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6 Steps to Help You Turn Client Testimonials Page into SEO Success


A common underlying factor underpinning most relationships we have today is trust. And that is no different in the business world. Robust customer relationships that foster loyalty have to thank, in no small part, hard-worn trust. For instance, if you’re learning how to network as a real estate agent, so much of developing relationships is about trust. Any opportunity to build trust with your audience is an invaluable asset for your business. 

Testimonials play a significant role in communicating credibility to prospective customers in ways that words alone cannot be equipped enough. Testimonials page is a substantial asset to any marketing strategy and are a trustworthy source informing crucial purchasing decisions. They are also the perfect avenue for determining relevant content and a market intelligence gold mine that makes for an invaluable chapter in the SEO playbook.

Why are Testimonials important to your business?

Businesses that make the most from testimonials have more than enough to gain from that. Here are a few ways in which testimonials are crucial:

  • You get new customers

Customers are always looking for a stamp of approval before spending their hard-earned money on anything. Glowing testimonials that show customer satisfaction with your product catch the attention of prospective customers, making them more likely to walk through your doors and buy your products. Potential customers have more faith in the quality of goods and services of businesses with positive testimonials. 

new customers

  • There’s improved trust

Trust is an invaluable asset that no business should take for granted. You may have state-of-the-art offerings, but if your customers do not trust your company, they will more often than not pass up the opportunity to patronize your business. Testimonials page make customers trust your business since they have some social proof that your goods and services will meet their expectations. Positive feedback from people that have formerly interacted with your brand builds a substantial reputation for your business. After building trust with new customers, you could choose to use a lead management system to nurture the relationships with your business.  


  • Testimonials make for an excellent marketing strategy

Marketing is a crucial ingredient in the recipe that is business success. Testimonials work as great promotional media for your business. They improve your reputation with your target audience and bring more people to your camp. You can use some favourable testimonials as part of your marketing campaign. And the best thing is that this strategy does not call for extra expenses. 

  • You can use testimonials for evaluation purposes

The benefits of testimonials do not stop at marketing. Testimonials also help companies assess the quality of their offerings. You can use the feedback to identify areas that need tweaking for enhanced service delivery. 

  • Posting Testimonials is a show of appreciation

Customers want to feel like the businesses they spend their money on value them. Customers appreciate when they feel like business people value their honest evaluation of their experiences. Posting and replying to testimonials shows appreciation that will most likely build customer loyalty. 

post testimonial

Why are testimonials important for B2B SEO?

SEO takes front and centre stage in improving rankings in search engine results pages. One way to optimize a page for SEO is by creating content that resonates with the target audience. And the best way to gauge if your content works for your audience is through testimonials page. Moreover, most B2B decision makers tend to place testimonials at the forefront of product research. More positive reviews translate to better rankings and referrals. Here are some other benefits of testimonials for B2B SEO:

Better user experience

Testimonials on the landing pages and blog posts are a great way to diversify your content leading to a better user experience for your audience. 

Improved Domain Authority

Testimonials and reviews from third-party sites targeting specific keywords will increase the domain authority for your website and increase the likelihood of ranking highly in search engine results pages. 

Higher SERP ranking

Testimonials increase the visibility of your site. You get to rank higher in search engine results pages and draw more traffic to your site, increasing sales. 

high ranking

How to Turn Testimonials Page and Reviews into SEO Wins

There is no doubt that testimonials are instrumental for businesses in more ways than one. Given the impact SEO has on improved visibility and business success, you may wonder how to transform your glowing testimonials into SEO success. Here is how:

     1. Share the testimonials on other third-party review sites

Sharing testimonials on third-party review sites increases visibility for your brand. You also get to build high-quality backlinks that will help your SEO game. Some websites that you could consider are Google My Business, TrustRadius and G2. Listing your business with relevant sites increases loyalty and reach, making it more likely to get leads and conversions. 

    2. Mine reviews

Testimonials give you incredible insight into what your target audience wants. You can use them as a resource to inform your keyword strategy. Reviewing your testimonials helps you identify relevant topics and tailor your content to suit the needs of your target audience. Making testimonials a part of your keyword research strategy takes your SEO game to the next level. 

    3. Have a dedicated, optimized testimonial page on your site

Testimonials tend to address pain points. It helps to have an optimized page dedicated to the different concerns. You could also link the page to the product and solution pages. 

    4. Include the testimonials in your backlink-building strategy

Positive reviews are a great way to start a dialogue with clients and key industry players. Try to make the most of them by using them to develop co-marketing strategies with people in your industry. You can exchange reviews with them and build high-quality and relevant backlinks for your website.

    5. Always respond 

Testimonial responses count for crucial engagement that search engine giants use to signal trust and brand inclusion. It shows that you value your customers and their feedback. Search engines are more than happy to recommend such channels to their users, increasing visibility and the likelihood of potential customers checking out your business. 

always respond

    6. Keep testing

You can never know what will work for your business on the first try. That makes testing a significant part of using your testimonials to optimize your page for search engines. The A/B testing technique helps you narrow down what works for your target audience and the reviews that encourage the highest conversion rates. 

Wrapping up

Search engine optimizations increase traffic, leads and revenue for businesses of all sizes. And testimonials form a significant part of a proper SEO strategy. More positive reviews on third-party sites equals a higher chance of attracting more prospects. Businesses that make the most of testimonials pages and use them to inform their SEO strategies increase their brand visibility and have more opportunities of making conversions that result in high-profit margins.

Ekta Chauhan

Ekta Chauhan

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