanent domain forwarding do not have to be everlasting. You can always go back and stop or change the domain forwarding even after choosing it. The only element giving it a sense of permanence is that search engines like Google will do away with page rankings and traffic for the site and move the information to the new domain. On the other hand, with temporary domain forwarding, the information on the original domain remains as is.

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Does it matter whether you forward temporarily or permanently?

It does. In a situation where you are building a new site or redesigning your existing website, you may need to send visitors to a coming soon site. Permanent domain forwarding could make you risk losing all your traffic and information to a temporary website. In such an instance, you may want to use temporary domain forwarding to avoid losing all the traffic you built on your old website. You will not need to start over when your website goes live since you have all your domain authority and search rankings.

The only time when it may be safe to permanently forward a domain is if you never plan to use the site or domain again. If the change is to serve you a little while, temporarily forwarding your domain is your best bet.

What is the difference between Forward Only and Forward with Masking?

Forwarding your domain with GoDaddy allows you to either ‘Forward Only’ or ‘Forward with Masking’. What is the difference?

‘Forward with Masking’ option hides the destination domain name for the visitors. They will only see the domain name that they input in the browser search bar. This option is not the best since most search engines view it as a way to fool your visitors. Google may also flag your content as duplicate since similar content will live in two domains- your personal domain and the actual domain. Duplicate content harms your search engine rankings, which are necessary for drawing more traffic to your site. The best option is Forward Only.

‘Forward Only’ allows the visitors to automatically see the domain they have been redirected to on the address bar. This option is the best since it allows for transparency and increases your site’s credibility. The fact that it does not ruin your search engine rankings is a huge plus.

Wrapping up

Domain Forwarding comes in handy and offers value by providing a constant online address for businesses and personal brands. It also allows users to use a domain name before their website is complete by linking to a blog, social media account, etc. Fortunately, with GoDaddy, the process of domain forwarding is straightforward and as smooth as can be!