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10 Smart Techniques of Link Building for Mobile App Marketers

Link Building for Mobile Apps

Imagine a room with 2 million people, and each one is trying to tell their story. Sounds overwhelming, right? 

That’s the world of mobile apps for you! Now, what if someone influential in that room points to you and says, ‘Listen to their story, it’s worth it!’ That’s what link building does for your app.

Think of it like getting a shout-out from the coolest kid in school. When your app gets these shout-outs, or ‘links’, it becomes way more popular. 

A research done by statista clearly shows that the mobile downloads tremendously increased from 59.9 billion in the first half of 2019 to 76.8 billion in first half of 2023.

And don’t forget, this isn’t just about links – it’s a key part of App Store Optimization (ASO), ensuring your app climbs to the top of the charts. Ready to learn some smart techniques? Dive in and find out how link building can make your app the star of the show!

SEO vs ASO: What is the Difference?


SEO is all about making your website pop up first when someone types a query into a search engine. ASO focuses on getting your app to the top of the list in app stores when someone searches for something related. The following points explain the difference thoroughly:

  • SEO focuses on websites in search engines while ASO targets mobile apps in app stores.
  • SEO optimizes for platforms like Google, ASO optimizes for the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and others.
  • SEO uses keywords, meta descriptions, and backlinks; ASO uses app titles, descriptions, screenshots, and reviews.
  • The goal for both is to rank at the top, but the methods and platforms differ.

Why is ASO Crucial For This Strategy to Work?

  • ASO ensures your app stands out in crowded app stores.
  • Without strong ASO, even quality apps can go unnoticed.
  • ASO helps increase visibility, leading to more downloads.
  • It taps into organic searches within app stores, the primary way users discover new apps.
  • Proper ASO can reduce the cost of acquiring new app users.

Top 10 Techniques of Link Building for Mobile App

These strategies are designed to spotlight your app in a hectic digital aspect. By following them, you’ll enhance visibility, drive more downloads, and climb app store ranks effortlessly.

1. Add Your App Link to Your Main Site

Have you ever visited a brand’s main website and instantly seen an urge to explore their mobile app? It’s a common and smart move.

Why It’s Important:

  • Visibility: Placing your app link on a familiar platform (your main website) instantly catches regular visitors’ attention.
  • Easy Access: It offers your audience a straightforward path to your app, eliminating any hurdles in finding it on their own.
  • Consistency: Showcasing your app on your site gives a blended feel to your brand. Whether they’re on your website or your app, users will feel they’re in the right place.

In the vast world of the internet, little pinches can bring big rewards. So, if you’ve got an app, let your website visitors know. It’s an effective bridge from web browsing to app exploration.

2. Share Your App on Social Media

social media

When it comes to sharing exciting news or discoveries, many of us turn to social media. It’s a space where information flows quickly, catching the eyes of many.

Why It’s A Top Move:

  • Reach: Social media platforms host millions of users daily. Sharing your app there means tapping into a vast audience.
  • Engagement: Posts about your app can spark interest, discussions, and even shares, making it a conversation starter.
  • Trust: When friends and followers see your app on their feeds, it comes with a sense of trust, as it’s being shared in a familiar environment.

Remember, in today’s digital age, being social online isn’t just about fun photos and stories. It’s also about sharing valuable finds, like your app, with the world. It’s a simple way to get the word out and invite others to join in on the experience.

3. Write a News Article About Your App

The power of the written word is undeniable. When something is penned down as news, it automatically gains an aura of importance, capturing readers’ interest.

Reasons to Consider This:

  • Credibility: Articles, especially those with a news-like tone, are viewed as reliable sources of information.
  • Awareness: A well-crafted article can reach a broad audience, spreading the word about your app’s features and benefits.
  • Engagement: Readers often engage with articles by leaving comments, sharing them, or even reaching out for more information.

In the realm of app promotion, merely launching an app isn’t enough. Informing the masses about it, through a concise and catchy news article, can amplify its reach. It’s like sending out a formal invitation for everyone to come and experience what you’ve created.

4. Partner With a Related Industry Event

Partner With a Related Industry Event

Events are buzzing hives of activity, filled with like-minded folks sharing ideas and discovering new innovations. Becoming a part of such an event, especially one related to your app’s industry, is a masterstroke.

Why This Strategy Rocks:

  • Spotlight: Partnering with an event places your app center-stage among an audience who’d be genuinely interested.
  • Networking: Events provide a unique chance to mingle, gather feedback, and form beneficial alliances.
  • Authority: Being associated with industry events can enhance your app’s reputation, painting it as a key player in its niche.

Embarking on the journey of app promotion isn’t about walking alone. Sometimes, joining forces with industry events can work wonders. It’s like entering a big hall where everyone is keen on what you have to offer.

5. Get Influencers to Talk About Your App

In today’s digital landscape, influencers wield a unique kind of magic. With a single post or shoutout, they can draw eyes and ears to what they’re talking about – in this case, your app.

Perks of this Approach:

  • Immediate Reach: Influencers, with their vast follower bases, can introduce your app to a significant number of people swiftly.
  • Trust Factor: Fans often trust an influencer’s word. If they recommend your app, it comes with a stamp of credibility.
  • Engagement Boost: Influencer endorsements often lead to more comments, shares, and interactions, pushing your app into the limelight.

The world listens when influencers speak. Getting them to highlight your app is like having a town’s herald announce your arrival. It’s a strategy that carries weight, ensuring your app doesn’t just whisper in the crowd, but truly sings out loud.

6. Engage in Online Chats About Your App

The digital world thrives on conversations. When it’s about your app, why not join the chat? Engaging in discussions not only spreads the word but also helps you tune into what people are saying.

Advantages of Joining the Conversation:

  • Feedback Loop: Direct engagement lets you hear first-hand what users love or what they hope to see improved.
  • Visibility Boost: Active participation in online chats showcases your dedication, making your app more memorable to participants.
  • Building Connections: These chats can lead to meaningful relationships, from potential partnerships to loyal user communities.

Dive into the online buzz. By being an active voice in discussions about your app, you’re not just promoting it. You’re also showing that you care about its users and are committed to making it the best it can be. It’s less of a broadcast and more of a heartfelt conversation.

7. Write Guest Articles for Relevant Sites

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Writing isn’t just an art; it’s a potent tool, especially when you pen down words for platforms that already have a solid readership. Guest articles can be your ticket to reaching audiences you haven’t tapped into yet.

Benefits of this Method:

  • Extended Reach: By writing for established sites, your app gets introduced to a fresh, yet relevant, set of eyes.
  • Credibility Boost: Associating with recognized platforms lends credibility to your app and showcases your expertise in the field.
  • Backlinking Opportunity: Guest articles often allow you to link back to your app, paving a direct route for interested readers.

In the vast ocean of online content, let your words be the beacon that guides readers to your app. Crafting a well-thought-out guest article isn’t just about promoting; it’s about sharing, informing, and adding value to a broader community.

8. Get Your App Reviewed on App Sites

Imagine a place where tech enthusiasts flock to learn about the latest and greatest in the app world. App review sites are those very hubs, making them a perfect spot to showcase your application.

Why This is a Excellent Move:

  • Targeted Audience: These sites cater to individuals actively seeking new apps, ensuring your app is showcased to a relevant crowd.
  • Trustworthiness: A review from a reputable app site can instill confidence in potential users about the quality and utility of your app.
  • Boost in Visibility: Having multiple reviews across different platforms amplifies the online presence of your app.

Navigating the app world can be akin to traversing a bustling bazaar. Getting your app reviewed on dedicated sites ensures it stands out, not as just another stall, but as a noteworthy attraction for all to see and experience.

9. Team up With Other Apps for Promotions

In this competitive world of mobile applications, sometimes the smartest move is not to compete, but to collaborate. By teaming up with other apps, you can create a synergy where both parties benefit.

Why Teaming up is Brilliant:

  • Mutual Growth: Teaming up allows both apps to tap into each other’s user bases, ensuring a wider reach without starting from scratch.
  • Shared Resources: Collaborative promotions can mean pooling together marketing resources, resulting in richer and more impactful campaigns.
  • Enhanced User Value: Bundling offers or features from both apps can provide users with a more comprehensive and enriching experience.

In a world where standing out can be a challenge, two voices together can resonate louder than one. By partnering up for promotions, your app isn’t just finding an ally; it’s forming a powerful duo ready to make waves in the app universe.

10. Design a Catchy, Share-worthy Graphic

A picture speaks a thousand words, but a catchy graphic? It can echo across the digital realm, making your app unforgettable. Designing an engaging graphic isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a visual message that resonates.

What Makes This Approach Shine:

  • Instant Appeal: An attractive graphic grabs attention immediately, sparking curiosity about your app.
  • Viral Potential: A compelling graphic has the potential to be shared widely, multiplying your reach without extra effort.
  • Branding Benefits: Consistently stunning graphics can become synonymous with your app, establishing a memorable brand identity.

Diving into the visual world can be a game-changer. A well-designed graphic isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a magnet, drawing viewers in and leaving them intrigued about what your app has to offer. It’s like creating a digital poster that everyone wants to share and talk about.

3 Pillars of Building Quality Backlinks

When diving into the ocean of link building, it’s essential to recognize the guiding lights that help ensure quality. These lights, or pillars, keep your efforts grounded and effective. Let’s explore these three critical pillars:

3 Pillars of Building Quality Backlinks

  • Authority: Every site isn’t created equal. Some websites are seen as more trustworthy and credible by both users and search engines. When such authoritative sites link to your app, then your site is also considered as an authority site.
  • Relevance: When building backlinks, it’s crucial that the linking site is relevant to your app’s content. A link from a related site is not only more valuable but also tells search engines that your app is genuinely connected to that topic.
  • Anchor text: This is the visible text in a link, the words you click on. It’s more than just a label; it’s a hint. Anchor text gives context about what the linked page is all about. Using clear and relevant anchor text helps in guiding both users and search engines to understand the essence of your app.

How to Track Links Leading to Your App?

Keeping an eye on who’s linking to your app is crucial. It’s one of the essential things you should be aware of.

Wondering how to do it? It’s simpler than you might think.

One way is by setting up Google alerts. Create alerts for your app’s name, perhaps even for your name, and specific phrases you’re aiming to be noticed for. 

While these alerts won’t directly show backlinks, they will inform you about online mentions. Spot a positive mention missing a link? That’s your chance to ask for one, possibly opening doors to more opportunities.

Additionally, there are handy tools out there, like Moz Open Site Explorer. This tool lets you dive into the links pointing to your app. Just pop in your Google Play Store address, and it’ll present details about essential links, known as backlinks.

In short, tracking backlinks is about using the right tools and staying proactive in the digital space.

Let’s take a look at the link information from Facebook’s app on the Google Play Store for Android:

How to Track Links Leading to Your App

A few of their top links originate from outside press and blogs, while others come from Facebook’s own “newsroom” site.

Final Words on Link Building for Mobile App

In this digitally revolutionized time, understanding and leveraging link building for mobile apps is a game-changer. 

By monitoring who’s linking to your app and evaluating the quality of these links, you can carve out a solid online presence. 

Regular checks, using the right tools, and keeping records are essential steps. As you navigate the world of app promotion, remember that every link tells a story, and it’s this narrative that can make your app stand out in a crowded marketplace.

FAQs Related to Link Building for Mobile App

What is link building for mobile apps?

Link building for mobile apps involves creating quality backlinks that direct users to your app's landing page or store listing, enhancing visibility and organic downloads.

Why is link building important for mobile apps?

Link building boosts your app's online credibility and discoverability. It plays a pivotal role in increasing organic downloads and long-term, sustainable growth.

How does link building improve App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Link building strengthens ASO by increasing the app's authority and relevance. A strong backlink profile can enhance an app's store ranking, making it more discoverable.

Can link building help in getting more app reviews?

Yes, link building can drive more traffic to your app's store page. This increased visibility can lead to more downloads and subsequently, more user reviews.

Are there any tools to track backlinks for mobile apps?

Absolutely! Tools like Moz Open Site Explorer allow you to monitor and analyze backlinks directing to your mobile app's store listing, helping in strategic planning.

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