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8 Reasons to Use Cartoon Animated Videos to Boost your Marketing

Cartoon Animated Videos

In this digital era, marketers use innovative ideas to enhance their marketing activities. In recent years we have seen cartoon animation become a hot trend.

Cartoon marketing is one of the most effective tools that help convey the complex concept in an easy-to-understand message. It increases audience engagement because people love watching cartoon animation and can memorize the message quickly.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the significance of cartoon animated videos and why you should use them to enrich your marketing.

Capture Viewers Attention

Suppose you open a website of HRIS software. You want to know about the benefits and features of their HR software, but you don’t have enough time to read all the textual information on the website.

The best thing about animated cartoon videos is that you can explain even complicated concepts quickly and more effectively. You can create a 2-minute video to grab the viewers’ attention and highlight the critical information. Also with video enhancer, you can make your videos look more polished and professional.

The beauty of cartoon animated video is that you can cover all the essential information in 120 seconds. You can convince your audience to take the desired action. That’s why it is the future of marketing because the trend of animated cartoon videos is increasing.

Enhance Brand Awareness

An Animated cartoon video is people’s most effective tool to learn about a brand. If they feel satisfied, they later purchase. You can use cartoon animated videos on Instagram and TikTok that give your brand a competitive edge.

Activate Sales Funnel and Boost Sales

According to stats revealed by BuzzFlick, videos impact the sales funnel. For instance, 84% of people believe videos help them get potential leads. Moreover, 43% of businesses observed that when they added an explainer video to their website, the support calls were reduced.

Cartoon videos increase your ROI, which is why it is ideal for adding to your marketing strategy.

It is Cost-effective

Cartoon animation is cost-effective and requires less effort and time for production. Businesses prefer to use it because cartoon animation looks creative even if they create them on a limited budget.

When we compare it with live-action videos, it is more cost-effective. It isn’t easy to save a budget on live-action video production. The reason is that you need actors for live-action production, rent shooting sets, decorations, and shooting equipment.

In cartoon videos, you don’t need these things. However, you need expert animators who can create creative animated video characters. But it can save your budget because you don’t need to hire actors, equipment, and decorations.

Cartoon video animation pricing is reasonable, and prices vary because of the video length, timelines, and complexity of the animation

You can Customize the Characters

Animated video is one of the best tools that you can use to connect with your target customers.

In animation, cartoons are created according to the situation and by case. That’s why every character is original.

Animation is created from the new concept, so you can create any engaging character and enhance your storytelling. The imagination of an animator plays a vital role in it.

Cartoon animation helps in creating customized characters that help you in explaining the benefits and features of your product or service. Therefore, it allows you to unlock the door of opportunities and create a video that wins the hearts of your audience.

It Enhances your Brands Message

There are two ways to enrich your marketing when we talk about branding. You can spend your budget on branding, but it can annoy your audience, or you can promote your brand organically.

Some people wrongly perceive that if they focus on branding, the audience will purchase from their brand. Many brands globally spend significant budgets on branding, but people don’t know most of them.

You need to impress the audience, and people admire those brands who focus on telling the value they are adding to their life instead of focusing on who they are. So, you can use cartoon animated videos to tell your brand’s story with images.

Triggers Viewers Emotions

The best thing about cartoons is that when we watch them, we recall our childhood when the biggest decision we had to make was which cartoon to watch first. Cartoon animated videos give a pleasant feeling to the audience.

Cartoon videos will help you in telling your brand’s story. You can use storytelling to trigger viewers’ emotions and create a connection between your brand and the audience. The ultimate goal of every marketer is to grab the audience’s attention and convince them to take the desired action.

Cartoon animation helps build a strong relationship with the target audience by presenting your brand personality. Focus on creating an engaging story that helps you in achieving your objectives.

Use Creative Visuals to Portray Situations

Use Creative Visuals to Portray Situations

Every business has some complicated things they want to explain to their audience engagingly. Cartoon animated video is ideal for conveying complex concepts. The best thing about cartoon animation is that we incorporate metaphors to portray situations.

Using metaphors is ideal for explanations. By using animation, you can present complex things easily. You can show how to use something with a step-by-step guide. The audience can understand everything by watching your video.

Closing Remarks

Cartoon animated video has become a powerful tool that helps businesses create a positive brand image. The beauty of cartoon animation is that it captures your audience’s attention. You can create a story that viewers can associate with it.

Cartoon animated videos increase your audience engagement. However, you can achieve your objectives by not compromising quality and using engaging narration or beautiful voiceovers.

To achieve excellent results, you need to hire a professional animation agency. Animation agencies have a professional team of illustrators and animators who can nurture your idea into an engaging video.

You can outsource your video projects to BuzzFlick video animation agency, as it is one of the best Animation studios in California.




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