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Top Local SEO Tools To Increase For Local Search Rankings

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Building and maintaining an online presence is essential for businesses in the current landscape. In fact, digital marketing is no longer confined to large enterprises, and even small businesses need to invest in it. The pandemic phase made local SEO the most significant part of the marketing mix. It enables businesses to make themselves visible to the local audience and strengthen their position in the nearby markets. Not surprisingly, the tactic gained steam amid the pandemic and continues to go strong.

Local SEO tools serve immense value as they offer competitor insight, enable identification of SEO-optimized keywords, help track rankings, and monitor performance. You can even rely on them to boost customer engagement. The good thing is that you have plenty of tools you can rely on. But being spoiled for choice can overwhelm you. Let us share the top SEO tools that can help increase local search rankings for your website.

Google Business Profile

google business

Google Business Profile is the mainstay of local SEO as it defines your business and introduces you to local buyers. Creating a profile with this tool is an excellent idea as your customers can use it to locate information such as the address, phone numbers, and opening hours of a local business. You can also use it to discover your competitors and monitor and respond to customer reviews. The tool even has a ” book an appointment “ feature your customers can leverage to engage with your listing and move a step ahead with the conversion process.

Google Search Console

search console 2022

Google Search Console is an ideal tool for local businesses as it helps with ensuring a Google-friendly website. It serves several valuable functionalities, from checking the keywords ranking for your site to finding the number of pages indexed from it. You can also see the number of clicks and impressions with this tool. Further, it shows the usability issues with your mobile site or pages, and you can address them sooner than later. You can even rely on it to check additional errors and indexing issues that require your attention. Besides this reliable tool, you can try other options like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads Keyword Planner to empower your local SEO strategy.

Moz Local

moz Local

Moz Local is the next on the list, and it works for both small and enterprise businesses. It boosts website visibility by ensuring correct, complete, and consistent online listings. It is one of the most helpful local seo tools as you only have to create a business listing once, and it automates the rest of the tasks. Moz even sends your listings to major search engines, directories, apps, and business data aggregators, making your business visible everywhere it should. The tool includes features such as Google and Facebook integration, social postings, review notifications, and automated duplicate deletion.

Semrush Listing Management

semrush listening

With the Semrush Listing Management tool, you can add your business data to the directories within the US and beyond. The tool lets you track the listings once they are live and update them to ensure accuracy and consistency across platforms. It also keeps you ahead of customer reviews with constant monitoring. Further, you can use it to see your website’s ranking and current local search performance in your target cities.  You may configure it to get location reports via email to keep track of the information even without logging in.


synup listening

If you are looking for an all-in-one local SEO tool to empower your marketing efforts, Synup is an excellent choice. It helps you manage your listings, get valuable insights through analytics, and create actionable reports. The best thing about Synup is that it has unlimited listing updates. You get instant notifications every time a customer posts a new review, so you can respond immediately. Another noteworthy feature of this tool is the automatic syncing of business and location data across websites. Moreover, it crawls over hundreds of local search engines and directories to identify inconsistencies.

Now that you know about the most reliable local SEO tools, you can take your strategy to the next level. But you may still have some confusion and queries regarding local SEO because the constantly evolving page ranking algorithms bring complexity to it. Here are a few FAQs worth answering and addressing your doubts.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of local SEO?

Local SEO can serve extensive benefits if done right. From better sales to higher foot traffic, word-of-mouth publicity, and brand awareness, you get it all. Moreover, it can also improve your website ranking and bring in more traffic.

How do I start my local SEO?

Local SEO starts with optimizing your Google My Business profile to ensure it has complete and accurate information about your location and business. Adding local business pages to your website and local keywords in content also helps.

What are the free local SEO tools?

Here is a list of top free local SEO tools-

  • Semrush Listing Management
  • Google Business Profile
  • Georanker
  • Synup
  • Schema Creator
What is the best local SEO factor?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is the most crucial local SEO factor, so you must ensure complete and relevant information on it. Reviews and on-page optimization are other factors that require attention.

How does local SEO differ from regular website SEO?

Local SEO focuses mainly on your Google My Business page instead of your website. You must invest in it to capitalize on the opportunity to appear in searches for locally-focused search phrases. It makes your business visible and gets customers to your physical location.

How to appear in Google local search results?

There isn’t a tried and tested formula to make your business profile pages appear in the search results. The only option to promote your business is by following Google guidelines for local SEO. Also, ensure that the option works for your business model in the first place.

What types of businesses can get the best results with local SEO?

Local SEO may not be appropriate for all businesses, though it works well for many. For example, you cannot expect to use the strategy for an e-commerce store with no physical location in your area.

What is the most crucial ranking factor for local SEO?

Surprisingly, your website has nothing to do with local rankings. Google My Business (GMB) is the most crucial ranking factor in local search. Ensure it is well-optimized to earn the trust of search engines and appear on local search listings.

These questions cover most of the information businesses require about local SEO. So you can rely on these tools and insights to create a winning strategy to strengthen the presence of your business and make it visible to local customers.

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