Outreach Monks

Terms of use


Outreach Monks is a link building and content services venture. We provide our services and campaigns after we receive the full fee. As a client or service partner, you shall consent to the following terms and conditions of the services offered by Outreach monks.


Outreach Monks will perform the following services in SEO, depending upon the subscription:

  • Create visual and written content like blogs and articles.
  • Generate placement and submission reports.
  • Propagate link popularity by obtaining backlinks from other websites.
  • Fetch potential bloggers that shall publish content promoting the customer’s brand.


  • Outreach Monks is Link Building company, and hence we do not provide any keyword/anchor text/SEO strategy along with link building packages.
  • Refunds are not possible once links have been published. This is because we don’t own these blogs; they are third-party sites. Our team has already invested significant time in outreach, coordination with bloggers, and content creation.
  • We uphold full confidentiality and no terms and conditions with clients will be disclosed to any third party. This agreement is strictly between Outreach Monks and the first person client.
  • Outreach Monks reserves the right to moderate changes to anchor texts and order details to ensure the best results.
  • We do not guarantee for permanent links on any specified blog/website. We try our best to maintain a good link profile.
  • In case of recurring link building packages, the order is eligible for cancellation/refund only within 2 days of placing the order. Any cancellation request post 2 days would not be accepted since the team will initiate the campaign by then.
  • Outreach Monks is not liable for any damages and losses to the client’s website (consequential and incidental) by way of claims by third party sites. As an end user, you assume all responsibility for any losses that may occur.
  • In case of any changes in the policies of search engines and exclusion of client websites from directories, blogs, and other websites, Outreach Monks is not responsible.
  • Since Outreach Monks is a outsourced SEO service provider, we do not guarantee favourable changes in keyword, phrases or searches. After publishing backlinks, we are not liable to any unforeseen changes that may occur.
  • In Case of Pre-approval Placements: We don’t provide pre-approval. If the client still wants pre-approval, they will be charged extra. In the case of pre-approval of blogs, we can’t share all blogs list due to data confidentiality. We share the exact same number of blogs that the client had ordered. When sharing the feedback, we expect the client to suggest a valid reason for disapproval.
    In case of invalid disapproval reasons, we won’t be sharing new suggestions and will process the order as per the best possible white hat link-building practices. No refund will be issued in this case since the outreach and link acquisition teams have already invested time in it.
    Our clients love our service because they trust that the links will always be top quality, and they needn’t be involved in the placement approval process.
  • Outreach Monks will not be responsible if the client uses any third party services which links to ‘link farms’ or ‘bad neighborhoods’.
  • Please note that we do not accept Paypal payments for any SEO services.


  • We maintain utmost confidentiality for the client information and only share the necessary job work to any third party, that too with the client’s autonomous consent.
  • The electronic agreement between the Outreach Monks and the client stands valid with your autonomous consent.
  • This agreement shall not be considered as NDA, unless both the parties, Outreach Monks and the client, enters into any such legal agreement in writing, mutually.


  • As an ethical measure, the agreement stands null and void, if the client is found to be indulged in illegal and offensive websites and industries.
  • If in any case, the client tries to reach out to our publishing contacts or team directly, it would be considered as a violation of data privacy. In this case, we can either discontinue working with the client or change the scope of work. 
  • Any content which endorses hate, racism, animal abuse, product, defamation aimed at any person, community and institution will be found offensive may lead to the termination of the agreement, and the client shall be liable for consequent loss.

We recommend that you contact and get in touch with us if you’re unsure about the nature of your order.