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Buying Backlinks in 2020 Link Building Pricing Guide & Hacks

Buying Backlinks in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide! How Much Does Link Building Costs?

As you start to build your SEO strategy, you’ll almost certainly encounter the concept of buying links. There are lots of people talking about this concept. On one side, you’ll hear it’s a horrible idea that will destroy your brand. On the other, it’s a great idea that you should focus on exclusively.

What’s the truth?

The good news is, there’s a middle ground. It’s possible to engage in thoughtful link buying while still focusing on your business as a whole. 

Officially, Google only wants you to engage in “natural” link building. To avoid businesses buying low-quality links in bulk, it regularly checks the quality of the links you receive. However, the truth is that everyone buys links from time to time — it’s crucial to getting your business out there. 

How can you avoid getting on Google’s bad side? How can you still manage your company’s outreach while you do it? Read on to find out. 

What’s the Difference Between Paid Link Building and Natural Link Building?

There are two main types of link building. That may sound simple, but the processes can still be confusing. Let’s take a look at the differences below, so you can approach link building prepared.

Natural Link Building

Natural link building is when companies offer links for your website without any research on your part. For example, imagine someone’s writing an article about travel agencies. They may link to Travelocity in their article because it’s an agency they know about. That’s natural link building.

This is the type of link building that Google wants you to engage in. When you create high-quality content, you’ll get your name out there. Then, people are more likely to link naturally to your business.

What’s the problem with natural link building? Mainly, it’s that natural link building rarely happens if you’re not already well-established. Especially when you’re first growing your business, you may need to invest in paid link building.

Paid Link Building

Paid link building, on the other hand, is when you pay a company to place your link in their content. Some bloggers will write content for you. On the flipside, many companies write their own content with a link, then submit that to a blogger for a price.

Isn’t paid link building something Google dissuades companies from? Well, yes and no. While it’s technically against Google’s TOS, the real truth is that Google doesn’t like it when you manipulate the SEO algorithm. So what’s a clever workaround? 

High quality content. Google can’t tell the difference between a paid link and a natural link, so long as the content is high quality. 

It’s common to pay for links to some extent. If you’re just starting out as a business, you may find this practice not only helpful, but actually necessary. It can kick-start your SEO standing, even if it’s just a few links.

Why Should You Consider Buying Backlinks?

Many companies purchase backlinks, and for good reason. These 3 driving points have made the process very attractive:


Starting from scratch in the online market is both uncertain and time-consuming. As such, many companies purchase backlinks because it saves time. 

Since link building is only one part of creating a successful internet presence, many business owners can’t wait for it to happen naturally. Purchasing backlinks can give you a leg up on other business owners who are just waiting for natural link building to take place. 

A link building strategy also takes time. It may draw your time and energy away from tasks like producing content of your own, refining your products, or strengthening your social media presence. 

Built-In Audience

Purchasing backlinks on a well-established site means you have a built-in audience. As such, more eyes are on your content and more people are clicking through to find out more. 

Not only does this cause Google to reward you with a higher ranking. It helps your business in a more direct way. If your links are found on the right sites, you could take home a chunk of that site’s following. 

A Variety of Options

There are more options for buying links than ever before. You can find the perfect option for your budgetary needs, your company size, and your ideal audience. 

Purchasing backlinks isn’t about buying from a shady, fake blog. It’s about offering a blogger money to create quality content that advertises your website.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Buying Backlinks

When you’re purchasing backlinks, be sure to observe these rules. They can help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of your bought links.


  • Purchase backlinks on authoritative and relevant sites
  • Reach out directly to content creators
  • Ensure all your content is high-quality and relevant
  • Advertise with creators whose audiences overlap with yours


  • Prioritize quantity over quality
  • Post comments inquiring about backlinks
  • Blindly trust a company’s quality
  • Utilize backlinks as your solitary outreach program

Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?

Link building is a service that no digital campaign can survive without. But understanding good value for money for link building would require some effort. So what would you consider a fair deal when it comes to the pricing of link building services? Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this one. So we will explain certain factors to determine an optimal price point for link building.

So what’s a standard link building pricing scale?

Surprisingly, you can expect the price of link building to vary a lot, in a range between $100 – $20,000 per month, based on the quality and volume you are looking for. The range would probably confuse you. But the best way to figure out the costs for link building in the long term is by determining a price point per link.

Understanding the DR and DA dependent pricing model

While cost per link is one model you can check, you may find several vendors and agencies using DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority) as the key parameters for pricing the service. We can’t call this one a perfect system, because these scores are third-party metrics that do not give an accurate assessment of the true quality of a website. However, these scores are widely used as a benchmark system to measure the quality of a website, apart from other factors such as organic traffic.

The link building prices under this system may fall in $80 – $600 + range, depending on quality.

Case Studies on Link Costs

Being a link building agency that makes money for delivering this service to the clients, I think it makes sense to showcase some case studies to see how fair and average pricing can be estimated for link building.

1. Ahrefs connected with nearly 700 sites to see what bloggers and site owners were charging to place links for the clients. Using those numbers, they calculated that the average cost of a backlink from a site is $361.44 . Read More

2. Siege Media, a leading content marketing company, suggests that the average long term price per link should be around $500. read more 

The difference between In-House and Agency Pricing

A serious link building initiative with a dedicated in-house professional is a full time job. You can expect the process to take a lot of time because it involves much work, from developing prospect lists to approaching them with targeted outreach and nurturing every opportunity available.

In-house link building

Speaking about in-house costs, hiring an experienced SEO professional in major cities across USA or UK would cost you around $4,000 per month, which adds up to a good $50,000 per year. You will also need a manager to supervise the link building professionals throughout. Further, you can add up the cost of paid links every month, in addition to the cost of content creation for link building with guest posts. There is also some essential software you will need, such as Ahrefs for several link building tasks and Pitchbox for outreach. So you can well imagine how much it would add up to!

On the flip side, there are also some great things about in-house link building. There’s the advantage of complete control on your own outreach team. Moreover, it gets easy to align your content initiative seamlessly with the outreach and link building efforts. 

Time is surely a concern, but if you’re serious, you can manage it pretty well.

There are large companies with large content teams that are managing it really well. They’ve mastered the content and link building combo to earn valuable traffic and they’ve also created a team that works in perfect tandem.

Agency link building

For agency costs, everything boils down to who you hire for the job….

As we’ve already talked about the pricing models and range for link building, we’ll focus on deciding the agency to hire.

Top-tier content marketing agencies that offer an end-to-end service may charge anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000 per campaign, particularly the ones based in major cities like New York. If you calculate the average cost per link cost, it will come in the $500 – $1500 range.

Conversely, you can connect with link building specialists like us that charge far less. What’s more, you can get major price differences with increase in link volume.

There are also agencies that wouldn’t give you much analysis or insight on your website. They work on a price per link model, while offering guest posts for a fixed price. If you want to check the leading players in this space, a quick Google search for “guest post service” will suffice.

How Much Does Link Building Cost At OutreachMonks?

Since we have clarity on exactly what we charge and how we do it, we can start with our own pricing directly. But you need not worry as we will tell you about the averages as well, so just keep reading on.

There are two pricing models for our clients, both white label clients and direct clients, with a tailored approach to match their needs and expectations perfectly.

Price-Per-Link Link Building Services

Check out our la carte services, typically apt for resellers. These include four link building tactics:

Now let’s explain these in detail!

Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach

Essentially, guest posting and blogger outreach are the same. We provide both because we understand how people search for them (in terms of search keywords). 

Our per-link pricing for Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting ranges from $59 to $419 per link.

You can secure some pricing discounts by ordering 30+ or 50+ links in a single order.

Pricing as per DA range
Pricing as per monthly traffic

Affiliate marketers and local businesses go after our niche edits service. For this service, our costing starts at $69 per link placement. This service focuses on securing relevant, quality link placement opportunities on websites we already have a relationship with.


How Much Does OutreachMonks’s Link Building Packages Cost?

We offer pre-designed fully-managed link building package starts at $549 per month. We structure our monthly pricing on the basis of your requirements with the aim to bring a successful outcome. Our monthly plans are just right for the clients looking for a fully-managed link building solution.

How Much is Outreach Monks’s Custom Link Building?

Our custom link-building campaigns start at $1500 per month. You can expect to spend around $5000 per month for a standard campaign. 

The number of backlinks we secure for this budget depends on your goals and resources. Typically, our custom link building plans are billed hourly, but we also offer hybrid pricing in some instances.

For example, the client may need both research and planning and blogger outreach as the elements of your overall strategy. In that case, we can give a mix of pricing, with per-link pricing for the blogger outreach links and hourly billing model for the rest. 

To know which would work for you, booking a consultation would be the best way to start. We would want to know your business better and help you weigh your options.


Everyone knows how vital link building is in SEO. It is, however, a major investment for any business and can cost a considerable sum.

So, before you go ahead with paid link building, it is important to create an action plan which could include deciding upon the pages and keywords you want to target, creating a prioritized list and researching the competitors. Remember, not all backlinks are equal. Always check that the backlinks you purchase directly benefit your website. After all, that’s why you’re purchasing them, right?

Even though Google often frowns on purchasing backlinks, there is a compromise to be found. So long as you don’t buy links with a desire to manipulate the Google algorithm, everyone wins. 

Hence, it would be safe to say that buying backlinks, undoubtedly is highly beneficial if you adhere to a thorough link selection process and criteria. Thoughtful link building leaves no room for distinguishing between a paid or natural link.

7 Link Building Strategies for Agencies

7 Link Building Strategies for Agencies in 2020

Each year there is a quest to take content marketing a notch higher. With the growing market competition, changing customer needs, and technology innovation, it is virtually impossible to stick to your old marketing methods. If you are an agency, then you are probably wondering how you can grow your links to build your brand. Well, don’t sweat it! We have created a simple guide covering some reliable link building tactics for agencies in 2020. 

Create high-quality content

Let’s begin by stressing the importance of quality content. Ideally, all the other tactics we will share largely depend on your content. Let’s be frank. No one likes to read dull, uninformative, and scattered content. We are all looking for valuable, unique, and engaging content on the Internet. So, good content will get you the traffic. You ought to know your readers, talk in their language, build relationships with them, and create content regularly. Once you have this, market it skillfully and watch your agency grow.

Try Quora

You might have noticed that whenever you have searched something on the Internet, you get directed to Quora. Quite often, the answers you get there tend to be informative. Quora is a growing social media platform that allows users to ask questions in highly specific niches. Imagine what could come from a 300 million monthly user utility platform housing over 400,000 topics? Quite a lot, right?

As an agency owner, it is time to join the platform to grow your brand. Keep in mind that for people to read your answers, then they must be informative and well researched. By answering the questions, you will Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT), a coveted marketing technique that helps websites rank better in Google. In essence, you will gain followers who will recognize your knowledge on the topic/industry, hence establish authority, which translates to customer trust. As you build your profile, you will be quoted by websites with some backlinks to your site!

Tip: As you answer questions, ensure you add links back to your website to useful and related information that they might need.

Tap on Broken link building

Have you ever read an article only to realize the links attached are unavailable or don’t exist? Sad right? Now, this is an excellent opportunity for your site, and it is known as a broken link building strategy. Broken link building is the process of finding relevant websites that are linking out to dead pages, then notifying them, and offering your link to replace the dead or unavailable ones. There are some good tools like Check My Links browser plugin that can quickly help you find the dead links on the Internet. 


Useful resources attract powerful links

This strategy involves providing another site with high-quality, valuable content that they would wish to link as a resource on their site. Just like in the broken link building approach, all you need to do is find relevant resource pages, vet them, and then reach out to suggest your resource. Just remember to have something worthy of a link before starting out your outreach campaign.

Guest posting

Yes, guest posting still works in 2020! In fact, if done right, you can generate enough backlinks to make your agency’s blog or site visible. Before you rush and try to create content to post on any site, there are certain things you must keep in mind. First, you need to check the domain authority of the website you wish to post. It should be a site with a reputable authority on the web and fits your niche. Also, check if they accept contributions from guest bloggers. There is are some nice resources that can help you find the top blogs that accept contributions in your industry. 


  • Don’t submit the same guest post to more than one blog. Vary your anchor texts and even your author bio in the guest posts.
  • Focus on, or target sites within your niche to get the right audience.

Pitch Infographics

Have you been thinking about what to do with audiences who don’t prefer reading articles or need something different to capture their attention? Perhaps going for other multimedia content can do the trick. People always love visual content that is easily consumable. All you need to do is find a topic, include helpful stats and data visualizations, share it on your site, and others in the form of infographics.


Most people are nowadays talking about listening to a particular podcast. According to research, most people love them, given that they tend to give information and entertainment at a convenience. How about sourcing for those interviews and showcase your expertise in the digital space? You will help elevate your authority, plus you will build links to your agency or blog. 

Video marketing

According to Cisco, global internet traffic from videos will make up to 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. Additionally, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. If these stats are anything to go by, you definitely need to find a way to add videos to your link building strategy. Start generating short, high-quality videos to help generate traffic to your site, and you will start getting backlinks from other sites using your content as a source.

Wrap up

That’s it! We have covered some of the key link building tactics you can add to your arsenal. One thing is clear, though. Success in link building is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort, and a combination of techniques if you are to gain authority and trust. 

How to use Internal Links to Grow Your SEO Performance

How to use Internal Links to Grow Your SEO Performance

Internal links are arguably one of the most underrated SEO strategies. Most website owners value investing in backlinks or external links and fail to understand how invaluable internal links can be. Internal links are simply the links on your pages that lead users to other content of the same website. Well, these links can help you attain the SEO rankings you are craving for.  Just like any other SEO technique though, you need to get some factors right if you are to make good use of the strategy. That’s why we have compiled a few essential tips that can help you use internal links for SEO. 

Create High-Quality Content

It is no brainer. If you want several unique internal links, then you need lots of high-quality content on your site! This way, you will have several solutions to user problems and thus increasing the chances of keeping them on your site for long.  Some experts propose a complex layer of internal links such as silos or cycles. However, putting more content will naturally create an organized chart-like structure that users can follow with ease. 

Prioritize Links to the Most Important Content

While you may have plenty of content to link internally, it is essential to give more priority to the most relevant content. The driving factor behind internal linking is to try and get as much traffic as possible to your most crucial pages and reduce bounce rates.  You want web users to access pages that will add more value to their sessions. By providing internal links to these pages, readers can easily see and click them. So, try and distinguish those crucial pages on your website and give them more internal link priority. 


You can use contextual linking within texts of a web page. If, for example, you have written several articles on the same topic, you can link them through sentences internally, and users will understand those topics are related. When you add several contextual links to the main article, the search engine will treat it as more resourceful, and it will improve your SEO performance.

Try Internal Link Tools

The best way to improve your web user experience is to use data. The beauty is that there are many tools that can help you tie up your content to make more of your traffic. For example, you can use internal linking tools that can give you analysis and suggestions regarding the use of internal links on various pages of your website. If you are using a WordPress site, for example, you can find plugins to help you handle internal linking faster and far more efficiently.


Use Anchor Texts Wisely

Again, linking for the sake of it isn’t a nice idea, either. You need to ensure that the anchor words tally with the content of the linked page.  Doing relevant links ensures that the reader navigates to the right page. Using deceiving links will have more harm to your website because readers won’t get satisfied and will form a poor opinion on your overall experience. 

In the past, you could trick the search engine with keyword stuffing. However, things are different now because the search engine is becoming smarter. In fact, the search engine knows that there is a bigger relationship between the keyword itself and the content as opposed to the anchor text. You need to be creative with how you deploy your anchor texts. 

Tip: Avoid duplicating your keywords in every link. You can take advantage of synonyms to make them look a bit different to the search engine.

Use Appropriate Number of Internal Links

Nobody knows exactly how many internal links you should put on your website. However, try not to overdo them. Remember, you are trying to help the user and reduce your bounce rates. So, add just enough links that won’t get your readers bothered and kill the traffic!

Add Related Posts Section

You might have come across several websites that leave plenty of links at the bottom. More often, these links are placed under the “Related Posts” section. This is a good internal link strategy because it eases the reader’s navigation to desired pages. If you are not sure about this, just link them normally to avert unnecessary mistakes. 

Link to up to date content

Newer posts are always an upgrade or unique posts that add more value to the reader. Readers would often want up to date content rather than those that won’t help them much. You ought to make sure you are linking them to up to date content. 

Wrap up

The list of plausible strategies that you can employ to use internal links properly is huge. We have covered some of the essential ones that should help you understand the essence of internal links for SEO and how to set off to improve your site structure. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Link Building Company

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Link Building Agency

Links have always been an important part of SEO for business. Now, if you are considering outsourcing your website’s link building services, you will likely come across many companies offering the services. However, you need to be aware that there are agencies that can do more harm than good to your website’s SEO ranking. You need to find an agency that can make your website high rank by following ethical white hat link building techniques that work. Let us cover some of the key criteria you ought to keep an eye on before hiring a link building company.

Agency’s pricing

For starters, higher pricing doesn’t necessarily mean top draw quality. Most of the large link building companies will charge you more because they have a large office, overhead costs for events, and employees they need to pay and the likes. So, you are likely to pay a higher retainer for a larger agency. While that is not inherently bad, you need to make sure that you know what you are paying for in your link building campaign.

There are actually some marvellous small agencies who can do a great job on your website at a lower cost. In fact, smaller agencies tend to be more agile than the bigger agencies. Take your pick but all in all, you need to determine how much you are paying for the services and whether you will get the anticipated results. 

Agency experience in link building

You will want to work with a company or consultant who has significant experience with link building for clients like you. Find out if the agency has a team whose specialty is link building. An experienced agency will have the industry knowledge and connections that will help you build links fast. You might end up paying more, but it is certainly worth the experience you are getting. Then again know what you are paying for before hiring a link building agency. 

The agency’s strategy

Strategy is essential to any link building company. You might not be a digital marketing pro but it is good to ask questions to ascertain that the partner agency has sights on how to grow your backlinks. For example, you can ask, what are the 10-20 keywords they want to rank for?  Who are your top competitors they are looking to beat? 

Well, a good paid link building agency should be able to give you an overview of their plan to get you results. 

Track record

Talking of results, does the agency have a history of delivering to clients? The best link building agencies in the market should at least have a portfolio of how they have assisted similar companies or businesses in link building and produced the desired results. A point to note though, there are some clients who sign non-disclosure contracts with the link building companies. In other words, the agency may not be able to disclose a lot to you, but they should at least prove they are good at what they do! 

When it comes to building high quality backlinks, you should focus on using a variety of tactics. A good link building service provider will offer links from many different places and through different techniques. Some services you can expect from a link building company include guest posting, citation building, social media content and video creation, etc. So, try to find out the white hat tactics they will use in growing your links. 

Tip: Remember to put more emphasis on the quality of the links created by the link building service provider. Don’t focus on getting just quantity from the agency. 

Support services

Last but not least, you should be able to reach your link builder once you sign your contract to set the ball rolling. You should find out first if they have open channels for communications, through which you can always reach them. Make sure that the agency has active correspondence with the clients in case you have questions associated with the active campaigns for your business. 

Customer service and responsiveness are key decision making points when it comes to outsourcing SEO services. Make sure your link building service provider can give you omni-channel support you desire as a customer. You should also be able get periodic reports on the progress of your campaigns. You should even get an experienced contact person in the agency that will be able to give you the right support services. 

Wrap up

Hiring a jig-saw fit link building services agency requires that you take your time. It requires that you consider many factors like the previous work and track record, the support services, the plan to get you the desired results and much more. It is essential that you pick the right partner if you are to reap results from the investments you put in growing your site and business!   

How to Choose a White Label SEO Reseller Service

How to Choose a White Label SEO Reseller Service

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies, a feat that has seen a rising demand for SEO agencies. It is common to find SEO agencies with their hands full, and frankly, it can be difficult to cope. The last thing you want is to deliver poor quality services that can hurt your business. The best approach in such a scenario is to get a helping hand from white label SEO resellers. That said, choosing the right reseller is crucial if the partnership is to work out. We have compiled a quick guide to help you pick the right white label SEO service for your agency.

Scalable SEO reseller program

You should seek to identify a company that has a strategy for scaling up. Of course, one of your goals as a business is to grow. As such, your partners can also affect how scalable your agency becomes. For a white label SEO reseller, it is advisable to choose a company that has a vast pool of resources to ignite and maintain the growth of your client businesses

Proper feedback reports to clients

Your clients are more interested in their progress reports. They need to understand how their sites are doing in terms of traffic. They also want to see that they are getting value for their investment. As such, you should get the white label SEO Company to provide the right progress reports to you. 

It is crucial that you pick a company that uses some of the tech in your industry for better performance. You should even find out if the company has developed its own tailored tools to improve reporting to clients.


The customer service

Customer service is a great aspect of business success. Good customer service will help in retaining your customers. Consequently, your business will stay afloat despite the high competition in the SEO business world. You should hire a company that provides on-time SEO technical support. Also, pick an SEO reseller company with trained, timely, and reliable customer service.

The answer to how fast the customer support team responds to your queries will determine the company’s customer service. You want an SEO reseller company that will respond to issues fast. When your clients pose questions touching on SEO, they expect fast answers and solutions.  If the reseller responds to your queries on time, then you will be able to relay the same information to your clients, fast. As a result, you can expect faster growth and good reviews from your clients, leading to return customers and referrals.

Trendy SEO reseller

SEO marketing is an ever-evolving concept, unlike the traditional paradigm of marketing. As such, yesterday’s trends may be too old for today. So, pick an updated SEO reseller company based on how aware they are of current SEO trends. Try to vet on their knowledge on SEO concepts fast. You can ask to see their physical, operational office as well. That might point you to the capacity they have to handle the clients you may transfer to them. 

Delivery speed

Find out how fast the white label reseller company can get the work done. Pick a white label reseller that has a fantastic turn-around time. A white label reseller company taking a considerable short time will help build clients’ trust in your services. Consequently, this will strengthen the reputation of your brand, making it stand out among the competition. 

Location of the company

Many SEO companies tend to have their offices in other countries. Your business may not develop as intended, especially if rapid expansion is at the center stage in your plans. Search for a company with which you can create a good working relationship and set clear goals together. You want a partner within your time zone so that you can set objectives and achieve them together. Besides, you will be assured of the convenience and smooth running of your company if your working times overlap.

Track record in SEO

You want an agency that knows how to get things done. Well, try to find out about the track record for the previous clients. Can the agency show you their link building and SEO strategy for clients, and the results yielded? You want to make sure that the company you are going to be doing a lot of SEO business with potentially is reliable and can back up their claims. You should not fall trap of companies who claim to be the best at SEO but end up disappointing you.

Wrap up

We hope you picked up a thing or two about outsourcing services from white label SEO resellers. As a rule of thumb, pick a reseller that you can trust with your clients. Remember, acquiring a new customer can cost you up to five times more than keeping existing ones!

Benefits of Hiring a Link Building Company

Benefits of Hiring a Link Building Company

As a business owner, your biggest goal is to stand out in the highly competitive business world to grow your brand. You might have such a nice idea or product, but you ought to work harder to sell it to the target consumer in a competitive space. One of the best ways to sell your brand is to tap into the power of Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. You want to rank your business on page one of Google to improve conversion rates and sales. Now, one clever technique is to improve your links with top sites around the web by hiring a link building company. Let us expound more on the benefits of hiring a link building company for your business. 

Get to page one on Google!

For starters, you should know that Google ranking algorithm factors in links to your site as a measure of authority. So, the biggest goal behind developing links is to help your company improve through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. One of the best ways to achieve this is by generating content with specific keywords you want to rank higher with corresponding backlinks to your site. 

The idea behind this is quite simple. The more links you have for a specific keyword, the higher search engines regard your site for that query. The top sites will basically vouching for you as the search engine spider builds results for queries.

Build traffic to your website

A link building company can help you draw traffic from other reputable sites through backlinking. What this means is that traffic to your site can be generated organically when keywords on your website are linked to other reputable websites with a high domain authority. 

More importantly, is that good backlinking strategy ensures the connection exists forever. So when readers of the posts click on the URL or the search for the keywords, they can always be redirected to your site. That can help increase your site visitors in the long term, who you can convert into potential clients or customers.

Improve your brand visibility

A good link building company will give your site greater visibility by linking it to the guest posts. As a result, brand visibility will provide your company a leg up on competitors. The agency will work to link guest posts on websites and blogs that have something in common with your business. For example, if you sell athletics shoes, the link building agency will link your site to guest posts on a fitness company or a running app’s blog. Consequently, this will direct the audience with similar interests to your site. Again, it will improve your odds of converting visitors to customers!

Establishing your brand as an authoritative voice

For your brand to stand right at the top of the hierarchy in your industry, you can consider the services of a SEO link building agency. They will help establish a sustained link building strategy that will help your brand emerge as an authority voice in your industry niche. Remember, the more content you deliver, the more you grow as an authority in your niche.

Better information and higher quality content for readers

One of the critical advantages of link building is the fact that your readers will always enjoy high-quality content. Yes, the right link building agency will help generate content that are informative, educational, etc. It will help add value to the target consumers.

Highly educative content will keep site visitors keep coming back for solutions. This way you will increase your sales.

Build relationships

Building high-quality links requires that an agency reaches out to other top businesses. Although the primary focus for reaching out is to improve your site link, there are other benefits that you will trickle down to your business. Well, you can foster long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both businesses. You can even other useful forge partnerships that will grow your brand.

Save on marketing costs

Last but not least, investing in a link building agency is far cheaper than many other forms of marketing. In traditional marketing, for example, you have to invest a lot without a clear way of measuring Returns on Investments (ROI). In link building, you can invest in acquiring a link then get backlinks as long as the links are valid. It is also easier to measure if your campaigns are generating any leads and even fine-tune your approach.

Wrap up

Link building has grown to be an essential part of growing business sites in the world of SEO. It can also help you build credibility and reputation to your site besides giving your brand visibility. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are more benefits of link building tactics! Well, you should consider enlisting the services of a reputable link building agency to help you grow your brand online. 

Top 15 Best Link Building Services & Backlink Building Packages In 2020

Best 15 Link Building Services & Backlink Packages In 2020

Despite Google’s guidelines against paid link building, it still seems to outgrow any other SEO practice. 

Are you looking for a reliable link building service provider? If so, you have reached the right spot!

This posts intends to share with you the best link building service providers in 2020! 

None of the service providers that we have listed here are because of some paid advertisement. Based upon the customer reviews and personal experience, we are listing some of the most reliable link building agencies along with a quick feedback as in why one should choose them.

So let’s jump right in…

Our team of monks (not in its literal sense!) has come ahead as a trusted link building partner over the span of three years. With a satisfaction rating of 95%, Outreach Monks offers pre-designed as well as customized link building packages to help businesses meet their goals.

A dedicated team of outreach experts, content writers and link acquisition managers helps in streamlining the blogger outreach process, hence elevating the effectiveness of any campaign. If we are to sum up the pros of working with Outreach Monks, it would include –  

  • A transparent work process
  • Custom link building packages
  • Expert link building team
  • Live SERP tracking
  • Awesome support service
  • Country specific Link Building solutions
  • White label reporting for agencies

Link Building Service That Actually Works!

Get lasting search rank improvement results with consistent link building via Blogger Outreach. Transparent reporting & Daily SERP tracking makes OutreachMonks a good choice!

Blogger Outreach Service

Niche Relevant, Editorial Backlinks That Deliver Lasting Results.

When it comes to link building, Submit Core is a provider that will always be on the top. The team has worked its way up the ladder with over a decade of professional exposure. Team Submit Core definitely offers one of the best link building services as it leverages the most sophisticated tools and the latest updates from Google.

In comparison to the packages quoted by any other competitor, Submit Core delivers a significantly better quality of links and that too at just a fraction of the market average. If you are seriously looking into getting some high-quality links for your website, then there’s no better option than Submit Core.

3. FatJoe

This UK-based link building service has an exemplary reputation amongst other agencies and marketers. They offer scalable packages that are tailored to match the clients’ needs and handle everything that you may want. From blogger outreach to creating content and getting it published across domains, the experts here do it all!

Although Google has made it very clear that they do not consider links from press releases, FatJoe still continues to offer links from PR websites. The reason is that PR publications provide legit traffic though these links are not considered for ranking in search results. FatJoe promises over-the-top customer support to make sure that their clients are satisfied.

4. Screaming Frog

A great deal of effort goes into creating a result-focused link building strategy. For example, link audit has to be conducted to understand the existing link profile. Following the audit, there is planning for link improvement and relevant anchors are also searched. These steps are carried out simultaneously while outreaching bloggers within your niche.

Screaming Frog knows exactly how to do it, even while reducing the turnaround time to minimal. That is why they have been given a 4-star rating by their clients and have over 90%, satisfied customers. If you are not concerned about the package pricing, then Screaming Frog can be a good option for you.

5. Page One Power

Tired of all those imposters trying to sell you links from PBNs and link farms? Page One Power can tailor your experience to meet all your SEO needs while resolving this concern. With their relevance-first approach, the team follows a manual procedure to ensure that they always publish a stellar piece of content with editorial links embedded naturally.

Once the relevance is established, the team ensures that the guest blog sites they choose to post on hold high metric values as well. This allows them to maintain higher relevance and ensure that no link is spammed or penalized later on.

6. Linkology

With over a decade’s experience in the industry, Linkology has served mostly agencies and resellers. Though it is more focused on working for marketers and agencies, the agency has also helped hundreds of individuals and businesses gain visibility online.

The content marketing team at Linkology’s UK-based corporate office ensures that no link is cloned, while your clients are promoted in the most natural of ways. They have a seasoned team of PR experts and writers who possess all the required skills to deliver content that takes your link profile to the next level.

7. Vertical Measures

With an all-natural and honest approach, Vertical Measures ensures that the results for their link building efforts last for years to come. At Vertical Measures, they initiate link building for you by commencing complete research before putting in place a strategy.

Once the team decides a clear approach to be followed, they devise an execution plan to make sure that the results are achieved with minimal deviations and within the shortest time span. With a monthly report delivered to you, Vertical Measures ensures that there are no discrepancies in their process and tries to keep you satisfied at all times.

8. The HOTH

Yet another mature competitor in the list, the HOTH is known for its outstanding performance in the field of SEO. The team has already helped hundreds of clients grow their visibility and gain higher traffic online. There is no doubt that they are reliable and trustworthy.

When it comes to paid link building, the practice is certainly frowned upon by Google. Still, it can drive amazingly effective results if carried out correctly. And this is what the HOTH promises to deliver for their clients. The packages are slightly on the expensive side as compared to other link building services but they are absolutely worthwhile.

9. Outreach Mama

When it comes to quality link building, Outreach Mama follows the traditional approach. They start by studying all the credentials for your website manually and then come up with a comprehensive plan to address the gaps. They are known for their transparent approach as they educate their customers (you) about what is being done and why it is being done.

With an all-clear link building process, they enable their customers to know what’s happening in real-time. Moreover, they even give you the option to accept or reject any website for guest posting. This is also the reason why they charge premiums over their basic packages.

10. Higher Visibility

Higher Visibility was acclaimed as the SEO agency of the year in 2017-18 by Search Engine Land. And they certainly deserve to be among the best ones in the industry. Being recognized by such a reputable brand is something that any agency wishes to earn and Higher Visibility has done everything to claim it.

The team endeavors to build authority and establish relevance online for their clients and no plausible spam schemes are on offer. They curate all the content for guest posting and link building in- house to ensure top-notch quality. They suggest keeping a slightly flexible budget when going for link building services.

11. Siege Media

The service lives up to its name as they tend to siege any faults and conquer competitors to take your website to the top. The team undertakes scientific audits before devising any plan to compete with other players in your niche.

Since they are a white-labeled link building service, Siege Media does not guarantee any set number of links to be built for your website. Rather, they provide an estimate of links that you can expect within the month, which may or may not be fulfilled. But you can rest assured about the results because they definitely get them for you!

12. Loganix

The packages from Loganix are based on the time taken for your campaign and the traffic range of the website to be guest posted on. When compared with other typical services which charge on the basis of the authority that a website holds, this approach seems a bit more promising.

But their pre-programmed packages can be quite expensive if only their traffic is considered. The agency creates quality content in-house which means that the clients need not worry about this aspect of link building.

13. Webris

The company introduced it’s first-ever link building training for marketers and professionals in the year 2015. And since its inception, it has sold over 5000 programs, which is now considered as the gold standard for blogger outreach and guest posting.

The company offers an edge over other competitors by developing its own tools and combining them with the leading SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. Coming to the package price, they charge slightly more than the average market price. But this is something they deserve, being one of the most recognized services in the landscape.

14. 1seo.com

You can find several case studies on their website, which certainly proves their proficiency in industry practices. Also, being a certified Google Partner, Microsoft Partner, and partner with other search engines and a few social media channels, the 1SEO team has proven its worth as a leader in the domain.

They specialize at curating campaigns which drive in real results with genuine link building efforts for the clients. Make sure that budget is not an issue for you if you aspire to choose them, as 1SEO is an upscale service provider catering to gigantic brands.

15. Straight North

Straight North team has always prioritized customer experience, which makes them a great service provider to work with. Their strong belief in “happy customers, happy business” is what drives their campaigns, creating high-quality links for their clients every single time.

Their experience is unbeatable and their team possesses unmatched copywriting talent. Additionally, their commitment to the best link building practices makes them stand apart. Get in touch with the team to know how they price their packages. If budget is not a concern, then Straight North should certainly be on your prospective list of services. 

When looking for the best link building services for your business, it is wise to double-check everything. Make sure that you can completely trust your outsourced partner for delivering the desired results within the expected timelines.

Some Common FAQs:

What is Link Building?

Link building is essentially the process that involves getting other sites linking to yours. The key objective of link building is search engine optimization: The sites linking to your site are amongst the main signals that Google considers to decide the ranking for a website or page for keyword searches.

What Is a Backlink on a Website?

A backlink, as the name suggests, is a link from another website that points to your website. For example, site A has a link on one of its pages which goes to site B; in this case, site B has a backlink from site A. You can  use a tool for finding any site’s backlinks.

What Is a Backlink in SEO?

A backlink in SEO is regarded as a vital element that decides the Google rankings of a website. Webmasters make all the efforts to build quality backlinks for their sites and avoid the low-quality ones as well. At the same time, they constantly analyze their existing backlinks to track the ones that could hurt their site’s ranking in the long run.

What Is a Link Building Campaign?

Essentially, a link building campaign is an initiative to get other websites to link to a targeted website. This can help the target site to boost its rank in Google searches. While some link building tactics can help your site, the illegitimate and artificial techniques can get it a penalty in the long run.

What Is Google’s Take on Link Building?

Natural link building is regarded as the best by Google. Ideally, you need to create quality content and people will naturally want to link to it. However, SEOs often end up using tactics that do not align with Google’s guidelines. Even though these tactics can bring quick results in the short run, they can attract penalties that can ultimately do more harm than good.

Where Did Bad Link Building Practices Come From?

When Google emerged as a game-changer in the search engine landscape and everyone came to know about the significance of backlinks, link building services became a necessity for businesses. As a result, several agencies that offer these services came up. Back then, SEO was done differently and a lot of things practiced then are no longer valid. In fact, many of these practices are now considered bad. You need to look for a provider that has evolved with time and uses best practices only.

Are Backlinks Important for SEO?

Backlinks are amongst the most vital aspects of SEO. Unless your website is more trusted than those of your competitors, you cannot expect it to achieve higher rankings in Google. Apart from quality backlinks, having rich content and a great user experience can make all the difference to your rankings. If you lack on these fronts, even having great backlinks will not do any good.

Is Link Building Important for SEO?

If you want to get quick and sustainable results with SEO, getting other great websites to link to you is extremely important. But it is all about earning them by having good content rather than adopting artificial link building tactics. While the former will have people naturally wanting to link with your site, artificial tactics can fetch you a Google penalty.

Is Link Building Dead?

Even though people think that link building is dead, it isn’t. It has just changed. Many SEOs have realigned their link building initiatives toward creating amazing content and marketing it for earning high-quality links. Conversely, the link building techniques used in the past are no longer relevant, rather it has evolved into an approach that focuses on marketing quality content in the present. 

Why Is Link Building Important?

Having quality backlinks indicates to Google that your website is a trusted authority which is worth linking to. You need to make efforts to get other websites to link to you if you want it to rank higher for phrases relevant to it.

Key Advantages of Link Building

Waiting for others to find your content and link to it will not do much good for your website. The key lies in not just creating great content and brand assets which are link-worthy, but also promoting them so that more people see it. Obviously, this will enhance your chances of getting links for your website.

Link Building for Small Business & E-Commerce Websites

Link building strategies are pretty much the same, whether you operate a small business or run a large e-commerce website. There is only one objective- making your pages and site better than those of the competitors and marketing your content to earn quality links: You need good pages to start with and content that fully deserves the backlinks you are looking for.

What Is Manual Link Building?

As the name implies, manual link building is about the ones built by hand rather than via automated processes. Google considers automated link building as a “black hat” strategy. At the same time, manual link building too may use shady tactics, so there is no assurance that manual is automatically legitimate. The truth is that backlinks earned with good content are always the best.

What Is White-Hat Link Building?

Basically, white-hat link building is about building backlinks using legitimate methods which adhere to Google’s guidelines. Conversely, black-hat link building does not follow these guidelines and result in backlinks that are artificial. Everyone wants white-hat link building and many claim to offer them as well, but they are rarely found because they take a lot of hard work to earn.

Link Building Using Directory Submissions

Getting links from directory submission sites is not recommended because as many as 99% of these directories are spam sites. To make things worse, Google knows that. Unless you are absolutely sure about a directory being fully trustworthy, submitting your pages to such sites is not advisable.

Link Building Using Expired Domains

Buying an expired domain with backlinks pointing to it and using these links to your advantage is a shortcut that may not be a great idea for your link building initiative. Unless you have a website that you are willing to burn, you should avoid using expired domains for getting backlinks. Though you can easily find sites that offer it, they can be a risky proposition. 

Link Building Using Social Media

When it comes to getting your pages ranked in Google, getting citations in social media is likely to have little impact. A majority of SEOs who leverage social media try to promote great content hoping that people will see it and write about it, so that their website is able to get earned backlinks.

Natural Link Earning

Nothing is as effective as natural links for earning Google’s trust. If you are capable of creating great assets worthy of being cited by other sites and people, it is a white-hat approach to natural link earning.

How Do I Get Backlinks?

There are diverse methods of getting backlinks for your website, but unfortunately a majority of them are black-hat. The best advice is to create quality content that has the potential to earn backlinks from other sites naturally. An unnatural approach to get backlinks is not recommended at all.

How Does Link Building Work?

The process of link building differs, depending on your requirements. To start with, we analyze your existing site to identify what is “linkable”. Further, we have additional recommendations that can be added to the site to make it more linkable. Also, we will promote the content which is link-worthy.

How Do I Start Building Links?

Initially, you will have to create great content that others will want to link to naturally. While you can handle it yourself, you may hire someone with a great reputation and expertise. Don’t onboard anyone unless you are fully confident about their skills: Someone who isn’t good enough can actually get your site penalized.

What Are Link Building Keywords?

The words used by other sites to link to yours are very important, when it comes to achieving high ranking for these words in the search results. Search engines like Google and Bing use these words that other sites use for linking to you as the key indicators of what the page is about. They look for relevance to ensure that you are doing it the right way. However, trying to get links for irrelevant keywords can land you in deep trouble and you may end up getting penalized as well.

How to Find Link Building Opportunities

If you are looking for good linking opportunities, studying your competitors’ backlinks is a good idea. You can see who is linking to them and also check the content that they have. This will help you find the pieces that appear valuable and create similar content for your site. Ideally, you should try to make your content better than theirs in terms of its informative and engagement value.

How Can You Effectively Manage the Link Building Process

Managing link building process is tricky and you shouldn’t even try doing it unless you’re an SEO expert. It is best to hire professionals like us and we can handle the entire process for you: We’ve been in the business for years now and know the A to Z of link building. If you want to avoid the stress of managing complex link building campaigns yourself, we can help.

Top Link Building Strategies

The common strategies for getting backlinks are often cheap and unsafe. In the best-case scenario, Google won’t count those backlinks and in the worst-case scenario, it will impose a penalty on your site. The only way to get best results is earning trusted, high-quality backlinks. For doing so, you need an amazing content strategy, which can earn natural backlinks for your site.

Link Building Checklist:

All That You Need to Do to Build Quality Backinks

  • Create great quality content, which is link-worthy too
  • Promote that content effectively
  • Build awesome brand assets 
  • Promote these assets as well
  • Keep writing and publishing great stuff
  • Become a domain expert
  • Create and promote killer content consistently

What Is SEO Link Building Outreach?

Typically, when people create amazing content which they feel would serve value to others, they email such people asking them to link to their website. This approach is not feasible and won’t really bring great results, particularly if done in an automated way. People who send across bulk, automated emails often end up looking like spammers. A personal outreach strategy, on the other hand, serves as the best approach to get you the links you want.

Popular Link Building Outreach Strategies

Automated link building outreach methods are popular ones, since they are cheap and quick. But anything done using a tool or in bulk, where the person who is writing the outreach email has not even seen the site they are writing to, are usually considered spam. Doing the process manually, with real humans, is a much better approach as compared to using an automated tool.

Link Building vs. Content Marketing: What Is the Difference?

Compared to link building, content marketing is a widely acceptable phrase in the SEO domain these days, because good SEOs promote content rather than just build random links. With link building, there is always a risk that it will be done badly and your site may get into trouble if penalized. Though both these strategies have similar end objectives, the tactics used for reaching these objectives are different.

Should You Use Link Building Software and Tools?

We do not recommend any software or tool for link building. But you may use one for analyzing the backlinks to your website or to the competitors’ websites as these can be of considerable help for your link building efforts.

What Are The Link Building Services We Provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of services, helping clients to create great content which is link-worthy as well. Our experts also promote that content to other websites, people and places which could benefit from it. We follow a white-hat approach to get good backlinks for clients’ sites.

What Does a Typical Link Building Package Include?

Rather than offering typical link building packages, we customize content marketing services to match the specific requirements of the clients. At Outreach Monks, we believe that clients deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach. For us, no business is merely typical and we make sure that your link building package isn’t typical either.

How Much Do Link Building Services Typically Cost?

Our services start at $1200 per month, and include consulting, content development and marketing. We know that you may find link building prices lower than ours, but rest assured that cheaper is not always better: You may end up hurting your site in the long run by settling for cheap services. We assure you that the quality of our service is well worth their price.

Manual Organic Link Building

As a part of our manual link building approach, we create high-quality, link-worthy content and market it to trustworthy sites in your domain. At Outreach Monks, our methods enable the clients to get quick and sustainable results and stay safe from penalties as well.

Broken Link Building Services

Broken link building involves identification of pages which no longer exist, creating content similar to what the page originally had, publishing the new content on your website, and then emailing those linking to the broken page. The purpose is to inform them that they can now fix the broken link by linking to your page rather than the original one that does not exist any longer.

How Does Link Building Benefit A Business?

Links are considered amongst the top three parameters that Google incorporates in its algorithm for ranking search results. Apart from the improvement in rankings, backlinks also drive referral traffic and help with the branding of your website as well.

How Much Time Does it Require to Show Results With Link Building?

SEO is not an overnight process. It requires consistent efforts in the right direction to show measurable results. This applies to link building as well. Quality links act as silent votes for your brand and also helps Google understand the relevance of your content. Therefore, it is recommended that when you collaborate with a link building service, you need to be patient. The efforts would return positive results which are assured, but the exact turnaround time cannot be predicted.

How Should I Find the Right Service?

When you look for the right service provider for link building, you should look at their online reviews and the feedback they have received from previous customers and clients. Make sure that they offer a comprehensive range of services so that you are fully covered. Additionally, consider your budget and look for the best within your desired budget range.

What is the Difference Between Link Building And Guest Posting?

Though link building and guest posting are interlinked but these are two entirely different tasks. Link building involves publishing content with embedded editorial links on domains other than your own, whereas guest posting is simply writing content to be published on other websites and blogs. With guest posting, linking back to your website is not necessary.

Hire the Best Professional Link Building Service

Hiring the best link building service is simple: just contact OutreachMonks right away. We offer high-quality, white-hat link building services that can help your website rank higher in Google and avoid getting a penalty or being hurt by a Google update.

The 10 Best Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach Services

10 Best Guest Posting Service & Blogger Outreach Services

Beyond just growing your traffic online, you also need to increase your exposure as a brand. And blogger outreach and guest posting are crucial for both!

While both of these practices are interlinked, service providers allow their customers the flexibility to choose what they need.

Getting your brand mentions on high-authority blogs within your industry can significantly improve the results for your marketing efforts. And when you consider taking your brand to the next level, guest posting service and blogger outreach service can be the perfect solution for you.

But…What exactly are these services?

One of the most sought after content marketing tactics, guest posting is used to gain website traffic, increase brand exposure, and improve ranking in SERPs. Blogger outreach, on the other hand, is all about identifying and reaching out to high-quality websites to guest post so that you can get endorsed by the leaders in the domain and connect with their audience base as well.

Usually, guest posting and blogger outreach service are provided in conjunction, but you can opt for both of them individually as well. Apparently, both the services are inclined towards securing high-quality editorial backlinks for your business website.

How do these services benefit you?

Guest Posting can help increase your brand exposure in front of the right audience, and bring in conversion-oriented traffic through unidirectional links. However, to be able to fetch these links, you need to outreach blogs that accept guest posts in the first place. This is where you need blogger outreach as a service.

Blogger outreach helps make connections with influencers and authoritative blogs across your industry. This is vital because even a single mention on their blog can bring a significant improvement in your website’s SEO.

Some of the benefits that this strategy offers are listed below:

  • It helps improve organic and referral traffic
  • It helps you grow as a brand
  • The traffic you receive is qualified, which makes it more likely to convert
  • More leads help you generate more revenue and grow your business

So now that you understand what blogger outreach and guest posting services exactly are and how they can benefit you, it’s time you know where to look for these services.

Here are the top 10 services you should consider for guest posting and blogger outreach.

Voted as one of the most reliable and trustworthy link building service providers, Outreach Monks has emerged as a true leader. They have been around since only a few years but have achieved tremendous feats during this short time span. With thousands of links built for their happy customers since they introduced their services, they are certainly the best blogger outreach and guest posting service out there. And the best part is that they do it by involving their customers in the process. Yes, they let you choose what content you wish to be guest posted and also the blog you wish it to be published on.

With their highly experienced and trained PR experts and native content writers, they promise to deliver high-quality link building campaigns that really work. Recognized as the most affordable and trusted white label link building company by the clients, Outreach Monks leverages innovative approach and mindset to help you grow your business.

Founded a decade ago, Submit Core commands a well-deserved reputation for highly competitive keyword research and authoritative backlink generation. As their customers say, “They are the best at delivering stellar results”, they can certainly be called the best blogger outreach and guest posting agency. Additionally, they let their customers decide what sites and blogs they wish to be featured on.

With their services extending from industry-specific SEO programs to local and small business SEO, they have a diverse client pool. Additionally, more than 250 recurring satisfied clients and a database of thousands of influencers makes them stand apart. Also, they assure nothing less than 5-star rated service for the clients. Submit Core delivers totally niche relevant, do-follow and indexable links that are manually hand-picked and loved by hundreds of bloggers and businesses. All this at truly affordable prices!

3. The Hoth

With customer reviews supporting an above-average rating for The Hoth, they certainly stand a strong chance to be third best on this list. They have been in the industry for over a decade now and offer discounts to wholesalers along with a promise to grow your traffic with ethical practices,

They undertake all the tasks involved in guest posting and blogger outreach, right from reaching out bloggers to getting the content published and securing backlinks for you. Although their packages are highly-priced, they also offer custom packages for the ones who seek selective services.

4. Blogger Local

This is in fact, the odd one out on this list. Blogger Local provides guest posting and blogging services but does not offer blogger outreach. But since it offers guest posting to almost every blogger who manages a reputation online, you can easily connect with other bloggers with their service.

Their guest posting services are stellar as they are already into various markets and have earned high command within the blogging community. If you are not looking for blogger outreach but only guest posting on authoritative blogs, then Blogger Local can certainly be a good choice. All you need to handle yourself is outreaching other bloggers within their community.

5. Outreach Mama

Voted as the editor’s choice by Blogger Local itself, OutreachMama is trusted by numerous businesses and digital marketers. They stand apart from their competitors in terms of letting their clients work on their strategies and planning. The team actually aspires to educate their customers by providing them a complete anchor text roadmap to understand how it works.

While they do offer excellent services and maintain high standards in their work, they charge heftily for the same. If budget is not a concern for you and all you need is niche relevancy and great results, then Outreach Mama should certainly be on your mind.

6. FatJoe

Fat Joe, founded in 2012, is considered as one of the fastest-growing content marketing agencies. The company has worked with over a thousand agencies in as many as 12 different countries. They claim to build over 5000 links every month through guest posting only, which is a huge achievement, considering the effort and time it requires.

When it comes to quality, they certainly excel on the front. But they have earned a bad name recently in terms of customer support. Nevertheless, they do promise a quick turnaround for your investment and also ensure that your grievances are addressed rapidly. The company is proud of surpassing customer support and is acclaimed for answering 90% of all the grievances received within just a few hours.

7. Linkredible

If you are looking for real branding and publicity for your business, Linkredible’s blogger outreach and guest posting services are renowned for driving results in real-time. All that you need to do is to submit a list of keywords and URLs you wish to target, and you can just sit back and relax. They carry out the whole process in-house and you can easily to track it all down by downloading your reports in .pdf or .doc formats.

Furthermore, they dedicate a personalized campaign manager for each project, which is common with other toppers in the list as well. The best part of working with them is you can track all the reports in real-time. However, they lack somewhat in terms of the affordability they offer through their packages.

8. Evergreen Outreach

Having been featured in some of the highly authoritative blogs such as HuffPost and Forbes, they surely deliver quality in their work. The Evergreen Outreach team handles the outreach process, curates relevant promotional content, and gets it published on influential and authoritative blogs to deliver end-to-end services that bring tangible results within the expected timelines.

Offering blogs in a variable mix of domain authorities and building a link pyramid are their core strengths. The team employs only native writers with extensive experience in different industries. Do a search for them if you have all the patience to witness sustainable results driving in for your website.

9. SERP Champion

With 4 star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, SERP Champions certainly know how to keep their customers happy. Offering an array of services from on-page SEO to off-page SEO, they are best known for their blogger outreach and content marketing services as well.

Taking a close look at the process they follow, you can surely rest assured about partnering up with them. They undertake a well-prepared mixture of DA and TF, with the help of the latest SEO tools and technology to help you rank higher in SERPs. Their packages are ranked as competitive, considering the time they take to bring about the results.

10. Loganix

Best known and acclaimed for their local SEO campaigns, Loganix also offers guest posting and content marketing services. Based in Vancouver, they have been rated 4.8 stars by over 150 reviews on Shopper Approved. If you are not too concerned about your budget and holding good long-term relations is your true purpose, then Loganix can be the perfect partner for you.

They guarantee their guest posts and make you pay only for the links that last. Yes, most amazingly they relieve you from paying for any broken or damaged links! Furthermore, they offer their customers to pick the links themselves to improve their customer interaction.

Though you can take care of all these tasks yourself, doing so may deprive you of growth opportunities as you cannot focus on your core operations. The best you can do to improve and grow your business is to collaborate with a white-label link building agency that specializes in guest posting and blogger outreach services and provides white-hat optimization for your website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Blogger Outreach?

As a part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to connect with influencers and bloggers who hold a significant authority over the niche audience. This process of reaching out and building new relationships is known as Blogger Outreach.

What is Guest Posting as a service?

Link building requires anchoring of hyperlinks that direct to a certain page on your website. It requires curating promotional content with naturally embedded links to be posted and published on niche-relevant blogs. White-label link building programs offer guest posting as a service to help you achieve better results while leaving you stress-free.

How can I choose the right service provider?

Choosing the right service provider isn’t an easy job. We have listed these service providers on the basis of their customer reviews, pricing, the quality of work they do, and other augmentations they offer. Choose the one you can trust.

Why should I consider Blogger Outreach & Guest Post services? 

Managing blogger outreach and guest posting on your own can be hectic and of course, a clear knowledge of the process is also important. By availing professional blogger outreach & guest posting services, you can rest assured that the work done is in accordance with Google guidelines. Moreover, it helps you save a lot of time as well as bring in the desired results faster.

My service provider is delaying projects. What should I do?

If your service provider is delaying you on projects, it is best you talk it out with them. And if possible, you should start looking for other reputable service providers in the market.

Is it important to maintain niche-relevance?

Niche-relevance is considered as the backbone of any link building exercise. The reason why it is important to maintain niche-relevance is that it helps Google identify what niche your website belongs to and how many influencers within your niche are willing to endorse your content.

Which service provider should I choose as a freelance marketer?

First of all, when you are looking to outsource your work, you need to consider the trustworthiness of the service provider. Since you will be assigning your work to them, you need to be sure that your data is not tampered with. The agencies that we have listed above provide white label link building services. Just go through their website and you may already have the answer! 

The 7 Best SEO Reseller Programs & White Label SEO Services

Top 7 Best SEO Reseller Programs & White Label SEO Services

SEO Reseller programs aim at reducing workload, which helps businesses with productivity efficiency that translates to higher revenue generation.

Link building is essential to SEO success, you need backlinks to rank in search results. But at the same time, it is a time-consuming task that requires concrete strategy and expertise. 

What comes as a handy solution is outsourcing link building services to a white-label link building services reseller. Working with an expert link building reseller ensures that you can sit back and focus your efforts elsewhere while they create in-content links that boost your client’s business, helping you meet the expected business growth.

And to get the best results you need the best reseller program for your clients. Here are the top 7 SEO Reseller Programs that agencies love to work with.

Link Building experts at Outreach Monks seem to manage all aspects of link building for your clients, which includes:

  • Building strategy
  • Assessing the client’s website 
  • Creating engaging linkable content
  • Targeted link acquisition 
  • Campaign Reporting

Though Outreach Monks is a new entrant into the market, it still figures on top of this list. Established a year ago, the team has done a stellar job in a surprisingly short span of time. Quickly climbing up the ladder, Outreach Monks has been recognized as the best SEO Reseller Program for the year 2019. Don’t take our word for it, rather check it for yourself. The program has received over 4.28 ratings across various public directories and forums.

Astonishingly, their services are focused around value generation and branding efforts for their clients. They offer link building programs, content creation, and custom outreach projects as well. Considering the quality of work they do and the fee they charge for their services, the combination is literally a winning one for your clients. Their packages are the most affordable when compared with those of the competitors.

The team works really hard to build links for your client. Hundreds of satisfied clients vouching for their reliable white-hat, white-label SEO program are a sure sign that you can trust the quality of work they deliver. The team takes immense pride in its stellar content and high-quality link building. Since all the writers are native English speakers, you can rest assured that the content they create would only increase readership and referral traffic through reputable mentions.

If you are looking for an industry-specific SEO reseller, Submit Core would certainly prove to be the best program. They have dedicated programs for different types of industries, from law firms, to e-commerce stores, to mortgage websites and more. Their incredible delivery matrix will certainly sweep you off your feet. With a 545.5% annual increase in traffic and over 250 satisfied clients, they are sure to deliver the topmost quality work for your clients.

The team has almost a decade’s expertise in the field and loves to stay updated with the latest tools and SEO trends. They also prioritize performing every task manually. As they say, they specialize in manual white-hat link building campaigns and resell Local SEO programs as well.

Providing high-quality services at competitive pricing, they conduct extensive website audits along with custom outreach and guest posting for your clients. Additionally, they provide you a completely unlabelled report that you can subsequently forward to your client with your own branding. And you don’t have to worry about client seizure at all, as they never ask you about the personal details of your clients.

3. SEO Reseller

SEO Reseller certainly deserves to be ranked amongst the best reseller programs in the market as it offers a complete bundle of SEO practices, from SEO to SEM to link building and much more. Additionally, their specialty services also include web designing and PPC programs which are readily available for reselling.

Apart from these, they privately label other SEO programs as well, including agency migration and a white label dashboard. They certainly deliver quality and promise high standards in their services, as is clearly indicated by an average of 3.22 ratings across forums and directories.

If you are looking for a quality agency to partner with and don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket, then SEO Reseller should certainly be on your list. To add another reason for choosing them as a reseller partner, they have also worked with some of the leading brands including SitePoint and G2 Crowd.

4. EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings has a great team of highly trained and knowledgeable SEO professionals to handle your campaigns. They have built a solid reputation amongst the leading marketers and SEO agencies; despite the fact they are based in India.

Keeping customer satisfaction on top of their priorities, they have managed to secure a 3+ rating across different platforms including their social profile. Obviously, the high rating can be attributed to the facts that they have been curating quality links for their clients and keeping them satisfied with an excellent after-sales support.

The team is highly reliable and innovative with its services as it guarantees keyword specific, relevant and indexable links for your clients. Further, they support their work with a completely white label report. They can even help manage online reputation and optimize your client’s website’s conversion rate to fetch improved results.

5. Clix Logix

If client privacy is what you desire the most and price is not a limitation for you, then Clix Logix is the best choice for you. With a team of SEO professionals who have expertise in off-page as well as on-page optimization practices, they can help in improving the ROI measurably for all your clients.

They offer an SEO audit report to their first-time clients and that too for free. Operating on a flexible model, they claim to bring up to 35% improvement in your acquisition rate. And they also deliver SEO audit reports in PDF or Doc format as per your convenience. And believe it or not, these are completely white-label reports.

Though their packages are slightly on the pricier side, they cover it up with the exceptional quality of work they do. You can choose from an array of plans, including monthly, weekly, and hourly ones, along with customization options.

6. Hub Shout

One of the most premium vendors in the industry, Hub Shout offers excellent reseller programs, along with software benefits. Yes, you got that right! They serve each of their clients with software to manage all their orders.

Serving as an outsourced partner for marketers engaged in PPC, SMM, and email marketing, they lead the pathway to reseller program for diversification. Their belief in helping every industry reach its maximum potential has led to the program’s success for over a decade now.

Established back in the year 2008, they have helped hundreds of clients secure a fair share of leads and customers over the years. When you collaborate with a brand like Hub Shout, you can be sure to find a partner that is trustworthy and reliable. You can definitely trust them for helping you grow as a brand.

7. Agency Platform

One of the largest white label SEO reseller programs in the world, Agency Platform sells white-labeled SEO, PPC, and Social Media Optimization services. And to maintain their reputation, they offer a 15-day free trial for their services to the new clients. So, if you wish to try a program before you place campaigns, then you should certainly check out Agency Platform.

But then again, being the largest reseller in the industry, they do charge premium prices for their top-notch services. Their packages are broken down into link building, local citations, local SEO, national SEO, and many more services, which they have intentionally done to keep it simple for marketers looking for specific services.

Also, they do offer discounts on bulk orders, which is common to all the reseller programs on this list. The only reason you should be looking forward to a premium vendor like Agency Platform is if you need brand-backed reputation for your own agency.

All of these reseller programs have the potential to help you grow your business and multiply your revenue manifold. Choosing the one that matches your needs is the only way that you can meet higher goals.

Some Common FAQs:

What is an SEO Reseller Program?

A Reseller Program for SEO is a bundle of practices that can be outsourced through a company or an individual. The array of services includes SEO, link building, content creation, guest postingblogger outreach, and a lot many more.

Who can benefit from SEO Reseller Programs?

Generally, an individual practicing as a digital marketer or an SEO company looks for reseller programs to share the workload as well as profits. But, as witnessed in the recent years, anyone who wishes to outsource tedious tasks can benefit from SEO Reseller Programs.

How can you benefit from SEO Reseller Programs?

SEO Reseller Programs can help their clients cut down their workload and grow on revenue as well. In other words, when you enroll in an SEO Reseller Program, you get the time to focus on other important tasks such as acquiring more clients and boosting your own organic traffic. All these efforts would return to you in the form of an improved margin for profit-making.

But how do you recognize the best fit?

When you are on a hunt for the right program to enroll in, you need to prioritize affordability and trustworthiness. With sneaky perpetrators around every corner, you should carefully analyze the pricing of the program and also check if they have any record for unethical or immoral acts or practices.

What is a white-label report?

To be able to use the work under their own name, vendors need a report of the work done but without any watermarks or branding of the reseller. This unbranded report is referred to as a white-label report.

Does reseller programs offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, a few reputable resellers offer discounts to the clients and vendors who place bulk orders with them. A higher volume of orders brings down the per-head cost for the reseller, which they can subsequently pass on to their clients as discounts.

Do I risk losing my clients over to the reseller?

Reseller programs usually work on the non-disclosure policy framework. This means you and the reseller would agree to maintain work ethics and not reach out to any of their clients directly. So, you can rest assured that you won’t lose on business, but only gain benefits from SEO reseller programs.

White-Label Link Building: Complete Guide To Hire SEO Reseller Agency

White-Label Link Building: Complete Guide To Hire SEO Reseller Agency

Every reseller hopes to partner withwhite label link building agency because this mode of operation really works.

Your clients need quality backlinks. And to deliver it to them, you need a trustworthy partner.

While you expect an SEO reseller agency to deliver the desired quality; at the same time, you also need to be sure that you can use their work as your own and label it under your own brand.

But the question is, how do you find “the one”? Especially, when there are unscrupulous agents everywhere!

However, you should not worry as it is not that difficult to find the right white-label link building agency to help you build links for your clients.

Let us understand…

Why should you be hiring another agency for link building… in the first place?

Whether you are a seasoned digital marketer or you are a newcomer to the industry, having a white-label link building agency partner can help you in many ways. But still, if you need a solid answer, here it is for you:

  • It saves you a lot of time

You know how tedious outreaching bloggers can be. Reaching out to the influencers manually requires a lot of time as you have to curate and customize cold emails and then follow-up with the prospects.

A white-label link building agency can, however, handle all the hard work for you, which means that you save a lot of time! And you can utilize this time to plan and create multi-channel campaigns that drive effective results. 

  • You can make higher profits

Since these agencies charge fixed prices according to the number of links built, you get an opportunity to increase your profit margins. Moreover, many agencies offer discounts when you place bulk orders with them. This means you can take your profits even higher.

For example, if an agency charges $40 per link built, you can simply quote a $50 price to your client which is pretty reasonable. Thus, you can very easily increase your profits. Additionally, if you place orders in bulk, say 100 links every week, you may even get a discounted price of around $30 per link, which obviously takes your profits even higher.

  • You get to leverage someone else’s connections

Industry newbies, in particular, can have a hard time making new friends. This is where hiring an agency can help you gain an edge over the competitors.

Think about it, unless you’re exceptionally SEO- savvy, having an agency by your side can really make a difference. Most of the time, agencies have a huge database and good connections with influencers, which you can leverage to your advantage.

In a nutshell, if you don’t have the time and patience to do it yourself, collaborating with a white-label link building agency is a great idea.

However…finding the right partner to help you in the best possible way is still a matter of concern.

How do you do it??

5 Steps That You Should Be Considering Before You Outsource White-Label Link Building

The unspoken benefit is of outsourcing white label link building services is that your clients don’t have to know who is building their links. Obviously, they believe that it’s you who is fetching them all the quality backlinks for their website, while it is someone else behind the curtain. That is why it is very important that the agency you outsource should be trustworthy.

The entire process they follow and the quality they deliver will affect your own reputation. And, you wouldn’t want to earn a bad name in the market, for sure.

So, here’s what you should be doing to hire the best white-label link building agency:

  1. Seek Help From “Google”

Yes, Google surely has answers for everything. Simply start your search with keywords like “white-label link building agency” or add an adjective to this search such as “best” and you can generate a list of the best service providers in the domain.

The reason why you should be heading to Google is that it always provides genuine results. If an agency is ranking on the first page for these search terms, they obviously know how SEO works. Surely, they also must have used effective techniques to rank their own website for the top positions and they will use them for their clients as well.

Additionally, you can add a location tag to your search to further filter out the results. Once you have a list of the potential outsourcing partners, you need to choose one that you can trust.

  1. Study The Process They Follow

One way to analyze if an agency can be trusted is to go through the process they follow. Usually, agencies have it listed on their website. Still, it would be a wise move to ask them directly.

A trustworthy agency would follow honesty and transparency in their process. In case they don’t disclose the process they follow, it is very likely that they might be following unethical practices. Therefore, you should simply strike out these prospects from your list.

Ideally, you should exclude the white-label link building agencies that use the following practices:

  • Paid link insertions
  • Reaching out to PBNs
  • Publishing links in spammy blog comments
  • Curating low-quality or spun content for guest posting
  1. Review The Testimonials From Their Previous Customers

An awesome way to assess the trustworthiness of the agency you’re considering is by checking the feedback of the previous customers.

This includes the testimonials they’ve listed on their website as well as the reviews they have on various forums and directories.

Alternatively, you can ask them for the contact details of their previous clients and reach out to them directly. Dig up some dirt and ask them how they rate their experience with the agency.

A trustworthy agency won’t hesitate to share the client details. And if they do, beware, it’s a red flag! Using this method, you can easily get a bigger picture of how they manage their clients and build links for them.

  1. Go Through The Links They’ve Built Previously

Another helpful way to make sure the agency is worth trusting is to go through their portfolio. Look for case studies on their website or other blogs with their mentions.

A smarter way to have a look at their portfolio is to study the links they’ve built for their own website. Remember, we’ve talked about seeking help from Google. You can go a step further by studying how they made it to the top ranks.

A genuine white-label, white-hat link building agency would have good links supporting their website. Head on to their competitors and compare the link profile for all of them. This would definitely give you a fair idea about their competence and help you narrow down your search.

  1. Monitor The Work They Do

If you follow all the aforementioned steps, you will probably have a neat list of superb link building agencies by now. The last step encompasses checking out their current link building tasks.

Once you’ve decided and hired the agency that you trust, you need to keep monitoring the links they are building for your clients. Reliable agencies usually offer a user-friendly dashboard or submit a complete white-label report. Use these reports to check the quality of the links they are building.

Over a short span of time, you’d realize whether hiring a white-label link building agency that you have chosen has been a good choice for you. You cannot take a chance because the agency you hire ultimately represents your brand. So the quality of work they deliver is actually, what you do for your clients.

After all, it’s your reputation at stake and you need to have tangible results to show to your clients!