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A Detailed SEO Guidebook For Marijuana, Cannabis and CBD Business

SEO For Cannabis Business: A Detailed Guidebook

A study reveals that an estimated 80% of consumers explore Google before making a purchase.

Since the legalization of cannabis, young entrepreneurs and medical professionals are making a beeline for the booming cannabusiness segment. This has created a competitive atmosphere in the landscape, where both online and offline stores are trying to capture and consolidate their share in the market.

This brings us to the context of this article- How do you grab your share in the cannabis market and expand your business?

Well, to be honest, the internet has empowered the users as well as made it easier for businesses to gain the customer’s attention.

Without any further ado, let us guide you about how you can grow your cannabusiness online and boost your revenue as well.

Consolidate Your Local Market Initially

Before thinking about extending the reach of your cannabis business globally, are you sure that you are catering to your local market completely, or at least to a significant extent? Your local customer base will help you survive the tough road ahead, considering the humongous competition in the cannabis market. So, it is better that you consolidate your local market initially. Here are some measures that you can adopt for doing so.

List Your Business On Local Directories

When a user enters a search query such as “local dispensaries near me”, the very first results that pop up are Google Business Listings. So the first thing that you need to do is to sign up on Google Business listings. This would automatically index your business and bring you up in relevant searches. Local directories can be a great help for improving your ranking in these local listings. You should list your business in the reputed local directories such as Yelp and G2Crowd, which also act as supporting signals for your profile.

Seek Reviews From Your Customers

Online businesses can only succeed if they are able to establish a genuine presence. While this genuineness is important for the user, it is far more crucial for Google to recognize your business. Genuine user reviews on your local listings play a key role in this context. These reviews act as trust signals for your profile and propel it in search results. Moreover, prospective cannabis buyers are most likely to read the reviews and trust the opinions that the existing customers have about your products.

Gather And Assess The Feedback You Receive

While reviews help you rank better, the feedback you receive enables you to improve your services and products as well. They provide a clear idea about where you lack and give you the right direction to improve in those areas. And if you deliver improved quality in services and products, you also move a step closer to receiving better reviews.

Don’t Miss Engaging With Your Customers

An important part of your marketing efforts is to engage with your customers. This does not refer to in-store engagement only, but online connections as well. Respond to the reviews you receive on your profile. While this effort to connect will impress the customers, it also builds the online authority and trust for your cannabis business.

You Would Need A Website, Anyhow

Having a website is mandatory for any business that wants to sell online and cannabis business is no exception. Essentially, you need a website that showcases the complete range of products and variants you offer. But simply creating a website is not sufficient. There are some norms that you need to follow while creating a website that is good enough to achieve the desired results.

Decide A Name That Represents Your Vision And Mission

The very first thing which can improve the online visibility of your website is the domain name that you purchase. Of course, buying a top-level domain is significant, but the set of terms you use in its name should also be relevant to your industry. For example, you can choose a name such as goodqualitycannabis.com, clearly stating the quality you deliver as well as giving an idea that you deal in cannabis and its product variants including marijuana and CBD extracts.

A Beautifully Crafted Website Converts More Traffic

Secondly, the design and layout of your website has a far reaching impact on its conversion rate. The visitors on your website may bounce back if your website does not appear attractive to them. A suitable theme, coupled with the use of balanced colors, visual imagery and CTA buttons, can make all the difference to your website’s design and ability to make the user stick.

An Interactive User Interface And Experience Boosts Conversions

The next thing you need to do is keep your audience engaged. Yes, you need to engage the users long enough to drive conversions. An intuitive navigation is the key. Including a chatbot and setting up interesting Call-to-Action buttons can enhance the user experience as well. And you already know, a customer who likes the experience on the website is more likely to convert, come back and stay loyal to your brand.

Do Not Miss Out On The Technical Optimization

While designing your cannabis website, you cannot afford to miss out on the technical aspects. It is essential to make your website highly responsive so that it renders seamlessly across different devices and platforms. Responsiveness is vital from the ranking perspective as well because Google considers it as an important signal when ranking results for a search. There are many other technical signals that you should optimize your website for, such as SSL codes, meta tags and the list goes on.

All of these steps can help boost your cannabis brand online initially, but for a long-lasting return on your investment, you may need to invest some extra efforts.

And the real game begins here…

Create Content That Converts

As far as SEO is concerned, there are many elements that you should be paying heed to for improving your search ranking.  But somehow, content remains the most favored factor for Google and other leading search engines. Additionally, the content that you publish has the potential to convert visitors into customers for your business. So you should go the extra mile for creating compelling and value adding content for your cannabis website. Here are a few things that you need to bear in mind.

Keyword Optimization For Higher Visibility

Creating a search-friendly piece of content is all about optimizing it for the possible search terms. Extensive keyword research is what you need to start with. Once you find the right keywords, incorporating them into your content seamlessly can make it relevant from the search perspective. Try to focus on conversational keywords because these are aligned with the voice search trend. For example, keywords such as buy marijuana, buy CBD products, or strains of cannabis are all relevant to your niche.

Informative Content Holds Higher Authority

An in-depth, well-researched piece of content that delivers information to the user is likely to be prioritized by the search engines. At the same time, users also love in-depth content that answers all the questions that may have. However, you mustn’t stretch it just to make it lengthy. As a rule of thumb, you need to deliver something useful to your readers.

Follow EAT and YMYL Updates

Google prioritizes only that content which benefits users in one way or the other. And to assist the webmasters, Google brings YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) guidelines for creating content. Since your business is related to medicinal and recreational marijuana products, your website comes under the YMYL category. Further, you need to follow EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), an additional set of guidelines that focus on ensuring page quality.

Off-Page Elements Also Need Optimization

Apart from the elements of content and design on your cannabis website, you also need to pay attention to the off-page elements. A balance between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO is needed to get the best results from your marketing efforts. Here are some off-page elements that you need to work with.

Link Building Should Be Your Primary Concern

One of the top signals that Google considers for ranking pages in search results is backlinks. These backlinks help Google identify the relevance of your content and also measure its authority. Moreover, quality backlinks bring in referral traffic to your website, which makes them act as silent votes for your content.

Social Signals Bring In High-Quality Link Juice

Another key element of your Off-Page optimization strategy should be a social media profile. Create a profile for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to gain higher authority. Tapping into these channels can improve your brand’s online visibility, scalably. Moreover, if you link your social media profiles with your website, you get to leverage a powerful source of potential buyers.

Blogger Outreach And Guest Posting Can Help

While you need high-quality backlinks for your website, it is not that easy to secure them organically. You may need blogger outreach and guest posting services to help you with your link-building exercise. In other words, leverage the connections of others, seeking help from influencers to gain the benefits of high-quality link juice.

Getting impressive results for your cannabis business within a minimal time span is all about commencing with online marketing right at the start. Taking the right approach is equally important. There’s just one more strategy that you can use to explore the potential to its fullest.

Bonus Tip!

Content Marketing Is The Modern SEO

The concept of content marketing is not new, even though it has gained significant attention in recent times. Content marketing is basically promoting your brand or your business with the help of informative and promotional content that you publish across various digital platforms. Investing in this initiative is a great idea to get effective and sustainable results with your SEO strategy.

Establishing an online presence for your cannabis business is indispensable in the current scenario because this is one selling channel that you cannot afford to miss. And with the tremendous potential that this new marketing tool holds, you can rest assured about securing high returns on your investment and greater revenues for your cannabis business.

Top 15 Best Link Building Services & Backlink Building Packages In 2020

Top 15 Best Link Building Services & Backlink Building Packages In 2020

Despite Google’s guidelines against paid link building, it still seems to outgrow any other SEO practice. 

There are primarily three reasons why webmasters and marketers prioritize link building over any other SEO practice:

  1. Backlinks still hold high dominance in Google’s algorithm.
  2. They help in driving referral traffic to websites.
  3. They enhance the branding efforts for websites.

Typically, link building involves more than just one task and these tasks need to be followed in a pre-defined order. For example, you start with blogger outreach, which must be conducted before guest posting on any blog. And the procedure also requires content creation in order to be published as a guest blog.

If you’re tired of doing all the hard work yourself and still have not been able to get the best results with your efforts, then it is advisable to look for a professional link building service.

Here are the best 15 link building services that are all set to change the game in the year 2020.

1. Outreach Monks

This team of monks (not in its literal sense!) has come ahead as a name to trust. The company was founded just a couple of years ago, and yet has managed to outrank several leaders in the industry. With a customer satisfaction rating of 95%, Outreach Monks truly deserves to be rated as the number one service provider for link building.

The seasoned team offers a comprehensive range of services related to content marketing, right from content creation, to blogger outreach, and guest posting, to fetch your backlinks. And the best part is that they do it manually to ensure that the quality is not compromised. Moreover, they offer their services at remarkably affordable prices, which give them another edge over their competitors.

2. Submit Core

When it comes to link building, Submit Core is a provider that will always be on the top. The team has worked its way up the ladder with over a decade of professional exposure. Team Submit Core definitely offers one of the best link building services as it leverages the most sophisticated tools and the latest updates from Google.

In comparison to the packages quoted by any other competitor, Submit Core delivers a significantly better quality of links and that too at just a fraction of the market average. If you are seriously looking into getting some high-quality links for your website, then there’s no better option than Submit Core.

3. FatJoe

A great deal of effort goes into creating a result-focused link building strategy. For example, link audit has to be conducted to understand the existing link profile. Following the audit, there is planning for link improvement and relevant anchors are also searched. These steps are carried out simultaneously while outreaching bloggers within your niche.

Screaming Frog knows exactly how to do it, even while reducing the turnaround time to minimal. That is why they have been given a 4-star rating by their clients and have over 90%, satisfied customers. If you are not concerned about the package pricing, then Screaming Frog can be a good option for you.

4. Screaming Frog

A great deal of effort goes into creating a result-focused link building strategy. For example, link audit has to be conducted to understand the existing link profile. Following the audit, there is planning for link improvement and relevant anchors are also searched. These steps are carried out simultaneously while outreaching bloggers within your niche.

Screaming Frog knows exactly how to do it, even while reducing the turnaround time to minimal. That is why they have been given a 4-star rating by their clients and have over 90%, satisfied customers. If you are not concerned about the package pricing, then Screaming Frog can be a good option for you.

5. Page One Power

Tired of all those imposters trying to sell you links from PBNs and link farms? Page One Power can tailor your experience to meet all your SEO needs while resolving this concern. With their relevance-first approach, the team follows a manual procedure to ensure that they always publish a stellar piece of content with editorial links embedded naturally.

Once the relevance is established, the team ensures that the guest blog sites they choose to post on hold high metric values as well. This allows them to maintain higher relevance and ensure that no link is spammed or penalized later on.

6. Linkology

With over a decade’s experience in the industry, Linkology has served mostly agencies and resellers. Though it is more focused on working for marketers and agencies, the agency has also helped hundreds of individuals and businesses gain visibility online.

The content marketing team at Linkology’s UK-based corporate office ensures that no link is cloned, while your clients are promoted in the most natural of ways. They have a seasoned team of PR experts and writers who possess all the required skills to deliver content that takes your link profile to the next level.

7. Vertical Measures

With an all-natural and honest approach, Vertical Measures ensures that the results for their link building efforts last for years to come. At Vertical Measures, they initiate link building for you by commencing complete research before putting in place a strategy.

Once the team decides a clear approach to be followed, they devise an execution plan to make sure that the results are achieved with minimal deviations and within the shortest time span. With a monthly report delivered to you, Vertical Measures ensures that there are no discrepancies in their process and tries to keep you satisfied at all times.

8. The HOTH

Yet another mature competitor in the list, the HOTH is known for its outstanding performance in the field of SEO. The team has already helped hundreds of clients grow their visibility and gain higher traffic online. There is no doubt that they are reliable and trustworthy.

When it comes to paid link building, the practice is certainly frowned upon by Google. Still, it can drive amazingly effective results if carried out correctly. And this is what the HOTH promises to deliver for their clients. The packages are slightly on the expensive side as compared to other link building services but they are absolutely worthwhile.

9. Outreach Mama

When it comes to quality link building, Outreach Mama follows the traditional approach. They start by studying all the credentials for your website manually and then come up with a comprehensive plan to address the gaps. They are known for their transparent approach as they educate their customers (you) about what is being done and why it is being done.

With an all-clear link building process, they enable their customers to know what’s happening in real-time. Moreover, they even give you the option to accept or reject any website for guest posting. This is also the reason why they charge premiums over their basic packages.

10. Higher Visibility

Higher Visibility was acclaimed as the SEO agency of the year in 2017-18 by Search Engine Land. And they certainly deserve to be among the best ones in the industry. Being recognized by such a reputable brand is something that any agency wishes to earn and Higher Visibility has done everything to claim it.

The team endeavors to build authority and establish relevance online for their clients and no plausible spam schemes are on offer. They curate all the content for guest posting and link building in- house to ensure top-notch quality. They suggest keeping a slightly flexible budget when going for link building services.

11. Siege Media

The service lives up to its name as they tend to siege any faults and conquer competitors to take your website to the top. The team undertakes scientific audits before devising any plan to compete with other players in your niche.

Since they are a white-labeled link building service, Siege Media does not guarantee any set number of links to be built for your website. Rather, they provide an estimate of links that you can expect within the month, which may or may not be fulfilled. But you can rest assured about the results because they definitely get them for you!

12. Loganix

The packages from Loganix are based on the time taken for your campaign and the traffic range of the website to be guest posted on. When compared with other typical services which charge on the basis of the authority that a website holds, this approach seems a bit more promising.

But their pre-programmed packages can be quite expensive if only their traffic is considered. The agency creates quality content in-house which means that the clients need not worry about this aspect of link building.

13. Webris

The company introduced it’s first-ever link building training for marketers and professionals in the year 2015. And since its inception, it has sold over 5000 programs, which is now considered as the gold standard for blogger outreach and guest posting.

The company offers an edge over other competitors by developing its own tools and combining them with the leading SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. Coming to the package price, they charge slightly more than the average market price. But this is something they deserve, being one of the most recognized services in the landscape.

14. 1seo.com

You can find several case studies on their website, which certainly proves their proficiency in industry practices. Also, being a certified Google Partner, Microsoft Partner, and partner with other search engines and a few social media channels, the 1SEO team has proven its worth as a leader in the domain.

They specialize at curating campaigns which drive in real results with genuine link building efforts for the clients. Make sure that budget is not an issue for you if you aspire to choose them, as 1SEO is an upscale service provider catering to gigantic brands.

15. Straight North

Straight North team has always prioritized customer experience, which makes them a great service provider to work with. Their strong belief in “happy customers, happy business” is what drives their campaigns, creating high-quality links for their clients every single time.

Their experience is unbeatable and their team possesses unmatched copywriting talent. Additionally, their commitment to the best link building practices makes them stand apart. Get in touch with the team to know how they price their packages. If budget is not a concern, then Straight North should certainly be on your prospective list of services. 

When looking for the best link building services for your business, it is wise to double-check everything. Make sure that you can completely trust your outsourced partner for delivering the desired results within the expected timelines.

Some Common FAQs:

What is Link Building?

The process of acquiring and securing inbound links from highly authoritative websites is known as Link Building. backlinks act as votes for ranking any page in search results.

How Does Link Building Benefit A Business?

Links are considered amongst the top three parameters that Google incorporates in its algorithm for ranking search results. Apart from the improvement in rankings, backlinks also drive referral traffic and help with the branding of your website as well.

How Much Time Does it Require to Show Results With Link Building?

SEO is not an overnight process. It requires consistent efforts in the right direction to show measurable results. This applies to link building as well. Quality links act as silent votes for your brand and also helps Google understand the relevance of your content. Therefore, it is recommended that when you collaborate with a link building service, you need to be patient. The efforts would return positive results which are assured, but the exact turnaround time cannot be predicted.

How Should I Find the Right Service?

When you look for the right service provider for link building, you should look at their online reviews and the feedback they have received from previous customers and clients. Make sure that they offer a comprehensive range of services so that you are fully covered. Additionally, consider your budget and look for the best within your desired budget range.

What is the Difference Between Link Building And Guest Posting?

Though link building and guest posting are interlinked but these are two entirely different tasks. Link building involves publishing content with embedded editorial links on domains other than your own, whereas guest posting is simply writing content to be published on other websites and blogs. With guest posting, linking back to your website is not necessary.

The 10 Best Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach Services

10 Best Guest Posting Service & Blogger Outreach Services

Beyond just growing your traffic online, you also need to increase your exposure as a brand. And blogger outreach and guest posting are crucial for both!

While both of these practices are interlinked, service providers allow their customers the flexibility to choose what they need.

Getting your brand mentions on high-authority blogs within your industry can significantly improve the results for your marketing efforts. And when you consider taking your brand to the next level, guest posting service and blogger outreach service can be the perfect solution for you.

But…What exactly are these services?

One of the most sought after content marketing tactics, guest posting is used to gain website traffic, increase brand exposure, and improve ranking in SERPs. Blogger outreach, on the other hand, is all about identifying and reaching out to high-quality websites to guest post so that you can get endorsed by the leaders in the domain and connect with their audience base as well.

Usually, guest posting and blogger outreach service are provided in conjunction, but you can opt for both of them individually as well. Apparently, both the services are inclined towards securing high-quality editorial backlinks for your business website.

How do these services benefit you?

Guest Posting can help increase your brand exposure in front of the right audience, and bring in conversion-oriented traffic through unidirectional links. However, to be able to fetch these links, you need to outreach blogs that accept guest posts in the first place. This is where you need blogger outreach as a service.

Blogger outreach helps make connections with influencers and authoritative blogs across your industry. This is vital because even a single mention on their blog can bring a significant improvement in your website’s SEO.

Some of the benefits that this strategy offers are listed below:

  • It helps improve organic and referral traffic
  • It helps you grow as a brand
  • The traffic you receive is qualified, which makes it more likely to convert
  • More leads help you generate more revenue and grow your business

So now that you understand what blogger outreach and guest posting services exactly are and how they can benefit you, it’s time you know where to look for these services.

Here are the top 10 services you should consider for guest posting and blogger outreach.

Voted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy link building service providers, Outreach Monks has emerged as a true leader. They have been around since only a few years but have achieved tremendous feats during this short time span. With thousands of links built for their happy customers since they introduced their services, they are certainly the best blogger outreach and guest posting service out there. And the best part is that they do it by involving their customers in the process. Yes, they let you choose what content you wish to be guest posted and also the blog you wish it to be published on.

With their highly experienced and trained PR experts and native content writers, they promise to deliver high-quality link building campaigns that really work. Recognized as the most affordable and trusted white label link building company by the clients, Outreach Monks leverages innovative approach and mindset to help you grow your business.

Founded a decade ago, Submit Core commands a well-deserved reputation for highly competitive keyword research and authoritative backlink generation. As their customers say, “They are the best at delivering stellar results”, they can certainly be called the best blogger outreach and guest posting agency. Additionally, they let their customers decide what sites and blogs they wish to be featured on.

With their services extending from industry-specific SEO programs to local and small business SEO, they have a diverse client pool. Additionally, more than 250 recurring satisfied clients and a database of thousands of influencers makes them stand apart. Also, they assure nothing less than 5-star rated service for the clients. Submit Core delivers totally niche relevant, do-follow and indexable links that are manually hand-picked and loved by hundreds of bloggers and businesses. All this at truly affordable prices!

3. The Hoth

With customer reviews supporting an above-average rating for The Hoth, they certainly stand a strong chance to be third best on this list. They have been in the industry for over a decade now and offer discounts to wholesalers along with a promise to grow your traffic with ethical practices,

They undertake all the tasks involved in guest posting and blogger outreach, right from reaching out bloggers to getting the content published and securing backlinks for you. Although their packages are highly-priced, they also offer custom packages for the ones who seek selective services.

4. Blogger Local

This is in fact, the odd one out on this list. Blogger Local provides guest posting and blogging services but does not offer blogger outreach. But since it offers guest posting to almost every blogger who manages a reputation online, you can easily connect with other bloggers with their service.

Their guest posting services are stellar as they are already into various markets and have earned high command within the blogging community. If you are not looking for blogger outreach but only guest posting on authoritative blogs, then Blogger Local can certainly be a good choice. All you need to handle yourself is outreaching other bloggers within their community.

5. Outreach Mama

Voted as the editor’s choice by Blogger Local itself, OutreachMama is trusted by numerous businesses and digital marketers. They stand apart from their competitors in terms of letting their clients work on their strategies and planning. The team actually aspires to educate their customers by providing them a complete anchor text roadmap to understand how it works.

While they do offer excellent services and maintain high standards in their work, they charge heftily for the same. If budget is not a concern for you and all you need is niche relevancy and great results, then Outreach Mama should certainly be on your mind.

6. FatJoe

Fat Joe, founded in 2012, is considered as one of the fastest-growing content marketing agencies. The company has worked with over a thousand agencies in as many as 12 different countries. They claim to build over 5000 links every month through guest posting only, which is a huge achievement, considering the effort and time it requires.

When it comes to quality, they certainly excel on the front. But they have earned a bad name recently in terms of customer support. Nevertheless, they do promise a quick turnaround for your investment and also ensure that your grievances are addressed rapidly. The company is proud of surpassing customer support and is acclaimed for answering 90% of all the grievances received within just a few hours.

7. Linkredible

If you are looking for real branding and publicity for your business, Linkredible’s blogger outreach and guest posting services are renowned for driving results in real-time. All that you need to do is to submit a list of keywords and URLs you wish to target, and you can just sit back and relax. They carry out the whole process in-house and you can easily to track it all down by downloading your reports in .pdf or .doc formats.

Furthermore, they dedicate a personalized campaign manager for each project, which is common with other toppers in the list as well. The best part of working with them is you can track all the reports in real-time. However, they lack somewhat in terms of the affordability they offer through their packages.

8. Evergreen Outreach

Having been featured in some of the highly authoritative blogs such as HuffPost and Forbes, they surely deliver quality in their work. The Evergreen Outreach team handles the outreach process, curates relevant promotional content, and gets it published on influential and authoritative blogs to deliver end-to-end services that bring tangible results within the expected timelines.

Offering blogs in a variable mix of domain authorities and building a link pyramid are their core strengths. The team employs only native writers with extensive experience in different industries. Do a search for them if you have all the patience to witness sustainable results driving in for your website.

9. SERP Champion

With 4 star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, SERP Champions certainly know how to keep their customers happy. Offering an array of services from on-page SEO to off-page SEO, they are best known for their blogger outreach and content marketing services as well.

Taking a close look at the process they follow, you can surely rest assured about partnering up with them. They undertake a well-prepared mixture of DA and TF, with the help of the latest SEO tools and technology to help you rank higher in SERPs. Their packages are ranked as competitive, considering the time they take to bring about the results.

10. Loganix

Best known and acclaimed for their local SEO campaigns, Loganix also offers guest posting and content marketing services. Based in Vancouver, they have been rated 4.8 stars by over 150 reviews on Shopper Approved. If you are not too concerned about your budget and holding good long-term relations is your true purpose, then Loganix can be the perfect partner for you.

They guarantee their guest posts and make you pay only for the links that last. Yes, most amazingly they relieve you from paying for any broken or damaged links! Furthermore, they offer their customers to pick the links themselves to improve their customer interaction.

Though you can take care of all these tasks yourself, doing so may deprive you of growth opportunities as you cannot focus on your core operations. The best you can do to improve and grow your business is to collaborate with a white-label link building agency that specializes in guest posting and blogger outreach services and provides white-hat optimization for your website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Blogger Outreach?

As a part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to connect with influencers and bloggers who hold a significant authority over the niche audience. This process of reaching out and building new relationships is known as Blogger Outreach.

What is Guest Posting as a service?

Link building requires anchoring of hyperlinks that direct to a certain page on your website. It requires curating promotional content with naturally embedded links to be posted and published on niche-relevant blogs. White-label link building programs offer guest posting as a service to help you achieve better results while leaving you stress-free.

How can I choose the right service provider?

Choosing the right service provider isn’t an easy job. We have listed these service providers on the basis of their customer reviews, pricing, the quality of work they do, and other augmentations they offer. Choose the one you can trust.

Why should I consider Blogger Outreach & Guest Post services? 

Managing blogger outreach and guest posting on your own can be hectic and of course, a clear knowledge of the process is also important. By availing professional blogger outreach & guest posting services, you can rest assured that the work done is in accordance with Google guidelines. Moreover, it helps you save a lot of time as well as bring in the desired results faster.

My service provider is delaying projects. What should I do?

If your service provider is delaying you on projects, it is best you talk it out with them. And if possible, you should start looking for other reputable service providers in the market.

Is it important to maintain niche-relevance?

Niche-relevance is considered as the backbone of any link building exercise. The reason why it is important to maintain niche-relevance is that it helps Google identify what niche your website belongs to and how many influencers within your niche are willing to endorse your content.

Which service provider should I choose as a freelance marketer?

First of all, when you are looking to outsource your work, you need to consider the trustworthiness of the service provider. Since you will be assigning your work to them, you need to be sure that your data is not tampered with. The agencies that we have listed above provide white label link building services. Just go through their website and you may already have the answer! 

The 7 Best SEO Reseller Programs & White Label SEO Services

Top 7 Best SEO Reseller Programs & White Label SEO Services

SEO Reseller programs are still the most legitimate option that promises better business for companies and individuals.

What’s more, they also promise increased employment opportunities for other digital marketers.

Their immense popularity as the most affordable B2B model translates into reduced work for the clients who avail such programs. And when combined with the white label reporting, the risks of customer seizure are also minimal.

Reduced workload means efficient productivity, which translates into higher revenue generation, in the end.

And to get the best results you need the best reseller program for your clients. Here are the top 7 SEO Reseller Programs that agencies love to work with.

Though Outreach Monks is a new entrant into the market, it still figures on top of this list. Established a year ago, the team has done a stellar job in a surprisingly short span of time. Quickly climbing up the ladder, Outreach Monks has been recognized as the best SEO Reseller Program for the year 2019. Don’t take our word for it, rather check it for yourself. The program has received over 4.28 ratings across various public directories and forums.

Astonishingly, their services are focused around value generation and branding efforts for their clients. They offer link building programs, content creation, and custom outreach projects as well. Considering the quality of work they do and the fee they charge for their services, the combination is literally a winning one for your clients. Their packages are the most affordable when compared with those of the competitors.

The team works really hard to build links for your client. Hundreds of satisfied clients vouching for their reliable white-hat, white-label SEO program are a sure sign that you can trust the quality of work they deliver. The team takes immense pride in its stellar content and high-quality link building. Since all the writers are native English speakers, you can rest assured that the content they create would only increase readership and referral traffic through reputable mentions.

If you are looking for an industry-specific SEO reseller, Submit Core would certainly prove to be the best program. They have dedicated programs for different types of industries, from law firms, to e-commerce stores, to mortgage websites and more. Their incredible delivery matrix will certainly sweep you off your feet. With a 545.5% annual increase in traffic and over 250 satisfied clients, they are sure to deliver the topmost quality work for your clients.

The team has almost a decade’s expertise in the field and loves to stay updated with the latest tools and SEO trends. They also prioritize performing every task manually. As they say, they specialize in manual white-hat link building campaigns and resell Local SEO programs as well.

Providing high-quality services at competitive pricing, they conduct extensive website audits along with custom outreach and guest posting for your clients. Additionally, they provide you a completely unlabelled report that you can subsequently forward to your client with your own branding. And you don’t have to worry about client seizure at all, as they never ask you about the personal details of your clients.

3. SEO Reseller

SEO Reseller certainly deserves to be ranked amongst the best reseller programs in the market as it offers a complete bundle of SEO practices, from SEO to SEM to link building and much more. Additionally, their specialty services also include web designing and PPC programs which are readily available for reselling.

Apart from these, they privately label other SEO programs as well, including agency migration and a white label dashboard. They certainly deliver quality and promise high standards in their services, as is clearly indicated by an average of 3.22 ratings across forums and directories.

If you are looking for a quality agency to partner with and don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket, then SEO Reseller should certainly be on your list. To add another reason for choosing them as a reseller partner, they have also worked with some of the leading brands including SitePoint and G2 Crowd.

4. EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings has a great team of highly trained and knowledgeable SEO professionals to handle your campaigns. They have built a solid reputation amongst the leading marketers and SEO agencies; despite the fact they are based in India.

Keeping customer satisfaction on top of their priorities, they have managed to secure a 3+ rating across different platforms including their social profile. Obviously, the high rating can be attributed to the facts that they have been curating quality links for their clients and keeping them satisfied with an excellent after-sales support.

The team is highly reliable and innovative with its services as it guarantees keyword specific, relevant and indexable links for your clients. Further, they support their work with a completely white label report. They can even help manage online reputation and optimize your client’s website’s conversion rate to fetch improved results.

5. Clix Logix

If client privacy is what you desire the most and price is not a limitation for you, then Clix Logix is the best choice for you. With a team of SEO professionals who have expertise in off-page as well as on-page optimization practices, they can help in improving the ROI measurably for all your clients.

They offer an SEO audit report to their first-time clients and that too for free. Operating on a flexible model, they claim to bring up to 35% improvement in your acquisition rate. And they also deliver SEO audit reports in PDF or Doc format as per your convenience. And believe it or not, these are completely white-label reports.

Though their packages are slightly on the pricier side, they cover it up with the exceptional quality of work they do. You can choose from an array of plans, including monthly, weekly, and hourly ones, along with customization options.

6. Hub Shout

One of the most premium vendors in the industry, Hub Shout offers excellent reseller programs, along with software benefits. Yes, you got that right! They serve each of their clients with software to manage all their orders.

Serving as an outsourced partner for marketers engaged in PPC, SMM, and email marketing, they lead the pathway to reseller program for diversification. Their belief in helping every industry reach its maximum potential has led to the program’s success for over a decade now.

Established back in the year 2008, they have helped hundreds of clients secure a fair share of leads and customers over the years. When you collaborate with a brand like Hub Shout, you can be sure to find a partner that is trustworthy and reliable. You can definitely trust them for helping you grow as a brand.

7. Agency Platform

One of the largest white label SEO reseller programs in the world, Agency Platform sells white-labeled SEO, PPC, and Social Media Optimization services. And to maintain their reputation, they offer a 15-day free trial for their services to the new clients. So, if you wish to try a program before you place campaigns, then you should certainly check out Agency Platform.

But then again, being the largest reseller in the industry, they do charge premium prices for their top-notch services. Their packages are broken down into link building, local citations, local SEO, national SEO, and many more services, which they have intentionally done to keep it simple for marketers looking for specific services.

Also, they do offer discounts on bulk orders, which is common to all the reseller programs on this list. The only reason you should be looking forward to a premium vendor like Agency Platform is if you need brand-backed reputation for your own agency.

All of these reseller programs have the potential to help you grow your business and multiply your revenue manifold. Choosing the one that matches your needs is the only way that you can meet higher goals.

Some Common FAQs:

What is an SEO Reseller Program?

A Reseller Program for SEO is a bundle of practices that can be outsourced through a company or an individual. The array of services includes SEO, link building, content creation, guest postingblogger outreach, and a lot many more.

Who can benefit from SEO Reseller Programs?

Generally, an individual practicing as a digital marketer or an SEO company looks for reseller programs to share the workload as well as profits. But, as witnessed in the recent years, anyone who wishes to outsource tedious tasks can benefit from SEO Reseller Programs.

How can you benefit from SEO Reseller Programs?

SEO Reseller Programs can help their clients cut down their workload and grow on revenue as well. In other words, when you enroll in an SEO Reseller Program, you get the time to focus on other important tasks such as acquiring more clients and boosting your own organic traffic. All these efforts would return to you in the form of an improved margin for profit-making.

But how do you recognize the best fit?

When you are on a hunt for the right program to enroll in, you need to prioritize affordability and trustworthiness. With sneaky perpetrators around every corner, you should carefully analyze the pricing of the program and also check if they have any record for unethical or immoral acts or practices.

What is a white-label report?

To be able to use the work under their own name, vendors need a report of the work done but without any watermarks or branding of the reseller. This unbranded report is referred to as a white-label report.

Does reseller programs offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, a few reputable resellers offer discounts to the clients and vendors who place bulk orders with them. A higher volume of orders brings down the per-head cost for the reseller, which they can subsequently pass on to their clients as discounts.

Do I risk losing my clients over to the reseller?

Reseller programs usually work on the non-disclosure policy framework. This means you and the reseller would agree to maintain work ethics and not reach out to any of their clients directly. So, you can rest assured that you won’t lose on business, but only gain benefits from SEO reseller programs.

White-Label Link Building: Complete Guide To Hire SEO Reseller Agency

White-Label Link Building: Complete Guide To Hire SEO Reseller Agency

Every reseller hopes to partner withwhite label link building agency because this mode of operation really works.

Your clients need quality backlinks. And to deliver it to them, you need a trustworthy partner.

While you expect an SEO reseller agency to deliver the desired quality; at the same time, you also need to be sure that you can use their work as your own and label it under your own brand.

But the question is, how do you find “the one”? Especially, when there are unscrupulous agents everywhere!

However, you should not worry as it is not that difficult to find the right white-label link building agency to help you build links for your clients.

Let us understand…

Why should you be hiring another agency for link building… in the first place?

Whether you are a seasoned digital marketer or you are a newcomer to the industry, having a white-label link building agency partner can help you in many ways. But still, if you need a solid answer, here it is for you:

  • It saves you a lot of time

You know how tedious outreaching bloggers can be. Reaching out to the influencers manually requires a lot of time as you have to curate and customize cold emails and then follow-up with the prospects.

A white-label link building agency can, however, handle all the hard work for you, which means that you save a lot of time! And you can utilize this time to plan and create multi-channel campaigns that drive effective results. 

  • You can make higher profits

Since these agencies charge fixed prices according to the number of links built, you get an opportunity to increase your profit margins. Moreover, many agencies offer discounts when you place bulk orders with them. This means you can take your profits even higher.

For example, if an agency charges $40 per link built, you can simply quote a $50 price to your client which is pretty reasonable. Thus, you can very easily increase your profits. Additionally, if you place orders in bulk, say 100 links every week, you may even get a discounted price of around $30 per link, which obviously takes your profits even higher.

  • You get to leverage someone else’s connections

Industry newbies, in particular, can have a hard time making new friends. This is where hiring an agency can help you gain an edge over the competitors.

Think about it, unless you’re exceptionally SEO- savvy, having an agency by your side can really make a difference. Most of the time, agencies have a huge database and good connections with influencers, which you can leverage to your advantage.

In a nutshell, if you don’t have the time and patience to do it yourself, collaborating with a white-label link building agency is a great idea.

However…finding the right partner to help you in the best possible way is still a matter of concern.

How do you do it??

5 Steps That You Should Be Considering Before You Outsource White-Label Link Building

The unspoken benefit is of outsourcing white label link building services is that your clients don’t have to know who is building their links. Obviously, they believe that it’s you who is fetching them all the quality backlinks for their website, while it is someone else behind the curtain. That is why it is very important that the agency you outsource should be trustworthy.

The entire process they follow and the quality they deliver will affect your own reputation. And, you wouldn’t want to earn a bad name in the market, for sure.

So, here’s what you should be doing to hire the best white-label link building agency:

  1. Seek Help From “Google”

Yes, Google surely has answers for everything. Simply start your search with keywords like “white-label link building agency” or add an adjective to this search such as “best” and you can generate a list of the best service providers in the domain.

The reason why you should be heading to Google is that it always provides genuine results. If an agency is ranking on the first page for these search terms, they obviously know how SEO works. Surely, they also must have used effective techniques to rank their own website for the top positions and they will use them for their clients as well.

Additionally, you can add a location tag to your search to further filter out the results. Once you have a list of the potential outsourcing partners, you need to choose one that you can trust.

  1. Study The Process They Follow

One way to analyze if an agency can be trusted is to go through the process they follow. Usually, agencies have it listed on their website. Still, it would be a wise move to ask them directly.

A trustworthy agency would follow honesty and transparency in their process. In case they don’t disclose the process they follow, it is very likely that they might be following unethical practices. Therefore, you should simply strike out these prospects from your list.

Ideally, you should exclude the white-label link building agencies that use the following practices:

  • Paid link insertions
  • Reaching out to PBNs
  • Publishing links in spammy blog comments
  • Curating low-quality or spun content for guest posting
  1. Review The Testimonials From Their Previous Customers

An awesome way to assess the trustworthiness of the agency you’re considering is by checking the feedback of the previous customers.

This includes the testimonials they’ve listed on their website as well as the reviews they have on various forums and directories.

Alternatively, you can ask them for the contact details of their previous clients and reach out to them directly. Dig up some dirt and ask them how they rate their experience with the agency.

A trustworthy agency won’t hesitate to share the client details. And if they do, beware, it’s a red flag! Using this method, you can easily get a bigger picture of how they manage their clients and build links for them.

  1. Go Through The Links They’ve Built Previously

Another helpful way to make sure the agency is worth trusting is to go through their portfolio. Look for case studies on their website or other blogs with their mentions.

A smarter way to have a look at their portfolio is to study the links they’ve built for their own website. Remember, we’ve talked about seeking help from Google. You can go a step further by studying how they made it to the top ranks.

A genuine white-label, white-hat link building agency would have good links supporting their website. Head on to their competitors and compare the link profile for all of them. This would definitely give you a fair idea about their competence and help you narrow down your search.

  1. Monitor The Work They Do

If you follow all the aforementioned steps, you will probably have a neat list of superb link building agencies by now. The last step encompasses checking out their current link building tasks.

Once you’ve decided and hired the agency that you trust, you need to keep monitoring the links they are building for your clients. Reliable agencies usually offer a user-friendly dashboard or submit a complete white-label report. Use these reports to check the quality of the links they are building.

Over a short span of time, you’d realize whether hiring a white-label link building agency that you have chosen has been a good choice for you. You cannot take a chance because the agency you hire ultimately represents your brand. So the quality of work they deliver is actually, what you do for your clients.

After all, it’s your reputation at stake and you need to have tangible results to show to your clients!

5 Best White Label Link Building Services For Agencies

Best 5 White Label Link Building Services For Agencies

Link Building is crucial for every website, simply because Google loves quality backlinks. A healthy link profile not only allows Google to identify a website but also helps with establishing the website’s authority in its respective niche.

But link building requires extensive efforts rather than just acquiring backlinks to a website. Often these practices are time-consuming and typical SEO professionals find them cumbersome.

What Goes Into Link Building?

Link building requires identifying industry-relevant blogs and reaching out to them for the acquisition of backlinks from them. This is done in order to seek any of the three opportunities for fetching links that direct to your clients’ website.

  • Link insertion into a pre-published piece of content.
  • Publishing a freshly curated piece of content with embedded contextual links.
  • Asking the bloggers to link out to your website on their own, in exchange to value addition.

The process of prospecting, sorting, and outreaching bloggers is not as easy as it sounds. This is where a white label link building service provider can help your clients improve their ranking in SERPs.

Considering the existing and upcoming demand for link building in the online space, many leading SEO companies have made entry into white label link building services. But having too many options can actually cause confusion and make it difficult for those who want to choose the right service provider.

To help you out, we have listed below the best 5 white label link building agencies. This review is based on the testimonials from real clients, the volume these agencies dispatch, and the cost of hiring them to work for you.

  1.  Outreach Monks

Based in Philadelphia in the state of Pensylvania, Outreach Monks takes immense pride in curating great content and providing white-hat link building services. They rely completely on a manual procedure to ensure that all of the links they procure for their clients are safe. Once they identify the bloggers in the client’s industry, they begin filtering out the key influencers from the rest.

The agency is renowned for working with some of the reputed and highly authoritative blogs including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Search Engine Journal. The best part is that they allow their clients to pre-approve the blogs for guest posting before any of the links are fetched.

As they aspire to make the process simple and transparent for their clients, the agency has integrated a handy dashboard into their website. Additionally, a white-label report is delivered monthly, which you can present as your own to your clients. And that too at a budget-friendly price!

  1. Submit Core

The company started back in 2009 and has been delivering timely and high-quality results to their clients ever since. If you are looking for ‘quality’ delivered in time, and that too at a reasonable price, Submit Core is the name you can trust. With about a decade’s experience, they have built a huge database of influencers from almost every niche.

If you check out the company’s reviews on Google, you’ll find that they don’t compromise on the quality of the work they do. Moreover, the team is seasoned and great with their communication skills as well.

Some of the extensive benefits of hiring Submit Core include a dedicated manager for every account, customized packages, confidentiality of client projects, and additional discounts for bulk orders.

  1. The Hoth

    Established back in 2010, the Hoth is amongst the most renowned names in the SEO industry. There is no doubt that they have years of professional know-how and deliver the results they promise.

    Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the most reliable service providers in the industry. They have invested lots of effort in their advertisements and online branding.

    The only drawback with the company is its relatively expensive packages. This can simply turn away clients, as reported by some of the previous users. Another shortcoming is the communication gap. Since the company works with a large clientele, it does get tough to answer each and every query, though they try to respond to all of them.

  1. Page One Power

If you are looking for a more customized link building service, then Page One Power is absolutely the one that can serve the purpose. The agency has curated two packages for its clients including Individual Link Placement and Custom SEO Campaigns.

Both packages include white label link building services. Since the first one is dedicated to just link building, you would need to provide them with keywords for implementing it. As soon as they receive the order, their expert writing team starts curating high-quality content for your placements.

The second one includes more customization, ranging from the extraction of link profile to in-depth keyword research. Being an established and popular link building agency, they do charge hefty prices per link as compared to any of the other agencies available.

  1.  SEO.co

Formerly, called Audience Bloom, Seo.co has been serving its clients with quality links since its inception in April 2010. As a prestigious agency in the domain, they have served thousands of happy clients and agencies.

The best part about their services is their commitment to client confidentiality. But then again, being a premium brand within the core industry, the package pricing is on the upper side. And not to mention, several clients have reported a lack of proper communication of results or campaign strategies.

Apart from this, the company claims to deliver weekly reporting modules and real-time tracking for all the orders it takes. The clients can access a shared spreadsheet to evaluate the progress made on their campaigns.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the white label link building?

Simply speaking, white label link building refers to unlabeled link building practices carried out by a source other than the one which publishes it as their own.

  • How is white label link building beneficial to agencies?

White label link building provides SEO professionals with tons of benefits. Most significantly, it reduces the workload of the party that avails the services of a link building company.

  • What if the agency tries to reach out to our clients?

Usually, these agencies undergo a non-disclosure clause or stringently follow a policy to not to reach out to any client of the companies that engage them. This is considered highly unprofessional and unethical in the SEO industry, which may even lead to blacklisting of the agency.

  • Do I avail bulk order discounts or special discounts in pricing as an agency?

Yes, you do. Typically, white label link building companies and agencies follow a B2B marketing strategy. As a result, they often offer heavy discounts on their packages if purchased in bulk.

How can I be sure of the quality of work being done?

 The name, ‘white label link building’ suggests that you’ll be provided with an unlabeled report either on a monthly basis or weekly basis, depending upon the company policies. With the help of this report, you can easily check the quality of the work being done and ask the link building agency for any revisions, if needed.

Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2020 – How It Works?

Blogger Outreach Strategy In 2020 - How It Works?

Link building is a vital part of off-page SEO strategy. However, managing off-page SEO means that you cannot control the sources and volume of these links. So, the question is:

So, the question is…

How to build a backlink SEO campaign that works?

How do you convince influencers to allow you to fetch backlinks from their blog? Through this article, I’ll show you how to do it via blogger outreach. For easy understanding, I’ve broken the process into four sections:

  1. How to find the right prospects?
  2. How to engage with these bloggers?
  3. A few tactics for building quality backlinks
  4. Compiling and analyzing the results

But first…

Why Backlinks?

Simply put, backlinks bring traffic for your website.


Building backlinks means that your website receives a link from another website that directs back to yours. The greater the credibility and authority these sites linking to your website hold, the higher your website climbs in the search results.


Nevertheless, backlink building calls for time, patience, and consistent effort. Using blogger outreach can help you create a quality backlink campaign. Having said that, it requires building relationships with bloggers, and we all know that relationships aren’t built overnight!


So, you may ask, is it worth it? I’d say…totally.

What is Blogger Outreach?

If you are familiar with influencer marketing, blogger outreach won’t strike you as an alien concept. In fact, blogger outreach is a form of influencer marketing, where you leverage the fan-base of the blogger for getting traffic to your site.

In other words, you look for a blogger-influencer who has gathered thousands of fans and tons of daily traffic within your niche. You essentially seek their permission to tap into their traffic via guest posting on their website and social media channels.

This is indeed a great idea to fetch exposure and get more of relevant audience on your website. Now this is possible only if you choose the right bloggers who can influence an audience that matters.

Bloggers, especially those who have huge social media following, now hold a lot of power. A backlink from their website can work wonders for your SEO strategy. Beyond that, building a strong relationship with these influencers can also:

  • Drive referral traffic to your website via social media
  • Grow your network
  • Boost the chances of natural link building

Undoubtedly, blogger outreach is a win-win situation when it comes to building effective backlinks.

So, how do you do it? Let’s have a look…

1. How to find the right prospects?

The very first step towards the success of your influencer campaign is to find the relevant influencers. You need to find the ones who not only relate to your niche but also are active and have a lot of followers. 

Finding the right prospects is easier than it sounds, but it requires time. A lot of time! The best way to do so is by using a spreadsheet to maintain a record of influential bloggers you come across. 

Further, you can try some of the following tips to look for prospective influencers in your niche.

  • Hunt through Blog Directories

    You can find almost anything on the internet these days; this includes blog directories as well. These blog directories help bloggers to list their sites, which in turn are made available to other bloggers and people like you to help easily locate each other. All you need to do is access the directory, and find and match the prospects you are looking for.

    Some examples of blog directories are listed below:

  • Chase comments on blogs

    Though it may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, finding bloggers in comments on blogs is a lot easier. Why? Because you may notice that a majority of the comments are from other bloggers. Since most of these bloggers may be struggling with problems that the author may just have solved for them, they leave a comment on the article.

    This is actually a very common practice. So, you can easily scroll through some popular blogs and search through the comments section within them. Soon, you’ll be able to find a few bloggers you can reach out to.


  • Keep an eye on your competitors

    If your competitors are doing well with their SEO efforts, there is a pretty good chance that their backlinking approach is effective and fruitful. In fact, people are probably linking out to them. But who are these people?

    To know the answer, you can make use of SEO “spy” tools that let you spy on your competitors. You can easily track their backlinks using these tools. And if people are linking to your competitor, there is no reason they won’t link to you as well.

    For example, SpyFu is one such SEO tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and see what they are doing, including the source of their precious incoming links. Moreover, it allows you to download a copy of their backlink profile which you can use to devise a plan of action for your own backlinking campaign.

  • Google is your best friend

    Google never fails to find relevant results for any search. You can use Google to find relevant bloggers who are willing to accept guest posts. All you need to do is to use the right set of keywords.

    For example, “write for us” can bring up some promising results. You can try putting in variations of these terms, such as “guest post”, “product review”, and more.

2. How to engage with these bloggers?

Forging relationships with the bloggers can surely help you secure backlinks through blogger outreach. The stronger the relationships you maintain with the blogger, the longer the benefits can last for you. In other words, you’ll keep on receiving inbound links from them.

As we all know, blogger outreach can be a bit difficult at times. However, if carried out in a planned way, it can be the simplest technique to build links. Here are a few tips that you can use to nurture your relationships with these influencers and ask them for links.


  • Indulge in to know about the blogger

Influencers are a big deal. As with any individual, they like to be appreciated for the position they hold. In other words, the more you know about the bloggers, the better are your chances to convince them to work with you and provide you a backlink

Whatever you write about for your guest post, just make sure that it’s in line with their target audience and matches their values and style of writing.

For example:

    • How lengthy and detailed content do they usually post?
    • What’s their tone of writing?
    • What’s their level of expertise?


  • Communication is the foundation of your relationship

Free flow of communication is the foundation of any relationship and this holds true to blogger outreach as well.

Time is of the utmost importance for popular bloggers and you must make sure that you value their time. Not only should you get back to them with timely replies, but also clearly specify what you intend to achieve with a guest post.


  • Begin by linking to them first

You can simply link to them first, just as a friendly gesture. The more you link out to the influencers first, the more you can urge and convince them later to reciprocate this gesture.

The motive is to get noticed. And you can surely do it if you start tagging these influencers on your social media posts.


  • Leave comments on their content

If you’ve joined any facebook group, then you might notice one or two other members who clearly stand out from the rest in the group. You know them inside out, what they do and what their preferences are.

For example, there’s this anonymous blogger who was active on a facebook group, with his comments and eventually, the founder of the group asked him to become an admin. Just imagine how many links he’d be getting now! All of this probably happened just because he was an active member of the group.

Find the prospects you’d want to connect with subsequently and start leaving authentic comments on their content. This would help create a healthy long-term relationship with them.

3. A few tactics for quality backlinks

So you’ve sorted out the prospects that fit your needs the best. And you’ve already gained their attention.  Now it’s time to execute your link building strategy.

  • Seek contribution to a single piece of content

This tip can work wonders every time you seek contribution. Start by identifying the niche and topic to write about.

Now you need to pick a format, whether you aspire to write an e-book or a long-form blog post or compile a physical book.

By now, you will surely have a wish-list of influencers and good relationships with them if you’ve followed on the first two pieces of advice. Draw your wishlist to come up with the potential contributors to your content.

To help you pick the best ones, you can:

    • Look for someone with expertise on the chosen topic
    • Make sure they have a large social media fanbase.


By now, you will probably who you wish to contribute to and stand a pretty good chance that they might already know you. If you’ve got yourself noticed, you definitely will have the right connections!

Reach out to your prospects and ask them to contribute their words to your topic. How much you wish them to contribute to your topic is entirely your call. Maybe, you can invite them to contribute a whole chapter on the topic or just give a small comment.

For obvious reasons, you may need to offer them something in exchange for their time, effort, and contribution.  You may even need to pay them, besides just exchanging a link. That’s entirely fair, so if you need to do it, don’t hesitate. Apart from this, if you can offer them something for free, such as a sample of your product, or your service, it will make your relationship with the blogger even stronger.

Once the piece of content is done, let everyone in your contact know about it. They’ll be more than happy to share your contributions to their audience. In return, you’ll get lots and lots of links.

What’s more, there are chances that your friendship won’t end there. The more you nurture the relationship with the influencer friends, the greater are the chances that your friends will reciprocate the gesture. They may even ask you to contribute to them and this would mean even more links for your website.


  • You need to write the best guest post

Guest posting is amongst the most effective outreach tactics there are. You pitch a piece of content to an influencer and request them to publish it on their blog.

In fact, guest posting on sites such as The Huffington Post or The Medium is so invaluable that contributors are only concerned about the link juice it would fetch for them. They are not at all bothered whether they get paid for their contribution.

As we’ve already covered how to prospect perfect guest posting opportunities, all you need now is to fine-tune your pitch as well as what you’ll write about.

The best way to undertake this task is to know the influencers you are chasing inside-out. Ideally, you should try to understand some of the things such as:

    • The type of audience they have
    • The reason they write
    • The type of content they put up

You can also get an idea from the already published guest posts on their blog. Try to know what these guest posts are like, how popular they are, and which are the type of posts performing the best.

Before you pitch your idea, make sure you:

    • Go through their guidelines
    • Personalize your pitch
    • Introduce yourself
    • Convince them why you are a great guest blogger

Remember that guest posts are not meant to be about you or your product. Rather, they are all about delivering value to the audience, be it yours or theirs.

4. Compiling and analyzing the results

While you are outreaching influencers and making new friends, make sure that your efforts deliver the results that they are expected to.

Remember that your aim is to acquire more traffic and not getting to know new people. In order to stay on track, you need to compile your results to make sure you are doing it the right way. Or else, all you’ll have at the end of the day is just another online friend.

For example, you can make use of Google Analytics to track the results of your efforts. All you need is to create a single segment for all the guest posts you’ve ever contributed.

This would allow you to see the data related to your backlink building efforts, including the traffic and conversions you’ve received.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Link building through blogger outreach is as easy as making friends with these bloggers and guest posting for them. All you need to do is foster a healthy relationship with these influencers.

All in all, it’s a three-step process:

    • Prospecting relevant bloggers
    • Getting noticed by them
    • Sharing an exemplary piece of guest post content with them

Share this piece of article if you like it. Let’s make link building easier for all.

Effective Content Branding That No E-Commerce Should Ignore In 2019

Over the years, E-Commerce businesses have gained a lot of recognition. And it is this digitalization which is to be credited with the success of these organizations.

But is it just the digital platforms that can successfully take any business up-hill? Well, a lot goes into promoting and growing a business. And when it comes to E-Commerce, effective branding techniques are indispensable.

Here’s how you can take your e-commerce website to great heights and your retail business to even greater heights:

  1. You Should Identify And Segregate Your Demographics

Identifying the target audience and segregating them is the most crucial step towards the success of your E-Commerce business. You don’t wish to drive irrelevant traffic to your website. In fact, you need the audience that has the potential for becoming your loyal customers.

             You Need To Know The Origins Of Your Audience

When it comes to the identification of the target audience, there are plenty of tools that you can use. For a push start, you can employ a survey tool that shall gather you the desired data about the audience you wish to target.

For example, if your E-Commerce website is about fashionable outfits for women, you can start by following a narrower age group of women that may be inclined towards fashionable outfits. Further to this, you need to understand, where this audience comes from.

Objectifying the origins of your audience can help with the local SEO of your website. Your website should start showing up in results in your desired region where the demand for your services is highest.

             – More Valuable Audience Brings In Higher Returns For Your Efforts

Essentially, any audience can be divided into three groups- loyal customers, transitory customers, and superfluous customers.  Focusing on the ones that are your loyal customers would bring in the most business. Furthermore, you can also target the transitory customers, and earn their loyalty.

Following up with the intentions of these sets of the target population will help improve your website’s visibility in front of the most valuable audience. For example, a user who wishes to buy a vaping pen would ideally be searching with the name of the product or otherwise, ‘best vape pen for concentrates’. You need to optimize your website according to these search terms.

You should be focusing more on the audience that can bring you higher returns. And there is no doubt to it that the first two groups can easily help you drive sales and generate revenue.

  1. Optimizing Your Content For E-A-T Score Can Assist Google

There is a grey line between offline branding and online branding. When you are addressing someone, say a lead, in person, your words mean more to them. Whereas, when you are dealing with a customer whom you wish to visit your website and make a purchase without even knowing who the seller is, it becomes a little difficult.

The only thing that can drive easy conversions of leads is the effectiveness of your content. As many times as it has been said, the content is the true king beyond the physical, it is also the most converting of all factors.

             – Gain Expertise

When you are curating content for your E-Commerce website, you need to make sure that the content depicts expertise. Give an in-depth evaluation of the product to the visitor. This expertise will help your customers rely on the authenticity of the product they buy from you.

             – Build Authority

Gaining expertise you don’t only educate your customers, but also build authority over your competitors. Essentially, the authority of the content is measured along with the authority of the contributor that creates and publishes the content.

You need to be very specific about the details that you intend to provide your customers with. A good strategy while creating content is to keep in mind the intent of the user looking for your services and products.

             – Earn Trust

Another important characteristic of the content is its trustworthiness. You need your customers to trust you. Though you are not even making any conversation with them in person, still you need to earn their trust. There are many ways to earn the trust of your customers. For example, you can include testimonials from your happy clients and customers. Or you can also try including a few certification and recognitions that you may have received from autonomous organizations.

  1. Make An Impactful Promotion Strategy With Info-Graphics

The oldest yet the most useful proverb popular amongst the marketers is, visuals are more efficient than just the words. Implementing this proverb holds good opportunities for E-Commerce. In other words, you need to focus on the visuals and creative media that you put up on your website apart from the textual content.

             – Don’t Just Include Graphs

It is pretty tough to convince anyone with just words. You need to give your customers figurative modes to trust you. Include pictures, comparison charts, product data, and everything that you think can make an impression.

             – Provide With Value-Added Information

When you need to convince your customers, give them something they couldn’t find anywhere else. An important dilemma for every potential customer is to make out your value proposition. Provide your customers with the offer details. Intrigue them with unusual schemes. Long forgotten, but these elements are still crucial for business.

             – Distribution Across Channels Results Better

When it comes to digital content, the channels that are used to spread any piece of information plays an important role. You should indeed, use a number of channels for your promotional efforts to be fruitful. For example, social media platforms can be a good option. The segregation of the audience can then be better reached once you understand which channel is suitable for your preferred type of audience.

  1. Reviews Don’t Just Affect The Products But Your Brand As Well

As already mentioned, building trust amongst the consumers in the E-Commerce universe is not an easy task. Featuring testimonials on the website is indeed a pretty good option. But the question comes, how do you get these vows?

             – Take The Privilege To Reach Out Your Customers

A consumer who has been your customer can vow for you, but wouldn’t care much to do so on their own. It would be a wise move to reach out to your customers upfront. Whenever a customer uses your services, drop them a personalized email in their inbox. Introduce them to the privileges they have as your customers.

             – Request For Reviews And Their Experience With You

When you reach out to your customers, you can ask them to leave a review about the product they’ve purchased. Not just your products, but also their experience with you. These reviews can help you check and rectify any shortcomings that your business model may have. Moreover, when your customers are happy and satisfied, you grow as a brand.

  1. Teaming Up With Influencers Is A Great Idea

The online media has immense potential for marketing and branding opportunities. When it comes to trust-building, word of mouth is the most effective mode of branding. Blogger Outreach Services is a good option and the most sought after branding technique in 2019.

The bloggers that can influence the audience to try your services and products can prove to be a push start for your business.

             – You Need Influencers From All Tiers

There is no doubt that influencers can help drive a lot of relevant traffic to your website. Also, the effective lead generation will improve as well. But, you need to make sure that the traffic increases substantially.

For this purpose, you can try reaching out to more than just one influencer and that too from varied tiers of traffic. This would allow your E-Commerce website to fetch a greater number of users that are interested in your products and services.

            – Create A Mix Of Different Range Of Domain Authority

Teaming up with these influencers can bring in a lot of other opportunities for your E-Commerce. When your website receives an inbound link from these influential bloggers, it improves the rank of your E-Commerce website in search results.

For an optimum authority build-up of your E-Commerce website on the internet, a mixture of domains with varying authorities can help.


*Bonus Tip

All these branding efforts are worthless if your website is not visible in the desired search results. For this purpose, you can try out Guest Posting Services, which improves the SEO of your website. An important point to be noted while performing SEO for your E-Commerce website is the diversification of anchor texts and landing pages according to Google’s guidelines. It has been observed that a network of inbound and outbound links is a major signal that helps Google decide the ranking of a page in search results.

The present digital era has been throwing up innovative opportunities for marketers. Though, it is not an easy task to get an E-Commerce website to rank at the top of their vertical, with consistent efforts and technological assistance the results can turn out to be impressively good.

Pro-Tips For Guest Posting That Every SEO Should Know in 2019

Though there have been many updates in the SEO industry, the content has always been a consistent factor for website improvement. Regardless of the content being on-the-page or off-the-page, it affects a website’s ranking drastically.


For every beginner who aspires to be a professional blogger, ‘Guest Posting’ seems to be a kick start. Whereas, for those who are into business, ‘Guest Posting’ is the best investment for quick turnarounds.


Without wasting any more time, we hereby bring you some of our pro-tips to get the best out of your efforts.


1. Decide Your Keywords

Needless to say, keywords act as landmarks to identify your website in the digital universe. In order to get the best results, to rank your website in search results, you need to decide your keywords. Not just one keyword, but a set of keywords. This might seem a tedious task, but just one keyword, might not even bring you any results in time.

As it may seem, a set of keywords can mean a lot of things. It is crucial to mention what exactly this set refers to.

Single-word keywords are very effective because they are easy to track. Indeed, this makes them most sought after keywords for SEO. Thus, increasing the competition as there are hundreds of other websites which are either trying to acquire these keywords or already rank for them in a search result.

The key is to look for less competitive keywords. These keywords can be singular, or you can also begin with long term keywords. For example, if your website is about music, then rather than trying to rank for ‘music’, you can try to rank for ‘music blog’ or something even more specific to your services such as ‘music blog and seller in Brampton region’. This will help rank your website more easily and also the turnaround will be quick.


2. Target Your WebPages

While you are deciding which keywords you want your website to rank for, you also need to decide the pages on your website that you want to target, essentially. Since Google ranks pages and not websites, diversifying your traffic on different pages can help boost the complete website. In other words, whenever a user clicks a URL, they are going to land at a page and not the whole website in all.

Considering that you’ve decided your keywords, target the pages on your website that these keywords should anchor to.

For example, you have a page for blog posts on your music website and a page for selling music. Targeting your blog section’s landing page, then the blogs inside, and your seller page separately, you can diversify your traffic on all of your website.

The traffic on the complete website and not just one page, improve the credibility of the complete website. Plus, the links to different pages bring in more referral traffic, as well as brings in the asserted votes for the content on your pages. You need to anchor the keywords in the content for your guest post directing towards a certain page.

As we all know, Google considers the content and the links as priority signals to rank a page in a search result, having a good traffic and authority websites to vouch for your website proves to be highly beneficial.


3. Look Out For Prospects

Once you have all the raw data you need to begin your efforts to process this data. You need to find blogs that can relate to your website. These websites are the prospective domains you should be guest posting on and in return, they shall provide you with a link for a page on your website.

To begin your pursuit for prospecting guest posting opportunities, you need to contact the admin of the website. Pitch them what you are offering. Explain to them how they can benefit from your mutual collaboration. Convince them without exaggerating.

According to many digital marketers and successful bloggers, your pitch should be precise yet self-explanatory to the blogger about your intentions. 

  • Make Sure You Prospect For Long

A smart way to make your pitching more effective is to pitch your prospects for a long-term collaboration. This way you can make connections on the internet. Together a huge network stands stronger than a single individual.

While you prospecting make sure that mutually discuss the terms of your relationship.

If you are wondering how to begin with your prospecting, check out our ‘Guest Posting Services’ to learn the insights of what it’s like. Prospecting takes a lot of effort to show significant results, but it is indispensable to guest posting.

4. Create What You Want To Guest Post

Essentially a good piece of content is also indispensable to Guest Posting.

Content, as already known to many, is the true king in the SEO realm. Content that benefits the user in some way is highly credible. According to two updates that Google introduced a while ago- EAT and YMYL, the content that is liked by the users wins over others.

  • EAT & YMYL (A Brief Introduction)

While we are talking about the updates, you may like to know what these updates mean. In short, EAT measures the content on the basis of the Expertise of the writer and the content, the Authority that they hold on the internet, and the trust they build amongst the readers. A piece of content that helps solve a problem or benefit the user in some way is should satisfactorily validate this update. The criteria for measuring these factors for any content is laid in another update which was called, ‘Your Money or Your Life’, aka; YMYL.

Create a piece of content that explains your services or what your website is about and how it can benefit your target audience. While you are focusing on your target audience, you should keep in mind that your target audience is already the acquired audience of your prospect’s audience. So, you need to understand the deliverables of your partnered prospects as well.

5. Smartly Include Keywords

As we’ve already mentioned that you need to diversify your keywords and the pages that you anchor these keywords too, it is important to know how to get these keywords to work for you. When it comes to on-page SEO, including these keywords in the content published on your website is the friendliest of SEO methods. Optimizing the keywords and maintaining their density in the content are the basic practices involved.

Since we are concerned with guest posting, these keywords need to be optimized a little differently.

The content created for guest posting plays an important role in off-page keyword optimization. Embedding keywords in content needs to be as natural as possible. These keywords are then to be hyperlinked with your target page so that it should provide with referral traffic and also help build a good link profile.

6. Follow Up Your Prospects

You have keywords that you wish your website to rank for in search results, you have targeted the landing pages, and created the content to be published. You’ve already traveled a long way to earn credibility for your website.

In order to be able to post as a guest on any website, you prospected websites and pitched to their administrators. Some of those may have replied to you positively, some may have declined your proposal and others might not even have replied. Don’t lose hope. This is pretty common and ought to happen most of the time.

The ones that responded back positively needs to be followed up to keep afresh your newly built partnership. Get in touch with prospects and share your content with them, so that they can publish it. You’ve already discussed the terms of your partnership. But, you can always re-discuss them before you actually get your guest post published.

7. Earn Credits For You And Your Website

The primary aim behind guest posting is for SEO purpose. The more, you as a writer, publish your content across various domains, the better you gain expertise, authority, and the trust of your readers. While you are achieving yourself credit, your website is also earning credits.

The links that you embedded in the content for guest posting, brings in the quality link juice. Also, diverting readers from other domains to your desired pages on your website.

For search engine optimization of your website, the traffic your website receives and a good link profile are the prime factors. Ignoring these two can not only decline your website ranking but also bars the opportunities for future growth.

Patience is the greatest virtue. Depending upon your website’s current status, the results may take a while to reflect. You need to be consistent with your efforts as there is no defined number of links that a website should have, minimally. Consistency can bring the much-needed stability to your website’s performance on the internet. Keep prospecting, creating beautiful and beneficial content, and building links for your website. Ultimately, your efforts will bear fruits for you to relish.

Top 7 Google Updates Till Date That You Should Know About

Google keeps on updating its core algorithm to enhance the search results and improve their user’s experience. While there are many updates that Google has brought in, there are a few that are more significant than the others. In this article, we’ll be talking about Google’s top 7 updates till date that every SEO should know about.
  1. Say Hi To “Fred”
Fred is the name given to all the minor updates that Google brings in from time to time. In the year 2017, webmaster analyst Gary Illyes mockingly tossed the name “Fred” to a major update for this resembled the character from the popular cartoon series of the 90s “The Scooby-Doo Show”. The way this update analyzed the content on the internet is similar to the way Fred analyzed evidence to resolve a mystery, as argued by Gary Illes. Thus the name “Fred”. Google considers the content that has some valuable information for the user as legit. This was significant from the aftermath of this update. The websites that served just the purpose of raising money from excessive ads and sponsored content were no longer making it to the top search results. On the contrary, websites which were delivering valuable content managed to find a good spot in the SERPs. As suggested by Backlinko, some of these websites enjoyed a hike of about 200% in their traffic, post this update. In nutshell, The “Fred” was focused around the content expertise, its quality, and its popularity amongst the readers. Any content that didn’t match these criteria didn’t score a high rank in search results.
  1. The “Pigeon” Has Always Been A Messenger
“Pigeon’ was introduced in the year 2014. At the same time, Google started promoting local businesses by bringing them up in local search results. Quite evidently the name was coined because of the task that this update performed specifically. Just as pigeons were used to deliver messages in a localized region, Google’s “Pigeon” records the geographical location of a search made. It then combines this data with the search terms and helps deliver better-localized results to the user. Let’s make it easier to understand for you. If you’ve ever used the ‘near me’ tag in a Google search, it will be easier for you to understand. Say you search for ‘salon near me’. The “Pigeon” will record the data for your location, look for salons near you in local directories, and then deliver you the best suitable results. Isn’t it amazing? Since its introduction, the horizon for “Pigeon” has been expanding. This update has not only improved the user experience, but the local businesses have also benefitted from an increased number of leads.
  1. Here Comes The “Humming Bird”
Around August 2013, the “Humming Bird” was rolled out to improve the responsiveness of the search engine to search queries. Google emphasized that this update was swift and precise in delivering results, just as a hummingbird is. Although, Google’s original algorithm has had a few additions to it from time to time, “Humming Bird” came out to be a complete remodel of the core algorithm. Instead of the traditional search algorithm, when Google ranked webpages based on the keyword density, it now ranks the webpages by establishing the relevancy between the search terms and keywords. In other words, Google started analyzing the context of a search made by the user. Now, more than just how the keywords are included in the content, the relevancy of the terms with the content and the information that it provides are factored. The primary aim was to understand the human queries with the help of machine language and programmable memory, a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence. This Machine Learning Programme was named as RankBrain by Google. The crawlers were reprogrammed to index key terms and combine them for sensible formations. This understanding of formations of key-terms made Google as we experience it today. That is, it shows results for almost everything between the earth and the sky.
  1. Streamline Your Content Just Like A “Penguin”
Before 2012 Google factored just the number of backlinks into the ranking process for a webpage in search results. This changed around in April 2012, when Google introduced “Penguin” into its search algorithm. Now the webpages are ranked based on the quality of backlinks as well. For example, a webpage about cooking necessities should have backlinks from relevant niche pages only. If a webpage that serves cooking content has backlinks from a fashion page, it is likely to be considered as phishing or spammy content by Google. This would bring down the rank for the page or may even lead to penalizing the domain for black-hat SEO practices. “Penguin” compares the contents of both the linked pages and establishes relevancy. It is indeed this relevancy of the text, along with the authority of these domains, that this update uses for ranking websites in any search result. Extending the same example further. Say the webpages that are linked together have contents focused around Chef-style ‘Goulash’. If these pages have appropriate traffic flow, along with a low bounce rate, it is very likely that Google would reward these webpages with upranking. Establishing relevancy between the content and the search terms further enable Google to show suitable results for the intentions behind every search that a user makes.
  1. Don’t Mess With The “Panda”
The content-based factoring of the webpages was more refined even before “Penguin” or “Fred” were introduced. Before 2011, the internet was full of spamming and phishing websites. The primary aim for any website was to gain higher ranks regardless of the practice employed but it all changed with the introduction of the “Panda”. In February 2011, Google rolled out “Panda” update. “Panda” was entirely focused on removing these spammy websites from its search engine results pages. Google made sure that the websites that ranked higher in the search results had characteristic expertise and authoritativeness of the content, and were trusted by the readers. “Panda” in association with Google’s RankBrain, focused on understanding the nature of the content, the intention of the search made, and the cohesiveness of the search terms. It not only understood the meaning of words but also considered keyword variations. For Example, Google now understands that ‘wearing a shoe’ is a variation of ‘putting on boots’ and likewise. Within an hour of the “Panda” being rolled out, the pages having any sort of duplicate, untrustworthy, spun, or irrelevant content was brought down in the search results.
  1. Mobile Users Demand “Mobile-Friendly” Websites
Pretty simple and yet entirely focused, the “Mobile-Friendly” update was introduced for webmasters to optimize their websites for responsiveness to mobile devices. The reason behind the “Pigeon” was not just the promotion of local businesses. In fact, Google made sure that its users can access relevant information from any device. As we all know, the majority of Google users access their search results from mobile devices. Almost after a year, Google introduced the “Pigeon”, it rolled out “Mobilegeddon”. Well, that’s what Chuck Price dubbed this new update as. At first, there were only 15-20 per cent of the search queries that catered mobile users, but now all of the searches are mobile-friendly. This means that a website which is not optimized for mobile devices will definitely lag behind in scoring ranks in SERPs.
  1. It’s “Payday”!
This update has a lot in common with the “Panda” and the “Penguin”, but it is not to be confused with them. This was entirely specific to its target and a full-fledged independent update in itself. In the year 2013, Google started draining websites that did not provide any beneficial information to the user. The update was straightforward in attacking the specific websites associated with spammy, adult or pornographic content or unethical monetary practices. Overnight, the websites that were associated with these niches were removed from Google’s directory and un-indexed. Result? Better user experience to provide valuable benefits to the user. BONUS!! Apart from these, there were two other updates that helped webmasters understand how Google plans to refine search experience for every user. These were- EAT and YMYL. Google has made it very clear that only the legitimate content that benefits the user somehow, is the true king. That is why it guided the webmasters to ensure that their content lays according to YMYL (Your Money or Your Life). According to Google, any webpage or website that can affect someone’s health, safety, financial stability or safety is considered to be a YMYL page. Pages that served shopping or financial information, medical or pharmaceutical information, and, the ones that provided legal advisory fall under this category. Out of these, websites that served medical information suffered the brunt of YMYL update.   The other update (E-A-T) abbreviates for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This update was also very specific. The content is now evaluated based upon the expertise of the contributor as well as the content itself. Then there is a certain level of authority that should be associated with the content and the domain publishing the content. And lastly, the content should be trustworthy.     Sufficing all these specific factors, the webpages are analyzed for content and accordingly ranked in the search results. For every search engine optimizer, these updates are like foundations for a strong strategy. Optimizing your website in compliance with these updates can assure that it will rank top in the search engine results. Google will keep on rolling out more updates, and there are many more, indeed. Staying updated with these changes is the only strategy for SEO.