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Why You Need To Leverage Trending Topics For Your Business Blog

Leverage Trending Topics

Feeling like your blog posts are getting lost in the noise? Wish you could attract more of the right readers, build a stronger brand, and boost your bottom line?  

Trending topics are the key to unlocking your blog’s true potential! By writing about the conversations happening right now, you’ll put your business in front of a wider audience, spark engagement, and become the go-to expert in your field. 

Let’s explore how to make it happen.

Why Trending Topics Matter

Let’s find out, why trending topics matter:

Increased Visibility

Think of trending topics as a spotlight for your website. Search engines always seek out fresh, relevant content. When you blog about what’s buzzing, you signal to those search engines that your site is active and up-to-date.  This can significantly boost your visibility in search results and help new people discover your business.

Higher Engagement

People are naturally drawn to what’s current and exciting.  Trending topics tap into that curiosity!  By addressing the latest buzz in your industry, you create content that sparks discussion, encourages comments, and gets shared. This level of engagement builds a loyal readership and helps your message reach a wider audience.

Establish Authority

Blogging about the latest trends positions you as a thought leader. It shows your business is not only aware of what’s happening right now but actively shaping the conversation within your industry.  This kind of authority builds trust with potential customers, making them much more likely to choose your business when they’re ready to buy.

Identifying Trending Topics

Okay, we’ve talked about the amazing benefits of trending topics. But the real question is – how do you actually find those hot trends?  Let’s dive into the top resources for keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry:

Industry News Sites

These are pure gold! Stay up-to-date by checking out the most popular news sites and blogs within your industry. They’ll highlight the latest developments, discussions, and customer pain points – all great inspiration for timely blog posts.

  • Example: A digital marketing agency might follow sites like Search Engine Journal or Moz to stay informed about recent changes to search algorithms or new social media marketing tactics.


Social Media

Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are fantastic for spotting trends in real-time. Monitor trending hashtags, follow key influencers, and see what people are buzzing about within your niche.

  • Example: A fitness brand might monitor trending hashtags on Instagram, like #fitnessmotivation or #healthylifestyle, to identify popular workout trends or nutrition topics.


Google Trends

This free and powerful tool is a must-use!  Google Trends shows you which search terms are exploding in popularity. It even lets you compare different topics and see how interest has changed over time, giving you invaluable insights for your content strategy.

  • Example: A coffee shop owner could use Google Trends to see if searches for “iced latte recipes” spike during summer months, informing their content planning.


Keyword Tools

Platforms like SEMrush or Ahrefs take your research to the next level. These tools reveal what people are actively searching for and how competitive certain keywords are. This helps you target trending blog topics with the highest potential to reach your desired audience.

  • Example: An interior design firm might use SEMrush to find trending keywords related to specific aesthetics like “Bohemian decor” or “Japandi style”.´

KMT-Bohemian _decor

Ready to put these resources into action? In the next section, we’ll cover the different types of trending content you can create!

Types of Trending Blog Content

You understand how to uncover trends, but what kind of awesome content should you actually create? Here are the most popular formats that consistently drive engagement:

How-To Guides and Tutorials

People always need help solving problems! Connect your products or services to those challenges with clear, step-by-step guides or in-depth tutorials.

  • Example: A software company could write a blog post like “How to Optimize Website Loading Speed: A Beginner’s Guide. This addresses a common issue and potentially positions their product as a solution.


Bite-sized and highly shareable!  Listicles offer quick tips or round up the latest trends.

  • Example: An online clothing boutique might create a post like “5 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Know” or “The Hottest Fall 2024 Color Trends.


Tap into the buzz around current events or major shifts in your industry. Offer your business’s unique perspective on a trending topic and ride that wave of interest.

  • Example: A sustainable energy company could write a blog post about the impact of a new government policy on solar panel installation.


Collaborate with thought leaders in your field! Interviews add credibility to your blog and expose you to a wider audience.

  • Example: A marketing agency could interview a social media influencer about the latest strategies for building a brand on TikTok.

Ready to get creative?  In the next section, we’ll discuss the best types of blogs to create for your business!

3 Types Of Blogs To Create

Choosing trending topics is a powerful strategy, but the right kind of blog will make an even bigger difference! Here are three popular and effective options to consider:

The Resource Blog

Become the go-to source of helpful information in your industry. Focus on in-depth guides, tutorials, and valuable insights to establish your business as a trusted expert and build strong relationships with potential customers.

  • Example: Moz is an excellent example of a resource blog in the SEO space.


The Company Blog 

Connect with your audience on a personal level by sharing company updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and insights from your team. This builds a strong brand personality, fosters customer loyalty, and keeps your readers engaged.

  • Example: Patagonia excels at company blogging, weaving brand values into every story.


The Product/Service Blog

Put your offerings front and center with how-to guides tailored to your products, customer success stories, and testimonials.  This type of blog is ideal for educating potential customers,  generating leads, and driving sales.

  • Example: Basecamp uses their product blog to demonstrate the value of their project management software.


Ready for another crucial element of a successful blog?  Next, let’s talk about how link-building can boost your results even further!

The Link-Building Connection

You’re creating amazing content based on trending topics – now it’s time to amplify your reach!  That’s where link-building comes in.  While high-quality content can naturally attract backlinks over time, a competitive industry demands a more proactive approach.

Think of a link-building partner like Outreach Monks as a catalyst. Their expert team accelerates your progress by strategically securing high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. This significantly boosts your blog’s authority, visibility, and boosts your search engine rankings.


By harnessing the power of trending topics, you’ll transform your business blog into a lead-generation and authority-building machine!  

Remember, trending topics give your blog increased visibility and engagement, and solidify your reputation as an industry expert.  

Use a variety of resources to spot trends, and create different types of content to keep readers coming back for more. Choose the right type of blog to align with your business goals.

Ready to take your blog to the next level? Start exploring those hot trends today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to blog about every trend?

Nope! Choose trends that make sense for your business and your audience.

What if I don't have time to track trends myself?

Tools like Google Trends and social media monitoring can save you tons of time.

How often should I publish trend-related posts?

Aim for consistency – even one well-written trending topic post per month can make a difference.

I'm new to blogging. Can I still leverage trending topics?

Yes! It's a great way to attract an audience and establish yourself quickly.

Are there any types of trends I should avoid?

Steer clear of anything too controversial or unrelated to your brand.

Where else can I promote my trending topic blog posts?

Share them on social media, include links in email newsletters, and reach out to relevant influencers.




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