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Dental Directories: A Complete List (2023)

dental directories

Local SEO is a powerful strategy for increasing visibility in search engine results and Google Maps. Optimizing local SEO is a crucial component of a potent digital marketing strategy. Employing local SEO tools like Google My Business (GMB) places you on an almost level playing field with more substantial franchises.

Well, any opportunity to improve search engine rankings is an opportunity to put your business on the path of success due to the traffic that comes out of it. It is worth noting that you cannot put effective strategies for your local SEO if you do not know what search engine giants look for when ranking. So, what factors does Google base their ranking on? Let’s expound more:

1. Prominence

Search engine results always prioritize businesses that are better known. If anything, they must be popular for a good reason. The more established a venture is, the higher the likelihood of ranking with search engine results. A great way to bolster the prominence of your business would be accumulating reviews on your Google My Business profile. Furthermore, an investment in your site and your user experience is also an excellent and organic way to build your prominence and improve your search engine results.

2. Relevance

Search engines labour to provide users with results as close as possible to what they are looking for when browsing. As such, they are more likely to favour sites with the most relevant results. Improve the relevance of your site by adding as much updated information as possible on your GMB profile. That increases the likelihood of Google ranking your website in the top position in Maps.

3. Distance

Local search results prioritize distance as a ranking factor for search engine results. Google wants to connect its users to places close to their location, making it necessary to include details of your business premise to increase its visibility with people in the local area.

For example, suppose a potential customer from Florida is looking for dental insurance. For local SEO, it doesn’t matter if he or she includes “Florida” in the search bar because Google will pick up their location and will serve them the results related to their distance. So if your insurance office is based in Florida, it’s up to you to rank your landing page on that exact keyword: dental insurance in Florida, and list your business in GMB with the proper physical address.

Local SEO for Dentist Practice

Local SEO plays a crucial role in many businesses. And dental practice is not an exception. Finding ways to build local SEO for your business will help you reach out to more potential patients and increase the profitability of your venture. Moreover, local SEO targets people close by who are more, resulting in more patients at your front door.

dentist practise

Dentist Citations

It is no news that Google is one of the best platforms to market your dentist practice. And that is mainly because people always run to Google first when looking for almost any service. Most people rely on search engines when looking for the best dentist in their area. That makes having the best dentist citations for your practice a prerequisite for high rankings with local search results. A proper citation for your dental practice should include the name of your business, the relevance and authority of the citation’s endpoints and the street address for your GMB as the base.

Your dental practice has more opportunities to be in the way of your potential client’s eyes when you have exact match citations in dental directories. The result is exponential growth for your business that you need for the posterity of your venture.

dentist citations

Top Dental Directories

Listing your dental practice on dental directories boosts trust. It also increases visibility and popularity with your target audience. That said, not all directories carry the same weight. You have more ROI if you appear on one with a higher domain rating (DR), which is an accurate measure of website authority. Below are some dental directories that will come a long way in building your credibility and visibility:

1. American Dental Association

Having your website in this directory will, no doubt, be a great way to reach out to more patients. American Dental Association has a well-trusted Find-A-Dentist directory. Consider signing up and updating your profile on their database. It will be easier for patients to locate you. What’s more, the Ahref DR rating is 90.


2. American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry

This platform is where you should be if your niche is in paediatric dentistry. Listing your clinic in this dental directory will get you more patients based within your area of practice. The site has an authority of 81. Moreover, the informative content peppering the site makes it an even more authoritative website you want to list in their directory.

American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry

3. 1-800-Dentist

With an Ahref DR of 71, this dental directory’s trust factor makes it a valuable tool for dentists. The fact that dentists have to go through and pass their rigorous process makes it appear more credible for people looking for the best dentists in their area.


4. Free Dental Care US

This dental directory offers a list of low-cost dental clinics. If your clinic prides itself in providing affordable oral healthcare for its patients, you may want to list with this directory. It has an Ahref DR of 44.

Free Dental Care US

5. Australian Health Directory

If based in Australia, the Australian Health Directory is a great place to start when looking to list. The dental directory has free and paid options. All you need to do is complete your profile and fill up the forms. Ahref DR is 35.

Australian Health Directory

6. Orthodontist Pages

List your oral healthcare business with Orthopages if you offer specialist treatment. People looking for specialized oral treatment will find you easily if your business is in this directory. The Ahref rating is 24.

Orthodontist Pages

7. Care Dash

This dental directory is easy to use and allows you to cast a light on crucial information that you need to highlight to your patients. Even better, it costs nothing to set up a Care Dash profile as long as you have all the necessary documentation. The Ahref DR for this directory is 68.

Care Dash.

8. Smile Guide

Listing with this dental directory should be top of your priorities if you need a share of new patients. Fortunately, it does not take a lot to list on it. All you need is to be a client for Smile marketing. Alternatively, you could pay the annual fee to register for the listing.

Smile Guide.

9. Dental Clinics.org

DentalClinics.org comes in handy for people looking for dental clinics in their local community. Listing with this dental directory increases the chances of attracting new patients in your area. Another bonus is that it is easy to add yourself on the listing. DentalClinics.org only asks for basic information on their forms. You, however, need enough proof to show that your business is licensed and certified. Ahref DR is 24.

10. Healthgrades Dentist Directory

This dental directory provides high-level visibility, seeing that it appears on the first page of Google for dentists directories. Listing here is bound to increase traffic to your site. It helps that it is easier to use and allows users to sort based on reviews, availability and speciality.

Healthgrades Dentist Directory

11. OpenCare

OpenCare connects patients to the best dentists. It has impeccable practice management tools and makes for a great modern dental directory. You will need to have glowing reviews to apply to the directory.


12. Local Med

Local Med has a seamless user experience and is open to general dentists and specialists. It is a great platform to integrate into your practice management system.

Local Med

13. Dental Chat

More than a dental directory, Dental Chat is a chatbot tool you can incorporate into your website to amplify patient engagement. Dental Chat makes the most of Innovative AI technology to offer virtual assistant capabilities.

dental chat

Complete List of Top 20 Dental Directories

Dental Directories Ahref DR Location Pricing
American Dental Association (ADA) 90 USA Free
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) 81 USA Free
1-800-Dentist 71 USA Paid
CareDash 69 USA Free
Smile Guide 50 International Paid
Free Dental Care US 45 USA Free
eHealth Scores 42 USA Free
Australian Health Directory 36 Australia Paid
Ortho Pages 24 USA/Canada Paid
DentalClinics.org 24 USA Free
FSNHospitals 80 USA/Canada Free
Delta Dental 78 USA Paid
eLocal Dentists 77 USA Free
Wellness Directory 74 USA Paid
Doctor 73 USA Free
DentalPlans.com 72 USA Paid
Health Profs 72 USA Free
USA Top Dentists 52 USA Paid
Health Local 56 Canada Free
Dentist Pro 46 UK/Canada Free

Tips for Dental Directory Submissions

Again, there are many benefits of listing your dental practice in dental directories. That said, it helps to have a few tips for submitting your business with them. Here are some tips:

  1. Be sure to update your profile across all relevant directories. Always have the most recent Name, Address and phone number details on all directories.
  2. Have all the necessary documentation to prove that you are a licensed dentist.
  3. List your clinic with as many directories as possible to improve the chances of getting more traffic.

Wrapping up

Listing your dental practice with popular web directories like Google My Business puts your business on the map. It increases traffic to your site, which translates to better achievement of your financial bottom line. That said, your credibility and loyalty will depend more on the quality of work you extend to your patients.

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