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Top Local SEO Tools To Increase For Local Search Rankings

local seo tools

Top Local SEO Tools To Increase For Local Search Rankings

local seo tools
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Building and maintaining an online presence is essential for businesses in the current landscape. In fact, digital marketing is no longer confined to large enterprises, and even small businesses need to invest in it. The pandemic phase made local SEO the most significant part of the marketing mix. It enables businesses to make themselves visible to the local audience and strengthen their position in the nearby markets. Not surprisingly, the tactic gained steam amid the pandemic and continues to go strong.

Local SEO tools serve immense value as they offer competitor insight, enable identification of SEO-optimized keywords, help track rankings, and monitor performance. You can even rely on them to boost customer engagement. The good thing is that you have plenty of tools you can rely on. But being spoiled for choice can overwhelm you. Let us share the top SEO tools that can help increase local search rankings for your website. 

Google Business Profile

google business

Google Business Profile is the mainstay of local SEO as it defines your business and introduces you to local buyers. Creating a profile with this tool is an excellent idea as your customers can use it to locate information such as the address, phone numbers, and opening hours of a local business. You can also use it to discover your competitors and monitor and respond to customer reviews. The tool even has a ” book an appointment “ feature your customers can leverage to engage with your listing and move a step ahead with the conversion process. 

Google Search Console

search console 2022

Google Search Console is an ideal tool for local businesses as it helps with ensuring a Google-friendly website. It serves several valuable functionalities, from checking the keywords ranking for your site to finding the number of pages indexed from it. You can also see the number of clicks and impressions with this tool. Further, it shows the usability issues with your mobile site or pages, and you can address them sooner than later. You can even rely on it to check additional errors and indexing issues that require your attention. Besides this reliable tool, you can try other options like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads Keyword Planner to empower your local SEO strategy

Moz Local

moz Local

Moz Local is the next on the list, and it works for both small and enterprise businesses. It boosts website visibility by ensuring correct, complete, and consistent online listings. It is one of the most helpful local seo tools as you only have to create a business listing once, and it automates the rest of the tasks. Moz even sends your listings to major search engines, directories, apps, and business data aggregators, making your business visible everywhere it should. The tool includes features such as Google and Facebook integration, social postings, review notifications, and automated duplicate deletion.

Semrush Listing Management

semrush listening

With the Semrush Listing Management tool, you can add your business data to the directories within the US and beyond. The tool lets you track the listings once they are live and update them to ensure accuracy and consistency across platforms. It also keeps you ahead of customer reviews with constant monitoring. Further, you can use it to see your website’s ranking and current local search performance in your target cities.  You may configure it to get location reports via email to keep track of the information even without logging in. 


synup listening

If you are looking for an all-in-one local SEO tool to empower your marketing efforts, Synup is an excellent choice. It helps you manage your listings, get valuable insights through analytics, and create actionable reports. The best thing about Synup is that it has unlimited listing updates. You get instant notifications every time a customer posts a new review, so you can respond immediately. Another noteworthy feature of this tool is the automatic syncing of business and location data across websites. Moreover, it crawls over hundreds of local search engines and directories to identify inconsistencies.

Now that you know about the most reliable local SEO tools, you can take your strategy to the next level. But you may still have some confusion and queries regarding local SEO because the constantly evolving page ranking algorithms bring complexity to it. Here are a few FAQs worth answering and addressing your doubts.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of local SEO?

Local SEO can serve extensive benefits if done right. From better sales to higher foot traffic, word-of-mouth publicity, and brand awareness, you get it all. Moreover, it can also improve your website ranking and bring in more traffic.

How do I start my local SEO?

Local SEO starts with optimizing your Google My Business profile to ensure it has complete and accurate information about your location and business. Adding local business pages to your website and local keywords in content also helps.

What are the free local SEO tools?

Here is a list of top free local SEO tools-

  • Semrush Listing Management
  • Google Business Profile
  • Georanker
  • Synup
  • Schema Creator
What is the best local SEO factor?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is the most crucial local SEO factor, so you must ensure complete and relevant information on it. Reviews and on-page optimization are other factors that require attention.

How does local SEO differ from regular website SEO?

Local SEO focuses mainly on your Google My Business page instead of your website. You must invest in it to capitalize on the opportunity to appear in searches for locally-focused search phrases. It makes your business visible and gets customers to your physical location.

How to appear in Google local search results?

There isn’t a tried and tested formula to make your business profile pages appear in the search results. The only option to promote your business is by following Google guidelines for local SEO. Also, ensure that the option works for your business model in the first place.

What types of businesses can get the best results with local SEO?

Local SEO may not be appropriate for all businesses, though it works well for many. For example, you cannot expect to use the strategy for an e-commerce store with no physical location in your area.

What is the most crucial ranking factor for local SEO?

Surprisingly, your website has nothing to do with local rankings. Google My Business (GMB) is the most crucial ranking factor in local search. Ensure it is well-optimized to earn the trust of search engines and appear on local search listings.

These questions cover most of the information businesses require about local SEO. So you can rely on these tools and insights to create a winning strategy to strengthen the presence of your business and make it visible to local customers.

Looking for the best Local SEO Packages for your business, reach out to us.

Outrank your Competition

Looking for a mind-blowing link building strategy?

Buy Backlinks in 2022, Link Building Pricing Guide & Hacks

Inter Linking

Should You Buy Backlinks in 2022? Link Building Pricing Guide

Inter Linking
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As you start to build your SEO strategy, you’ll almost certainly encounter the concept of buying links. There are lots of people talking about this concept. On one side, you’ll hear it’s a horrible idea that will destroy your brand. On the other, it’s a great idea that you should focus on exclusively.

What’s the truth?

The good news is, there’s a middle ground. It’s possible to engage in thoughtful link buying while still focusing on your business as a whole. 

Officially, Google only wants you to engage in “natural” link building. To avoid businesses buying low-quality links in bulk, it regularly checks the quality of the links you receive. However, the truth is that everyone buys links from time to time — it’s crucial to getting your business out there. 

How can you avoid getting on Google’s bad side? How can you still manage your company’s outreach while you do it? Read on to find out. 

What’s the Difference Between Paid Link Building and Natural Link Building?

There are two main types of link building. That may sound simple, but the processes can still be confusing. Let’s take a look at the differences below, so you can approach link building prepared.

Natural Link Building

Natural link building is when companies offer links for your website without any research on your part. For example, imagine someone’s writing an article about travel agencies. They may link to Travelocity in their article because it’s an agency they know about. That’s natural link building.

This is the type of link building that Google wants you to engage in. When you create high-quality content, you’ll get your name out there. Then, people are more likely to link naturally to your business.

What’s the problem with natural link building? Mainly, it’s that natural link building rarely happens if you’re not already well-established. Especially when you’re first growing your business, you may need to invest in paid link building.

Paid Link Building

Paid link building, on the other hand, is when you pay a company to place your link in their content. Some bloggers will write content for you. On the flipside, many companies write their own content with a link, then submit that to a blogger for a price.

Isn’t paid link building something Google dissuades companies from? Well, yes and no. While it’s technically against Google’s TOS, the real truth is that Google doesn’t like it when you manipulate the SEO algorithm. So what’s a clever workaround? 

High quality content. Google can’t tell the difference between a paid link and a natural link, so long as the content is high quality. 

It’s common to pay for links to some extent. If you’re just starting out as a business, you may find this practice not only helpful, but actually necessary. It can kick-start your SEO standing, even if it’s just a few links.

Why Should You Consider Buying Backlinks?

Many companies purchase backlinks, and for good reason. These 3 driving points have made the process very attractive:


Starting from scratch in the online market is both uncertain and time-consuming. As such, many companies purchase backlinks because it saves time. 

Since link building is only one part of creating a successful internet presence, many business owners can’t wait for it to happen naturally. Purchasing backlinks can give you a leg up on other business owners who are just waiting for natural link building to take place. 

A link building strategy also takes time. It may draw your time and energy away from tasks like producing content of your own, refining your products, or strengthening your social media presence. 

Built-In Audience

Purchasing backlinks on a well-established site means you have a built-in audience. As such, more eyes are on your content and more people are clicking through to find out more. 

Not only does this cause Google to reward you with a higher ranking. It helps your business in a more direct way. If your links are found on the right sites, you could take home a chunk of that site’s following. 

A Variety of Options

There are more options for buying links than ever before. You can find the perfect option for your budgetary needs, your company size, and your ideal audience. 

Purchasing backlinks isn’t about buying from a shady, fake blog. It’s about offering a blogger money to create quality content that advertises your website.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Buying Backlinks

When you’re purchasing backlinks, be sure to observe these rules. They can help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of your bought links.


  • Purchase backlinks on authoritative and relevant sites
  • Reach out directly to content creators
  • Ensure all your content is high-quality and relevant
  • Advertise with creators whose audiences overlap with yours


  • Prioritize quantity over quality
  • Post comments inquiring about backlinks
  • Blindly trust a company’s quality
  • Utilize backlinks as your solitary outreach program

Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?

Link building is a service that no digital campaign can survive without. But understanding good value for money for link building would require some effort. So what would you consider a fair deal when it comes to the pricing of link building services? Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this one. So we will explain certain factors to determine an optimal price point for link building.

So what’s a standard link building pricing scale?

Surprisingly, you can expect the price of link building to vary a lot, in a range between $100 – $20,000 per month, based on the quality and volume you are looking for. The range would probably confuse you. But the best way to figure out the costs for link building in the long term is by determining a price point per link.

Understanding the DR and DA dependent pricing model

While cost per link is one model you can check, you may find several vendors and agencies using DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority) as the key parameters for pricing the service. We can’t call this one a perfect system, because these scores are third-party metrics that do not give an accurate assessment of the true quality of a website. However, these scores are widely used as a benchmark system to measure the quality of a website, apart from other factors such as organic traffic.

The link building prices under this system may fall in $80 – $600 + range, depending on quality.

Case Studies on Link Costs

Being a link building agency that makes money for delivering this service to the clients, I think it makes sense to showcase some case studies to see how fair and average pricing can be estimated for link building.

1. Ahrefs connected with nearly 700 sites to see what bloggers and site owners were charging to place links for the clients. Using those numbers, they calculated that the average cost of a backlink from a site is $361.44 . Read More

2. Siege Media, a leading content marketing company, suggests that the average long term price per link should be around $500. read more 

The difference between In-House and Agency Pricing

A serious link building initiative with a dedicated in-house professional is a full time job. You can expect the process to take a lot of time because it involves much work, from developing prospect lists to approaching them with targeted outreach and nurturing every opportunity available.

In-house link building

Speaking about in-house costs, hiring an experienced SEO professional in major cities across USA or UK would cost you around $4,000 per month, which adds up to a good $50,000 per year. You will also need a manager to supervise the link building professionals throughout. Further, you can add up the cost of paid links every month, in addition to the cost of content creation for link building with guest posts. There is also some essential software you will need, such as Ahrefs for several link building tasks and Pitchbox for outreach. So you can well imagine how much it would add up to!

On the flip side, there are also some great things about in-house link building. There’s the advantage of complete control on your own outreach team. Moreover, it gets easy to align your content initiative seamlessly with the outreach and link building efforts. 

Time is surely a concern, but if you’re serious, you can manage it pretty well.

There are large companies with large content teams that are managing it really well. They’ve mastered the content and link building combo to earn valuable traffic and they’ve also created a team that works in perfect tandem.

Agency link building

For agency costs, everything boils down to who you hire for the job….

As we’ve already talked about the pricing models and range for link building, we’ll focus on deciding the agency to hire.

Top-tier content marketing agencies that offer an end-to-end service may charge anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000 per campaign, particularly the ones based in major cities like New York. If you calculate the average cost per link cost, it will come in the $500 – $1500 range.

Conversely, you can connect with link building specialists like us that charge far less. What’s more, you can get major price differences with increase in link volume.

There are also agencies that wouldn’t give you much analysis or insight on your website. They work on a price per link model, while offering guest posts for a fixed price. If you want to check the leading players in this space, a quick Google search for “guest post service” will suffice.

How Much Does Link Building Cost At OutreachMonks?

Since we have clarity on exactly what we charge and how we do it, we can start with our own pricing directly. But you need not worry as we will tell you about the averages as well, so just keep reading on.

There are two pricing models for our clients, both white label clients and direct clients, with a tailored approach to match their needs and expectations perfectly.

Price-Per-Link Link Building Services

Check out our la carte services, typically apt for resellers. These include four link building tactics:

Now let’s explain these in detail!

Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach

Essentially, guest posting and blogger outreach are the same. We provide both because we understand how people search for them (in terms of search keywords). 

Our per-link pricing for Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting ranges from $59 to $419 per link.

You can secure some pricing discounts by ordering 30+ or 50+ links in a single order.

Pricing as per DA range
Pricing as per monthly traffic

Affiliate marketers and local businesses go after our niche edits service. For this service, our costing starts at $69 per link placement. This service focuses on securing relevant, quality link placement opportunities on websites we already have a relationship with.


How Much Does OutreachMonks’s Link Building Packages Cost?

We offer pre-designed fully-managed link building packages starts at $549 per month. We structure our monthly pricing on the basis of your requirements with the aim to bring a successful outcome. Our monthly plans are just right for the clients looking for a fully-managed link building solution.

How Much is Outreach Monks’s Custom Link Building?

Our custom link-building campaigns start at $1500 per month. You can expect to spend around $5000 per month for a standard campaign. 

The number of backlinks we secure for this budget depends on your goals and resources. Typically, our custom link building plans are billed hourly, but we also offer hybrid pricing in some instances.

For example, the client may need both research and planning and blogger outreach as the elements of your overall strategy. In that case, we can give a mix of pricing, with per-link pricing for the blogger outreach links and hourly billing model for the rest. 

To know which would work for you, booking a consultation would be the best way to start. We would want to know your business better and help you weigh your options.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks also referred to as “inbound links” are links from one site to a page on another. These are seen as votes for a page, and multiple backlinks tend to boost the search engine ranking of a page. 

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Consider backlinks as votes which indicate that the content on your site is useful, credible, and valuable. Your site ranking goes up as you have more votes (backlinks) from other websites. 

What Types of Backlinks are Valuable?

Obviously, backlinks are not created equal, and the high-quality ones are more valuable. So you must focus on creating high-quality links if you want your web pages and site to secure higher rankings in the SERPs. 

My backlinks are decreasing. What should I do?

Losing some links over time is normal. It is vital to understand that link acquisition is an ongoing activity rather than a one-time event. You must keep acquiring new backlinks to cover the ones lost. While you do it, prioritize quality over numbers. 

I cannot see my backlinks in Google Search Console, Ahrefs, etc. Why?

You can see only a sample of your link profile Google Search Console. Similarly, you cannot expect a comprehensive view with third-party tools like Ahrefs. You will see only a percentage of your entire link profile with them. 

Can I Get Any Backlink?

Yes, you can easily acquire backlinks, but everything boils down to getting the right ones. Look for the best opportunities, which you can do by analyzing data and picking the relevant ones only. Look for backlinks from websites that:

  • Are from the same niche, which makes them relevant
  • Are from a non-spammy site
  • Have a high domain authority score 

What are Follow and No Follow Backlinks?

By default, every backlink on a site is a ‘follow’ link, which means that it is passing the authority to the linked website. However, some sites set ‘no follow’ for their backlinks so that the website authority is not shared with others. 

Are Fiverr backlinks good?

Fiverr isn’t a great opportunity for acquiring links, so you should avoid buying them from this source. 

Are NoFollow backlinks good?

You cannot expect many benefits from NoFollow backlinks because they do not pass PageRank. They have no value from an SEO perspective, though you may get referral traffic or sales from them.

How many backlinks per day are safe?

Link velocity matters only when you build artificial backlinks. As long as you are getting them through outreach and content promotion, the daily numbers hardly matter. 

What is a Backlink Profile?

A backlink profile is essentially your website’s backlink portfolio built over time. Creating a backlink profile helps you in several ways. It offers an insight into the sites linked to your website. You can use it to find new traffic and exposure opportunities and pinpoint spammy links from irrelevant sources. You can easily purge such links with Google’s free disavow tool. 

What is the Penguin Algorithm?

Google keeps evolving its search algorithms that guide the ranking system for websites. The Penguin algorithm plays a key role in picking sites that use manipulative linking schemes and penalizing them. The algorithm came in 2012 and has come a long way since then, with many updates and improvements, before it became a part of the Core Algorithm in 2017. 

How Do I Acquire A Backlink To My Website?

While backlinks are acquired naturally over time as other sites link with your site, you can build them with some legitimate practices. These include:

  • Posting guest posts on relevant sites
  • Creating infographics
  • Reaching out to influencers
  • Reclaiming broken links

What’s a Toxic Backlink?

If having high-quality backlinks can benefit your websites, the wrong ones can be toxic enough to harm your rankings. These unnatural links come from low-quality or suspicious sites. Also, they may be manipulative and built using black-hat practices. You should steer clear of toxic links because they can do more harm than good in the long term.  

How to Remove Toxic Backlinks?

A backlink audit is an activity that gets you on track for improving your SEO strategy. It enables you to identify the toxic links that have the potential to harm your rankings or get your site penalized. Even as you may get rid of toxic links, some may still remain at the end of the cycle. You can go the extra mile by taking measures to improve your online reputation after eliminating as many toxic links as possible.


Everyone knows how vital link building is in SEO. It is, however, a major investment for any business and can cost a considerable sum.

So, before you go ahead with paid link building, it is important to create an action plan which could include deciding upon the pages and keywords you want to target, creating a prioritized list and researching the competitors. Remember, not all backlinks are equal. Always check that the backlinks you purchase directly benefit your website. After all, that’s why you’re purchasing them, right?

Even though Google often frowns on purchasing backlinks, there is a compromise to be found. So long as you don’t buy links with a desire to manipulate the Google algorithm, everyone wins. 

Hence, it would be safe to say that buying backlinks, undoubtedly is highly beneficial if you adhere to a thorough link selection process and criteria. Thoughtful link building leaves no room for distinguishing between a paid or natural link.

Outrank your Competition

Looking for a mind-blowing link building strategy?

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2022

higer ranking google

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2022

higer ranking google
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Someone once said-“The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results”. As a business you are either on the first page of Google or you literally do not exist at all. Yes, sites on the first page get a whopping 95% of search traffic! That is why SEO is now a vital part of business. But how do you rank your site higher in 2020? To answer this, let us look at some of the techniques you can use to get your website to the very top of the search pyramid. 

Prepare your site for voice search

Voice search has already nestled comfortably into many people. An example of voice search technology is Google’s assistant. As this technology becomes more prevalent, you will need to consider how voice search will affect your SEO efforts. 

Optimizing voice search involves using more or less “natural” phrasing in content. Think of it this way the site visitors will say something like this when using voice search: “what is the best hosting for blogs this year?” This question is a bit longer and also comes out so naturally while speaking, as opposed to typing something like, “best hosting blog” on a search engine. Thus, you will need to consider optimizing your content for long-tail words to be ready for voice search. This will make it easier for search engine users to find you as the tech takes shape.

Optimize your site for speed

Loading times is still a massive key to ranking higher in 2020. Remember, many internet users look for more convenience when they do a search online. So, increasing the speed of your site by reducing loading time and latency will lead to improved site ranking on the Google search results page. The Google spider has been known to factor this in the content ranking algorithm.

There are many ways to improve your site load speed including implementing content caching, optimizing the media files on your site through compression, minifying CSS, JS & HTML, cutting on redirects,  optimize server performance, using a CDN to distribute your load, etc. 

Make your content stand out.

Content is still king in ranking higher on Google. You ought to ensure that your content is always educative, unique and up to date. Whether they are videos, infographics, or blog posts, you should create personalized content that is targeted at a given audience. Remember, customers want solutions when they do a Google search. Always make good use of such tools as image editors, grammar checkers, or paraphrasing tools. They will help boost the quality of your content you churn out. 

You should also generate great content for guest posts and link building campaigns. In fact, backlinks from other reputable sites are another huge factor in ranking higher on Google in 2020.


Choose the right keywords

You might have the best content strategies but you also need proper keywords to rank high. The key is to focus on the user intent. You need to think about the content that the user is looking for in order to determine where to position the keywords. To accomplish this, it is crucial to consider the following aspects when selecting keywords:

  • Opt for keywords associated with the content you want to rank 
  • Enrich the text with synonyms of those keywords
  • Include long-tail words
  • Check your competition as you pick keywords for content

Make sure your site is secure

Google also factors in web security in ranking sites. The goal is to encourage sites to switch to HTTPS, a secure version of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that protects web users. You can switch by installing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate on your web server. The SSL ensures that information exchanged between your website and its visitors is secured or protected from third parties. 

Track your site rankings

Rankings are dynamic meaning you will have to keep rinsing and repeating your approach. You have to keep assessing how you rank on the search engine from time to time. This will enlighten you on the areas you can improve on. You can always take advantage of some great free and paid tools to help you keep checking your ranking and performance including Ahrefs, AccuRanker, SEMrus, etc 

Figure out why you are being outranked by competitors

Your webpages might be outranked for many reasons. However, that shouldn’t discourage you. Don’t panic! Try to find out why your competitors are beating you or perhaps why rankings dropped:

  • Look at the kind of content and strategies that your competitors are using. That will give you an idea as to why they are ranking higher than you do
  • Check out if there are reasons why your site isn’t ranking higher despite the efforts you put. For example, check if there are technical errors, content changes, Google Penalty, or a change in ranking algorithm that is pegging back your efforts

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, ranking your business website higher on Google will translate to higher conversions and profits. In this regard, you need to put in work to get to the first page of Google. Better even, seek help from a reputable SEO or link building agency that can help grow your performance faster!  

Top 5 SERP Tracking Tools You Can Rely On In 2022

serp tracking tools

Top 5 SERP Tracking Tools You Can Rely On In 2022

serp tracking tools
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A winning SEO strategy is as much about tracking as anything else. While identifying relevant keywords and creating great content gets you started, you cannot leave things on autopilot after that. You also need to track the performance of indexed content consistently and fine-tune it to sustain your rankings and move ahead of the competitors. You may do it manually, but it can take lots of time and effort. It is best to find a SERP tracking tool that you can rely on. Even as there are several options around, here are the best ones you can try in 2022. 

If you are looking for a smart assistant that keeps you ahead of keyword rankings in real-time, Zutrix is a name you can depend on. This simple rank tracker tool is for everyone, from personal users to SEO professionals and small businesses. You can use it to get location-independent results with AI-powered accuracy. It also helps you track competitors and get sharable reports. There is even a keyword lab to help you with ideas. 


SEMrush has been around for more than a decade and continues to be the top choice of digital marketers around the world. An all-in-one marketing toolkit, it boasts of millions of users and offers tools for SEO, content marketing, social media, competitive research, and online advertising. You can use it to track keywords and domains, discover competitors, compare multiple geographic locations, target different devices, and more. It offers simple and easy-to-understand PDF reporting as well.


Next on the list is AccuRanker, which lives up to its name. You can trust it for quick and accurate rank tracking on desktop or mobile. It features SERP history that gives a fair idea of the best tactics and enables you to tailor your SEO strategies accordingly. You also get access to features such as Google & Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, advanced data segmentation, and Advanced Share of Voice. Automatic and custom reporting makes it one of the best options.

Advanced Web Ranking

AWR is another tracking tool you can consider this year, as it is regarded as one of the most accurate around. You can use it to track fresh rankings across various search engines, different locations, and multiple devices. The tool gets you high-end features such as Google Data integration, data segmentation, visibility and KPIs, and performance trends. With such valuable information at hand, you can enhance your strategy for success.

Ahrefs is among the best keyword explorers and also includes a reliable rank tracking tool. It is a smart choice if you are looking for a complete package that helps to boost your online presence organically. The default features include keyword research, competitive analysis, content research, backlink research, rank tracking, and web monitoring. Additionally, you can expect new ones to come up now and then.

When it comes to rank trackers, there is no dearth of choices. But everything boils down to choosing a tool that promises accuracy and speed. These tools definitely come ahead as the best ones. 

Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2022 – How It Works?

Blogger Outreach Strategy In 2022 - How It Works?​​

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Link building is a vital part of off-page SEO strategy. However, managing off-page SEO means that you cannot control the sources and volume of these links. So, the question is:

How to build a backlink SEO campaign that works?

How do you convince influencers to allow you to fetch backlinks from their blog? Through this article, I’ll show you how to do it via blogger outreach. For easy understanding, I’ve broken the process into four sections:

  1. How to find the right prospects?
  2. How to engage with these bloggers?
  3. A few tactics for building quality backlinks
  4. Compiling and analyzing the results

But first…

Why Backlinks?

Simply put, backlinks bring traffic for your website.

Building backlinks means that your website receives a link from another website that directs back to yours. The greater the credibility and authority these sites linking to your website hold, the higher your website climbs in the search results.

Nevertheless, Link building calls for time, patience, and consistent effort. Using blogger outreach can help you create a quality backlink campaign. Having said that, it requires building relationships with bloggers, and we all know that relationships aren’t built overnight!

So, you may ask, is it worth it? I’d say…totally.

What is Blogger Outreach?

If you are familiar with influencer marketing, blogger outreach won’t strike you as an alien concept. In fact, blogger outreach is a form of influencer marketing, where you leverage the fan-base of the blogger for getting traffic to your site.

In other words, you look for a blogger-influencer who has gathered thousands of fans and tons of daily traffic within your niche. You essentially seek their permission to tap into their traffic via guest posting on their website and social media channels.

This is indeed a great idea to fetch exposure and get more of relevant audience on your website. Now this is possible only if you choose the right bloggers who can influence an audience that matters.

Bloggers, especially those who have huge social media following, now hold a lot of power. A backlink from their website can work wonders for your SEO strategy. Beyond that, building a strong relationship with these influencers can also:

  • Drive referral traffic to your website via social media
  • Grow your network
  • Boost the chances of natural link building

Undoubtedly, blogger outreach is a win-win situation when it comes to building effective backlinks.

So, how do you do it? Let’s have a look…

1. How to find the right prospects?

The very first step towards the success of your influencer campaign is to find the relevant influencers. You need to find the ones who not only relate to your niche but also are active and have a lot of followers. 

Finding the right prospects is easier than it sounds, but it requires time. A lot of time! The best way to do so is by using a spreadsheet to maintain a record of influential bloggers you come across. 

Further, you can try some of the following tips to look for prospective influencers in your niche.

  • Hunt through Blog Directories

    You can find almost anything on the internet these days; this includes blog directories as well. These blog directories help bloggers to list their sites, which in turn are made available to other bloggers and people like you to help easily locate each other. All you need to do is access the directory, and find and match the prospects you are looking for.

    Some examples of blog directories are listed below:

  • Chase comments on blogs

    Though it may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, finding bloggers in comments on blogs is a lot easier. Why? Because you may notice that a majority of the comments are from other bloggers. Since most of these bloggers may be struggling with problems that the author may just have solved for them, they leave a comment on the article.

    This is actually a very common practice. So, you can easily scroll through some popular blogs and search through the comments section within them. Soon, you’ll be able to find a few bloggers you can reach out to.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors

    If your competitors are doing well with their SEO efforts, there is a pretty good chance that their backlinking approach is effective and fruitful. In fact, people are probably linking out to them. But who are these people?

    To know the answer, you can make use of SEO “spy” tools that let you spy on your competitors. You can easily track their backlinks using these tools. And if people are linking to your competitor, there is no reason they won’t link to you as well.

    For example, SpyFu is one such SEO tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and see what they are doing, including the source of their precious incoming links. Moreover, it allows you to download a copy of their backlink profile which you can use to devise a plan of action for your own backlinking campaign.

  • Google is your best friend

    Google never fails to find relevant results for any search. You can use Google to find relevant bloggers who are willing to accept guest posts. All you need to do is to use the right set of keywords.

    For example, “write for us” can bring up some promising results. You can try putting in variations of these terms, such as “guest post”, “product review”, and more.

2. How to engage with these bloggers?

Forging relationships with the bloggers can surely help you secure backlinks through blogger outreach. The stronger the relationships you maintain with the blogger, the longer the benefits can last for you. In other words, you’ll keep on receiving inbound links from them.

As we all know, blogger outreach can be a bit difficult at times. However, if carried out in a planned way, it can be the simplest technique to build links. Here are a few tips that you can use to nurture your relationships with these influencers and ask them for links.

  • Indulge in to know about the blogger

Influencers are a big deal. As with any individual, they like to be appreciated for the position they hold. In other words, the more you know about the bloggers, the better are your chances to convince them to work with you and provide you a backlink

Whatever you write about for your guest post, just make sure that it’s in line with their target audience and matches their values and style of writing.

For example:

    • How lengthy and detailed content do they usually post?
    • What’s their tone of writing?
    • What’s their level of expertise?
  • Communication is the foundation of your relationship

Free flow of communication is the foundation of any relationship and this holds true to blogger outreach as well.

Time is of the utmost importance for popular bloggers and you must make sure that you value their time. Not only should you get back to them with timely replies, but also clearly specify what you intend to achieve with a guest post.

  • Begin by linking to them first

You can simply link to them first, just as a friendly gesture. The more you link out to the influencers first, the more you can urge and convince them later to reciprocate this gesture.

The motive is to get noticed. And you can surely do it if you start tagging these influencers on your social media posts.

  • Leave comments on their content

If you’ve joined any facebook group, then you might notice one or two other members who clearly stand out from the rest in the group. You know them inside out, what they do and what their preferences are.

For example, there’s this anonymous blogger who was active on a facebook group, with his comments and eventually, the founder of the group asked him to become an admin. Just imagine how many links he’d be getting now! All of this probably happened just because he was an active member of the group.

Find the prospects you’d want to connect with subsequently and start leaving authentic comments on their content. This would help create a healthy long-term relationship with them.

3. A few tactics for quality backlinks

So you’ve sorted out the prospects that fit your needs the best. And you’ve already gained their attention.  Now it’s time to execute your link building campaign strategy.

  • Seek contribution to a single piece of content

This tip can work wonders every time you seek contribution. Start by identifying the niche and topic to write about.

Now you need to pick a format, whether you aspire to write an e-book or a long-form blog post or compile a physical book.

By now, you will surely have a wish-list of influencers and good relationships with them if you’ve followed on the first two pieces of advice. Draw your wishlist to come up with the potential contributors to your content.

To help you pick the best ones, you can:

    • Look for someone with expertise on the chosen topic
    • Make sure they have a large social media fanbase.

By now, you will probably who you wish to contribute to and stand a pretty good chance that they might already know you. If you’ve got yourself noticed, you definitely will have the right connections!

Reach out to your prospects and ask them to contribute their words to your topic. How much you wish them to contribute to your topic is entirely your call. Maybe, you can invite them to contribute a whole chapter on the topic or just give a small comment.

For obvious reasons, you may need to offer them something in exchange for their time, effort, and contribution.  You may even need to pay them, besides just exchanging a link. That’s entirely fair, so if you need to do it, don’t hesitate. Apart from this, if you can offer them something for free, such as a sample of your product, or your service, it will make your relationship with the blogger even stronger.

Once the piece of content is done, let everyone in your contact know about it. They’ll be more than happy to share your contributions to their audience. In return, you’ll get lots and lots of links.

What’s more, there are chances that your friendship won’t end there. The more you nurture the relationship with the influencer friends, the greater are the chances that your friends will reciprocate the gesture. They may even ask you to contribute to them and this would mean even more links for your website.

  • You need to write the best guest post

Guest posting is amongst the most effective outreach tactics there are. You pitch a piece of content to an influencer and request them to publish it on their blog.

In fact, guest posting on sites such as The Huffington Post or The Medium is so invaluable that contributors are only concerned about the link juice it would fetch for them. They are not at all bothered whether they get paid for their contribution.

As we’ve already covered how to prospect perfect guest posting opportunities, all you need now is to fine-tune your pitch as well as what you’ll write about.

The best way to undertake this task is to know the influencers you are chasing inside-out. Ideally, you should try to understand some of the things such as:

    • The type of audience they have
    • The reason they write
    • The type of content they put up

You can also get an idea from the already published guest posts on their blog. Try to know what these guest posts are like, how popular they are, and which are the type of posts performing the best.

Before you pitch your idea, make sure you:

    • Go through their guidelines
    • Personalize your pitch
    • Introduce yourself
    • Convince them why you are a great guest blogger

Remember that guest posts are not meant to be about you or your product. Rather, they are all about delivering value to the audience, be it yours or theirs.

4. Compiling and analyzing the results

While you are outreaching influencers and making new friends, make sure that your efforts deliver the results that they are expected to.

Remember that your aim is to acquire more traffic and not getting to know new people. In order to stay on track, you need to compile your results to make sure you are doing it the right way. Or else, all you’ll have at the end of the day is just another online friend.

For example, you can make use of Google Analytics to track the results of your efforts. All you need is to create a single segment for all the guest posts you’ve ever contributed.

This would allow you to see the data related to your backlink building  efforts, including the traffic and conversions you’ve received.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Link building through blogger outreach is as easy as making friends with these bloggers and guest posting for them. All you need to do is foster a healthy relationship with these influencers.

All in all, it’s a three-step process:

    • Prospecting relevant bloggers
    • Getting noticed by them
    • Sharing an exemplary piece of guest post content with them

Share this piece of article if you like it. Let’s make link building easier for all.

How to Use Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

How to Use Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

Guest blogging is one of the oldest and effective strategies to create natural links targeted for better SEO ranking.  You are probably wondering how guest posting can help in natural link building. Well, let us expound more on this.

What’s Guest posting & how to do it Right

For starters, guest posting is a technique where a website owner invites guest bloggers or authors to post on their blogs. By publishing content as a guest blogger, you can be given an avenue to get access to a new audience, and you can even get backlinks to your own site.  It is a win-win situation for you and the blogger. It will translate to more traffic, leads, brand awareness, improved reputation, plus it is good for SEO. Remember, Google uses backlinks as a ranking signal for reputation thus, guest posting can help you grow your rankings. Let us now look at how to use guest posting as a strategy to grow your backlinks naturally.

Choose Guest Blogs Wisely

You should know that not all blogs have the same authority, and also not all the authoritative sites are right for you. It is better for you to source for a few useful, authoritative sites than to guest blog on many top sites that add no value to your website. You are also better off settling for a site that is in line with the service you are offering. 

Of course, you can post lots of quality and highly captivating content, but if it falls on the wrong audience, then your posts become irrelevant. Review the performance of the site and make sure it is worth guest posting. You can use metrics like the Domain Authority (DA) index, the size of social followers, users’ activity, and the nature of readers, etc. If you want to create long-term relationships with bloggers and get the returns you are looking for, then you better take time to research. 



  • Use search operators to help you find guest blog opportunities on Google. For example, you can search something like sports “submit a guest post”
  • Find out about top bloggers in your industry
  • Use tools to do a backlink analysis of your competitors and find out where they post content.
  • You can also search for guest blog opportunities on social networks
  • You can also check out for resources that syndicate the blogs that accept guest posts



Grab the Editor’s Attention

Guest blogging on prestigious sites can prove a hard nut to crack. In fact, you stand a slim chance on most sites with very high DA. So what’s the trick then? Simply try to grab the attention of the editor in a way that it becomes extremely hard for them to ignore your content. This needs a dose of creativity. 

For example, do research and understand what topics get more attention. Once you have settled on the best topics, it’s time to put pitch to the blogger. You can pitch directly to the editor instead of the business. You can tell the editor about your profile, and this can help you create ties that can win your favor and priority for approval. As part of the research, try to know other people who have been guest posting on the website. Spy on them and learn a thing or two from their posts and website that can help you get a chance to guest blog.  


Create Content that Attracts Readers

Guest blogging intends to build a pathway for users of other websites to visit your website too.  This is nothing but luring them into your product or services. You ought to create quality posts that place you as an authority. Always keep in mind that readers are often online looking for solutions. So, give them the best solutions to stand a cut above the competition. 

It also helps if you have an eye-catching headline that grabs the attention of the reader. Again, this is where you have to get creative. You will need to use proper content wording and length to attract more customers to read on and perhaps generate traffic to your site.

Reply to Comments on your Post

Bear in mind that guest posting aims to create a long-lasting relationship. You need to engage your audience by answering their questions effectively. If you show them that you are active, readers will associate you with reliability. Eventually, your conversion rates and reader engagement will rise. 

Evaluate Your Performance and be Patient

You need to keep evaluating the efficacy of your guest post campaigns and keep fine-tuning your approach. After all, you want to know how your guest posting strategy is impacting your website. That said, you need to know that formidable partnerships don’t happen overnight. Exercise patience and give it meaningful time before anything substantial materializes. Also, integrate your guest posting strategy to other approaches to help grow your SEO.  

Wrap up

In a nutshell, guest posting is one of the most useful SEO strategies that still work! You can use guest posting techniques to grow backlinks to your site. Remember, high-quality backlinks alone will not get you to page one of Google. You should use a blend of SEO strategies to help grow your rankings.  

DOS AND DON’TS of SEO in 2022


SEO ranking is key to business success in 2020, but unfortunately, many business owners still haven’t grasped the dynamics of search engine marketing yet.  For starters, you should know that SEO keeps evolving. Don’t be surprised to see those successful strategies that were working the other day struggling to get you higher up the search pyramid today. You have to keep tabs on SEO trends and refresh your strategies to stay on top of your SEO. We have compiled some tips detailing what you should do and avoid to improve your SEO performance in 2020.

The Dos of SEO

Post Unique Content

Posting compelling content is one of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking. Make sure you are unique. Avoid plagiarized content as this will negatively impact on your ranking. Remember, a search engine like Google has the algorithms that will devalue duplicated content. Eventually, your site will drop in ranking as priority is given to sites that post unique content. So, work hard to enrich your content in a way that’s tailored to the end-user. It is not just about getting on well with SEO algorithms. You will also build an excellent fan base posting content that keeps users coming for more!

Stay Consistent

You just can’t post content once in a while and expect to hit the ground running on SEO. You need to use quality content consistently. It takes time and hard work. Eventually, you will start seeing Return on your Investments (ROI)

Use the right SEO Tools

SEO tools are so crucial in your SEO efforts. Fortunately, it is 2020, and there are many tools that can help you with your campaigns. For example, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for your content. There are many other excellent SEO tools that can help you with other facets of your campaigns, like link building Analysis, Content Optimization, Rank Tracking, etc.

Establish Links with Social Media

Although there is no direct connection between SEO algorithms and social media, several brands are getting better ranking results with social media links. Links to social media means broader coverage and higher chances of getting visibility. Your website traffic will increase, and consequently, the SEO performance will grow. There is no clear indication of the effect of social links on SEO, but research shows that it does have an effect as Google also crawls social media for data.

Tailor your site for many devices

With the current advancements in technology, it is no secret that there is a massive rollout of mobile technology. Statistics show that more than 40% of adults use multiple platforms online. To effectively capture the diverse users, make sure your website is optimized for multiple devices. Simply check the search engine performance across a variety of devices and ensure that no common device is locked out from accessing your content. 

Think about your Target Audience

Ultimately, knowing your target audience will help you know how to lure them to your website. You need to develop strategies to win attention from your target audience. You can put all efforts to ensure you rank well on SEO, but they will do little if you are not enticing the customer. It is essential to measure, rinse, and repeat.  For example, use web analytics tools to measure your progress and reevaluate the strategies you are using to capture more customers. 

The Don’ts of SEO


Unfortunately, there is no single certain trick that can effectively work for SEO 2020. Google and other search engines routinely update their algorithms, and most tricks will be discovered faster than you think. 

Tip: Avoid black hat SEO strategies like spam comments that are against the guidelines of  Google.

Too Many Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in SEO ranking, although it has seemingly faded over the past years. Overusing them doesn’t necessarily mean the search engine algorithm will retrieve your content faster than others. Besides, forcing many keywords will downgrade the quality of your article and will hurt your relationship with the end user. 

Long Loading Time

It’s natural for users to bounce off websites that take time to load. Users are impatient, they can’t tolerate slow loading sites, and they will flee to your next competitor. So, ensure you have speedy websites to give your customers an excellent experience that will grow your traffic and rankings. 

Overlooking Voice Search

With technology frequently rolling out amazing things, you can’t underrate how trends like voice search are gathering momentum around.  Previous researches estimated that by the year 2020, 50% of all searches would be voice-based as opposed to written searches. In 2019, for example, 60% of all smartphone users had already shifted to voice searches. Well, it is time to optimize your website to accommodate the voice search and other technological trends!

Wrap Up

We haven’t exhausted all the Dos and Don’ts of SEO and beyond, but the guide will help you get better with SEO. Don’t forget to keep up with the trends or, better even, you can hire a dedicated SEO agency to help grow your site. 

How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post

Blogging is an incredibly valuable tenet in marketing, keeping in mind that people are always looking for valuable information online. The question is, how do you create and attract people to read your blog? Do people still care to read blogs in this age where content is being simplified to podcasts, infographics, and video blogs? The answer is yes, they do! Numbers don’t lie, and stats show that 72% of internet users read blogs regularly. We have compiled a quick guide that will help you know how to write compelling blog posts and grow your audience.

Do you really need a blog?

Before we delve more in-depth on how to write a blog, you are perhaps asking yourself if you really need to invest in an excellent blog. Well, if you are thinking of growing your business by establishing authority in the market, then this is one of the best ways to go. That’s not all. There many benefits of putting up blog content on your business site;

  • It enables you to establish authority in your sector
  • It develops and strengthens relationships with existing and new customers.
  • It helps drive traffic to your website 
  • Blog posts are good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to write a good blog-checklists and techniques

For starters, for anything to be good, you must invest time doing it. That’s why before you create blog posts for your site, you ought to research.  

Create a basic outline

Now that you have possible topics from your research, choose a theme, then draft a basic outline. You need one main topic and subtopics to help your audience understand the main topic better. For example,

Theme sample: Style and fashion trends during winter

Topic sample: Cheap and creative ways to style your sweaters

Subtopics samples:  

  • how to style one sweater differently
  • where to buy cute cheap sweaters
  • how to DIY a sweater at home

Get it right in the first two lines

Most people decide whether they will finish reading the article by just skimming over the first paragraph. Remember, readers nowadays don’t have a huge attention span, and you are competing with other blogs as well. You need to capture their attention right from the intro and keep them glued to your content.

Tip: You can use tailored statistics, thought-provoking questions, or interesting facts to draw your audience into the article. 


Generally speaking, there is no rule for how long your post should be. However, you need to write more than 300 words to show search engines that it is a well-researched resource. 


  • Use subheadings and bullet points to enhance readability
  • Use images, video, infographics, or illustrations to help keep them enticed.


Adding a good reference will add credibility to your post. Use sources that are credible as your source of information. It will also help improve SEO. Talking of SEO, let us look at how you can now optimize your site for the search engines. 

Writing for SEO

Use your keywords wisely 

Part of the research you should do is to find relevant keywords in your industry. There are many tools that can help you find the right keywords to use. A good example is the Google Keyword Planner. You can also use tools to help you spy on your competitor keywords and fine-tune your content better. 

Tip: Avoid putting keywords everywhere on the post to the extent that it bores the reader. Add them naturally and use them in your title tags, header tags, Alt image tags, etc. 

Link to and from your posts

You want to generate traffic, and links will also help. Ensure you add links internally to other related posts on your website. You should also add links to the top reference sources you used on the post. This will help you grow your site structure and improve your SEO rankings as well.

What’s next?

Add a compelling call to action

The next step will depend on what you wish to achieve with your post. For example, are you looking for page views, page visits, or for your audience to buy a product? You can add a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of the post. Keep the CTA clear and short to the point. Don’t forget to also show some urgency to try and sell!

Go back to your headline

Most of the time, after writing a post, you might realize that you need to change the headline. No problem, go ahead. Ensure it flows and marries well with the content, and you are good to go!

Proofread your blog post

As a rule of thumb, read through for spelling mistakes, grammar punctuation, etc. It is always a good idea to have someone else also proofread if you can. You can also use tools like Grammarly and the likes to help you edit your content.

Schedule to post it

You want all the hard work to go noticed, right? Scheduling a post will do that. Timely content or news provides excellent performance in terms of traffic. So, pick the right time to publish the article. 

Share your blog post

Once the article is live on your site, it is time to draw attention and generate a buzz by sharing around with your audience on platforms like social media. Ensure you also make it easy for users to share the blog posts on your site. 

Link Building Diversity in 2020, Should I Diversify My Link Signals?

Link Building Diversity in 2020, Should I Diversify My Link Signals?

There are several metrics that play a crucial role in SEO in 2020, and backlinks is growing to be one of them. If you are new to the world of SEO, then backlinks are simply referenced pathways from sites that direct users or search engines to other relevant sites for content. High-quality backlinks from top sites will vouch for you, essentially telling the search engine bot that you are a reputable site. 

So, how can you obtain good backlinks to improve your website? Well, the answer is to be creative and add diversity to your link building strategy. Let us walk through some of the best ways to build link diversity in 2020.

Brand Mentions

One of the best ways to get build links at affordable rates is to curate for those sites that have either mentioned you directly or indirectly on blogs or news sites. Once you trace them, you can try and liaise with them to add links to the mentions. If it is a product you are selling, then let them link your product platform. If it is about your research, let them link it to your research page and so forth. This way, you can diversify your links inexpensively and reach a wider audience on the web.  

Appear in the News

Appearing in mainstream news is obviously expensive, but you need to think outside the box on how you can get coverage. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should appear on the most prominent platforms or occupy the significant news item. Just try to feature even if it means as a snippet. One way to seek news coverage cheaply is to create a story worth coverage by the media. Be creative and make a unique story about your product, certain behaviors related to your business, or various research you have conducted. Just be compelling enough to grasp news attention then seize the opportunity to cover your product and build links!

Guest Posts

Guest posting is still very effective for SEO in 2020. Yes, it is also one of the cheapest ways of positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, getting traffic, and quality backlinks.  The best place to start is to find those top blogs that accept guest posts. You can do a search on Google, social media, and the likes. Once you find the bloggers around the web who accept guest posts, do research to find the content that resonates well with the audience. You can also hire a white-label SEO agency to help you do blogger outreach that will grow your rankings.

Watch your Competitor’s Strategies

Learning is a continuous process, and you can learn from anyone in the industry, including your competitors. Why not try to find out about the link building strategies employed by your competitors? You can grab some ideas, fine-tune them, and use the strategies to your advantage. There are several ways that you can use to spy on your competitor strategies. For example, you can search for something like a link:domain.com -domain.com “guest post” on Google replacing the domain with the competitor’s domain. You can also use backlink analysis tools to help find out more about your competitors on the web. 


Citations are another effective way to build links on the web in 2020. Citations are a mention of your brand name, phone number, or address on the web. You want to ensure that you have a digital presence by building mentions of your business in places like Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, FourSquare, Yellow Pages, etc.  

Comment on blogs

Putting your comments on active blogs is another good strategy for diversifying your backlinks. The key to leave genuine comments where you can grab the attention of the author rather than just spamming.  Some people tend to dismiss no-follow links, but they can help you grow your links. Although the followed links are significantly important in building backlinks, make sure you have the right balance between the no-follow and follow comment links.

Use a variety of Anchor Texts

Using the same anchor texts on different links is not just boring, but it will also look like a spam tactic.  If you are to create high-quality backlinks, try to research and creative to use diverse word combinations even for the same links.

Tip: Play around with synonyms to avoid being flagged by search engines for dark tactics to grow your site. 

Internal Links

Although this strategy is more often overlooked, it is no doubt still a useful technique in driving more traffic to your website in 2020. Internal links will help your users to easily navigate through the resources available on the website. It is also part of a good site structure that makes it easy for the search engine spider to crawl your site. 

Wrap up

Diversifying your link signals will have a huge impact on your reach and SEO rankings. You ought to know the right strategies will help you grow. We hope the strategies we have covered will give you the right skeleton to get started in building the link diversity in 2020. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Link Building Company

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Link Building Agency

Links have always been an important part of SEO for business. Now, if you are considering outsourcing your website’s link building services, you will likely come across many companies offering the services. However, you need to be aware that there are agencies that can do more harm than good to your website’s SEO ranking. You need to find an agency that can make your website high rank by following ethical white hat link building techniques that work. Let us cover some of the key criteria you ought to keep an eye on before hiring a link building company.

Agency’s pricing

For starters, higher pricing doesn’t necessarily mean top draw quality. Most of the large link building companies will charge you more because they have a large office, overhead costs for events, and employees they need to pay and the likes. So, you are likely to pay a higher retainer for a larger agency. While that is not inherently bad, you need to make sure that you know what you are paying for in your link building campaign.

There are actually some marvellous small agencies who can do a great job on your website at a lower cost. In fact, smaller agencies tend to be more agile than the bigger agencies. Take your pick but all in all, you need to determine how much you are paying for the services and whether you will get the anticipated results. 

Agency experience in link building

You will want to work with a company or consultant who has significant experience with link building for clients like you. Find out if the agency has a team whose specialty is link building. An experienced agency will have the industry knowledge and connections that will help you build links fast. You might end up paying more, but it is certainly worth the experience you are getting. Then again know what you are paying for before hiring a link building agency. 

The agency’s strategy

Strategy is essential to any link building company. You might not be a digital marketing pro but it is good to ask questions to ascertain that the partner agency has sights on how to grow your backlinks. For example, you can ask, what are the 10-20 keywords they want to rank for?  Who are your top competitors they are looking to beat? 

Well, a good paid link building agency should be able to give you an overview of their plan to get you results. 

Track record

Talking of results, does the agency have a history of delivering to clients? The best link building agencies in the market should at least have a portfolio of how they have assisted similar companies or businesses in link building and produced the desired results. A point to note though, there are some clients who sign non-disclosure contracts with the link building companies. In other words, the agency may not be able to disclose a lot to you, but they should at least prove they are good at what they do! 

When it comes to building high quality backlinks, you should focus on using a variety of tactics. A good link building service provider will offer links from many different places and through different techniques. Some services you can expect from a link building company include guest posting, citation building, social media content and video creation, etc. So, try to find out the white hat tactics they will use in growing your links. 

Tip: Remember to put more emphasis on the quality of the links created by the link building service provider. Don’t focus on getting just quantity from the agency. 

Support services

Last but not least, you should be able to reach your link builder once you sign your contract to set the ball rolling. You should find out first if they have open channels for communications, through which you can always reach them. Make sure that the agency has active correspondence with the clients in case you have questions associated with the active campaigns for your business. 

Customer service and responsiveness are key decision making points when it comes to outsourcing SEO services. Make sure your link building service provider can give you omni-channel support you desire as a customer. You should also be able get periodic reports on the progress of your campaigns. You should even get an experienced contact person in the agency that will be able to give you the right support services. 

Wrap up

Hiring a jig-saw fit link building services agency requires that you take your time. It requires that you consider many factors like the previous work and track record, the support services, the plan to get you the desired results and much more. It is essential that you pick the right partner if you are to reap results from the investments you put in growing your site and business!