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The Importance of SEO Content Writer for Your Business

SEO Content Writer

SEO promotion is an extensive set of works on website optimization. This includes writing special texts that help increase traffic, rank top 10 in search engines, and increase conversions. A specialist engaged in creating these texts is called an SEO copywriter. His or her skill is SEO copywriting, strikingly different from the usual copywriting.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO copywriting should be understood as a method of writing texts for the website, which helps it to get on the first page of search engine results for specific thematic queries. In this case, the text has two key tasks:

  • To be helpful to the reader and address his or her question
  • To contain the key phrases that are used to promote the website

Unlike the usual copywriting, it is crucial not just to write the keywords, but to distribute them evenly throughout the text, to trace the frequency, and to ensure a good uniqueness. The SEO copywriter should make the content readable and technically competent, solving the problems of the business for which it is created. To do this, an SEO content writer should go into the essence of the business, analyze it and the needs of the target audience, set goals for the text and competently solve them. SEO copywriting is aimed at the future, so it works long and effectively:

  • Increases a website’s position in the search engine results
  • Increases organic traffic
  • Reduces contextual advertising costs

It is up to the copywriter of SEO texts to optimize the text for the requirements of search engines and the needs of users.

What does an SEO content writer do?

A content writer is a specialist who creates various texts: information, advertising, product cards, filling the main sections of the website, etc. The prefix “SEO” shows that this specialist can optimize these texts for user queries and search engine requirements, helping the website get into the top 10 for thematic keywords.

Such a specialist is involved at the stage of search promotion after the semantic core. He is included in the process of optimizing the content on the website. Although all content must be optimized, including links, descriptions, and images, the texts are given a leading role in the eyes of search engines. It works like this:

In this case, the task of a professional CEO copywriter is to develop high-quality texts that will solve such problems:

  • Answer the questions of users who come to specific queries
  • Increase confidence in the website
  • Contribute to the SEO promotion

An SEO copywriter is not just retelling what someone else wrote before but makes valuable content that solves the issues of both users and businesses.

Why is SEO content writer important for your business?

SEO content writing is more than just copywriting or journalism. SEO content writing is an activity that requires not only an excellent knowledge of the English language, fundamental basics of SEO, and the presence of uncommon creativity but also some other skills. A skilled SEO content writer must be a bit of a marketer, a psychologist, and an analyst.

SEO content writer drives search traffic to your website

Despite the popularity of social networks and messengers, Google and Bing are at the top in traffic. Consequently, search engines remain the key sources of traffic to the website. According to Intergrowth, online retailers receive approximately one-third of visitors from search engines.

Website Traffic

Content projects, such as corporate blogs, media, and information websites that make money on advertising, tend to have an even higher share of search traffic. This can be seen with the help of Similarweb.

Media, brands, and agencies are not only interested in search traffic because of their potential volume. The important difference with other channels is that you do not have to pay for each click and link to the website, as in contextual and targeted advertising.

SEO content writer saves your money

At first glance, an investment in a PPC specialist seems more attractive than an SEO content writer.

The entry threshold for hiring a PPC specialist is $50-$100, and payment is made according to the rate (bids) for each click to the website, i.e., PPC is manageable and predictable. Advertising comes out instantly in some cases 3-4 working days after launch.

The entry threshold for hiring a writing company is $300-$800; payment is in the form of fixed or variable rates for writing the content. The first results are not earlier than 2-3 months, sometimes 4-6 months. This tool is not predictable because it depends on search engine algorithms, which change frequently.

The cost of visitors to the website from the organic search results can be 2-3 or even 5-10 or even 100 times lower than the price of attracting one website visitor from the PPC.

Suppose your website attracts 120-220 unique visitors from different search engines daily, or about 6000 per month. And the cost per click in contextual advertising is about $2. To attract an audience of 6000 unique users per month, you would need to spend $2 x 6000 = $12000 per month! Of course, your budget for an SEO content writer will be much less.

SEO content writer builds your image on the web

As we know, contextual advertising is characterized by a quick launch. You can make a website on the constructor and place $50 in Google Ads. Literally, in 1 day from scratch, you can become a full-fledged market player, offering its products and services on a par with competitors.

In the case of SEO content, to occupy the top positions, you need months. Respectively, the website was not created yesterday.

And consumers are beginning to understand this! If we take B2B, where the customers are entrepreneurs who use contextual advertising themselves – this component plays an important role. For example, for our Outreachmonks website to occupy the top positions in search engines is fundamentally important regarding customer image and perception.

There is also such a thing as the quality of search results. If we want to advertise the Outreachmonks website through contextual advertising on the word “car wash,” Google will show the website on this word for our money. And the user will go to the irrelevant web page.

In organic search results will never be a website that has nothing to do with the search query. This has also been noticed by many users of search engines and now created a whole audience of people who ignore the links, not wanting to waste time looking at websites that do not meet their expectations.

SEO content writer improves the user experience

A search engine’s main task is to give the user a quality response. That is, to choose among various websites the most relevant, convenient, informative, and authoritative. This is what SEO content writer works on.

Thus, when an SEO content writer does competent SEO texts, you not only increase traffic to the website but, in parallel, improve the user experience. Valuable information and informativeness give the visitor a reason to stay on the website longer, return, make orders, and leave requests.

Increased traffic and leads and improved behavior on the website can only be expected with quality SEO content. It makes your website SEO-friendly.

SEO content writer boosts the website in search engine rankings

SEO-optimized texts increase a website’s position in search engines. This is not a quick process, but so far, this method of promotion remains optimal in terms of the cost-benefit ratio. Of course, SEO promotion is not only about copywriting, but high-quality written content is an important part of it.

SEO Ranking


When users visit a website, they want to know what they can find there, including what the company does and its advantages over its competitors. Therefore, the question about filling the website with SEO content does not arise – articles are definitely needed. Another issue is that for a commercial website, you need not just articles but texts with SEO keywords. Each SEO content is designed for one web page responding to user queries. The text tells the searcher and the client about what can be found on the website and how to order a particular product or service.

The more SEO articles, the more likely the user will go to the website for low-frequency queries. A person looking for a particular product or service, such as the decoration of the wedding ceremony or the cost to insure an engagement ring, will go straight to the right web page and not “get lost” in the website’s structure. He can read about what the company offers and choose whether to contact it or not. The more articles an SEO content writer writes on the website, the more traffic you get and leads.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO copywriting should be understood as a method of writing texts for the website, which helps it to get on the first page of search engine results for specific thematic queries.

What does an SEO content writer do?

A content writer is a specialist who creates various texts: information, advertising, product cards, filling the main sections of the website, etc.

Why is SEO content writer important for your business?

SEO content writer drives search traffic to your website, saves your money and builds your image on the web.




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