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20 Must-Have Keyword Tracking Tools for SEO Experts

Keyword Tracking Tools

Did you know that 70% of online experiences start with a search engine, and 91% of pages get no organic traffic from Google due to poor keyword optimization? Keywords are the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO). 

When you type a query into search engines like Google or Bing, ever wonder how you get those precise results? It’s all about the words or phrases you use – yes, those are keywords. 

They act like a bridge, connecting you, the searcher, to websites that have been carefully optimized to answer your queries. 

Now, if you’re on the other side, running a website, having a strong keyword strategy can really boost your site’s visibility on those search engine results pages. 

But how do you know if your strategy is working? 

That’s where the magic of keyword tracking tools comes in. They’re like your personal SEO detectives, uncovering how well your website is performing and guiding you to make it even better. 

Let’s explore some great tools which are out there helping seo experts achieve new success heights.

What are Keyword Tracking Tools?

Keyword tracking tools are sophisticated software applications, to monitor and analyze the performance of specific keywords in search engine results. 

They offer invaluable insights for SEO optimization by tracking keyword rankings, trends, and competitiveness in real-time.

20 Best SEO Keyword Tracking Tools

Discover the best SEO keyword tracking tools that offer precise analytics, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive features to enhance your digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies effectively.

1. Keyword Surfer

keyword surfer

Keyword Surfer is a browser extension developed by Surfer, a company known for its innovative SEO tools

Established with the goal of making keyword research more accessible and streamlined, Keyword Surfer integrates directly into Google Chrome, offering real-time data while you browse.

Salient Features:

  1. Instant Keyword Data: View search volumes directly in Google search results.
  2. Related Searches: Discover similar keywords and phrases for expanded research.
  3. Contextual Data: Provides data on word count and estimated traffic for top ranking pages.
  4. Global Reach: Access keyword data for multiple countries.

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic Plan ($59/month): Includes 10 content editors, 20 page audits per month, and tracking for 2 websites.
  • Pro Plan ($119/month): Offers 30 content editors, 60 page audits, and tracking for 5 websites.
  • Business Plan ($239/month): Provides 70 content editors, 140 page audits, and tracking for 10 websites.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large businesses with high volume content needs; features and pricing are tailored to specific requirements​.

Keyword Surfer is a versatile and affordable tool for those looking to enhance their SEO with efficient keyword research and analysis. Its various plans cater to different needs, from small bloggers to large enterprises, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of users.

2. Ubersuggest


Developed by Neil Patel, a renowned figure in digital marketing, Ubersuggest was launched in 2017 as a user-friendly SEO tool. 

It stands out in the market for its ability to provide detailed keyword data from various platforms like Google and Bing. 

Key Features:

  1. Suggests related keywords, complete with monthly search volumes, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition levels.
  2. Provides latest SEO trends and insights, helping users stay updated with current practices.
  3. Includes a competitor analysis feature, showing the keywords and content strategies used by competitors.
  4. Generates content ideas based on entered keywords to aid in creating relevant and engaging content.
  5. Offers an SEO audit tool to identify and suggest improvements for website optimization.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Chrome Extension: Limited access to keyword analysis and details.
  • Individual ($12/month): Suitable for managing 1-3 websites.
  • Business ($20/month): Ideal for 4-7 websites.
  • Enterprise/Agency ($40/month): For managing 8+ websites.
  • Lifetime Access: One-time fee options – Individual ($120), Business ($200), Enterprise/Agency ($400).
  • 7-Day Free Trial: Available for all plans.

Ubersuggest’s blend of affordability and extensive features make it a valuable tool for a diverse array of users, from freelancers to large marketing agencies. It simplifies SEO tasks and provides actionable insights for enhancing online visibility and ranking

3. Moz


It is a comprehensive all-in-one SEO software platform, established to support inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing. 

It includes Moz Pro, which is equipped with essential SEO tools like site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. 

Moz also offers Moz Local for enhancing local SEO visibility and STAT for enterprise-level SERP tracking and analytics.

Key Features:

  1. Domain Analysis: Provides insights into domain strength and opportunities.
  2. Keyword Explorer: Helps in finding and analyzing keywords for SEO campaigns.
  3. Link Explorer: Offers comprehensive backlink analysis and tracking.
  4. Competitive Research: Enables users to study competitors’ strategies and rankings.
  5. MozBar: A browser extension that provides quick SEO insights on the go.

Pricing Plans:

  • Standard Plan: $99/month
  • Medium Plan: $179/month
  • Large Plan: $299/month
  • Premium Plan: $599/month

Price might change due to seasonal discounts*

Moz, known for its extensive features and tools, caters to a wide range of SEO needs, making it a go-to platform for marketers and SEO professionals. Its pricing plans are structured to accommodate businesses of different sizes, from small startups to large enterprises​

4. KWFinder


Developed by Mangools, KWFinder, is a keyword research tool celebrated for its balance between simplicity and depth. 

It excels in offering lucrative keyword ideas with advanced filtering options, making it a valuable asset for both basic and in-depth keyword research

Its design ethos revolves around a minimalist interface, making it one of the most user-friendly tools in the market.

Key Features:

  1. Provides detailed keyword data including trend, search volume, CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty.
  2. Known for its user-friendly interface, offering a clutter-free environment for research.
  3. Specializes in finding long-tail keywords, crucial for niche targeting.
  4. Offers a reliable SEO difficulty score, based on link profile metrics.
  5. Includes SERP analysis, allowing a deeper understanding of search engine result pages.


  • Mangools Basic: $29/month
  • Mangools Premium: $39/month
  • Mangools Agency: Custom pricing for businesses
  • Free 10-day trial available without requiring card details.

Price might change due to seasonal discounts*

KWFinder is a go-to tool for anyone needing to conduct thorough keyword research with an easy-to-use interface, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Its pricing plans are tailored to accommodate different levels of SEO needs, making it a flexible option for various users

5. SEMrush


This platform was established in 2008 and has grown from a specialized SEO tool to a comprehensive SaaS platform for digital marketing

It combines SEO, market research, content distribution, and social media management, making it a versatile choice for understanding market trends and conducting in-depth keyword research.

Key Features:

  1. Provides a thorough domain analysis with detailed SEO metrics.
  2. Offers competitor research insights, revealing strategies and top-ranking keywords.
  3. Generates multiple keyword ideas using the Keyword Magic Tool.
  4. Utilizes Market Explorer for strategic analysis of similar websites.
  5. Conducts detailed SERP analysis to understand search engine results.


  • Free Plan: Basic features for new users.
  • Pro Plan ($129.95/month): Ideal for small teams with 500 keyword tracking.
  • Guru Plan ($249.95/month): Geared towards mid-size businesses, offering 1,500 keyword tracking.
  • Business Plan ($499.95/month): Tailored for large enterprises, featuring API access and 5,000 keyword tracking.

SEMrush is suitable for a range of users, from solo marketers to large corporations, providing essential tools for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy​.

6. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

It is a part of Google Ads, offering an essential tool for keyword research primarily used in planning advertising campaigns. 

Developed by Google, it provides advertisers with insights into keyword search volumes, competition levels, and potential ad costs. 

Its integration with Google Ads makes it particularly effective for those looking to optimize their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Key Features:

  1. Offers detailed insights into keyword search volumes.
  2. Provides data on keyword competition and bidding costs.
  3. Helps in discovering new keyword opportunities for campaigns.
  4. Integrates seamlessly with Google Ads for campaign planning.
  5. Allows estimation of potential ad performance based on keywords.


  • Free to use, but requires a Google Ads account.
  • Costs are associated with the ad campaigns run using Google Ads, not for using the Keyword Planner tool itself.

Google Keyword Planner is ideal for marketers and advertisers who require in-depth keyword data for their Google Ads campaigns. Its direct integration with Google’s advertising platform makes it a vital tool for PPC campaign planning and optimization.

7. Ahrefs


A renowned all-in-one SEO toolset, Ahrefs was established to aid in improving website search rankings, analyzing competitors, and tracking SEO progress over time. 

The platform is designed to offer a range of features that cater to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large agencies and enterprises.

Key Features:

  1. Provides site exploration tools for analyzing backlink profiles and organic search traffic.
  2. Offers a keyword explorer for discovering new keyword opportunities and analyzing their potential.
  3. Includes a content explorer to identify popular content and link building opportunities.
  4. Features a rank tracker for monitoring website search engine rankings.
  5. Gives access to advanced site exploration, including historical data and backlink growth.

Pricing Tiers:

  • Lite ($99/month): Ideal for small businesses and individual website owners, offering essential SEO tools.
  • Standard ($179/month): Geared towards growing businesses and agencies requiring more advanced features.
  • Advanced ($399/month): Suited for large enterprises and agencies with extensive SEO needs, providing a comprehensive range of advanced features.

Ahrefs’ pricing structure and diverse features make it a versatile choice for a wide range of SEO tasks, from basic site optimization to in-depth competitive analysis and content strategy.

8. Instakeywords


Instakeywords is a cloud-based software specifically designed for keyword research, facilitating the ranking of video and articles in search engines like Google and YouTube. 

This tool is celebrated for its simplicity and efficiency, providing unlimited searches and unrestricted access to keyword data.

Key Features:

  1. Offers unlimited keyword searches and data access without restrictions.
  2. Provides detailed keyword metrics including search volume, cost per click, competition, and trends.
  3. Features a keyword drill-down tool for expanding complex keywords into simpler, rankable ones.
  4. Includes functionality for discovering questions related to target keywords.
  5. Allows keyword searches by country or language for tailored research.


  • Front End Offer: $67 during a special 3-day promotional period.
  • Regular Price: Returns to $468/year after the promotional period.

Instakeywords is a cost-effective and powerful tool for keyword research, suitable for a range of users from top marketing bloggers to small business owners, offering valuable insights for optimizing online content.

9. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool


An online resource designed for effective keyword research, aiming to enhance the performance of content on platforms such as Google and Bing.

This tool is known for its user-friendly interface and cost-free access, providing valuable insights into keyword optimization without any financial commitment

Key Features:

  1. Provides free access to a comprehensive keyword database.
  2. Offers key metrics like search volume, competition, and cost per click.
  3. Features a simple interface for easy keyword discovery.
  4. Allows industry-specific keyword filtering for targeted results.
  5. Supports the exploration of related keyword opportunities.


  • Completely free to use, making it an excellent choice for individuals and small businesses starting their online marketing journey.
  • Offers an optional upgrade to WordStream Advisor for more advanced features and tools.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is a valuable asset for anyone looking to optimize their digital content. Its ease of use and comprehensive data make it ideal for beginners and professionals seeking to improve their online presence through strategic keyword planning.

10. Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker is a sophisticated SEO tool designed for tracking keyword rankings across various search engines. It is particularly useful for SEO professionals and website managers for improving search engine rankings and visibility.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time tracking of keyword rankings across different search engines.
  2. Detailed keyword analytics including historical data and progress tracking.
  3. Competitive comparison features for strategic insights.
  4. Tools for identifying new keywords and long-tail phrases.
  5. Customizable reports and data exports for comprehensive SEO analysis.


  • Starter Plan: $24 per month, or $15.60 with a discount.
  • Double Data Plan: $59 per month, or $38.35 with a discount.
  • Quad Data Plan: $109 per month, or $70.85 with a discount.
  • Hex Data Plan: $209 per month, or $135.85 with a discount.

Rank Tracker is an indispensable tool for SEO, offering a range of plans to suit different needs, from beginners to advanced users.

11. Google Trends

google trends

It is a free online tool provided by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries across various regions and languages. 

The tool uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time, making it highly valuable for understanding consumer search behavior and trends.

Key Features:

  1. Analyzes search query popularity over time.
  2. Provides geographic data on search trends.
  3. Compares multiple search terms or topics.
  4. Filters results by time range, category, and search type.
  5. Offers insights into trending searches and topics.


  • Completely free to use.

Google Trends is an essential tool for marketers, researchers, and content creators looking to understand public interest and search behavior trends. Its ease of use and comprehensive data make it invaluable for strategic planning and market research.

12. seoClarity


seoClarity is an advanced SEO platform offering a range of tools and features for improving search engine visibility and performance. It caters to various business sizes, from small to large enterprises, providing tailored solutions for each client.

Key Features:

  1. Essentials: Daily rank tracking, initial setup support, live chat and email support, and unlimited users. Ideal for accurate and reliable rank tracking with a minimum of 5,000 keyword queries.
  2. Core: Includes features of Essentials plus weekly/daily rank tracking, a dedicated Client Success Manager, and an SEO Professional Services Advisor. Suited for small to medium-sized teams with under 5,000 keyword queries on one domain.
  3. Professional: Builds upon Core with advanced technical SEO capabilities, the highest tier of support and service level agreements (SLAs), and prioritized contributions to the Product Roadmap. Designed for global SEO teams with over 5,000 keyword queries and multiple domains.


  • Essentials: Custom pricing based on the number of keyword search queries.
  • Core: Starts at $3,000 per month.
  • Professional: Starts at $4,500 per month.

seoClarity provides flexible and scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients, making it a versatile choice for businesses seeking comprehensive SEO services



DYNO MAPPER stands out as a dynamic website mapping and monitoring tool, ideal for web developers, UX designers, and digital marketers.

It offers a unique blend of visual sitemap generation, accessibility testing, and SEO analysis, making it a versatile asset for website optimization and user experience enhancement.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive visual sitemap generation and editing.
  2. Accessibility testing to ensure compliance with web standards.
  3. SEO auditing for on-page optimization and keyword tracking.


  • Basic: $40/month, 1 user, core sitemap and accessibility features.
  • Professional: $80/month, 5 users, enhanced SEO tools and analytics.
  • Advanced: $160/month, 15 users, full feature access including API integration.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, unlimited users, tailored solutions for large-scale projects.

This tool is the go-to solution for seamless website optimization, user experience design and SEO strategy implementation.

14. SEOptimer


Offering a range of tools to improve website performance in search engine rankings, SEOptimer is an SEO software designed for varied users, including website owners and agencies.

Key Features:

  1. In-depth audits of website pages for SEO improvements.
  2. Access to a variety of tools for SEO analysis and optimization.
  3. Creation of customized reports with personal branding.
  4. Keyword recommendations, ranking tracking, and research.
  5. Task recommendations, guides for different CMSs, and progress tracking.


  1. Monthly Plans:
  • DIY SEO: $19/month
  • White Label: $29/month
  • White Label & Embedding: $59/month
  1. Annual Plans (billed annually):
  • DIY SEO: $14.25/month ($171/year)
  • White Label: $21.75/month ($261/year)
  • White Label & Embedding: $44.25/month ($531/year)​​.

Ideal for a wide range of users, SEOptimer’s comprehensive tools for SEO auditing, reporting, and keyword tracking cater to individual website owners, marketers, and agencies, with flexible pricing plans for different budgets.

15. Clearscope


Focused on keyword research and content optimization, Clearscope provides essential tools for improving SEO and content relevance. It helps in identifying and incorporating the right keywords and terms to enhance content comprehensiveness and relevance.

Key Features:

  1. Grades content based on relevance and comprehensiveness.
  2. Keyword research tool for keyword suggestions, CPCs, and search volumes.
  3. Lists relevant terms and their usage in top search results.
  4. Provides competitor analysis with grading of top content.
  5. Content optimization interface with a list of terms to include in content.
  6. Helps in content planning and outlining with suggested headings.


  • Essentials: $170/month.
  • Business: Custom pricing, more features than Essentials.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, most advanced features.

Clearscope’s suite of features makes it a robust tool for content creation and SEO, ensuring content is not only SEO-friendly but also comprehensive and relevant to target audiences.



Designed for SEO specialists and digital marketing professionals, this robust search engine optimization platform focuses on delivering a comprehensive suite of tools for keyword research, link building, and website audits.

It aids in improving search engine rankings and enhancing online visibility.

Key Features:

  1. Detailed keyword research and optimization tools.
  2. Extensive link analysis and building capabilities.
  3. Comprehensive website audit and performance monitoring.


  • Basic: $69/month, 1 user, essential SEO functionalities.
  • Professional: $149/month, 3 users, advanced analysis features.
  • Expert: $249/month, 10 users, full range of tools and reports.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, unlimited users, bespoke features for large-scale projects.

Empower your digital strategy and conquer SEO challenges effortlessly with this cutting-edge platform.

17. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo stands out as a comprehensive content marketing tool, providing valuable insights into content research and performance. It’s tailored for marketers looking to elevate their content strategy by leveraging data from social platforms and web content.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive content research and performance insights.
  2. Content Analyzer for web-wide content search and engagement analysis.
  3. Question Analyzer to gather audience-specific questions from various forums and e-commerce sites​​​​.


  • Content Creation: $199/month, 1 user, unlimited searches.
  • PR & Comms: $299/month, 5 users, added media outreach tools.
  • Suite: $499/month, 10 users, advanced features including YouTube Analyzer.
  • Enterprise: $999/month, 30 users, full feature access with exclusive tools.

BuzzSumo caters to marketers at different levels, offering plans that range from individual content creators to large agencies and brands, focusing on creating engaging and effective content.

18. Serpple


Serpple emerges as an innovative SEO optimization platform, designed to empower digital marketers and content creators with deep insights into search engine performance and trends. 

It’s an ideal tool for those seeking to refine their SEO strategies and enhance their online visibility through data-driven decisions.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced SEO performance tracking and trend analysis.
  2. Keyword Explorer for comprehensive keyword research and competitor keyword tracking.
  3. Site Health Auditor to identify and rectify SEO issues across websites.


  • Basic SEO: $99/month, 1 user, essential tools.
  • Pro SEO: $199/month, 3 users, expanded features.
  • Premium SEO: $399/month, 10 users, advanced analysis.
  • Enterprise SEO: $799/month, unlimited users, full suite.

Serpple is designed to serve a wide range of users, from solo SEO practitioners to large digital marketing agencies, focusing on delivering actionable insights and tools for boosting search engine rankings and online presence.

19. Alexa Rank Checker

alexa rank checker

Unveil your website’s global and national Alexa rankings with our precise Alexa Rank Checker tool. 

Designed to empower SEO strategists and digital marketers, this tool offers an in-depth analysis of your site’s online popularity and comparative metrics.

Key Features:

  1. Accurate tracking of global and country-specific Alexa rankings.
  2. Insights into website traffic trends and audience engagement.
  3. Comparison with competitors for benchmarking performance.


  • Basic: $49/month for standard Alexa rank tracking.
  • Professional: $99/month with detailed traffic analysis.
  • Expert: $199/month for advanced historical data tracking.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for extensive, tailored solutions.

Elevate your digital presence and stay ahead of the curve with our Alexa Rank Checker, the essential tool for modern online success.

20. SpyFu


SpyFu is a comprehensive SEO tool designed for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and business owners. 

It specializes in competitor analysis, allowing users to gain deep insights into the strategies used by their competitors. 

Key Features:

  1. Competitor Keyword Research: Discover the keywords your competitors rank for and their historical ranking.
  2. PPC Competitor Analysis: Gain insights into competitors’ paid search strategies.
  3. Backlink Tracking: Analyze the backlink profile of any domain.
  4. SEO Rank Tracking: Monitor your website’s rankings for specific keywords over time.
  5. Custom Reports: Generate detailed reports on SEO performance and competitor strategies.


  • Basic: $39/month, offers core features with limited domain overviews and keyword tracking.
  • Professional: $78/month, includes more in-depth domain analysis and historical data.
  • Team: $299/month, designed for team use with increased data access and custom branded reporting.

SpyFu excels in providing detailed insights into competitors’ SEO strategies. Its user-friendly interface and extensive data make it suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals seeking to refine their SEO and PPC strategies.

Tips to Choose Right Keyword Tracking Software

Choosing the right keyword tracking software is essential for effective SEO. Here are the five tips to do it effectively:

  • Competitor Analysis: Prioritize tools with comprehensive competitor keyword insights.
  • Local & Global Tracking: Ensure capabilities for both local and global keyword tracking.
  • Google Integration: Look for seamless integration with Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Keyword Opportunity Assessment: Select software that evaluates keyword difficulty and identifies new opportunities.
  • Real-time Alerts: Choose tools offering real-time updates on ranking changes.

Selecting the appropriate keyword tracking tool is a strategic step towards enhancing your SEO efforts. With the right software, you can gain valuable insights, stay ahead of competitors, and optimize your online presence effectively.


Keyword tracking tools are essential for anyone serious about SEO. They provide clarity on your search engine rankings and offer insights into your competitors’ strategies.

With these tools, spotting trends becomes more manageable, allowing you to identify new opportunities. This leads to smarter, more informed decisions for your website’s SEO strategy.

It’s all about leveraging accurate information to effectively reach and engage your target audience. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced SEO professional, these tools are vital in guiding your efforts.

Utilizing them wisely can significantly enhance your online presence. Ultimately, effective SEO connects you with your audience, and the right keyword tracking tools are key to achieving this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keyword tracking important for SEO?

Keyword tracking is crucial for understanding your website's search engine performance, identifying which keywords drive traffic, and guiding SEO strategy adjustments.

How often do these tools update keyword rankings?

Most tools update rankings daily, but some offer real-time tracking for more immediate insights.

Can Keyword Tracking Tools monitor competitor rankings?

Yes, many of these tools have features to track and analyze competitors' keyword performance.

Are these tools suitable for all business sizes?

Absolutely, they cater to businesses of all sizes, from individual bloggers to large corporations.

Do Keyword Tracking Tools provide global ranking data?

Yes, most tools offer global and local ranking data, adaptable to your targeted geographic regions.

Is technical expertise required to use these tools?

Not necessarily. Most tools are user-friendly with intuitive interfaces, suitable for both beginners and experts.

Can I integrate these tools with other SEO or marketing software?

Many keyword tracking tools offer integration options with popular SEO, analytics, and marketing platforms.

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