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Google Featured Snippet Meaning and Its Optimization Test

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It is no secret that everyone wants to get to the top of the Google search results. Everything is a real battle from a highly optimized website to attracting traffic to a website. The fierce competition and never-ending Google updates and features fuel the fire. SEO professionals leave no stone unturned to get to the top in the search results. And that’s where the featured snippets come into play. Google featured snippets have been there for many years now; everyone is trying to get featured in this snippet to boost traffic to their website. A snippet meaning a piece of information appears at the top of the Google search result


What are Featured Snippets?

It makes complete sense first to understand what are featured snippets are. We all have searched Google to find answers to our silly to serious questions. And the answer that we got right at the top of the box is nothing but snippets. When Google finds a relevant answer for the searched query, that answer is displayed in the featured snippet, sometimes called the answer box.
Featured snippets contain text that is displayed on the top of the Google search results, not more than two or three sentences. Simply put, it is like a box that appears at the top that includes the suitable answer to the searcher’s query. The information provided here in the snippet is fetched from Google’s top-ranking web pages. SEO experts know that the quickest and easiest way to bring eyes to your content is through snippets. Hence, they try and use every possible technique to optimize your website fully.

How Featured Snippets Affect SEO?
Featured snippets do impact your SEO. Imagine you have written unique content for your blog, say “What is an SEO pipeline?”. There are plenty of other websites that are giving the same information as you. But during the search, Google finds your content more relevant and accurate based on the user’s query. It will display the content in the featured snippet directly, irrespective of the Google ranking of your page.
That way, without even ranking higher in the Google search results, particular content from your web page is now featured in the snippet. The chances of getting organic clicks get higher this way. Thus, ultimately the SEO of your website improves. The relation between SEO and featured snippets is more important.

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