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7 Link Building Strategies for Agencies in 2023

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Each year there is a quest to take content marketing a notch higher. With the growing market competition, changing customer needs, and technology innovation, it is virtually impossible to stick to your old marketing methods. If you are an agency, then you are probably wondering how you can grow your links to build your brand. Well, don’t sweat it! We have created a simple guide covering some reliable link building tactics for agencies in 2022.

Create High-quality Content

Let’s begin by stressing the importance of quality content. Ideally, all the other tactics we will share largely depend on your content. Let’s be frank. No one likes to read dull, uninformative, and scattered content. We are all looking for valuable, unique, and engaging content on the Internet. So, good content will get you the traffic. You ought to know your readers, talk in their language, build relationships with them, and create content regularly. Once you have this, market it skillfully and watch your digital agency grow.

Try Quora

You might have noticed that whenever you have searched something on the Internet, you get directed to Quora. Quite often, the answers you get there tend to be informative. Quora is a growing social media platform that allows users to ask questions in highly specific niches. Imagine what could come from a 300 million monthly user utility platform housing over 400,000 topics? Quite a lot, right?

As an agency owner, it is time to join the platform to grow your brand. Keep in mind that for people to read your answers, then they must be informative and well researched. By answering the questions, you will Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT), a coveted marketing technique that helps websites rank better in Google. In essence, you will gain followers who will recognize your knowledge on the topic/industry, hence establish authority, which translates to customer trust. As you build your profile, you will be quoted by websites with some backlinks to your site!

Tip: As you answer questions, ensure you add links back to your website to useful and related information that they might need.

Tap on Broken Link building

Have you ever read an article only to realize the links attached are unavailable or don’t exist? Sad right? Now, this is an excellent opportunity for your site, and it is known as a broken link building strategy. Broken link building is the process of finding relevant websites that are linking out to dead pages, then notifying them, and offering your link to replace the dead or unavailable ones. There are some good tools like Check My Links browser plugin that can quickly help you find the dead links on the Internet.

Useful Resources Attract Powerful Links

This strategy involves providing another site with high-quality, valuable content that they would wish to link as a resource on their site. Just like in the broken link building approach, all you need to do is find relevant resource pages, vet them, and then reach out to suggest your resource. Just remember to have something worthy of a link before starting out your outreach campaign.

Guest Posting

Yes, guest posting still works in 2022! In fact, if done right, you can generate enough backlinks to make your agency’s blog or site visible. Before you rush and try to create content to post on any site, there are certain things you must keep in mind. First, you need to check the domain authority of the website you wish to post. It should be a site with a reputable authority on the web and fits your niche. Also, check if they accept contributions from guest bloggers. There is are some nice resources that can help you find the top blogs that accept contributions in your industry.


  • Don’t submit the same guest post to more than one blog. Vary your anchor texts and even your author bio in the guest posts.
  • Focus on, or target sites within your niche to get the right audience.
  • Use free email sequence software to automate the process.

Pitch Infographics

Have you been thinking about what to do with audiences who don’t prefer reading articles or need something different to capture their attention? Perhaps going for other multimedia content can do the trick. People always love visual content that is easily consumable. All you need to do is find a topic, include helpful stats and data visualizations, share it on your site, and others in the form of infographics.


Most people are nowadays talking about listening to a particular podcast. According to research, most people love them, given that they tend to give information and entertainment at a convenience. How about sourcing for those interviews and showcase your expertise in the digital space? You will help elevate your authority, plus you will build links to your digital agency or link building services agency or blog.

Video Marketing

Video Content

According to Cisco, global internet traffic from videos will make up to 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. Additionally, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. If these stats are anything to go by, you definitely need to find a way to add videos to your link building strategy. Start generating short, high-quality videos to help generate traffic to your site, and you will start getting backlinks from other sites using your content as a source.

Wrap Up

That’s it! We have covered some of the key link building tactics you can add to your arsenal. One thing is clear, though. Success in link building is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort, and a combination of techniques if you are to gain authority and trust.

Sahil Ahuja

Sahil Ahuja

Sahil Ahuja, the founder of Outreach Monks and a digital marketing expert, has over a decade of experience in SEO and quality link-building. He also successfully runs an e-commerce brand by name Nolabels and continually explores new ways to promote online growth. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn profile.


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