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SE Ranking vs SEMrush: Who Wins the Battle for SEO Supremacy?

Just as a smartphone is essential for staying connected in our digital age, providing access to various things at our fingertips. Similarly you need SEO tools in your life to stay connected with the various aspects of SEO, if you are a consistent SEO practitioner. 

First let’s start from the beginning! Flashback to the late 90s.

In 1997, the Webstep Marketing Agency became the pioneers in using the term “search engine optimization” in their promotional materials. 

Around the same time, in 1998, Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Watch, began to widely promote the term.

In this blog, we are going to analyze two rising SEO tools and explore the difference between SE Ranking and SEMrush.

Let’s get started.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing professionals. 

It offers a wide array of tools that assist users in keyword ranking, website analysis, competitor research, and more, making it an essential utility for anyone looking to enhance their online visibility and search engine performance.

SE Ranking was founded in 2013. The platform was developed with the vision of creating an all-in-one SEO tool that is both user-friendly and effective for professionals and beginners alike.

Over the years, SE Ranking has expanded its feature set and global presence, gaining popularity for its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities.

Pricing Structure

The pricing of SE Ranking is designed to be flexible, catering to a diverse range of users from individual freelancers to large enterprises. Here’s a brief overview of its pricing tiers:

  • Essential Plan:
    • Aimed at beginners and small-scale users.
    • Pricing typically starts at around $44.00 per month.
    • Includes basic features like website auditing and keyword ranking.
  • Pro Plan:
    • Ideal for professional SEO specialists and medium-sized businesses.
    • Starting at approximately $87.20 per month.
    • Offers additional features such as historical data and more keywords to track.
  • Business Plan:
    • Tailored for large agencies and enterprises.
    • Prices start from around $191.20 per month.
    • Provides extensive features including API access and a higher allowance for monitored keywords and reports.

It’s important to note that these prices can vary based on the subscription length and the specific needs of the user, such as the number of websites to be monitored and the frequency of ranking checks.

SE Ranking stands out for its versatility and scalability, making it a viable option for a wide spectrum of SEO needs.

What is Semrush?

semrush domain overview

SEMrush is a highly acclaimed and widely used online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform

Known for its comprehensive suite of tools, it assists businesses in SEO, competitor analysis, PPC, content, social media marketing, and market research. 

SEMrush is especially popular for its detailed analytics and data insights, which are invaluable for digital marketing strategies.

SEMrush was founded in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. It started as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by a single mission – to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone. 

Over the years, it has grown into a global company serving over 6 million users, cementing its reputation as a leader in the digital marketing world.

Pricing Structure

SEMrush offers a tiered pricing structure tailored to various user needs, ranging from individual marketers to large enterprises. Here’s an overview of its primary pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan:
    • Targeted at freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget.
    • Priced at around $129.95 per month.
    • Includes basic features like keyword research, site audits, and social media tracking.
  • Guru Plan:
    • Suited for SMB and growing marketing agencies.
    • Starts at approximately $249.95 per month.
    • Offers advanced features such as historical data, extended limits, and content marketing tools.
  • Business Plan:
    • Ideal for agencies, e-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence.
    • Priced at around $499.95 per month.
    • Provides access to more advanced features like API access, Google Data Studio Integration, and increased limits on reports and projects.

SEMrush also provides a custom solution known as the Enterprise Plan, which is tailored to the specific needs of large businesses and organizations. This plan’s pricing is variable, depending on the customized features and services required.

With its robust toolset and reliable data, SEMrush remains a go-to solution for online marketing professionals. Who are looking to enhance their digital strategy.

SE Ranking vs Semrush: The Actual Difference

Whie choosing between SE Ranking and SEMrush, it’s essential to understand the differences that set these two popular SEO and digital marketing platforms apart. Although both tools offer a range of features, but they cater to slightly different needs and preferences.

User Interface and Ease of Use

  • SE Ranking: Known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface, SE Ranking is ideal for beginners and those who prefer a straightforward, easy-to-navigate platform. 
  • SEMrush: While SEMrush offers a comprehensive suite of tools, its interface can be overwhelming for beginners. It’s geared more towards SEO professionals and marketers who require in-depth analysis and have the expertise to navigate its extensive functionalities.

Feature Set and Capabilities

  • SE Ranking: Offers a balanced mix of features, including keyword rank tracking, website audits, backlink checking, and competitor analysis. It’s well-suited for fundamental to medium complexity SEO tasks.
  • SEMrush: Provides a more extensive set of features, including advanced keyword research, detailed competitive analysis, content marketing tools, and social media tracking. 

Data Accuracy and Database Size

  • SE Ranking: Provides reliable data but with a smaller database compared to SEMrush. This might impact the depth of keyword and competitor analysis for very niche or less popular keywords.
  • SEMrush: Boasts a vast database, offering more extensive and precise data for keyword research and competitor analysis. Especially beneficial for in-depth market research and global SEO strategies.

Pricing and Affordability

  • SE Ranking: Generally more affordable, making it a great choice for individuals, small businesses, or startups with limited budgets. Its flexible pricing plans allow users to choose features based on their specific needs.
  • SEMrush: More expensive, but justifiably so, given its comprehensive features and larger database. It’s more suited for medium to large businesses or agencies that require detailed analytics and can leverage the full spectrum of tools offered.

Customizability and Scalability

  • SE Ranking: Offers customizable plans, allowing users to tailor the features and price according to their specific requirements, which is great for growing businesses.
  • SEMrush: While not as customizable in terms of pricing, it offers scalability in terms of features. Hence making it suitable for businesses as they expand and require more robust tools.

Target Audience

  • SE Ranking: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, SEO beginners, and those who need a straightforward tool for improving their online visibility.
  • SEMrush: Best suited for SEO professionals, large agencies, and enterprises requiring comprehensive digital marketing and data analysis tools.

Here is the tabular representation of features in both the tools:

SE Ranking vs Semrush The Actual Difference

Pros and Cons of SE Ranking and Semrush

Now that we know the major difference between SE Ranking and Semrush, let’s get to know the pros and cons of both the tools.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking Pros and Cons


Semrush Pros and Cons


In the battle for SEO supremacy between SE Ranking and SEMrush, the winner largely depends on your specific needs and budget.

SE Ranking shines with its affordability and user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for small businesses or beginners in SEO. Its flexible plans and effective customer support add to its appeal for those seeking a straightforward tool.

On the other hand, SEMrush stands out for its comprehensive toolset and depth of data, catering to larger businesses or SEO professionals who require detailed analysis and have a higher budget. Its robust features and strong reputation in the industry make it a go-to choice for in-depth SEO work.

Ultimately, both tools have their unique strengths. Your choice should align with your business size, experience level, and specific SEO needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between SE Ranking and SEMrush?

SE Ranking is more user-friendly and affordable, ideal for smaller businesses. SEMrush offers a broader feature set for advanced users and larger enterprises.

Can both SE Ranking and SEMrush track keyword rankings effectively?

Yes, both provide effective keyword tracking. SE Ranking excels in local rankings, while SEMrush is better for global tracking and competitive analysis.

Which is better for backlink analysis, SE Ranking or SEMrush?

SEMrush offers a more comprehensive backlink analysis tool, while SE Ranking's backlink features are more basic.

Do both SE Ranking and SEMrush offer site auditing?

Yes, both have site auditing features. SE Ranking focuses on SEO issues, and SEMrush provides detailed audits including performance and security.

Is there a significant price difference between SE Ranking and SEMrush?

Yes, SE Ranking is generally more affordable, suited for smaller budgets, while SEMrush is higher-priced, targeting larger businesses and advanced users.

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