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Link Building for Law Firms and Lawyers: Complete Guide 2023

Link Building for Law Firms

SEO is multifaceted, and one of its most instrumental approaches is link building. Link building involves getting links from other websites to your own. Links from top websites vouch for your authority as the search engine looks to establish where to rank your website. The result of a well-curated link-building strategy is usually better ranking in search engine results pages, increased traffic, and, in turn, more conversions. Link building comes in handy for businesses of all industries and sizes, including law firms and lawyers!

Yes, link building for law firms is a tactic you can use to grow your position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) as a lawyer or law firm. Let’s delve in and expound more on how to use link building as a lawyer or law firm practice:

What Do Lawyers Gain From Link Building?

From gaining brand exposure to building authority, there are numerous benefits that law firms or lawyers can avail by using link building strategy. Some of them are listed below.

  • Exposure: Link-building services help legal websites gain more visibility. Visibility for a law firm or a lawyer means getting more chances to appear in front of the target audience. Prospective clients have a better chance of finding a law firm when looking for legal services within a specific niche if the firm has leveraged the benefits of link-building for lawyers to get exposure.
  • User Experience: User experience is all about customer interactions with a business. Excellent user experience is a sine qua non for thriving in traditional and digital settings. Building backlinks- especially internal backlinks is an effective way to improve user experience. Clients visiting a law firm’s website will have an easier time navigating when links help them maneuver the site for more information on different topics. Link building for law firms enhances user experience and increases users’ time on a site.
  • Referral Traffic: Backlinks are an excellent conduit for bringing people to a website. Links from other websites encourage the website audience to take a look at what the linked website has to offer. The more links there are, the more people visit a website. And that can be incredibly beneficial for a law firm since more people get conversant with the legal services they offer. What’s more, referral traffic increases the likelihood of better conversion rates.
  • Authority: High-quality backlinks are king in ensuring domain authority. The more robust backlinks a website has, the higher its domain authority. Aside from domain authority, a law firm with increased visibility and better rankings in SERPs- owing to a strong backlink profile, will occupy an authoritative position within their industry.

Factors To Consider When Link Building For Law Firms

Link building is considered to be one of the difficult strategies to follow. However, if you follow the factors below, you’ll already be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

1. The Authority Of The Site

When building links, it is essential to consider the authority of the sites giving the links. Links from high-authority sites have a better effect on website ranking than those from blogs with zero hype. The best way to gauge the authority of a website is by using SEO tools like Ahref.


2. The Relevance Of The Site

There is more power in a link coming from a topically relevant website. Links from unrelated sites, even with similar authority, will have less SEO impact. As a law firm, a backlink from a law news publisher will boost your website more than a link from a sports magazine. That, however, is not to say that links from other websites are useless. All links (built from white hat link-building techniques) have a role to play in the SEO arena.

3. The Quality Of The Content On The Targeted Site

Link building is more impactful if the links come from sites with authoritative, educative, and trustworthy content. A thorough analysis of a site’s content is crucial for a link-building outreach campaign. It would be best to avoid links from poorly produced websites as those paint your website in bad lighting.

4. The Profile Of The Links You Already Have

Top-notch link building employs different methods to create a natural link profile. Diversity is a strength in the link-building field too.

How To Build Law Firm Backlinks: 13 Strategies

Now that you are well-versed in the benefits link building can offer, let’s learn a few effective strategies you can implement.

1. Create Linkable Assets and Perform Outreach

There needs to be something on your page that other relevant websites find worthy of linking to. The first step for link building for lawyers is creating high-quality and informative content that naturally attracts links. Your site has a better chance of getting backlinks when it has resources that are instrumental for different audiences.

Some of the linkable assets you can have on your website are in-depth guides, FAQ pages, original research, and statistics. These linkable assets make your page lucrative enough to have other industry players gushing over it and sending their audiences to get a deep dive into the wealth of information present.

2. Guest Post on Other Websites

A brilliant way for a knowledgeable lawyer to build backlinks is by sharing their expertise on high authority relevant sites. Guest post services allow websites to give their audiences a unique perspective on various issues. And in return, the websites can include a link to your site. Furthermore, the exposure you get cement your status as an authority in the industry.

To find guest posting opportunities, start by listing relevant websites of high domain authority and pitching ideas and opinions on a legal topic you understand deeply. The depth of knowledge in your opinion pieces will earn you high-quality backlinks to build your website visibility.

3. Become a Source for Journalists

Journalists are always looking for stories and expert opinions on various topics. A media house will not hesitate to link to your website when you let them pick your brain on issues within your scope.

Public Relations


But how will the journalists identify you as a credible source? Well, sites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO), Qwoted, and ResponseSource are excellent bridges between journalists and sources. All you need to do is sign up on the sites and respond promptly to requests and opportunities relevant to your expertise.

4. Community Mentions

This strategy involves contacting people you have worked with and those in your work network and asking them to link to your site. You have a better shot at success with this technique if you ask for links in exchange for testimonials for businesses you have worked with. You could also participate in events and conferences in your industry or ask clients to add a link to your site when they mention your services on their blogs.

5. Provide a Scholarship

Another effective, albeit expensive, technique of link building for law firms is to offer scholarship advertising opportunities on your website. The scholarship will not only help put deserving students through law school but also earn you high-quality backlinks from the institutions. This strategy is not solely for link building. It also helps with marketing and recruitment.

6. Get Easy Wins from Free Directories/Local Directories

Directories are your friend when looking for local link-building opportunities. Ensure that the local news publishers, colleges, embassies, and blogs list your firm so that you reach more people in your local community looking for the kind of legal services you offer.

7. Discover Unlinked Mentions

Unlinked mentions are a low-effort strategy for getting backlinks to your website. The process involves looking for websites that mention your site but have not provided links. You can request them to link to your website. To identify unlinked mentions, leverage Google Alerts and get emails whenever an article mentions your firm.

UnLinked Brand Mention

8. Leverage Your Contacts

Sometimes getting a backlink for your law firm’s website is as easy as asking for one. You can talk to the people in your circle with relevant websites and ask them to link to your firm. You could return the favour by sharing their website or writing a post about their practice. Links from your networks have a better chance of boosting your SEO if contextual. That way, the search engine algorithms will not flag them or view them as part of a link scheme.

9. Start a Blog

Blogging is a reliable way to get backlinks, especially when the content is informative and educative. Starting a blog offers more linkable assets that increase visibility and increase website traffic. Moreover, a blog will provide more real estate for various relevant keywords that will help push your articles up the search engine results.

10. Use Niche Edits

Niche edits are where you contact another relevant site with informative content and ask them to include a link to your website on their article. Some website owners may ask for payment in exchange for the link. However, this method works best when your website has information and content that provides value to the website owner’s readers.

A downside to this technique is that Google frown upon paid links. You could get penalized if the search engine giants know that you paid for the links rather than acquiring them organically. That’s why the professionals at Outreach Monks advise that “Niche edits will work best when you use them as part of an overall link-building campaign.”

11. Link-building on Reddit

Reddit is a social forum with diverse topics. You can leverage it for link-building for your law firm. The best approach with Reddit would be to first be a helpful community member by offering law-related insights. Respond to legal questions and participate in other discussions. Your link will be more welcome when you have been resourceful rather than an annoying spammer. The secret of this method is the mutual exchange of value. You get to help Reddit users solve their problems and earn backlinks in return.

Reddit Link Building

12. Testimonial/Review Link Building

Social proof is valuable for businesses. Businesses want to convince potential buyers that they are worth the hype. And not because they think so but because there is a reinforcement of the claim by third parties.

You can use that to your advantage to get links. All you need to do is write reviews and testimonials for products and services. The companies you mention will be more than happy to direct their audiences to a page that sings their praises.

13. Podcasts

Podcasts have grown immensely in recent years. Producing a podcast that offers legal insight within your expertise is an excellent marketing strategy for any lawyer. You will share your knowledge and earn a position as a trusted expert in your field. You will also get backlinks to your firm.

Podcasts for Law Firms

Wrapping Up

Link building offers a wealth of benefits for your personal brand as a lawyer or law firm. Link building for law firms can help ramp up your website traffic. More traffic means more chances of appealing to a target audience and making conversions to grow your client base!

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