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Local Citation Service

At OutreachMonks, we offer handcrafted local citations that help you reach top local rankings and attract local search traffic.

Manually created local citations that boost your organic local rankings

100% Manual

With 100% manual citations, you can be sure that our experts fill every single field in the citation submission forms meticulously and accurately. 

Trusted Directories

All directories are handpicked, after careful research to find ones with real connections to your niche and location while ensuring that they are indexed.

NAP Consistency

We include all NAP information in the citations to help with local SEO and ensure consistency in the information every single time.

No Duplicate Listings

Rest assured that there will be no duplicate listings because we take duplicate entries seriously as they impact the quality of your citation profile.

White-Label Report

Get a complete, customizable and ready-to-download white-label report with screenshots of every submission 

Local Business Citation Pricing

25 Citations

$ 49
  • 25 Citation Submissions
  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • White Label Report
  • Login Details Provided
  • UK, US, Aus & Canada
  • 8 days Turnaround Time

50 Citations

$ 89
  • 50 Citation Submissions
  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • White Label Report
  • Login Details Provided
  • UK, US, Aus & Canada
  • 8 days Turnaround Time

100 Citations

$ 119
  • 100 Citation Submissions
  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • White Label Report
  • Login Details Provided
  • UK, US, Aus & Canada
  • 8 days Turnaround Time
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How it Works

100% Manual Submissions

On receiving your order, our production team starts by reviewing your business details and then initiates the submission process. We aim to maximize submissions to business directories in the target locations that you specify within your order.

No Duplication

Since we aspire to prevent duplication, our production checks the existing listings in directories. We replace the existing inaccurate listings with new ones based on the updated information you have submitted to ensure NAP accuracy.

Full Submission Report

We provide a full submission report in your dashboard that shows each and every directory we have submitted to. This is a white-label unbranded report that includes screenshots of submissions and live listings.

Types Of Local Citations We Build

We understand how citation building works and what delivers the best results, so we focus on creating a variety of citations. However, that does not mean we pick sources just at random. We run through the top sources to choose ones having real connection to your business niche, city, state, etc. We make sure to get you perfect fits by building diverse types of citations.

Business Directories 

Being the gold standard for structured citations, business directories come on top of our list when it comes to citation types we prioritize. We build a mix of them, on reputed directories which match their domain, location or several other factors.

Social Citations

This option gets you the highest quality citations by leveraging the size and authority of social platforms. With your business details mentioned on social citations, you can devise a balanced Local SEO campaign.

Photo Citations

We combine your business photos with useful metadata and submit them together to the high-authority photo sharing sites. You get a local citation that works and may even have some image search traffic coming.

Video Citations

Video citations serve as a strong element for your citation profile by providing it the variety it needs and allowing you to appear for video searches. We help you create videos citations on high authority video sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are citations?

Citations refer to an online instance of the name, address and phone number (NAP) of your business. They are similar to a listing in a traditional phone book but are more versatile and effective. The online locations for citation building are called citation sources, such as business directories.

Why do citations matter?

Just like offline listings, citations are helpful for promoting your business. They show your information to people searching for your products and services online. Additionally, search engines consider citations as an authoritative sign of your business’ existence and popularity. Having good citations translate into growth for your business in various aspects, from search rankings to traffic and reputation.

Can I get to see all my listings?

Yes, you can surely see all your listings. Our production team will provide you a screenshot of every single submission so you rest assured knowing that your citation has been submitted. The report is accessible from your dashboard and you can easily download an unbranded white-label CSV report from it. 

How many submissions will get me live placements?

You can expect 25% of the submissions to give you instant live directory listings upon completion. Different directory sites have different rules related to acceptance and you may expect a longer review process that may also include verification of business details via phone, email or letter. Obviously, this will increase the time span for a placement being accepted and will require the co-operation of the business owner. So it is not possible to guarantee all submissions resulting in a live placement due to these factors. But we provide a full submission report with the screenshots of the submissions which may not have yielded an instant live placement. 

What country directories do you submit to?

We submit to directories in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. 

Are the submissions manual or are you using software?

We do only manual submissions. For the websites which don’t auto accept them, we take a screenshot of their submission page for showing the submission on your report.

What makes citations effective?


The accuracy of the information in the citation matters the most when it comes to effectiveness. A listing that has inaccurate information will not help. Apart from accuracy, the relevance of the source where you are listing your business is important. Additionally, the distance away from the source affects its value.

Will all my citations include NAP information?

Yes, all the citations we build for you will include the NAP information. When you place your order with us, we will request you to complete the fields for consistent NAP information. We’ll submit exactly just as you order! 

What information will I need to provide?

Essentially, we will require the basic business information including Name, Address, Phone Number, Description, Website etc. 

How long will my order take to complete?

Once you place an order with us, we will give you a quote for the date of completion. Typically, it can take 5 business days. Rest assured that we will always deliver on time! 

What if I need to make changes to a listing?

We share the login information used for creating your listing account in your report. In case you need to make any changes, you can access it and do the needful. 

What if my business is already listed in a directory? 

Our team makes sure that there are no duplicate citation listings. They check for your details in each directory before submission. There are chances that your business listings will already be there in some of the directories on our approved list. We will verify this before going ahead. 

Do the directories require approval?

For some directories, you can expect them to verify the listing subsequently. They will do it by calling your business phone number or emailing your email account. These are usually the ones which do not give instant approval. For agencies, it is advisable to inform your clients that they can expect a call. If they do receive such a call, it is just to verify that the business exists and the information they have listed is correct. 

How many directories allow website links?

Only half of the citations will probably allow website links and the ones they provide may be nofollow. The value of citation building service is to ensure a consistent NAP profile of your business because search engines may use it to verify its location. 

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