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We work with influencers to secure relevant, sustainable links that improve your search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic.

We understand that every business and website is unique, our PR team manually handpicks each and every placement.

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We create Effective content.

Secure placements manually.

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Blogger Outreach Pricing

We offer blogger outreach links categorised as per DA, DR, or organic traffic. Below is the pricing for All 3 models.

Domain Rating

Guaranteed Ahrefs Domain Rating of the publisher’s site
$ 59 Per Placement
  • DR 10+ $59
  • DR 20+ $79
  • DR 30+ $99
  • DR 40+ $179
  • DR 50+ $249
  • DR 60+ $319
  • DR 70+ $399

Publisher Traffic

Guaranteed monthly SEMRUSH organic traffic level of the publisher’s site
$ 89 Per Placement
  • 500+ Visits $89
  • 1000+ Visits $129
  • 2500+ Visits $189
  • 5000+ Visits $279
  • 10,000 Visits $399
  • 20,000 Visits $499
  • emptyspace

Domain Authority

Guaranteed Moz Domain Authority of the publisher’s website
$ 59 Per Placement
  • DA 10+ $59
  • DA 20+ $79
  • DA 30+ $99
  • DA 40+ $199
  • DA 50+ $319
  • DA 60+ $419
  • emptyspace

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Examples of Blogs We Outreach To

Great Content + Stellar Placements = Amazing Results

Our link-building model is not limited to Domain Authority alone. We consider a result-oriented mix of metrics such as Domain Rating, Trust Flow, and previous link history.

We ensure that the content copy we create goes through two rounds of stringent editing, while taking care of:

Overall presentation

Overall presentation of content

Preferences listed by clients

Quality & Quantity

Quality & quantity of outgoing links

Post-placement monitoring

How it Works


Find The Best Prospects

To begin with, we identify the best prospects that can fetch the targeted traffic for your site. Getting link placements at the right blogs for you is our job, not yours!


Handle The Outreach Too

Beyond just finding the best prospects to link with, we take care of the outreach as well. This is a time consuming task but we make it quick and easy for you. With an outreach process that fully focuses on building long term relationships with niche influencers, we have you covered.


Ideate And Pitch For You

We come up with novel content ideas that align with the guidelines of the blogs to be outreached and pitch them to their editors, while keeping you in the loop throughout the process.


Create And Publish Content

Our seasoned team of content writers crafts non-promotional guest posts that are enriched with editorial in-content links placed naturally. We make sure that the content is great enough to get approved and posted on relevant, high DA blogs.


Deliver White Label Reports

Once the content is published, we deliver 100% White Label Reports which you can share with your clients. Simply speaking, you get all the credit while we handle all the hard work.


Custom Outreach Campaign

If the client approaches us with niche-specific requirements, we design a custom outreach campaign and ensure that they get links on websites that are absolutely relevant.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach Services

    1. Boost Search Engine Rankings: Quality backlinks from reputable websites signal to search engines that your site is reliable and pertinent, enhancing your organic search rankings and online visibility.
    2. Amplify Brand Awareness: Blogger outreach presents your brand to a wider audience, making it more recognizable and respected within your niche. This increased exposure helps establish brand credibility and trust.
    3. Drive Targeted Traffic: Collaborating with niche-specific bloggers ensures your content reaches a highly engaged audience, attracting targeted traffic to your site and increasing the chances of conversions.
    4. Foster Lasting Relationships: Blogger outreach allows you to forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships with influential bloggers in your industry. These connections can lead to future collaborations and further boost your online presence.
    5. Strengthen Link Profile: A robust backlink profile comprises links from diverse sources. Blogger outreach services help diversify your link portfolio, making it more resilient to search engine algorithm updates.
    6. Promote Your Content: Influential bloggers provide an impactful platform for promoting your content, extending its reach and influence. This drives traffic and encourages social sharing and engagement.
    7. Gain a Competitive Edge: Building a solid network of high-quality backlinks through blogger outreach gives your brand a competitive advantage, helping you stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.
    8. Enhance Domain Authority: Securing backlinks from high-authority blogs can significantly improve your site's domain authority, elevating its overall online reputation and trustworthiness.

How to Plan Anchor Text for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Anchor text, the clickable text in a hyperlink, plays an instrumental role in blogger outreach campaigns. The following guidelines will help you strategize your anchor text effectively.

Identify Target Keywords

Understanding the keywords relevant to your business or specific campaign is the first step. Your anchor text should correspond to these keywords naturally and contextually.

Mix Anchor Text Types

Using a blend of anchor text types can benefit your SEO while keeping the content reader-friendly.

Exact Match

This is the anchor text that uses the exact keyword you're targeting. It should be used sparingly to avoid appearing spammy to search engines.

Partial Match

This involves embedding the keyword within a phrase, creating a more natural context while still optimizing SEO.


This uses your brand name as anchor text, aiding in enhancing brand awareness.


Common phrases like “click here” or “learn more” fall under this category. While they can serve a purpose, they should not be overused.

Ensure Relevance and Authenticity

Your anchor text should feel natural within the content, aligning with the content it's in and the content of the linked page.

Avoid Over-Optimization

Maintain a diverse and balanced profile of anchor text, steering clear from excessive usage of exact-match keywords that might seem manipulative to search engines.

Consider the Landing Page

Your anchor text should direct to a page that is pertinent to the content. Irrelevant links can deteriorate user experience and harm your SEO performance.

Coordinate with Bloggers

Whether you or the blogger writes the post, it's crucial to establish clear communication regarding anchor text preferences and guidelines.

Monitor and Analyze

Track the performance of your anchor texts using tools like Google Analytics. Adapt your strategy based on the insights you gain.

Compliance with Google Guidelines

Align your strategy with search engine guidelines to avoid penalties that could result from perceived manipulation of rankings.

Test Different Strategies

Experiment with various types of anchor texts to identify what resonates best with your audience and what drives the best results for your goals.

Strategic planning of anchor text can significantly enhance your blogger outreach campaign's effectiveness. It's crucial to maintain a balance between optimizing for SEO and offering valuable, relevant content to readers.


Understanding the ROI of Blogger Outreach Services

Blogger outreach services, which involve partnering with influential bloggers to promote a brand or product, can offer a substantial Return on Investment (ROI).

This strategy can be an effective way to reach targeted audiences, increase brand visibility, and drive traffic to your website, thereby enhancing revenue generation capabilities. However, to understand the full potential of these blog outreach services are, it's essential to break down the components that contribute to ROI.

Increased Website Traffic

Bloggers with a substantial following can attract considerable traffic to your website. When a blogger posts about your product or service, their audience—people already interested in the blogger's niche—may be inclined to learn more about your offerings. This targeted traffic can result in higher conversion rates, boosting your sales and revenue.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Backlinks from high-authority blogs not only drive direct traffic but also improve your search engine rankings. This can increase your website's visibility and the likelihood that potential customers will find your products or services through organic searches. This enhanced online presence often leads to long-term revenue increases, as SEO results can last for years.

Brand Awareness and Credibility

Collaborating with respected bloggers can elevate your brand's reputation and credibility. The endorsement of a trusted influencer can make a significant impact on their followers' perception of your brand, leading to increased trust and potentially resulting in future sales.


Compared to traditional advertising, blogger outreach service can be highly cost-effective. Instead of spending large amounts on broad, untargeted ads, you invest in reaching a specific audience interested in your niche.

Calculating ROI from Blogger Outreach Services

To calculate the ROI from blogger outreach services, you'd typically take the revenue generated from the campaign, subtract the cost of the campaign, and then divide that number by the cost of the campaign, multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.

However, remember that not all benefits—like increased brand credibility and improved SEO—translate directly into immediate revenue, but they do lay a strong foundation for future profits.

Factors Affecting ROI

The ROI will differ depending on the brand's goals, the bloggers' reach, the product or service, and the campaign's execution. Thus, it's crucial to have clear objectives and track key metrics, like traffic source, conversions, and search rankings, to measure the success and ROI of your blogger outreach campaign accurately.

The Value of Blogger Outreach Services

Given their potential for a high ROI, blogger outreach services can be an invaluable tool in your digital marketing strategy, especially when they are carefully planned, executed, and measured.

Considerations Before Purchasing Blogger Outreach Services

Buying blogger outreach services can offer substantial gains. Here are a few considerations to guide your decision:

Define Your Goals

Clearly understand what you aim to achieve with your blogger outreach campaign.

Service Provider Research


Ensure the service provider's reputation aligns with your expectations.

Relevant Experience

Confirm that they have significant experience in your industry and a strong understanding of your target audience.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Remember that the quality of blog placements is more critical than the quantity.

Transparency and Reporting

Ensure the service provider offers a transparent process and provides regular, detailed reports.

Budgeting and ROI

Have a clear understanding of your budget constraints and expected ROI.

Focus on Relationship Building

Select a service provider that emphasizes building long-term relationships with bloggers and their audiences.

Anchor Text Strategy

The service provider should help you develop an effective anchor text strategy that can significantly enhance your SEO results.

Compliance with SEO Best Practices

Ensure the service provider adheres to Google's guidelines, avoiding any unethical or black-hat techniques that may harm your website's long-term reputation and ranking.

Taking these factors into account can guide you in choosing the most suitable blogger outreach service provider and developing an effective strategy for the best possible results.

Blogger Outreach Service vs. Niche Edits vs. Guest Posting

While the terms Blogger Outreach Service, Niche Edits, and Guest Posting are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same and each has a distinct process and potential benefits.

Blogger Outreach Services (also known as Guest Posting Services):

Blogger outreach services involve partnering with influential bloggers in your niche to create content that promotes your brand, products, or services.

These services help identify suitable bloggers, pitch them your content ideas, and secure opportunities for content collaboration. Often, this includes guest posting, where you write a post to be published on the blogger's site.

This guest post service gives you access to the blogger's established audience and can help increase your brand visibility, website traffic, and search engine ranking.

In effect, blogger outreach services and guest posting services are essentially the same, with the terms being used interchangeably.

The key difference lies in emphasis: the best blogger outreach services is about the outreach process itself of connecting with bloggers, while guest posting is a specific tactic used within that broader strategy.

Niche Edits (also known as Curated Links):

Niche edits differ from blogger outreach service in that they involve placing your link into an existing article on a blogger’s website, rather than creating new content.

The article will already be indexed by search engines, and the hope is that by adding articles linking your link to the article, you can gain SEO benefits from the established page's authority.

Niche edits can be advantageous because they don't require the creation of new content, saving time and resources.

However, not all bloggers are open to this approach, and it may be seen as less organic or authentic than guest posting.

Which Works Best?

The effectiveness of Blogger Outreach Service, Niche Edits, and Guest Posting depends largely on your goals, resources, and the quality of the sites where your content or links are placed.

If your primary goal is to improve SEO quickly, niche edits might provide faster results, as the articles are already indexed and have established authority.

However, this approach may be seen as less organic as compared to guest post links.

Guest posting through a blogger outreach service provider, on the other hand, can provide more long-term benefits. It allows you to create fresh, targeted content, boost your brand's visibility, reach a wider audience, and enhance your credibility.

The new content may take a bit longer to gain SEO traction, but the potential benefits in terms of audience engagement and brand awareness often outweigh this.

In summary, it's not a matter of one strategy being universally better than the others. Rather, it's about finding the approach or mix of approaches that best align with your specific goals, resources, and overall digital marketing strategy.

Always consider the quality of the websites involved link building a campaign, the relevance to your target audience, and the potential SEO benefits when deciding which method to pursue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our blogger outreach services? Your questions, our answers!

Blogger outreach service involves publishing content on relevant blogs for natural brand mentions. The process starts with manual outreaching followed by content idea pitching and publishing. The agencies offering blogger outreach service handle the content strategy, creation, outreach pitch and publishing.

Our blogger outreach strategy is completely safe. Moreover, it fetches effective SERP results by securing natural white hat links manually from genuine authority sites. We ensure that the blog posts are written in a natural way and also provide value to the readers.

Domain Authority or DA is a key metric calculated by Moz.com for the websites on the internet. We use this metric for the assessment of the quality of blogs where we plan to publish the content. The blogger outreach or guest posting service at Outreach Monks guarantees content posts on to be published blogs with DA range from 10+ to 50+. For posting content on a blog which has DA 10 or higher, a DA 10+ post is required. Likewise, a DA 30+ post can be posted on a site which has DA of 30 or higher, and so forth.

We ensure that the links are placed in the content body and no place else. Each of the links is an in- content link and is not placed in the author box.

Yes, you can do so. You can select any quantity that you want while you place the order. Furthermore, you can mix your word count as well as DA requirements. All you need to do is to just enter the target URL’s and anchor text and you are ready to go.

Yes, we do guarantee this. We ensure that domains are not duplicated for orders. We follow a unique system which enables us to keep track of each placement made for your account and make sure that the same site is never used again. We guarantee unique links every time you place an order.

Our team comprises of US and UK-based writers who deliver content that is of high-quality and is in a professional tone. We post content only on high-quality blogs with stringent editorial guidelines with respect to the approval of the content they publish. So one thing that you can rest assured about is that your brand with be associated only with top-quality content.

Yes, you can write your own content and provide it to us if you wish to do so. However, our outreach team will review it thoroughly to make certain that it matches the quality standards which our partners require to be met for publishing it on their blogs. In case you do want to write your content, please ensure that it is ready before you place an order to prevent any delays in the process.

Unfortunately, we do not take the requests for reviewing the content before we post it. We adhere to this rule to keep our processes streamlined, maintain a quick turnaround times, control our costs and pass the cost savings onto the clients.

The placements usually last for an indefinite period of time. However, we assure that the placements will last for at least a 90-day period. The majority will remain there for years to come and all are likely to be there as long as the blog owner runs the blog. But you need to understand experiencing some loss over time is inevitable, which is primarily due to the nature of link building as some bloggers may opt not to keep running their sites any longer or may simply change their niche.

We may do so, but our past experience tells us that these are challenging niches for fostering real relationships. If you have such requirements, you can connect with us and share them. We will discuss about personalized plans and pricing for your needs.

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