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Why should you invest in good content?

Create content that reaches the audiences’ audience.

Content creation is perhaps as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. Only the trained eye knows the true value of content that drives readers to action and only the best would actually say this.

The content that is connected to your business contributes to your business’ identity on the internet. Readers and users who want to know about you will come across this body of content. The more you engage them with powerful, thought-provoking content, the more you establish your internet presence.

Content is king and so is the consumer!

Our content creation team holds you and your content in high regard and delivers work fit for royalty.

Blog writing services

Blogs that engage with relevant audiences and promote your business are the best. Our team of writers have many years of experience and create carefully curated and industry-relevant content that not only impresses your readers but also educates them with well-researched facts. Our technical team researches the relevant keywords for your business and our writers embed them in the content.

How Team Outreach Monks Works?

The process that we follow for creating your content is very streamlined and practical
Order Placed

You place your order and give us your specifications for the content. We are open to suggestions like word count, topic ideas, the structure of the content.

Industry Research

We research your niche and develop the ideas for content. Unless you provide us with the specifications, we offer to structure your content for you.

Content Brewing

We create your content and offer you the liberty to review. You can get it revised till you’re satisfied and we are there for you at every step.

Tell Your Story

Let our words tell your story.
The pen is mightier than the sword. Express yourself and your brand with our powerful content solutions.

See our Creative process - How we do it perfectly and professionally



Login or register on our website and get your own dashboard of orders.


Select A Plan

Go through our payment plans and choose the one that suits you best.


Pay Online

Complete your payment online through the payment gateway.


We’ll Get Writing

After a thorough analysis, we write your blog post with relevant keywords.


Review Your Content

Read the content we wrote for you and approve it.

Your Report Is Ready

We’ll send your ghostwritten content as a white label service provider.

How We Do It Differently?


Our writers put their heads together to understand your industry needs as well as business needs, based on your inputs. They amalgamate the two and brainstorm for content ideas and topics.

Keyword Analysis

Once we have the ideated the topics, we research the relevant keywords that will bring your blog readership. We ensure that the content has google relevant keyword density.


Our niche relevant writers create a well structured, informative, and actionable body of content which is keyword rich and adheres to the current keyword density norms set by Google.


We send the content to you. If you don’t like it, you can ask us to revise the content up to 3 times. Our writers make a note of the problem after approval and rest assured. We’ll ensure you never have to send the content back for the same mistake!

What Makes Us A Trusted Vendor?

Our content is better cited, more unique and readable than most of the jargon on the internet today. It is easy on the eyes… and refreshing for the mind. The content is plush with relevant keywords that are carefully curated for your business.

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Magazine Style Content

We believe in quality, so do our writers. The articles are so well conceptualized, actionable and engaging that you won’t look anywhere else for your content needs.

Fast Reporting

Our writers create powerful and driving content for you within 2-3 business days, after which you may get your changes made if any though we’re pretty sure there won’t be any changes.

Experienced Writers

Our writers are chosen on the soil of the UK and US after a rigorous process. They are niche experts who are well aware of the dynamics of societies. Your content will always be relatable.

Flexible Service

We take immense pride in the flexibility that we offer our customers. You can get amendments made in your content in terms of word count, delivery time and prices.


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