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Real Links, Real Influencers, Real Results!

We work with influencers to secure relevant, sustainable links that improve your search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic.

We understand that every business and website is unique, our PR team manually handpicks each and every placement.

beautiful content

We create Effective content.

Secure placements manually.

Deliver Links that Boost your website’s ranking

Blogger Outreach Pricing

We offer blogger outreach links categorised as per DA, DR, or organic traffic. Below is the pricing for All 3 models.

Domain Rating

Guaranteed Ahrefs Domain Rating of the publisher’s site
$ 59 Per Placement
  • DR 10+ $59
  • DR 20+ $79
  • DR 30+ $99
  • DR 40+ $179
  • DR 50+ $249
  • DR 60+ $319
  • DR 70+ $399

Publisher Traffic

Guaranteed monthly SEMRUSH organic traffic level of the publisher’s site
$ 89 Per Placement
  • 500+ Visits $89
  • 1000+ Visits $129
  • 2500+ Visits $189
  • 5000+ Visits $279
  • 10,000 Visits $399
  • 20,000 Visits $499
  • emptyspace

Domain Authority

Guaranteed Moz Domain Authority of the publisher’s website
$ 59 Per Placement
  • DA 10+ $59
  • DA 20+ $79
  • DA 30+ $99
  • DA 40+ $199
  • DA 50+ $319
  • DA 60+ $499
  • emptyspace

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Examples of Blogs We Outreach To

Great Content + Stellar Placements = Amazing Results

Our link-building model is not limited to Domain Authority alone. We consider a result-oriented mix of metrics such as Domain Rating, Trust Flow, and previous link history.

We ensure that the content copy we create goes through two rounds of stringent editing, while taking care of:

Overall presentation

Overall presentation of content

Preferences listed by clients

Quality & Quantity

Quality & quantity of outgoing links

Post-placement monitoring

How it Works

One: guest blog posting service

Find The Best Prospects

To begin with, we identify the best prospects that can fetch the targeted traffic for your site. Getting link placements at the right blogs for you is our job, not yours!

Two: guest post outreach service

Handle The Outreach Too

Beyond just finding the best prospects to link with, we take care of the outreach as well. This is a time consuming task but we make it quick and easy for you. With an outreach process that fully focuses on building long term relationships with niche influencers, we have you covered.

Three: guest post agency

Ideate And Pitch For You

We come up with novel content ideas that align with the guidelines of the blogs to be outreached and pitch them to their editors, while keeping you in the loop throughout the process.


Create And Publish Content

Our seasoned team of content writers crafts non-promotional guest posts that are enriched with editorial in-content links placed naturally. We make sure that the content is great enough to get approved and posted on relevant, high DA blogs.


Deliver White Label Reports

Once the content is published, we deliver 100% White Label Reports which you can share with your clients. Simply speaking, you get all the credit while we handle all the hard work.


Custom Outreach Campaign

If the client approaches us with niche-specific requirements, we design a custom outreach campaign and ensure that they get links on websites that are absolutely relevant.

Is DIY Blogger Outreach Worth It? Beware of the Hidden Costs!

See, this is a question every business owner asks themselves: Why should we pay an agency for blogger outreach services when we can do it ourselves?

Yes, you can try doing blogger outreach yourself if you have ample time to grow your business. But in a world where everyone wants immediate success, deciding to handle your own outreach could spell trouble.


Outreach, especially in link building, is not easy. It requires special techniques and a lot of patience. You might reach out to bloggers, but who knows if they're even seeing your messages? They could be busy with their own work or possibly ignoring your emails.

It can be frustrating. You might finally strike a good deal after sending countless emails to a blogger—yay, you win! But wait, you actually lose. Lose what? Money. How?

Because all that time spent is time lost, and time is money. Meanwhile, your competitor, who's smart enough, has already delegated this task to someone who can do it better.

So, in this case, we suggest you save your money and play smart. Sure, for your satisfaction, you can try doing it yourself, too. But remember, you need to grow your business. Assign the hectic tasks to someone who can handle them for you.

By the way, effective outreach requires a team—just a tip for your knowledge!

The Challenges Outreach Monks Face Everyday to Give You the Best Result

We are experts with a team of specialists in blogger outreach link building, but that doesn't mean everything is handed to us on a plate! Our team works very hard to give you the best possible results for your blogger outreach campaigns. Every day is a task for our outreach team. Here, we discuss some challenges we face every day:

  • Finding the Right Bloggers: One big challenge we face is finding the right bloggers to work with. We look for bloggers who really fit well with your brand. When we find the right ones, they help us create strong links that are perfect for you.

  • Getting Attention Of the Bloggers: It's hard to get bloggers to notice us because they get so many emails. We try to write special messages that they will like and care about. We want to make friends with them, not just get a quick favor. This takes careful thought and time.

  • Saving Time: Outreach takes a lot of time. We have to do research, write emails, follow up, and manage the links we get. This can take you away from other important work. If you let us handle it, you can use that time for other big things for your business.

Why are we explaining these challenges to you? Because we want you to understand that outreach is more than just sending emails. It's about building a strong foundation for your business to grow. We handle the tough tasks of blogger outreach link building so you can focus on expanding your business.

What Makes Us the Best in Blogger Outreach?

When you want to tell more people about your business and make your company really popular, it’s important to have the best team helping you. That's where we come in. Here’s why we’re the best at blog outreach services:

We Get to Know You

First, we spend time learning all about your business. Supppose you make shoes. We won’t just tell people who love fashion about your shoes. We’ll tell people who love traveling and going on adventures, too, because your shoes are great for that as well! This helps more kinds of people learn about what you sell.

We Talk Nicely to Bloggers

We don’t just send the same old boring message to bloggers. We make each message special. We read what they write on their blogs and mention something about it when we talk to them. This shows we really care and aren't just sending the same note to everyone.

If we’re telling them about your shoes, we won’t just say, "Here are some shoes." We’ll say, "Hey, we saw you like hiking, and we think our shoes would be great for your next trip!"

Pictures Make Everything Better

We are not one of the ordinary blogger outreach agencies. We know that pictures can make people really want your product and ensure that bloggers have great pictures to share. This makes their posts look good, which makes people more interested in what you're selling.

We Make Real Friends

We think it’s super important to make real friends with bloggers. We don’t just talk to them once; we keep in touch. We send them little gifts, say thank you when they help us, and share stuff about you that they can talk about. This outreach strategy helps them remember your business and keep talking about it.

We Think of Fun New Ideas

We always try to think of fun and new ways to talk about your products. Maybe we come up with a game that people can play online, or a special story about how your product was made. We try to keep things fresh and exciting.

Being Patient and Sticking With It

Getting people to notice your business doesn't happen super fast. It takes time. We don’t give up. We keep working hard, even if it takes a while. We make plans and stick to them, and we always follow up with bloggers to make sure they remember to talk about you.

So, picking us means you’re getting a team that really gets to know your business, talks in a special way to each blogger, uses all the internet spots where people hang out, makes everything look great with pictures, becomes real friends with bloggers, thinks of fun new ways to share your story, and doesn’t give up until you get noticed.

We're not just another blogger outreach agency that helps you talk to bloggers; we're your partner in making sure a lot of people hear about what you're great at. That's why we're the best at helping your business get the attention it deserves!

How We Helped Our Clients?

We have so many clients whom we helped with manual link outreach. One of them is Primalogik.


Primalogik provides HR software that helps companies manage employee performance and create happier workplaces.

As we all know, HR is a challenging niche to work with when it comes to outreach. Bloggers in this niche are not always quick to respond, and they are unlikely to engage unless they see clear value being offered.

Our client required websites in the DR range of 60 to 70, which made our task even tougher. First, we had to identify websites within this specific niche and DR range.

We created two teams: the first to find suitable websites within the given DR range that matched our client’s niche, and the second to dedicate their time to reaching out to these websites. We reached out to over 1000 websites and followed up with each website five times. Through immense patience and dedication, we succeeded.

We created over 150 outreach links for the client, and now our client recommends others to work with us.

This is just one example of how we specifically and manually do SEO blogger outreach to satisfy our clients. We have helped almost 200+ clients, some with typical and some with easy tasks. Our team dedicates its efforts to each client, earning the trust of our satisfied customers. Reach out to us if you want to be listed among these successes.

Do You Know These Terms? Blogger Outreach, Guest Posting, and Niche Edits

While the terms Blogger Outreach Service, Niche Edits, and Guest Posting are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same, and each has a distinct process and potential benefits. By the end of this discussion, you will understand which of these link building techniques is the best.

Blogger Outreach Services (also known as Guest Posting Services):

Blogger outreach services involve partnering with influential bloggers in your niche to create content that promotes your brand, products, or services.

These services help identify suitable bloggers, pitch them your content ideas, and secure opportunities for content collaboration. Often, this includes guest posting, where you write a post to be published on the blogger's site.

This guest post outreach service gives you access to the blogger's established audience and can help increase your brand visibility, website traffic, and search engine ranking.

In effect, blogger outreach services and guest posting services are essentially the same, with the terms being used interchangeably.

The key difference lies in emphasis: the best blogger outreach services is about the outreach process itself of connecting with bloggers, while guest posting is a specific tactic used within that broader strategy.

Niche Edits (also known as Curated Links):

Niche edits differ from blogger outreach service in that they involve placing your link into an existing article on a blogger’s website, rather than creating new content.

The article will already be indexed by search engines, and the hope is that by adding articles linking your link to the article, you can gain SEO benefits from the established page's authority.

Niche edits can be advantageous because they don't require the creation of new content, saving time and resources.

However, not all bloggers are open to this approach, and it may be seen as less organic or authentic than guest posting.

Which Works Best?

The effectiveness of Blogger Outreach Service, Niche Edits, and Guest Posting depends largely on your goals, resources, and the quality of the sites where your content or links are placed.

If your primary goal is to improve SEO quickly, niche edits might provide faster results, as the articles are already indexed and have established authority.

However, this approach may be seen as less organic as compared to guest post links.

Guest posting through a blogger outreach service provider, on the other hand, can provide more long-term benefits. It allows you to create fresh, targeted content, boost your brand's visibility, reach a wider audience, and enhance your credibility.

The new content may take a bit longer to gain SEO traction, but the potential benefits in terms of audience engagement and brand awareness often outweigh this.

it's not a matter of one strategy being universally better than the others. Rather, it's about finding the approach or mix of approaches that best align with your specific goals, resources, and overall link building strategies.

Always consider the quality of the websites involved link building a campaign, the relevance to your target audience, and the potential SEO benefits when deciding which method to pursue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our blogger outreach services? Your questions, our answers!

Blogger outreach service involves publishing content on relevant blogs for natural brand mentions. The process for blogger outreach starts with manual outreaching followed by content creation strategy idea pitching and publishing. The agencies offering blogger outreach service handle the content strategy, creation, outreach pitch and publishing.

Our blogger outreach strategy is completely safe. Moreover, it fetches effective SERP results by securing natural white hat links manually from genuine authority sites. We, as an expert blogger outreach agency, ensure that our blog outreach posts are written in a natural way and also provide value to the readers.

Domain Authority or DA is a key metric calculated by Moz.com for the websites on the internet. We use this metric for the assessment of the quality of blogs where we plan to publish the content. The blogger outreach or guest posting service at Outreach Monks guarantees content posts on to be published blogs with DA range from 10+ to 50+. For posting content on a blog which has DA 10 or higher, a DA 10+ post is required. Likewise, a DA 30+ post can be posted on a site which has DA of 30 or higher, and so forth.

We ensure that the links are placed in the content body and no place else. Each of the links is an in- content link and is not placed in the author box.

Yes, you can place a large order with multiple clients' domains. You can choose any quantity you want for your order. Just provide the DR, target URLs, anchor text, and content word count requirements for each domain. This way, we can ensure that all your specifications are met accurately and efficiently.

Yes, we do guarantee this. We ensure that domains are not duplicated for orders. We follow a unique system which enables us to keep track of each placement made for your account and make sure that the same site is never used again. We guarantee unique links every time you place an order.

Our team comprises of US and UK-based writers who deliver content that is of high-quality and is in a professional tone. We post content only on high-quality blogs with stringent editorial guidelines with respect to the approval of the content they publish. So one thing that you can rest assured about is that your brand with be associated only with top-quality content.

Additionally, our team expertly incorporates your exact match anchor text. They ensure it fits naturally into the content. This approach maintains the article's high quality. It also meets SEO needs without making the content look unnatural.

Yes, you can write your own content and provide it to us if you wish to do so. However, our outreach team will review it thoroughly to make certain that it matches the quality standards which our partners require to be met for publishing it on their blogs. In case you do want to write your content, please ensure that it is ready before you place an order to prevent any delays in the process.

Unfortunately, we do not take the requests for reviewing the content before we post it. We adhere to this rule to keep our processes streamlined, maintain a quick turnaround times, control our costs and pass the cost savings onto the clients.

We don't guarantee permanent links. However, we ensure they last at least 6 months. If a link is removed within this period, we will rebuild or replace it.

Yes, we do. We have experience working with these niches. Contact our customer support to learn about our packages for these competitive niches or to get more details about the process.

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