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SEO Meta in 1-Click (SEO Chrome Extension): An Excellent Tool to Analyze Your Meta for SEO

SEO meta in 1 click

SEO meta in 1 click is the chrome extension for websites and businesses that wish to take their SEO efforts to the next level. The extension is excellent at delving into SEO information and meta tags thus making managing and improving SEO easier! And the best part is that one gets all the fundamental SEO data in just one click. To best understand how to use the SEO Meta in 1 click, it is crucial to shine a light on the different tabs that the extension offers.

How to Install SEO Meta in 1-Click Extension

For starters, you can install the SEO Meta in 1-Click extension from the Chrome Web Store. Simply find the extension and add it to your Chrome browser. 

seo meta 1 click

Well, here are some of them in the chrome extension and how useful they can be:

Detailed Header Outline

The HEADERS tab offers a brief outline of the page headers in their order. That makes it easier to get a clearer picture of the fundamental topics. A website that makes the most of the headers tab can make it easier for visitors to interact with their content. Moreover, search engine robots can understand the website’s content, topics, and keywords, making it more likely to rank highly in search engine results pages. 

header tag

Images tab

This tab helps website owners know how many images they have on their pages and which of them lack essential alt and title attributes. One downside of this tab is that the images tab in the SEO meta in 1 Click extension offers a less-than-ideal layout to view the images since most pages have multiple images. A user has to hover over each image to see its title and alt attributes. A better alternative would be using the View Image Information at the Web Developer Toolbar. It is a better solution for people that wish to dive deeply into details for multiple images.


Links tab

This tab helps by giving alerts when there are too many links within a page. Too many links on a page affect the user experience. That, in turn, reduces traffic to a site. The Links tab in the SEO meta in 1 click helps alleviate such issues. 

Social Tab

This tab has Scheme markup detection. It is easy to identify and sort issues when a website owner can see all Schema markups. That is, however, not its most significant advantage. It does more by offering a clear layout of Facebook Open Graph Tabs and Twitter cards. 


Tools tab

This tab offers the most value in the SEO Meta in 1 click extension. It makes it possible to bring additional links that connect to online tools one can use for fast ad hoc checks. The best way to understand the extra custom elements on this tab is to group them into 11 categories as follows:


Site Overview

These tools have everything to do with crawls, internal links, and traffic numbers. Site overview tools should be the first place any website owner looks at when analyzing the historical performance of their site. The below image shows these tools.

site overview

TSEO Audits

These are the selection of tools that take the SEO game to the next level by providing technical SEO auditing. These tools give a website owner more than a glimpse of on-page issues that might harm their page’s SEO ranking. The tools in this category are woorank, SEOptimer, Varvy SEO Tool. etc 


External links

These tools provide an industry standard-level overview of the external links. They are:

  1. aHrefs
  2. SEMRush Backlinks
  3. MajesticSEO
  4. MOZ Link Explorer
  5. Cognitive SEO
  6. Links to this page (Google)


This category has tools that help a website owner identify duplicate content across various web platforms. It is also instrumental in providing a quick outline of the content. The tools can be reviewed below:



These tools allow one to evaluate the mobile-friendliness of their web pages. The tools in this category are:

  1. Varvy Mobile SEO Tool
  2. Ready Mobi
  3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  4. Google AMP Test, and
  5. Merkle AMP Validator. 

Page Speed

Page speed is not only essential for optimal user experience, but it is also a crucial SEO ranking factor. The tools in this category help assess page speed and offer valuable insight into how to optimize it.

They are:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Google Lighthouse
  3. WebPage test, and
  4. GTmetrix page


These tools may not offer elaborate protection and security audits, but they do a neat job highlighting any red flags worth looking into and correcting. They are:

  1. Safe Browsing (Google)
  2. Google site: SPAM
  3. Sucuri scanner

JavaScript Rendering

JavaScript may make it challenging for search engines to crawl. However, these tools help diagnose any issues resulting in odd edge and corner cases. The tools in this category are:

  1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  2. Rendertron
  3. Merkle Fetch and Render
  4. GSC > URL Inspection


These are a set of tools that make it easier to validate some tags. They are:

  1. hreflang.ninja by Distilled
  2. W3.org – HTML/XHTML Validator
  3. W3.org – CSS Validator


This category of tools links to the validation tools of social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. They include:

  1. Twitter Card Validator
  2. Pinterest Validator
  3. Facebook OGP Debugger


The tools in this category may not offer full-blown web accessibility audits, but they do a great job spotting any red flags. They include:

  1. Achecker
  2. WAVE: Web Accessibility Tool

Summary Tab

This tab offers incredible on-page information. One can use it to get a quick overview of the title, the meta description, and canonical tags. The summary tag also provides an excellent overview of the images, links, and heading tags.  


There are multiple SEO chrome extensions, and they all have advantages and not-so-great things about them. That said, the SEO meta in 1-Click extension stands out from the crowd because it allows users to customize to make the most of multiple SEO tools. Do not hesitate. Install it and enjoy the additional benefits. 




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