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Your Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Infographic Link Building

Infographic Link Building

Infographics may come in all shapes and sizes, but at the core of them all is the ability to provide information in a graphic format. They include graphs, charts, and data points which are visually appealing but also make it easier for audiences to chow down information. Research has shown that a visual is worth 60,000 words in text! Yes, long-winded articles cannot hold a candle to the potential infographics have for presenting information in a consumable format. That makes infographics a dream for marketers looking to relay information in the most effective way possible- in a way that appeals to a broad audience with varying learning styles.

What is Infographic Link Building?

Infographic link building is the process of creating high-quality infographics and then sharing them on relevant websites in exchange for a backlink to your website. The goal of this technique is to provide valuable information in an easy-to-digest visual format, which will encourage other websites to share your infographics with their audience, resulting in more backlinks to your website.

How to Make a Powerful Infographic

Infographics ensure that marketing information sticks. They are also very effective at acquiring high authority backlinks. They essentially provide an excellent midpoint between traditional marketing and manual link building. Infographic link building is, therefore, an essential piece in the puzzle that is a robust SEO strategy. Here is a step-by-step guide to infographic link building:

Step 1: Brainstorm An Idea

An infographic should be the right fit to move the needle in any marketing campaign. That makes the development stage crucial. It ensures that the resultant material for infographic link-building resonates with the target audience. The development process starts with team brainstorming. Here, you or your infographic link-building team lays all ideas on the table. The most appealing idea (one with a unique hook and angle), will be the best contender for implementation.

At this point, if you have a vague idea, you might want to do some research. Well, research unearths important data, verifiable statistics, tweetable statements and content that will trigger an emotional response from the target audience. Crowdsourcing for ideas from other creative teams is also essential in the brainstorming project phase. It helps get input on the best stats and other cool ideas that will help you attract and convert more.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Audience

It is not enough to research and settle on a concept. A significant part of an infographic link-building campaign involves identifying the target audience. That makes it easier for the designers to curate the infographic to best suit the target audience. It is not uncommon to have a diverse audience. Even so, your link-building infographic needs to focus on a specific part of your audience that is more likely to engage and share the content.


Knowing who the information is targeting will guide you in selecting the best tone and theme for the infographic. Leverage tools like Google Analytics to find extensive data on the people interested in your site and products. For example, data from Google Analytics will come in handy when identifying crucial insights into what content your target audience loves to consume and what keeps them coming back for more. That way, your decisions will be data-driven throughout the link-building process.

Step 3: Create A Compelling Narrative And Develop A Concept

Once you have pinpointed your rough idea and identified your target audience, the next step is creating a compelling narrative to drive the infographic link-building campaign. An engaging narrative will keep the audience hooked. And that calls for impeccable visual storytelling. Instead of bunching up a set of drab statistics, you will need to organize your information in an appealing manner for it to make sense.

The infographic should be a visual map to take your audience through a journey. This step will need you to enter your creative marketing role to figure out how to visually represent the data and narrative, the color themes, places to inject humor and what media you can add. This step is crucial.

It can make or break your infographics link-building campaign. The best concept may fall short when there is no compelling narrative that keeps the target audience yearning for more. The secret is to play on the audience’s ego and emotions while building a relationship with them with your storyline.

Step 4: Engage The Right Design Team

You know your target audience and have a compelling narrative for your infographic. The next logical step is onboarding the right design team. You could either have a dedicated team or choose to work with freelancers. Platforms like Upwork, Fiver, PeoplePerHour and the likes are incredible resources and bridges in connecting you with the best freelance designers to bring your dream concept to reality. The design team will smooth the edges off all the rough ideas. It is worth noting that working with designers may not be as easy peasy.

It is not uncommon for the infographic design bit to be a choke point in an infographic link-building campaign. There is a need to manage concepts in this stage so that they do not fall apart. Communicate effectively with the design team to get the best content without needing too many revisions, which can be annoying to the designers. The brief should include everything from the target audience, client expectations, infographic width, deadline, title, overview and purpose.

Design Team

Working with designers can be less of a hassle when you have a few tips in your arsenal. For one, it is best to engage them early enough so that they have time to put the concept into the best possible final result. Introducing them to the project early enough makes them feel like they too have ownership over the project. Do not box them in their design process.

Stepping back to let them do their thing gives them the freedom to bring their best ideas. It helps to have faith in their expertise rather than micromanage them every step of the way. That said, inasmuch as you trust the designer, always have the market first in mind. Ensure that the designers understand what engages your audience better.

Finally, revisions may be inevitable even when working with the best designers. You may need a change in color scheme or to fix content errors and typos. Be sure to approach revisions with grace and politeness to get a final product that will wow your target audience.

Step 5: Start Scouting For Infographic Backlinks

All the steps above have been geared at helping you get to the most important of the infographic link-building campaign- getting links. Everything else matters little if the process of getting links fails. Being strategic in getting links will determine the success of the campaign. The first part of getting high-authority links from infographics is to have top-notch content. That said, good content needs the backing of robust outreach to tip the scale and produce excellent results. And that is where advertising enters the stage.

Social media advertising is an incredible tool for seeding infographics. One other avenue that works wonders is StumbleUpon Ads. StumbleUpon Ads may be cheap but are incredible social-oriented eyeballs that you can get in front of quickly. That said, StumbleUpon Ads may not result in a lot of traffic, and the bounce rate can be high. That said, it is worth trying because once in a while, you may get your infographics in front of your target audience.

Popular social media sites like Reddit and Instagram can also come in handy in spreading your infographic to your target audience. You can also leverage your followers and the relationships you have built on Twitter for your infographics backlink outreach campaigns. You can use tools like FollowerWonk to look up Twitter directories and identify niche sites for Twitter Accounts. Using tools like Klout and TweetStats, you can find the people who retweet content for the most influential accounts. Try to take advantage of those accounts to spread your infographic and increase its likelihood of reaching the target audience and garnering more backlinks in the process. Consider also reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your industry to help get your infographic content to a broader audience.

Marketing Strategy

In a nutshell, you need a strategy in your outreach to get the most from it. You could also send the content to infographic directories for publication. Be sure to include a unique description to accompany the infographic content. That way, you can get a link back to your original content. And that will make the infographic reach an even wider audience. All the social media outreach tactics may be great, but they are not a replacement for manual outreach programs.

There is always a place for traditional link-building outreach, even with infographic link-building. Do not shy off from putting yourself out there in contacting sites manually for links. Browse online for tips on how best to conduct manual outreach for the success of your infographic link-building campaign. In order to raise the rating of your infographic campaign, you can also leverage Outreach Monks’ link building services.

Final Words

Getting links with infographics may not be the easiest nut to crack. However, having state-of-the-art infographic content plays a significant role in the success of an infographic link-building campaign. The other half is to have efficient outreach campaigns that ensure the content reaches the target audience that will resonate with it. Leveraging good contacts comes in handy in your content promotion effort. Maintain good relationships with journalists and bloggers that can expose your content to their hundreds if not thousands of followers. A handful of handy contacts are an incredible resource in an infographic link-building campaign. As with anything in the marketing world, success does not come from pure luck. You should be ready to put in the work to get tailored infographic content to the right audience.

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