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Outsource Link Building in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Outsource Link Building Successfully in 2023

You want people to find your business online, right? And you’ve probably heard of something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that helps you do just that. 

One of the secret ingredients of SEO is ‘link building’. This simply means getting other websites to put a link that leads to your website.

But here’s the thing, link building isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s a bit like trying to solve a tough puzzle. It takes a lot of time, you need to know what you’re doing, and honestly, it can give you a bit of a headache. 

So, what’s the magic solution? Outsourcing! Imagine if you had a super-smart friend who could do all the hard stuff for you.

That’s what outsourcing is like. And guess what? In 2023, it’s becoming really very popular.

In this guide, we’ll talk about why outsourcing link building is the next big thing, how it can boost your business, and give you an easy step-by-step process.

Plus, we’ll share tips on what to watch out for and point you toward the best in the business this year.

Whether you’re running a small shop, a big company, or just starting out, this link builder guides for you. Ready to make link building a breeze? Let’s dive in!

What is Outsource Link Building?

What is Outsource Link Building?

Outsource Link Building is when a business hires another company or person to get backlinks for them. 

This strategy helps businesses boost their online presence by gaining quality links from relevant, authoritative websites, thus improving their website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. 

Companies opt for outsourcing to leverage the expertise of professionals, save time, and get a high return on investment.

A successful outsourced link-building campaign includes activities such as guest blogging, broken link building, skyscraper technique, and influencer outreach. 

Why do Businesses choose to Outsource Link Building in 2023?

n recent years, an increasing number of businesses are opting to outsource their link building efforts. This rise in outsourcing can be attributed to several factors. 

Firstly, link building has become increasingly complex and time-consuming. Businesses recognize the need for specialized knowledge and expertise in order to navigate the intricacies of effective link acquisition.

Fun Fact: Did you know that businesses who outsource their link building efforts are 85% more likely to see improved search engine rankings? This fact emphasizes the rising trend in the outsourcing of link building activities and their effects on businesses.

Advantages for Businesses

Why do Businesses choose to Outsource Link Building

  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing link building provides businesses with a cost-effective solution. External link building services eliminate expenses associated with hiring and training in-house personnel, offering a better return on investment.
  • Expertise and Industry Knowledge: By outsourcing, businesses tap into the expertise and industry knowledge of professional link builders. These specialists stay updated on link building strategies, search engine algorithms, and industry trends, enhancing online visibility and organic search rankings.
  • Time Efficiency: Outsourcing saves valuable time and resources. Delegating link building to experts allows internal teams to focus on core business functions and strategic initiatives, maximizing productivity.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing link building enables scalability and flexibility. As companies grow, their link building needs may change. Outsourcing allows for easy adjustments in service levels and strategies, ensuring adaptability to evolving requirements.

Businesses outsource link building due to its complexity and the need for specialized expertise. Outsourcing provides the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape effectively.

5 Simple Steps to Outsource Link Building Services

Now that the need to outsource link-building services is evident to you, let’s delve into the process of finding a dependable provider.

Step:1 Check That Your Website Is Ready

Check That Your Website Is Ready: outsourcing link building step 1

Link building takes time and effort, and the best place to start is to audit your website to find out if you are ready to outsource backlink building. Your website’s foundational pieces need to be in place for investment in link-building to make sense.

Here are some ways to know if your website is ready to reap the benefits of outsourcing link building:

1) You Know How Link Building Fits into Your Strategy

Before outsourcing quality link building services, make sure your website is prepared to maximize its benefits. You understand how important link-building is in your overall strategy.

It’s like building a strong network of connections that vouch for your website’s credibility and authority. When you outsource your link building, experts specializing in link building will ensure your efforts align seamlessly with your goals, giving your website the best chance for success.

2) Your Content Ranks, but Not as High as You’d Like

If your content is ranking well but not as high as you’d like, outsourcing link building expertise can help you take it to the next level. Link building experts can secure high-quality backlinks to your content, showing search engines that your content deserves a higher position.

By getting valuable backlinks from reputable websites, you enhance your website’s authority and visibility, ultimately boosting your rankings.

3) Your Competitors Have More Website Authority

If your competitors have a stronger online presence and higher website authority, outsourcing link building can help you catch up. Professionals can assist you in acquiring relevant and authoritative backlinks, giving your website a significant authority boost.

By building a robust backlink profile, you’ll become more competitive in the online marketplace, attracting more organic traffic and potential customers.

4) The Pages That Rank above You Have More Links

If you’ve noticed certain pages consistently rank higher than yours, outsourcing link building can level the playing field. Experts can help you acquire high-quality backlinks that improve your pages’ visibility and authority.

By strengthening your backlink profile, you’ll have a better chance of outranking your competitors’ pages and claiming top spots in search results.

Step:2 Learn about the Link Building Process

Learn about the Link Building Process: Outsourcing Link Building Step 2

Understanding the link building process is crucial when outsourcing link building. Let’s break it down into simple steps:

1) Define Goals and Strategy

To start, clearly define your link building goals. Determine what you want to achieve through link building, such as improving search engine rankings or driving referral traffic.

Next, craft a solid link building strategy. Develop a well-thought-out plan outlining your target audience, preferred link types (such as guest posts or resource pages), and effective outreach methods.

2) Conduct Targeted Research

Targeted research is vital for successful link building campaigns. Begin by identifying relevant websites that align with your niche or industry. These are the sites from which you aim to acquire backlinks.

Assess the quality and authority of potential linking sites to ensure they enhance your online credibility. Consider factors like reputation, domain authority, and relevance to your industry.

3) Outreach and Relationship Building

The process of outreach and relationship building plays a significant role in link building success. Craft compelling outreach messages tailored to site owners, explaining why their audience would benefit from linking to your content.

Personalization is key! Forge meaningful connections with website owners and industry influencers, engaging in conversations and providing value wherever possible. Building these relationships can lead to valuable link opportunities.

4) Content Creation and Optimization

Content is the backbone of effective link building. Create high-quality content that naturally attracts backlinks from other websites. Craft informative, valuable, and shareable content that stands out in your industry.

Additionally, optimize your content for link building purposes. Ensure it includes relevant keywords, internal links, and elements that make it easy for others to share, such as social media buttons.

5) Link Acquisition and Tracking

Link acquisition and tracking are essential steps in the link building process. Secure high-quality backlinks that align with your strategy and goals.

Continuously monitor and track the acquired links to evaluate their impact on your website’s visibility, referral traffic, and search engine rankings. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

By understanding the link building process, you can effectively communicate with your outsourced link building service provider, align expectations, and evaluate their performance. 

Step:3 Consider Your Budget

Consider Your Budget: outsourcing Link Building Step 3

When outsourcing link building, it’s important to consider your budget. This step plays a crucial role in making informed decisions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Assess Your Budget: Start by evaluating your financial constraints. Determine the amount you can allocate for link building services. This helps set realistic expectations and find suitable options within your budget.
  • Balance Cost and Quality: Don’t just focus on low prices. Consider the quality of the services too. Investing in higher-quality services often leads to better long-term results for your website’s visibility and reputation.
  • Compare Pricing Models: Different service providers have different pricing structures. Some charge per project, while others offer monthly packages. Compare them based on your specific needs and the level of service and support they provide.
  • Value for Money: Look for providers with expertise, experience, and a good reputation. Check testimonials, case studies, and client reviews to assess the value they bring to your link building efforts.
  • Customization and Scalability: Ensure the services can be customized and scaled to fit your changing needs as your business grows. Verify that any adjustments can be made without significantly impacting your budget.

By considering your budget, you can make informed decisions that align with your financial goals. Remember, finding the right balance between cost and quality is essential for a successful link building campaign

Step: 4 Choose the Right Type of Service

Choose the Right Type of Service: Outsourcing Link Building Step 4

Link-building services fall into various categories and plans. The best type for a website depends on its needs and budget. Managed link-building plans work best for website owners that want to transfer the whole link-building campaign to the outsourcing service.

Managed link-building plans take care of everything from creating content, optimizing the anchor text, foraging for keyword opportunities, and finding the best place to source links.

Such plans cost a pretty penny, but the price is nothing compared to onboarding an entire team of in-house link builders. Per link plans are the cheaper alternative.

Outsourcing link-building services offering per-link plans usually charges depending on the authority and number of links on the linking site.

Unfortunately, per-link plans do not provide strategic insight for a wholesome SEO campaign. The plan is, however, excellent if you have a solid SEO strategy that could use bits and bobs of improvement in link building.

Step:5 Recognizing Trustworthy Link-Builders

Recognizing Trustworthy Link-Builders: Outsourcing Link Building Step 5

When it comes to outsourcing link-building services, it’s essential to understand the key indicators of good service. Here are some positive signs to consider when selecting a link-building service:

1) Case studies

Take a close look at detailed case studies that provide insights into the strategies used by the service. These real-life examples can help you assess the effectiveness of the service by analyzing the results and comparing them to your competitors.

You can even utilize SEO tools to benchmark against your competitors and gain a better understanding of the campaigns showcased in the case studies.

2) Testimonials

Pay attention to testimonials from previous clients. These are statements of approval and satisfaction, showcasing the service’s level of excellence in link-building. Hearing directly from other clients can give you confidence in their ability to deliver positive results.

3) Links to the service’s homepage

Explore the links pointing to the outsourcing service’s website. By examining these links, you can gain insights into the quality and relevance of the websites they attract.

This information will help you determine if their link-building approach aligns with the requirements and objectives of your own website.

4) Willingness to communicate

A reputable link-building service will prioritize effective communication. They will listen attentively to your needs and be open to discussing and identifying the best strategies for your website.

A good service provider will avoid being pushy and instead work collaboratively with you to ensure your link-building goals are met.

By carefully considering these indicators, you can make an informed decision when choosing an outsourcing link-building service.

This will help maximize the effectiveness of your link-building efforts and contribute to the overall success of your website’s online presence.

What Makes a Good Link?

What Makes a Good Link

Creating a good link is an integral part of a robust SEO strategy. But what exactly makes a link ‘good’? Here, we delve into five important aspects that define a good link.

Each element contributes to a comprehensive link building strategy, which aims to drive relevant traffic, improve website rankings, and build solid online credibility.

1) Relevance: An Essential Ingredient for Good Links

When it comes to creating high quality links, relevance is of paramount importance. For instance, if you’re a bakery business, your inbound links should ideally come from sites that deal with food, baking, recipes, and such.

Relevant links make sense to both users and search engines, thereby increasing the credibility of your website.

Incorporate Relevant Links:

  • Link to blogs or articles on similar topics.
  • Create partnerships with similar industry players for link exchanges.

2) High-Quality Source: A Benchmark for Good Links

Not all links are created equal. The quality of the sites linking back to you matters significantly. If your website is linked by reputable, authoritative sources, it boosts your site’s reputation and credibility. Therefore, a good link building strategy involves securing high quality links from trustworthy sources.

Quality Over Quantity:

  • Prioritize getting links from well-established sites in your industry.
  • Avoid ‘spammy links’ from low-quality websites.

3) ‘Dofollow’ Links: The Gold Standard for Good Links

By default, most links are ‘dofollow’, which allows search engines to follow them and pass on link equity. While ‘nofollow’ links have their place, ‘dofollow’ links contribute to a higher search engine ranking. Hence, they form a key part of any link building strategy.

Dofollow for Success:

  • Ensure the majority of your inbound links are ‘dofollow’ to improve your site’s ranking.

4) Link Building Strategy: A Combined Effort

Effective link building is not the job of just one person, nor is it a task that can be accomplished in just a few days. A good link building strategy involves a well-coordinated effort from an in-house team or a link building partner. Their collective effort helps to steadily build links and forge a strong online presence

Team Effort:

5) Natural Link Building: The Preferred Way

Lastly, a good link isn’t forcefully inserted or unnaturally created. The best links are naturally integrated into the content and add value to the reader. These types of links are preferred by search engines and users alike.

Natural is Better:

  • Incorporate links in a way that flows naturally with your content.
  • Avoid overstuffing your content with links; it can be perceived as spammy.

A good link is much more than a hyperlink pointing from one site to another. It’s a carefully planned, relevant, and value-adding component of your overall digital marketing strategy.

By focusing on these aspects, you’re well on your way to building a reputable and influential online presence.

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Outsourcing Link Building

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Outsourcing Link Building

When outsourcing link building, be aware of red flags that indicate a subpar service:

  • Unethical practices: Avoid services that engage in buying links or using manipulative tactics, as they can lead to penalties and harm your website’s reputation.
  • Lack of transparency: Watch out for services that are not transparent about their strategies and target websites, as open communication is crucial for trust.
  • Irrelevant and low-quality links: Be cautious of services offering links from low-quality or unrelated websites, as it can harm your search engine rankings and credibility.
  • Guarantees of quick results: Beware of services promising instant success, as building quality links takes time and requires a long-term approach.
  • Lack of reporting and analytics: Reliable services provide regular reports and data-driven insights on their efforts, so avoid those lacking transparency in reporting.
  • Poor communication and support: Effective communication is key, so avoid services that are unresponsive or provide inadequate support.

By being vigilant and avoiding these red flags, you can select a reliable link-building service that aligns with your goals and helps maintain a strong online presence.

Choose wisely, trust your instincts, and research thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Difference between In-house and Outsource Link Building

Difference between In-house and Outsource Link Building

The difference between in-house and outsource link building lies in how the task is handled.

In-house link building refers to conducting the process internally within the company, typically by a dedicated team or individual. This approach allows for greater control and coordination but requires investing in resources and expertise.

On the other hand, outsource backlinks building involves hiring external professionals or agencies to handle the link building process. It offers the advantage of accessing specialized skills and knowledge without the need for in-house resources.

Outsourcing can be cost-effective and time-saving, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while experts handle link building.

Here’s a concise table summarizing the difference between in-house and outsource link building:

Difference between In-house and Outsource Link Building

Top 3 Outsource Link Building Services in 2023

Top 3 Outsource Link Building Services in 2023

When it comes to outsourcing link building, three services stand out as the best in the field:

1) Outreach Monks

With a reputation for excellence, Outreach Monks is renowned for delivering high-quality results. Their skilled professionals specialize in manual outreach, ensuring the acquisition of relevant and authoritative links.

Their focus on ethical practices and adherence to search engine guidelines make them a top choice for outsourcing link building.

2) Submitcore

Considered one of the best link building services, Submitcore offers a comprehensive range of SEO solutions. They prioritize quality over quantity and tailor their strategies to meet the unique needs of businesses. With expertise in guest posting, broken link building, and content promotion, Submitcore secures valuable backlinks that provide long-term value.

3) Neil Patel

Neil Patel, a prominent figure in the digital marketing industry, offers link building services backed by extensive expertise. His agency provides a comprehensive range of services, including link acquisition, content marketing, and SEO analysis.

With a data-driven approach and emphasis on building relationships with authoritative websites, Neil Patel’s services are highly regarded for their effectiveness.


Outsourcing link building proves to be an advantageous strategy for businesses. It not only saves time but also brings in expertise to boost a website’s visibility in search engines. By leveraging this approach, firms can focus more on their core functions while ensuring their digital presence grows. 

So, in the dynamic world of SEO, outsourcing link building could indeed be a smart, effective, and resourceful move for companies looking to enhance their online success.

FAQs on Outsource Link Building

Are all links created equal in outsourced link building?

No, all links are not created equal. The value of a link depends on several factors including the authority of the linking site, its relevance to your industry, and the location of the link on the page.

Can outsourcing from a link-building agency lead to penalties from Google?

If done incorrectly, yes. Google penalizes websites that attempt to manipulate their rankings using low-quality or spammy links. Therefore, it's crucial to hire a reputable agency that follows Google's guidelines.

How can I track the performance of my outsourced link building efforts?

Agencies typically provide reports detailing the links they've built. You can also use SEO tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to track improvements in traffic, keyword rankings, and overall SEO performance.

How does content fit into an outsourced link building strategy?

Agencies typically provide reports detailing the links they've built. You can also use SEO tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to track improvements in traffic, keyword rankings, and overall SEO performance.

How does content fit into an outsourced link building strategy?

Quality content is crucial for many link building agencies. It can attract organic backlinks, and it's often used in strategies like guest posting or content syndication. An outsourced agency can help create compelling content for these purposes.

Can I outsource link building for my local business?

Yes, many businesses outsource link building to overseas marketing agencies now. This can be cost-effective but can also pose challenges such as language barriers or differences in work culture. It's important to thoroughly vet any agency before hiring.

What should I provide to the outsourced link building agency?

Consider factors such as the agency's experience, reputation, portfolio, and client reviews. It's important to select an agency that aligns with your goals, understands your industry, and follows ethical SEO practices.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the outsourced link building results?

Communicate your concerns with the agency and give them an opportunity to address the issues. Reputable agencies value client satisfaction and will work towards resolving any challenges or adjusting their approach if necessary.

How much should I budget for outsourced link building services?

The cost of outsourcing link building services can vary depending on the scope of work, the competitiveness of your industry, and the reputation of the agency. It's important to consider link building as an investment in your long-term SEO strategy and allocate a budget accordingly.




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