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7 Incredible Link Building Case Studies by Outreach Monks – A Must-Read!

Link Building Case Studies by Outreach Monks

Ready to supercharge your link building strategy? Welcome to our latest blog post: “7 Incredible Link Building Case Studies by Outreach Monks – A Must-Read!”

Wondering how to improve your link building? This post is just for you. We’re sharing seven real stories of success from the online world. These aren’t just tales – they’re lessons to help you master link building.

Why read this? Each story is a treasure of practical tips and smart tactics you can use. From beginners to pros, everyone will find something useful here.

So, are you ready to learn from these SEO success stories and boost your link building skills? Let’s jump right in!

Case Study #1: E-commerce Brand Achieves Remarkable Growth



Website: https://uk.representclo.com/

Representclo Banner Image

Client Background

Represent Clothing, established in 2012 by brothers George and Michael Heaton, is a pioneering urban fashion brand from Manchester, England. Known for its fusion of high-end design and street culture, Represent offers quality denim, leather jackets, tees, and accessories. Committed to sustainability and inclusivity, Represent empowers individuals worldwide to express their unique style with confidence.


  • When we started this link building campaign, many big brands already dominated the streetwear industry, making it hard for newcomers like Represent to gain recognition.
  • Represent’s SEO team lacked knowledge on how to enhance the website’s popularity off-site, and excessive spending on ads was negatively impacting Represent’s finances.
  • Additionally, other brands had numerous high-quality links directing traffic to their websites, making it significantly challenging for Represent to compete.
  • Therefore, Represent urgently required a strategic plan to garner more online attention and improve its competitiveness in the streetwear realm.

Link Building Strategy

  • Focusing on establishing high-quality backlinks from websites with a DR of 20 to 70.
  • Generate more leads and establish themselves as an authority in their industry.
  • The client started with a 5-post campaign in July-August 2022 but upgraded to a 10-post campaign from September to January 2022 after witnessing positive results.
  • From January 2023 to February 2024, they had 30 links, with domain ratings (DR) ranging from 30 to 70.


  1. Organic Traffic:  From 70k to 355k SEO traffic visitors in less than 20 months, representing a remarkable 407% growth.
  2. Domain Rating: The DR has increased from 50 to 57 in just 20 months
  3. Keywords: The organic keyword count increased from 3.5k to 24.17k, reflecting a growth of approximately 590.6%. A total of 1340 keywords are currently ranking within the top 3 pages on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
  4. Traffic Value: Estimated traffic cost of $37.2K
  5. Rankings: Improved rankings for highly competitive keywords like “varsity jacket,” “graphic tees,” “oversized t-shirt,” “oversized tees,” and many others
  6. The client aimed to reach the UK audience, thus our focus was on generating 100% UK traffic.

Increase in Organic Traffic

Traffic Growth Representclo

Increase in Domain Rating (DR)

DR inceament

Increase in Organic Keywords


Case Study #2 Significant Growth Achieved in 6 Months for Competitive Keywords!

Brand Name: Outreach Monks

Website: https://outreachmonks.com/

Outreach Monks

We’re thrilled to share our latest case study with you, featuring our very own website, Outreachmonks.com! In this study, we’ll reveal our exciting journey toward achieving incredible growth in domain rating (DR) within just six months. Curious about how we did it? We’ll dive into the details of our successful strategy, which involved using SaaS backlinks to boost our website’s performance. Get ready to be inspired!


  • Highly competitive keywords related to SEO & backlinks with SEMrush keyword difficulty ranging from 70% to 90%
  • Need to create an outstanding strategy to rank these keywords

Link Building Strategy


  • Earned Backlinks from High DR websites like HubSpot, Bigcommerce, Evanto, Namecheap & SEMrush
  • Improved domain rating (DR) from 50 to 70, indicating higher authority
  • Improved traffic on the blog section, resulting in targeted leads
  • Increased brand recognition as SEO articles began ranking
  • Monthly traffic value increased from $4k to $22k
  • Some blog articles rank on the 1st page for competitive keywords without backlinks

Top Referring Domains


Increase in Domain Rating (DR)

Outreach Monks DR

Increase in Organic Traffic

Outreach Monks Organic Traffic

Top Keywords

Outreach Monks Keywords

Overall, Outreachmonks.com’s content marketing outreach strategy was successful in helping the company to rank for highly competitive keywords related to SEO & backlinks. The strategy resulted in significant traffic growth, increased domain authority, and improved brand recognition.

SaaS Link Building Strategy

Case Study #3: Nolabels’ Remarkable Growth in Organic Traffic From 0 to 99k in Just 10 Months

Brand Name: Nolabels

Website: https://nolabels.in/


Nolabels is a fashion brand providing designer clothing and accessories for women in India and around the world. 

Grounded in the profound belief that “True Elegance Doesn’t Need A Label,” Nolabels redefines the fashion landscape, spanning a diverse array of dresses, tops, and accessories designed for various occasions and style preferences.

With a commitment to quality, versatility, and distinctive style, it empowers women to showcase their individuality and confidence.


  • The primary challenge for Nolabels was to get noticed in a market predominated by well-established brands.
  • Identifying optimal keywords which have a good search volume but are not too competitive was crucial for our initial link building campaigns.
  • In the fashion industry, acquiring quality backlinks from authoritative sites is challenging. Creative strategies and forging partnerships with influencers and fashion bloggers were essential.
  • Constant monitoring of competitors’ SEO tactics was necessary to stay ahead in this competitive industry.

Strategy and Implementation

  • We conducted a thorough competitor analysis to maintain a competitive edge and refine our link building strategies.
  • Taking leverage of SEO tools like BuzzSumo and Pitchbox, we targeted niche relevant placements, ensuring impactful blogger outreach.
  • Collaborated with expert writers to produce engaging, relevant content that resonated within the fashion community.
  • We secured Guest Posts on reputable and authoritative websites within the client’s industry, all aimed at enhancing the digital presence to reach a wider and more engaged audience.
  • We focused on getting featured in popular Indian fashion blogs, reinforcing the client’s presence in its primary market.


  • Organic Traffic: We saw an increase from 0 to 99.1k monthly visits in just 10 months.
  • Organic Keywords: The organic keyword count increased from 0 to 14.5k, and a total of 455 keywords are currently ranking within the top 3 pages on the SERPs.
  • Domain Rating (DR): Domain Rating improved significantly from 0 to 55, enhancing the website’s authority and credibility.
  • Traffic Value: The estimated traffic value rose from $2 to $3329.

Traffic Increase

Nolabels Traffic
Domain Rating Increase
Domain Rating Nolabels

Organic Keywords Increase

Organic Keywords Nolabels

Case Study #4: 10x Organic Growth For A Cannabis Brand

Brand Name: 420DC

Website: https://420dc.com/


420dc.com, a Washington, D.C. based online marketplace for CBD and cannabis products, sought to outshine their competitors in a cutthroat industry. To achieve this, they joined forces with Outreach Monks, a reputed link building agency with a niche expertise in cannabis and CBD SEO. The results were extraordinary and transformed their online presence.

Location: Washington, D.C, USA

Skyrocketing Organic Traffic

Outreach Monks’ strategic implementation of cannabis SEO led to a staggering 1,035% increase in organic traffic, soaring from 4,792 to 55,723.

420 DC Organic Traffic

Domain Rating (DR) Boost

The website’s authority and credibility were significantly bolstered, with their Domain Rating escalating from 21 to 51.

420 DC Domain Rating

Organic Keywords Expansion

The effective link-building strategy by Outreach Monks resulted in the impressive growth of organic keywords from 1,937 to 35,047, enhancing the website’s search engine visibility.

420 DC Keywords

Improved Keyword Rankings

The campaign dramatically improved rankings on high-value keywords, including:

  • dc weed delivery
  • dc cannabis delivery
  • White truffle strain
  • Purple weed strain
  • weed online DC

Targeted Backlink Building

Outreach Monks secured valuable backlinks from reputable sources within the cannabis industry, solidifying the website’s authority and trustworthiness.

Case Study #5: Improved 10x Leads and Traffic in 2-3 Months


Brand Name: BlueMagic Group

Website: https://www.bluemagiclinic.com/

BlueMagic Group

BlueMagic Group is a renowned hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. They have earned a stellar reputation for providing top-notch hair transplant services to patients from all around the globe.

However, despite their expertise in the field, they faced challenges in improving their online presence and generating organic traffic. That’s when they turned to Outreach Monks for an effective link building campaign.


  1. Improve ranking on money keywords related to hair transplant Turkey such as “turkey hair transplant cost,” “turkey hair transplant clinic,” and “how much hair transplant cost in turkey.”
  2. Generate targeted organic traffic and leads.
  3. Reduce dependency on Google Ads and social media ads.


1. Ranking on Competitive Keywords

Within just 2-3 months of implementing Outreach Monks’ link building campaign, BlueMagic Group began ranking on competitive keywords related to hair transplant Turkey. This swift improvement showcased the effectiveness of their campaign.

BlueMagic Keywords

2. Target Organic Traffic Boost

Outreach Monks’ strategy led to a phenomenal 7x increase in targeted organic traffic, jumping from 1.5k to 7.5k

Blue Magic Organic Traffic

3. Traffic Value Enhancement

As a direct result of the link-building campaign, the traffic value skyrocketed from $2k USD to a staggering $20k USD.

Blue Magic Traffic Value

4. Domain Rating (DR) Improvement

With the help of Outreach Monks, BlueMagic Group’s DR saw a significant rise from 18 to 22.

Blue Magic DR

5. Impressive Return on Investment (ROI)

The client invested $2k USD per month in the link building campaign and reaped the benefits of organic traffic worth $20k USD, making it a lucrative decision.

6. Client Satisfaction and Budget Expansion

Thrilled with the exceptional results, the client has decided to increase their link building budget to further amplify their online presence and continue their growth trajectory.

Case Study #6: The Remarkable Journey of a Vape E-commerce Brand

Brand Name: Mind Vapes

Website: https://mindvapes.com/

Mind Vapes

Mind Vapes, an e-commerce store specializing in smoking accessories such as vapes, rolling papers, weed vaporizers, dab rigs, and more, sought to enhance their online presence and grow their organic traffic. With advertising restrictions on platforms like Google AdWords and Meta, they faced the challenge of relying solely on organic traffic. Partnering with Outreach Monks from their inception in January 2021, Mind Vapes has seen phenomenal growth.


  1. Overcome advertising limitations on popular ad platforms.
  2. Improve overall product rankings and website authority.
  3. Drive organic traffic for sustained growth.

Strategy: How Outreach Monks Made It Happen

1. Targeted Backlink Building

Outreach Monks devised a strategy to build backlinks from low-tier DR to high DR blogs, overcoming the challenge of securing links for vape-related websites.

2. Consistent Link Building Efforts

Maintaining constant and consistent link-building efforts was the key to Mind Vapes’ ongoing success. Outreach Monks advised their client on the importance of regular and persistent link building.


1. Organic Traffic Surge

In just two years, Mind Vapes’ monthly organic traffic leaped from a modest 100 to an astounding 136k, showcasing the impact of Outreach Monks’ strategy.

Mind Vapes Organic Traffic

2. Business Expansion

With a significant increase in traffic and sales, Mind Vapes has grown its team from a small operation to a thriving enterprise with 10 employees.

3. Domain Rating (DR) Enhancement

Outreach Monks’ efforts contributed to a dramatic DR boost, taking Mind Vapes’ website from 0 to 34.

Mind Vapes DR

4. Client Satisfaction and Referrals

The client’s immense satisfaction led to not only an ongoing partnership with Outreach Monks but also the referral of additional business.

Case Study #7: Raven360’s Impressive 350% Growth in Organic Traffic Over Six Months

Brand Name: Raven360

Website: www.raven360.com


We are proud to share a case study about Raven360. This company offers a leading corporate LMS platform. They began working with us in March 2023. By August, just six months later, we had achieved great results. Let’s explore how our focused link-building strategy made this possible.


Raven360 was new to link building when they started with us. We looked at their competitors and saw they had strong links from top SaaS websites. Raven360 needed to catch up. They wanted to build a stronger online presence and become more credible. They aimed to get better links from top-quality websites in the SaaS industry.

Strategy We Followed

  • We began with a custom Link Building campaign on relevant sites in the DR Range of 30-80+ after conducting a thorough competitor analysis.
  • The campaign consisted of a combination of Guest Posts, Niche Edits, and our SaaS Super authority backlinks. This strategy not only significantly enhanced the quality of their links but also strengthened their link profile, as can be seen in the remarkable results we achieved.


  • Domain Rating (DR): The Domain Rating (DR) increased from 42 to 48 within six months, marking a significant 14% boost. 
  • Organic Traffic (OT): The website saw a significant 455% growth in monthly OT from 400 to 2,220.
  • Organic Keywords: The number of organic keywords rose from 1038 to 2101, showcasing a 102% growth.
  • Traffic Value: The estimated value of traffic saw an impressive 448% growth, from $1,608 to $8,824.

Organic Traffic Increase

Raven traffic
Domain Rating Increase

Domain Rating Raven

Organic Keywords Increase

Organic Keywords Raven

This shows how well our strategy worked for Raven360, helping them grow quickly and effectively.


Outreach Monks’ expertise in link building has helped numerous businesses across various industries achieve remarkable organic growth. The seven case studies highlighted in this blog post demonstrate the transformative impact of a well-planned and executed link building strategy. From e-commerce brands to niche markets such as cannabis and vaping, Outreach Monks has consistently delivered outstanding results, propelling these companies to new heights of success.

By using ethical, white-hat link building techniques and crafting high-quality content, Outreach Monks has not only improved their clients’ search rankings but also significantly boosted organic traffic, brand visibility, and overall growth. These case studies serve as a testament to the power of link building and provide valuable insights into the strategies that can help your business thrive in the digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building, and why is it important?

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites to your own site. This helps improve your site's search engine rankings and increases organic traffic. A robust link-building strategy is essential for enhancing brand visibility, establishing authority, and staying ahead of the competition in today's digital landscape.

How does Outreach Monks help businesses improve their online presence?

Outreach Monks specializes in devising tailored link-building strategies that target high-quality and relevant backlinks. By contributing valuable content to blogs and naturally mentioning their clients' brands or blog posts, they build backlinks that help improve search rankings, organic traffic, and overall online visibility.

Are the link building techniques used by Outreach Monks ethical?

Yes, Outreach Monks uses 100% ethical, white-hat link building techniques. They focus on providing high-quality content to blogs and naturally mentioning their client's brand or blog post, which helps them build high-quality backlinks.

Can link building work for businesses in niche markets?

Absolutely! As demonstrated in the case studies, Outreach Monks has experience working with businesses in niche markets such as cannabis and vaping. They understand the unique challenges these industries face and tailor their link building strategies accordingly to achieve impressive results.

How long does it take to see results from a link building campaign?

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on the industry, competition, and the effectiveness of the link building strategy. In the case studies mentioned, clients have seen significant improvements in organic traffic and search rankings within 2-3 months to 2 years of working with Outreach Monks.