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A Case Study on Achieving 10x Organic Growth for a Cannabis Brand in Just 2 Years

420dc Case Study

COMPANY: 420dc.com,

LOCATION: Washington, D.C, US

SERVICES: Weed Delivery

Campaign Results

Website Overview

420dc.com is a Washington, DC-based online marketplace for CBD and cannabis products facing stiff competition in the industry. To attract more leads and gain an edge over competitors, the company enlisted the help of Outreach Monks, an experienced SEO agency specializing in cannabis and CBD SEO. 

This case study examines Outreach Monks’ customized cannabis link-building strategy for 420dc.com, the implementation process, and the impressive results achieved.

420DC Overview

The Challenges

420dc.com wanted to increase its organic traffic and improve its domain metrics in order to gain more visibility in the competitive cannabis industry. To achieve this, the campaign was started in September 2019, with a customized cannabis link-building strategy developed by Outreach Monks.


Outreach Monks developed a comprehensive link-building strategy for 420dc.com to acquire high-quality, niche-specific backlinks. This was achieved by identifying and targeting relevant websites and blogs in the cannabis industry. These backlinks not only boosted the website’s authority but also improved its search engine rankings.

Cannabis Case Study Summary

The link-building campaign developed by Outreach Monks was a huge success for 420dc.com, driving significant growth in organic traffic and improving their domain metrics.

Here are the specific improvements achieved:

  1. Organic traffic improved from 4,817 to 54,560, representing a 1,035% increase.
  2. The Domain Rating increased from 21 to 50, indicating a significant improvement in the website’s overall authority and credibility.
  3. Organic keywords increased from 1,937 to 34,115, demonstrating the effectiveness of the link-building strategy in improving the website’s search engine visibility.

Overall, the link-building campaign developed by Outreach Monks was instrumental in helping 420dc.com to establish a strong online presence in the competitive cannabis industry, driving more traffic to their website and increasing their visibility to potential customers.

Campaign Results

Domain Rating (DR)

Over the past 2 years, there has been a significant improvement in the domain ranking, which has increased from 21 to 50.

Domain Rating on 7th Sep


Here are some of the top highly competitive organic keywords that are currently ranking in the TOP 10 Positions in the SERP.

  1. dc weed delivery
  2. dc cannabis delivery
  3. 420dc
  4. White truffle strain
  5. Purple weed strain
  6. weed online dc
  7. lemon pound cake strain
Organic Keywords


After two years of implementing the campaign, we have witnessed a significant increase in website traffic. 

The figures have risen from 4,817 to 54,560, showing a substantial improvement.

Organic Traffic 3rd April 23

Traffic value

After running the campaign for six months, the estimated value of traffic generated is $11,127.


Below, you can check some of the high-quality backlinks that we have built for our client.



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