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A Detailed SEO Guidebook For Marijuana, Cannabis and CBD Business

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SEO For Cannabis Business: A Detailed Guidebook

An estimated study reveals, about 80% of consumers explore Google before making a purchase.

Since the legalization of cannabis, young entrepreneurs and medical personnel, are rushing towards the booming cannabusiness segment. This has created a competitive atmosphere where both online and offline stores are trying to grab their share of the market.

This brings us to the context of this article- How do you grab your share and expand?

Well, to be honest, the internet has empowered users, as well as made it easier for businesses to gain their customer’s attention.

Without any further ado, here’s how you can grow your cannabusiness online and your revenue.

Grab Your Local Market Initially

Before you reach any farther, do you cater to your local market completely? Or if not completely, a greater portion? Your local customer base will help you survive the tough road ahead. So, it is better that you grab your local market initially.

List Your Business On Local Directories

When a user enters a search in Google such as, ”local dispensaries near me”, the very first results that pop up are Google Business Listings. So, you need to sign up on Google Business. This would automatically index your business and bring you up in a relevant search. And to improve your ranking in these local listings, local directories can be a great help. You may list your business in local directories such as Yelp, G2Crowd, and alike, which acts as supporting signals for your profile.

Seek Reviews From Your Customers

Online content is only as genuine as the support it receives. While this genuineness is important for the user, it is far more crucial for Google to recognize your business. In other words, you need reviews on your local listings. These reviews act as authority signals for your profile and bring it up in search results.

Gather And Assess The Feedback You Receive

While reviews help you rank better, the feedback you receive helps you improve your services and products. And if you deliver improved quality in services and products, you are a step closer to receive better reviews.

Don’t Miss Engaging With Your Customers

An important part of your marketing efforts should be engaging with your customers. This does not refer to in-store engagement only, but online as well. Revert to the reviews you receive on your profile. This would in return help your profile claim more authority and trust over your customers.

You Would Need A Website, Anyhow

To explore and use the complete potential of your online marketing efforts, you would require a website. A website that enlists your range of products including CBD extracts, and other products from marijuana. A website is the only thing that justifies your online authentication. But, simply creating a website might not be sufficient. You may need to do something else, as well.

Decide A Name That Represents Your Vision And Mission

The very first thing which can improve the online visibility of your website is the domain name that you purchase. Of course, buying a Top-Level Domain is also important, but the set of terms you use should also be relevant to your industry. For example, you can choose a name such as goodqualitycannabis.com, clearly stating the quality you deliver as well as an idea that you deal in cannabis and its products including marijuana and CBD extracts.

A Beautifully Crafted Website Layout Converts More Traffic

Secondly, the layout of your website also affects the conversion rate. The visitors on your website may quickly step back if your website does not seem attractive to them. Put in some colors, and infographics to intrigue your audience.

An Interactive User Interface Helps Better Communication

The next thing you need to do is keep your audience engaged. Yes, you need to engage your users on your website. Including a chatbot, or setting up interesting Call-to-Action buttons can enhance the user experience. And you already know, a happy customer is more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

Do Not Miss Out On The Technical Optimization

While you are designing your website to make it lucrative for your audience, do not miss out on the technical aspects of your website. You need to make your website highly responsive to different devices and platforms. Google considers responsiveness as an important signal when ranking results for a search. There are many other technical signals such as SSL codes, meta tags and the list goes on.

All of these steps can help boost your brand online initially, but for a long-lasting return on your investment, you may need to put in a few more efforts.

And the real game begins…

Create Content That Converts

As far as SEO is concerned, there are many elements that you should be paying heed to improve ranking in search results. But, somehow, the content remains the most favored by Google and other leading search engines. The content that you publish should convert potential visitors into customers for you.

Keyword Optimization For Higher Visibility

Creating a Google-friendly piece of content involves optimizing your content for possible search terms. What you must do is carry out extensive keyword research. Once you find the right keywords for you, incorporating these keywords into your content can help identify Google about the relevance of your content. For example, keywords such as buy marijuana, buy CBD products, or strains of cannabis are all relevant to your niche.

Informative Content Holds Higher Authority

An in-depth, well-researched piece of content that delivers information to the user, is usually more preferred by the search engines. While the user also loves in-depth content, you mustn’t stretch out the content just to make it lengthy. You need to deliver something useful to your readers.

Follow EAT and YMYL Updates

Google considers only those content as helpful which benefits users in one or the other way. And to assist the webmasters, Google laid YMYL guidelines for creating content. Since your business is related to medicinal and recreational marijuana products, your website comes under the YMYL category. And therefore,  an additional set of guidelines are also put in place-EAT.

Off-Page Elements Also Need Optimization

Apart from the elements on your website, you also need to pay attention to the ones carried out away from your website. For best results out of your marketing efforts, a balance between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO is to be struck.

Link Building Should Be Your Primary Concern

One of the top three signals that Google considers to rank pages in search results is backlinks. These backlinks help Google identify the relevance of your content and also measure its authority. Since these backlinks bring in referral traffic to your website, they act as silent votes for your content.

Social Signals Bring In High-Quality Link Juice

Another key element of your Off-Page optimization strategy should be a social media profile. Create a profile for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to gain higher authority. Tapping into these channels can improve your brand’s online visibility, scalably. Moreover, if you link your social media profiles with your website, you get to leverage a powerful source of potential buyers.

Blogger Outreach And Guest Posting Can Help

While you need backlinks for your website, it is not that easy to secure them organically. You may need blogger outreach and guest posting services to help you with your link-building exercise. In other words, leverage the connections of others, seeking help from influencers to gain high-quality link juice benefits.

Commencing with online marketing, your business can see an improvement in results in a comparatively short period. There’s just one more thing that you can use to explore the potential to its fullest.

Bonus Tip!

Content Marketing Is The Modern SEO

The concept of content marketing is not new, even though it has gained heightened attention from marketers recently. Content marketing is basically, promoting your brand or your business, with the help of informative and promotional content being published across various digital platforms.

Marking online presence for your business is indispensable in the current scenario. And with the tremendous potential, this new marketing tool holds, you can rest assured about securing high returns on your investment.

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