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Best Cannabis Business Social Network to Kickstart Your Business

Cannabis Business Social Network

Social media has become a prominent means to market your business and grow your audience. Every brand from niche is leveraging social networks and all other available platforms to attract traffic. And the impact of social media can also be easily seen in the cannabis industry. It is blooming, and people are inclining toward cannabis business social networks to create their space in the industry. However, creating a social media presence for your business is a good practice. That said, we will uncover the layer of cannabis business social networks you can use to enhance your cannabis business. Let’s dig in!

The cannabis business is now creating its own space in the market, thanks to marketers’ marketing strategies. Cannabis, once a banned drug, is now legal in some countries, more precisely in some areas. The possession of cannabis, cultivating, or using cannabis in private is legal in South Africa. In several states in the United States of America, the use of Marijuana is legal, with the possibility to make business with it, that always needs proper maintenance, such as small business accounting software. However, the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

Those involved in the cannabis or marijuana business know the power of social media and strong connections. In this guide, you will learn about the best cannabis business social networks to boost your business.

Best Cannabis Business

Best Cannabis Business Social Network

Here are some of the exceptional solutions to build social networks that exclusively benefit cannabis business owners and other cannabis enthusiasts.

1. Weedable


Weedable is one big platform through which all cannabis business owners and marijuana enthusiasts worldwide stay connected. It is a free platform to join; anybody who is interested in cannabis or marijuana business can join this platform. This social network allows all cannabis lovers to share their viewpoints with one another easily. It is a smart app that offers services for both consumers and businesses. It has a strong userbase, and connecting with people gets easier with Weedable. This social network allows you to target people based on their location and choice.

2. WeedLife

Another gem in the store is WeedLife social network. Since its inception in 2013, this platform has gained immense popularity among the cannabis community around the globe. This cannabis social network incorporates more than 40 websites that help spread the cannabis news feed that gives you information about all weed-related companies. Every cannabis business owner must join this community to stay ahead of the cannabis or marijuana business curve. This mobile app is easy to use, and it is highly acclaimed.

3. MassRoots


MassRoots is a social network explicitly for the cannabis community. It was one of the first cannabis-related companies to go public to interact with people about cannabis. Essentially, building your relationship with other potential customers or businesses in the industry is required. Good marketing leads to better results, and MassRoots pave the way for incredible cannabis marketing. It has over 1 million users globally. The only thing is that you will be able to access this app only in the countries where the use of cannabis is legal. So, if you live in another country where still the use of cannabis and marijuana is illegal, you can not access MassRoots as well.

4. Duby


Duby is a powerful platform with a range of people using it. If you smoke weed or say you produce medicines that are made up of using some percentage of weed, or if you are not involved in any of these activities but love weed, you have to be on Duby. the best thing about the Duby platform is that it provides ease of anonymity among the users. Yes! You wish to be on a cannabis social network, but you don’t wish to reveal your identity to anyone. You are welcome on Duby. It is available for iOS and Android apps. You can easily market your products here.

5. LeafWire

LeafWire is another big name when it comes to cannabis marketing industry platforms. It is a pool of opportunities where you can find Cannabis and Hemp friendly services effortlessly. Using this platform is as simple as other social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. All cananbusiness owners looking for better business expansions, you should be on LeafWire. Several nations have already made the use of marijuana legal, and with time, many other countries may do the same. So, preparing in advance will give huge benefits in the future.

6. Grasscity Forums

Grasscity Forums
Grasscity Forums is one of the best forums when you plan to connect with the cannabis community. The best thing about Grasscity is that it is one complete package that you can use to enhance your cannabis knowledge and grow your network. It offers you a plethora of blogs to get familiar with cannabis and all other related aspects that strongly affect the usage and market of cannabis. Grasscity was started as the first online smoke shop that allows you to make orders for all paraphernalia-related products such as glass pipes, vapes, hookahs, bongs, dab pens, dab rigs, and CBD. apart from selling products online, the cannabis forum is also there that you can be a part of to associate with other cannabis lovers.

7. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is a one-stop destination for all cannabis savants around the globe to share the best elements of the cannabis community with one another. Whether you are looking for buddy-friendly accommodation (private residences, hotels, or hostels), medicinal doctors, recreational dispensary, or buddies nearby to spend time with, you will get everything with just a few clicks. You can get information about the free available space to stay, buddies to share your experience with, and blogs to read to enhance your cannabis knowledge. This is not just an app rather; it is a marketplace where you can sell your product and gather required information about the medicinal improvisation of cannabis.

8. CannaSOS

The effect of cannabis and the products that the cannabis community members are using is readily available with CannaSOS. The cannabis enthusiasts and people dealing with cannabis, marijuana, and other similar drugs can be connected via the CannaSOS cannabis business social network. Building connections, selling products, and gaining the latest and trending information about the use of cannabis gets really simpler with the availability of such social networks. If you are a newbie in this industry, you can ask your questions to the experts on this network. You get the opportunity to connect with 420-related businesses both nearby and worldwide.

9. WeedMaps

WeedMaps is accessible for iOS and Android users. This is the company that is trying to make cannabis a mainstream business. People who are associated with cannabis, either being a user or professional sellers, must have heard about the WeedMaps app. It provides you with complete navigation of the cannabis universe. As the name includes a map, this app allows you to go through several areas of the cannabis business, local dispensaries, and shops where you can find cannabis. With WeedMaps, you can find deals on your favourite cannabis products, access sales, and discount on CBD. Anybody can use this app and stay.

10. 420 Magazine

420 Magazine is the best place to gather cannabis education on a daily basis. It has gained immense popularity among the cannabis community. There are several publications available that provide information about marijuana and its uses. And 420 Magazine is a huge cannabis business social network platform where you can easily market your products. This platform receives over 100,000 visitors daily, of which they have 250,000 registered members. And over 1.5 social media followers make this cannabis business social network one of the greatest choices for marketing your cannabis business. With this network, you can enjoy the ongoing discussions, informative talks, product reviews, watching and listening to 420 bands, and much more.

11. High There

High There
High There is nothing but Tinder for all marijuana users. Those using cannabis or marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes may use this app to get in touch with other similar interests. However, if they wish, they may date each other. You know the process if you have used the Tinder dating app. The same is with the High There app. All you have to do is swipe left or right to connect with your choice of people effortlessly. The only difference is that here people connect for the love of weed. Whether you do business or are a consumer, being a part of the cannabis business social network can help you experience growth.

12. WeedTube

WeedTube, since its inception, has gained immense popularity and has become one of the biggest cannabis content sites across the globe. If you wish to share any information about any plant, you can do that with WeedTube. Sometimes people do not share the information because they do not want to violate community guidelines or get penalised for doing so. Cannabis users and enthusiasts use this platform to upload videos about the usefulness of cannabis or any other kind of details related to weed. Anyone registered with WeedTube can access the platform to post and use the videos for several purposes.

Objective of Cannabis Business Social Network

As discussed, plenty of cannabis business social networks are out there, and you can be a part of any of them. However, the purpose of all these networks may vary based on your needs and requirements. Some people use these platforms simply with the objective of getting in contact with other same-taste people. Whereas on the other hand, some may join these networks to grow their business. Let’s see what can be the potential reasons to be a part of the cannabis business social network.

i) Networking

In order to make more sales, you must build a strong network with as many people as possible. And you won’t find any other better way than participating in cannabis social platforms.

ii) Boost B2B Sales

These networks give you a pool of chances to connect with other businesses. Knowing your other strong competitors can get easier if you register your business on such platforms.

iii) Career and Recruitment

Of course, if you are running a business, you would need employees for that. And you can not find experienced and knowledgeable employees, especially for the cannabis business just normally. Once you share the details of your business on cannabis social networks, the probability of getting relatable employees increases.

iv) People like

  • Cultivators
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Customers
  • Newbies
  • Cannabis Enthusiasts

Gets benefitted from cannabis social networks.

Cannabis and marijuana have a huge market (Both legal and illegal), and creating your own space in the market needs exposure. That ultimately leads to revenue generation. It’s a big deal to build your brand in such competitive markets. And certainly, it will take a lot of effort to reach there. But with the help of professionals, standing at the other end of the spectrum, touching the height, and getting to the top gets a little easier. Those who have used the link-building services of professional service providers like Outreach Monks know that experts can help you reach the top without a hitch.

Happy Cannabis Business Social Networking!

Cannabis Business Social Network – Wrap Up

Cannabis Social Network Business


Now that you have the list of best cannabis business social networks building your social connections shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and so are the resources and networks to make it more powerful. Of course, when you get the opportunity to connect with like-minded people on the same platform, your business will likely grow with that. The discussed business social networks for cannabis allow you to come in contact with business owners, consumers, marketing professionals, and other related people.

So, if your dream is to grow your cannabis business, the guidance shared in this post will surely help you. Whether you have started out or are a cannabis business pro, this industry has a lot to offer everyone. So, which strategy or which platform worked for you, do share that via comments below. I would love to hear from you!




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