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How AI Content Generation Tools Can Boost Your E-Commerce Business

How AI Content Generation Tools Can Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Like all other areas and industries, artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating waves in the content marketing world too. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you surely understand the value of good content and the importance of putting content out there for your audience consistently and quickly. There is cut-throat competition in the e-commerce industry and if you can’t woo your prospects with great content before your competitor does, chances of success are little. This is where AI content generation tools can help you. AI content generation tools can help speed up content production and improve your content quality too if used well.

In this article, we will talk about how you can use AI content generation tools to boost content creation and marketing in your e-commerce business. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the tips and best practices for using an AI writer to create content.

How to Use AI Content Generation Tools in E-commerce

There are several areas of content creation where AI content tools can help you boost productivity. In fact AI content tools can be used for not just content creation, but content optimization, quality enhancement, and more.

Here are some of the best ways to use AI content-generation tools in e-commerce.

1) Generate a Smart Copy for Your Website

One of the very first things your e-commerce business needs is impactful e-commerce website development. And what makes your website truly impactful is high-converting website copy. Most AI-powered content creation tools have dedicated web copy use cases that can generate high-quality, search-optimized copy for your business website. Similar to business name generators, AI writing assistants rely on your inputs to produce the best quality.

Here are some ways an AI writing assistant can help generate high-impact web copy.

a) A Catchy Headline

Your website or landing page headline is the first thing that visitors notice. An AI writer can help you generate attention-grabbing headlines within seconds. All you need to do is describe your product offering, your target customer base, and your desired tone of voice.

Here’s an example of an AI-generated headline by the AI writer on Narrato Workspace. Narrato Workspace is an AI content workspace that has a host of cutting-edge AI tools to help with content planning, creation, optimization, and publishing.

Catchy headline

Most AI writing tools will let you generate multiple variations of content. So you can use this to your advantage and see which headline best capture’s your brand messaging and tone.

b) Product Descriptions

Another important area where content plays a key role in driving sales is your product descriptions. Creating convincing product descriptions on your e-commerce site’s product/ shopping pages can be a challenge. But with an AI writing tool, you can save hours of work on this.

Product description use cases on AI content generation tools require you to provide only basic information like the product name, product type, and key features. The rest of it is taken care of by the AI tool itself.

c) Website Copy

You can also generate sections of your website copy with an AI content creation tool. AI writers like the one on Narrato, let you choose from different copywriting frameworks like AIDA (Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action), PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution), and BAB (Before-After-Bridge).

Here’s an example of an AIDA copy (highlighted in yellow) for the same product as in the previous example, generated on Narrato’s AI writer.

Website copy

d) SEO Meta Descriptions

When creating your website, focusing on e-commerce SEO is a given. But again, generating SEO meta tags for each web page can be time-consuming. An AI writer with an SEO meta description generator can save you time here as well. All you have to do is type in your web page title and your target keyword. AI content generators will automatically generate a relevant meta description containing your primary keyword and your page summary. Automating little things like these in your content process can save hours in the long run.

2) Generate High-Quality Content for Your Blog Posts

Apart from your website content, AI content generators can play a very important role in creating marketing content for your e-commerce business. And at the forefront of your marketing content is your blog. Blog posts are a great way to build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your website. But for your blog to reach the right audience and generate leads, it must deliver high-quality content and appear in the right searches online.

AI text generators can help you plan, write and optimize your blog posts faster. Here are some use cases of AI content generator tools in blogging for eCommerce businesses.

a) Topic ideas

The first step in blog writing is getting new ideas to create content that your audience would be drawn towards. After a certain point, getting new topic ideas merely through brainstorming can be difficult. This is where AI content idea generator tools can step in to help. Platforms like Narrato have AI topic generators that can give you a list of topic ideas for your theme or keyword.

There are other content idea generator tools as well, like Portent’s Idea Generator that can generate interesting titles for your blog posts. In fact, ChatGPT in e-commerce can also give you some great content ideas as it is great for conducting content research and planning.

Here’s an example of blog topic ideas we generated on ChatGPT

Topic ideas

b) Content Briefs

Content briefs lay out all the requirements that writers are supposed to meet when creating a blog post. This includes SEO requirements, brand guidelines, tone, structure, and everything else that matters in creating a high-quality blog post. Most AI tools will have an AI content brief generator that automatically generates briefs with keyword suggestions and more.

c) Blog Post Outlines

Once your blog topic is decided, the next step is generating an outline for the post. This is a small but time-consuming step that content marketers often skip. However, having an outline before you start writing your blog post can give you a lot more clarity and that reflects in the end product. With an AI content generator to help, you don’t have to skip this step. AI writers can generate comprehensive article outlines based on your topic and tone of voice.

d) Sectional Content

Often starting and concluding a blog post are the toughest parts. This is where creative blocks strike the most. An AI-powered content writing tool will help you write better introductions and conclusions for your blog posts, faster. It can also help write paragraphs and small sections of content for the body of the blog, whenever you fall short of words.

It is important to remember though, that AI writers should not be used to generate entire articles. They are only meant to assist human writers and not replace them. Entire blog posts generated by artificial intelligence can sometimes be inconsistent and lack the flow that a human writer can offer.

e) Enhancing and Improving Content

When you feel that you need to add something more to your content or it could be framed better, use an AI writer’s paraphrasing, content improver, or sentence expander use case. These use cases are a great way to add more value to your content without having to spend too much time on it. You can apply these use cases when you edit your first draft to make your blog posts richer.

Here’s an example of Narrato AI writer’s ‘Write For Me’ use case that expands on your existing content. You can see how easily it generates sentence after sentence that is coherent and relevant to the existing content.

Enhancing and improving content

f) Frequently Asked Questions

If your blog or website has an FAQ section, an AI writer can save you a lot of effort in answering your customers’/ audience’s frequently asked questions. Most of the time, you simply have to type in the question and offer some context to the AI writer and it generates an answer instantly. You can use the answer as it is or make minor edits as you like.

3) Generate Email Content For Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of your overall marketing plan too. AI email writers are a great tool to speed up email writing, particularly when you have to send out marketing emails often. Some use cases of AI email writers are the following.

a) Email Subject Lines

AI writers are great at recommending catchy subject lines for your marketing emails. With a little context of what your email is about they can generate multiple variations of subject lines. You can even use 2 or more variations of the subject for A/B testing which one gets a higher open rate.

Here’s what we got from Narrato’s AI email writer, for example. We generated multiple variations to see which one works best.

Email subject lines

b) Emails From Outline

You can also generate email copy using an AI writing assistant. As long as you can provide a nice, comprehensive outline of what your messaging should be, generating content for the body of your email with AI should not be difficult. In some cases, you may have to define what your business name is, what products you offer, who the recipients are, and a few other details. With good, clear input, the AI email writer will be able to give you high-quality and relevant output as well.

Best Practices to Follow When Using AI Content Generation Tools

When using AI content generation tools, it is crucial to follow best practices:

  • Always proofread and fact-check: Although AI-generated content is usually reliable and free of errors, it is important to have some human oversight when using AI writing tools. Since AI content generators are trained on existing data on the web, it is possible that some parts of the data could be inaccurate and the same inaccuracies may make their way into your AI-generated content. So it is essential to proofread all your AI content and fact-check where necessary to ensure you’re not putting out any false or debatable information.
  • Don’t create entire articles with AI: The creativity, power of judgment, and emotions that human writers can bring to writing are still irreplaceable, no matter how smart AI tools get. Generating entire articles with AI could result in incoherent and generic pieces that your audience won’t connect with. Use AI tools only to generate small sections and boost productivity, not as a replacement for human writers.
  • Provide solid inputs for high-quality output: Be it ChatGPT or any other generative AI tool, the kind of input you provide decides what kind of output you get. The more descriptive and unambiguous your input is, the more likely it is that you’ll get high-quality AI-generated content delivered. Make sure to add context, define tone and audience, etc. for the best results.

Wrapping Up

AI content generation tools can make content marketing for your e-commerce business a breeze. If you know how to use these tools right, you will be saving tons of resource hours and a lot of effort in content creation. Just make sure that you understand the scope and limitations of artificial intelligence and make it work to the best of its capacity. If you haven’t added an AI content generation tool to your e-commerce marketing arsenal yet, there’s no better time than now.

How to Use AI Content Generation Tools in E-Commerce Businesses

AI content generation tools can significantly speed up the content creation process in your e-commerce business. Here are some use cases of AI writing tools that you should try.

Neelam Goswami is a content writer and marketer working with a leading content writing service. She has written for several reputed brands in the digital and content marketing space including ClickUp, G2, Jeff Bullas, Neal Schaffer, and others


Are AI content generation tools reliable?

Yes, AI content generation tools have advanced significantly in reliability. They utilize sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate accurate and relevant content, ensuring high-quality outputs for various e-commerce needs.

Can AI content generation tools optimize SEO?

Absolutely! AI content generation tools can assist in optimizing SEO by generating keyword-rich content, meta descriptions, and title tags. They help enhance organic search visibility and improve the overall ranking of your e-commerce website.

Do AI content generation tools support multiple languages?

Yes, many AI content generation tools support multiple languages. They can generate content in different languages, catering to diverse target markets and expanding your global reach.

How do AI content generation tools maintain brand consistency?

AI content generation tools allow businesses to set predefined style guidelines, tone of voice, and brand-specific parameters. By following these guidelines, the tools ensure that the generated content maintains consistency with the brand's identity and messaging.

Are AI content generation tools cost-effective?

Absolutely! AI content generation tools can provide cost-effective solutions for e-commerce businesses. By automating content creation processes and reducing the need for extensive human resources, they help optimize operational costs while delivering high-quality content outputs.

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Neelam Goswami is a content writer and marketer working with a leading content writing service. She has written for several reputed brands in the digital and content marketing space including ClickUp, G2, Jeff Bullas, Neal Schaffer, and others.

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