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What is a Trust Flow check?

Trust Flow Check

SEO is crucial for businesses with websites. Not only does it increase the visibility of a website, but it also draws more traffic and presents more opportunities to convert prospects into loyal subscribers and customers.

There are a plethora of SEO strategies that you can employ on your website to improve your site authority and increase visibility. However, you can only gauge their efficacy by monitoring their performance using various SEO metrics like doing a trust flow check to analyse the quality of your backlinks.

Tracking the performance of your SEO strategies helps you understand the best practices to employ to counter changes in Google’s algorithms. Majestic SEO has two efficient metrics that are growing in popularity in the SEO arena. The two are Citation flow and Trust flow.

What is Trust Flow?

Trust flow is the metric that assesses the trustworthiness of a site. It uses quality as the chief metric in understanding site credibility. Essentially, the trust flow of a website would be the measure of the number of clicks the site gets from other trusted sites. Trust flow tends to increase when a website is qualitative and authoritative. The amount of traffic flowing to a page from link clicks and the relevance of the linking sites are significant determinants of the trust flow score of a website.

Trust flow combines various elements to gauge the quality of a page. It may not be an SEO ranking factor since it has no connections with Google algorithms, but it does a neat job measuring a site’s trustworthiness. It does that by measuring the quality and reputation of backlinks. It also comes in handy during link audits, analyzing competition, and identifying prospects for links.

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What is Citation Flow?

Citation flow does not focus more on the quality of links. Instead, it measures the popularity of a site by considering the number of clicks a link to a site receives. A site may have more popularity and record a higher citation flow but rank poorly regarding the trust flow. A page with more links pointing to it will have a higher citation score regardless of the quality of the backlinks. It reflects better on a website if it has a healthy balance of link quantity and quality. A trust and citation flow ratio of 1:1 would be ideal for proper trust optimization of a website.

What is Topical Trust Flow?

Topical Trust Flow is the intersection between trust flow and the relevancy of links. Topical trust flow gives a more accurate measure of the trustworthiness of a website. That is because it focuses on the relevance of backlinks to a page. It should be used hand in hand with trust flow ranking and could come in handy for link-building campaigns.

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How does trust flow and citation flow work together?

Trust flow and citation flow work in tandem. They are closely linked. In most cases, an increase in trust flow results in an increase in citation flow. However, an increase in citation flow does not result in the anticipated growth in trust flow. A site may have more links pointing to it. But, if the backlinks are mediocre, they may not move the needle. It seems more challenging to build a trust flow rating than citation flow since trust looks at the relevancy and quality of the links, not just the number. Trust flow is, therefore, more crucial than citation flow.

What is a good trust flow?

Ideally, a trust flow score higher than 50 is excellent. A score of more than 10 but less than 50 is average, while a score below 10 is considered poor. Always strive for a higher score.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow Ratio

The ratio between trust flow and citation flow plays an integral role in gauging the quality and authoritativeness of a site. The most desirable ratio is closest to 1. If it tends to 1, it shows that the page has more authority and trustworthiness. A ratio of 0.5 is more or less average. If it is too small, the site has too many backlinks of questionable quality pointing to it. And that could harm its ranking on search engine results pages.

How Majestic Computes Citation and Trust Flow

Majestic uses an algorithm to compute the citation flow and trust flow. The algorithm will predict a website’s influence and popularity by looking at the number and quality of backlinks from other websites. The algorithm will measure the citation flow by looking at the number of links pointing to a site. To score higher with citation flow, you need to apply more effort to get more pages linking to your website.

The algorithm computes the trust flow by analyzing the quality of links pointing back to a page. It emphasizes the trustworthiness of a page when giving the trust flow score.

Why is trust flow becoming more popular?

Trust flow is getting more popular. It serves as a welcome replacement for Google’s Page Rank feature. Page Rank may have been a reliable metric during its prime, but since being phased out by Google, a need for another SEO metric to track performance arose. Flow metrics have filled the void and are growing in popularity. Companies like Moz and Majestic are developing software to measure flow metrics. Trust flow tools trump all the other ones available in the market because they are more accurate. Trust flow is getting more accolades for being a reliable ranking system. Its value assessment mirrors what Google’s changing algorithm is looking for, making it easier to develop SEO best practices for a website. Trust flow is changing the game and informing how websites optimize for search engine rankings.

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How to measure your trust flow

Trust flow check for a website is integral in any marketing and link-building campaign. Measure your trust flow using Majestic’s add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome.

Practical Ways to Improve Your Majestic Flow Rating

Internal linking is just as essential as external links in your link-building efforts. They carry some amount of power. Since the Majestic flow metric considers internal links, it would be wise to maximize your efforts in building high-quality internal links. Do that by linking out to internal pages relevant to your content. Be careful that you do not over-optimize your anchor text when doing so. Make it clear to your readers that they need to follow the link so that they do not skip it.

  • Get Backlink from the Trust Flow Website

Backlinks help your Majestic Flow rating. That said, they should come from trusted websites. Use a Backlink Checker tool to gauge the authority of sites you wish to get backlinks from to boost your trust flow score.

  • Analyze The Website You Want to Use And Follow Others

Employ Full Monitor Backlinks tools to analyze the websites you want properly. That way, you can identify websites with a high trust flow. Look at their backlinks and use the Majestic Flow metric to compare the flow metrics for different websites. It will also lead you to other sites with a high trust flow score where you can get an authoritative backlink to your website.

  • Niche Before Trust

Links from other websites are essential. It is best to get links from websites that are within your niche. That gives you a significant edge with the trust flow ratings.

  • Reach Out To Trusted Websites in Your Niche

Hit up other trusted websites in your niche and request backlinks. However, your website needs to be top-notch for high authority sites to want to have links on their sites pointing to it. Make your landing page great and work on your website designs, pages, and other aspects that could use a little tweak. You are more likely to get backlinks from trusted sites if your website hosts educative and credible content. The backlinks will introduce people to your webpage, but the content will keep them coming back for more.


How to use TF to work on your SEO?

The trust flow check for a website helps you know which sites will benefit you most. You can identify the sites to avoid and which pages will boost your domain’s majestic trust flow. Analyzing trust flow scores should be essential for your outreach strategy when doing link-building campaigns.

Links from websites practicing Blackhat SEO practices can harm your reputation if they have links pointing to your domain. Performing trust flow checks helps you identify toxic backlinks and eliminate them. The short-term effect may be a drop in your link quantity, but the long-term benefit would be a higher trust flow score and eventually a higher ranking with search engines.

  • Do Competitor Analytics

Majestic Trust Flow helps you identify keyword-focused topics that you can prioritize to get an edge over the competition. It helps you narrow down to the best subject and content to focus on in your marketing efforts.

  • Maintain your Topical Relevance to your Niche

You want your content to be relevant to your niche and appeal to your target market. That increases your visibility with search engines, especially if you have the appropriate keywords. Assessing topical trust flow SEO helps you stay on track with your content.

Majestic trust flow

Wrapping up

Link building is an integral part of a solid SEO strategy. That said, it is necessary to have metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your link-building efforts. A tool like Majestic SEO helps you see a clear picture of the value your website gains from the links you acquire in your link-building campaigns.

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