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Wikipedia Backlinks: What You Need to Know About Them


In the years that Wikipedia has been around, it has gained popularity as one of the most recognized online encyclopaedia. Its accessibility and availability in hundreds of languages have grown the platform extensively. Despite constant criticism for having editable information, it is an incredible one-stop source for info on various topics and subtopics. Users can always find general details, current trending information and historical data.

It helps that the Wikipedia platform provides source links for verification and further analysis. The expansiveness of the information on Wikipedia and seeing that it is among the world’s most visited websites makes it an excellent place for backlinking. You have a better chance of drawing targeted traffic to your site when you generate Wikipedia backlinks. Let’s take a deep dive and expound more on.

What Is a Wikipedia Backlink?

Wikipedia backlinks are links to websites that appear on the external links areas of Wikipedia pages. They could also appear in the notes section. Wikipedia backlinks point to web resources that relate to the subject matter. 

wikipedia backlink

Do Wikipedia Backlinks Matter?

Understandably, Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow and have no impact on page ranking. That is not to say that they do nothing for a digital marketing campaign. Wikipedia has incredible content people like to run to when looking up things online. That makes it among the most potent avenues for boosting traffic to your website. People foraging for specific summarised information online are always curious to know what Wikipedia says.

If they come across your link on their scroll around the Wiki pages, it is no doubt that they will identify your page as an authoritative thought leader in your industry. Readers will peg value to your content and consider your page when looking up things related to your niche. Wikipedia backlinks translate to an influx of traffic to your site. Furthermore, other content creators will also find your website credible enough to link to when talking about things relating to your industry.

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account

The first thing to do in the quest for Wikipedia backlinks is to create a Wikipedia account. An account will help you get the authority backlinks to your site even though you do not need it to contribute to the Wikipedia pages. Moreover, registering an account allows you to converse with other editors through your talk page.

After creating your Wikipedia account and making a few edits, the platform will let you start new articles, edit semi-protected pages and gain other permissions. The more edits you make and the longer your account is up, the easier it will be for the platform to allow you to edit extensive protected pages. They let you in the hope that you will grow the content ecosystem on Wikipedia.

  2. Define Your Keyword Data Set

The next step is defining your keyword data set. It is no new that keyword research forms a robust foundation for any Search engine optimization technique. Identify several broad keywords that target your Wikipedia backlinks. Consider going for topically relevant backlinks for a better SEO result.

keyword data set

  3. Find Wikipedia Backlink Opportunities

Once you narrow down on the appropriate keywords, the next logical step is scouting for ripe Wikipedia backlinks opportunities. You can either leverage new links or dead links. Dead links are hyperlinked on the wiki page but are no longer active. Dead links occur when a linked resource disappears, but there isn’t an HTML redirection.

They present an excellent opportunity for websites to provide updated content to replace non-existent ones. You can uncover dead links through a manual Wikipedia search or an advanced search operator. New link opportunities involve creating a unique link on a wiki page to your content. It is much easier to garner new backlinks when you are a registered user with incredible account history. Identify areas on the Wikipedia pages with your relevant keywords that you can inject your resource to validate the accuracy of the information and gain Wikipedia backlinks in return.

  4. Create a Resource for That Wikipedia Topic

After identifying Wikipedia backlink opportunities, the next step is creating educational, authoritative, and trustworthy content. The link from the Wiki pages should land on a reputable site. Do what you must to create great content for your Wikipedia link-building.

Your content needs to display exemplary expertise and authoritativeness. It should also relate to the subject matter on the Wikipedia page. That will make the backlinks pass the Wikipedia manual review and increase the possibility of being a permanent backlink for your site.

  5. Insert a Backlink on the Wikipedia Page

Be sure to cite your website in an appropriate format. That way, it has a better chance of having a permanent place on Wikipedia. Linking your website haphazardly without following the proper markup language risks deletion by Wikipedia editors. Avoid inserting keyword-rich anchor text when injecting your backlinks. That also lowers the chances of getting a permanent Wikipedia backlink.

wikipedia backlinks

  6. Bonus Tip for Easy Wiki Backlinks

An alternative way to gain backlinks is to use a 301 direct on websites that are no longer existent. Conduct a manual search to find if the linking domain is expired. If it has lapsed, you can re-register it through sites like GoDaddy. After acquiring the domain, recreate the old content linked to or create new content.

301 redirect

The links will now point to the new content on your site. Consider websites like Domcop.com, Spamzilla.io, and Expiredomains.net to identify an expired domain that you can possess. Alternatively, you could choose to leave the process to the experts. You could opt to work with a link-building services agency like outreach monks and leverage their knowledge.

Are Wikipedia Backlinks Worth It?

Wikipedia backlinks are no doubt worth every effort. A Wikipedia backlink will boost the authoritativeness and reputation of your website. You are more likely to get citations from other content creators and website owners who found you on Wikipedia pages. And that increases traffic to your site.

Wrapping up

Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow links. That said, they offer incredible Search engine optimization value to website content. Wikipedia is a popular authoritative site. Backlinks from the platform are sure to boost traffic to your site. That makes Wikipedia a powerful resource for your off-page optimization efforts. Wikipedia backlinking should be an essential component of any link-building strategy.




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