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Top 13 Benefits of Link Building That You Should Know in 2023

Benefits of Link Building

As a marketer or a digital PR practitioner, you might have heard of the term link-building and you are perhaps wondering what it is and how it can help propel your business to success. Well, link building is the process of using third-party website links to increase traffic to your website. These links are commonly referred to as backlinks in SEO. Backlinks are one of the key ranking signals used by search engines to tell if your website is an authority in your niche. Think of backlinks from a top site, say abc.com to your own site domain.com as a “vote of confidence” from the site to yours.

Now, link building might seem complicated at first, especially if you are new to SEO. But, once you get the hang of it, you will find it is a straightforward process and you can start using the technique to grow to the first page of Google!

Let’s expound more on the benefits of link building for business or even your personal brand website:

Quick Link-Building Statistics You Ought To Know

If you don’t keep abreast of the latest link-building stats, you might trivialize how important link-building is. Here are a few stats and trends that illustrate how link-building is important for SEO:

  • A study by uSERP reveals that up to 95% of online websites and pages still don’t have any backlinks pointing to their main page. If you were to be among the 5% that took the time to earn quality backlinks, you are more likely to have an advantage over your competition!
  • Another uSERP study also found that Google is likely to rank your website higher if you include links from a domain higher than yours.
  • USERP State of Link Building report also confirms that 67.5% of SEOs believe the backlinks you acquire significantly impact your overall ranking on the search engine. Backlinks are also expected to be more valuable in the coming years, according to the report.
  • According to the SEO tribunal, 65% of digital marketers say link-building is a significant challenge. So, you are one step closer to success if you can get past the initial hurdles.
  • Backlinko reveals that your root domain plays a significant role in your ranking. It would help to develop a unique root domain if you want to gain a competitive advantage over other websites.
  • If you plan to start a blog, you are off investing in high-quality long-form content. According to Moz, a blog post containing more than 3000 words will likely receive more backlinks and higher ratings. Moz also noted that articles written in listicle formats tend to generate a higher number of unique backlinks than content in a block format or those with big paragraphs.

In August 2022, Google announced that it was making algorithmic changes with a bias towards helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.

Benefits Of Link Building

Now that you know a thing or two about some link-building stats, let’s explore some of the key benefits of link-building:

1. It Allows You To Establish Domain Authority

Your domain authority is the measure of relevance in a particular niche or industry. Remember that Google ranks websites based on their ability to provide resourceful information to Internet users. Therefore, domain authority is not something you should underestimate. The more backlinks you have from relevant websites, the higher your domain score. You could consider guest posting or resource page outreach to websites with a higher authority to earn quality backlinks to your target pages.

Tip: Remember to go for quality over volume as Google penalizes manipulative link-building tactics. It is the best way to get the benefits of link building.

2. Improved Rankings

Google is constantly introducing new updates to the search algorithm. However, backlinks remain the most crucial factor in determining where you lay in the SERPs. A clean backlink profile shows Google that your content is relevant to the web surfer. Google will likely rank you higher in the search engine.

Research done by Backlinko found that websites on the first page have more than backlinks pointing to their pages, compared to those that ranked lower.

Link Building Benefits

Source: Backlinko

3. Increased Sales And Revenue

Launching a successful link-building campaign and emerging with nothing but exposure for your brand is just half the job. As you focus on getting quality links, you also want to convert those interested clients into paying customers. Once you capture the attention of quality leads, you won’t have a hard time converting them into loyal customers.

4. It Increases Passive Income

When we say your business is generating passive income, we essentially mean you don’t have to be directly involved in any activity that brings in revenue. When you have backlinks from credible sites, visitors will click on a link to your page without much effort on your site.

Any prospective client that becomes a paying customer automatically generates passive income, giving your business a much-needed boost. For example, you could add a coupon for your store at Groupon to increase your chances of generating passive income from clients looking to pinch a few pennies.

5. It Enhances The Visibility Of Your Brand

The more backlinks you receive from other websites, the further your customer reach stretches. Keep in mind these web admins have their own audience who consume their content. Their audience also places a lot of trust in them, increasing their willingness to check out your page and what you have to offer.

Therefore, one of the benefits of link building is that it opens you up to an audience you wouldn’t have had access to in the first place. However, it would be wise to target a brand that complements yours to mitigate the risk of their audience failing to find you relevant and ignoring your link. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to target the construction industry if you dabble in cosmetics.

6. You Can Become A Thought Leader

There are thousands, if not millions, of websites on the Internet competing for the same pool of consumers. In addition to the stiff competition, your target audience is also picky and believes in getting value for their money. If you fail to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, your prospective clients will not trust you or invest in your business. Recommendations can go a long way in establishing your page as a thought leader. What better way to get a recommendation from a relevant site than to use backlinks?

7. Increased Organic Traffic To Your Site

Your position in the SERPs matters a lot if you want to increase traffic to your website. A study by FirstPage reveals the page in the number one spot on the search engine gets 39.6% clicks. Second place gets 18.4%, while third place gets 2.1%. Quality backlinks alert Google that your content is worth viewing, causing the algorithm to push you up the ranks till you appear in the first three pages of the search engine.

Sales and Revenue

8. Provision Of Quality Content To Readers

Suppose you made a guest post to an article in the New York Times. Your contribution will definitely make the blog post more valuable. However, you might wonder how this will help you in the long run. An external link to your website assures the reader that they can visit your page to get more clarification or a more profound understanding of a subject matter. Therefore, new visitors will consider your site a resource point, allowing you to provide high-quality content to your audience.

9. It Enables Constant Promotion

Acquiring the initial links for your campaign can be pretty tedious. However, once you have multiple links spread across numerous authority websites, they will continue doing the work for you long after the campaign. Even though a visitor to the authority site comes across the page months or a year after you made the guest post, they can still access your page via the link on the website. Unlike paid promotions, whereby you have to part with some cash every time someone clicks on your link, the fun never ends with link building.

10. It Helps You Build Meaningful Relationships

An excellent strategy to help you build backlinks is to reach out to other giants in your niche or industry. You could provide them with resourceful information in exchange for a backlink to your website on their page.

Build Relations


The more you interact with other complementary brands, the more likely you will form meaningful relationships that will take your business to greater heights. You could also find a good mentor or interact with a budding entrepreneur who could provide you with creative business ideas you wouldn’t have formulated.

11. Increased Referral Traffic

Link building leads visitors to your site even though they weren’t looking for your page in the first place. A case example is that of Bryan Harris whose website blew up after he made a guest post on Okdork. Before the guest post, his main page received an average of 285 visits per day. Internet users who frequented Okdork stumbled on his guest post and couldn’t resist clicking on the link to his page to read more of his content.

Harris recalls that he got 1086 new visitors to his site the day he posted on Okdork. Google noticed the increase in traffic and began ranking his page as an authority site. Today, 73% of Brayan Harris’ page visitors are new.

12. Reduced Bounce Rates

As you consider external links from authority sites, it would also be wise to ensure your internal links are equally helpful. Internal links on your website spread equity around, help visitors navigate seamlessly, and establish the information hierarchy. Since visitors to your site will bounce off to another page if they can’t find what they are looking for, you could use internal links to reduce bounce rates.

13. Grow Your Credibility

Last but not the least, link building assures your audience they can trust what you say. Users on the Internet trust Google for search. Therefore, when they use specific keywords and find your page at number one, they will know that you have something valuable to offer.

After all, Google wouldn’t have placed your site at the top of the page if it thought otherwise. In addition, if a client finds a link to your site on an authority website like Forbes, they will have no qualms about visiting your page.

Work With a Link Building Agency!

Google wouldn’t be doing its job right if it didn’t steer its users to the quality content they would find helpful. This is why you ought to make valiant efforts to show Google your content is worth pushing to eager Internet users out there. The beauty is that Outreach Monks is here to help you tap into the benefits of white-label link building! We will help you craft a high-quality backlink profile for your brand’s organic growth and visibility. We only use white hat, manually outreached backlinks that rank businesses on the first page of Google!




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