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Buy PBN Backlinks: Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It In 2024?

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Link building is essential for SEO success. That said, proper link-building strategies take time and effort. They may also not pay off or provide a significant return on investment straight away.

Impatient website owners are always hunting for shortcuts and black hat strategies to put their sites at the top of search engine results. One such method is using Private Blog Network (PBN) backlinks. You might be wondering if you can buy pbn backlinks to grow your rankings, but is it still worth it? Well, let’s delve in deeper and explore Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are still worth it:

What are PBN backlinks?

For starters, PBN backlinks are links built from a network of privately owned websites that link to another site. Ideally, a PBN site exists to link to the focal money site to push up the search engine rankings.

what is pbn backlinks

Why do people build PBN?

Despite it being a black hat SEO strategy, it has its unique appeal. There are some benefits of using this link-building strategy that people hope to achieve.

  • You have full control over how to feature links

Most link-building strategies do not allow you the freedom to decide how the backlinks will appear. However, PBNs surrender control and discretion for how and where to build the links. You get to determine which anchor texts you will use for the backlinks to the money site. It gives you the power to interlink between sites, increasing traffic and backlinks to your money site. You can buy PBN links from other owners if building a PBN seems like a daunting undertaking.

  • Fast-tracked link building

Reaching out to authority sites and building legitimate links takes time and involves significant resources. Link building with PBN offers a faster alternative to the organic white hat tricks. You no longer have to spend extensive resources on blogger outreach strategies when you have PBN. It eliminates the hassle of creating authoritative content, reaching out to reputable sites, and all the follow-up emails. And the icing on the cake is that you can control how the link will be published within the article, something that is beyond your control with organic link building. It is no wonder people opt for PBN backlinks.

  • See immediate results in search rankings

PBN sites leverage existing authority, making it easier for you to get better rankings on SERPs with your keywords. Since PBN sites masquerade as an authoritative network of sites, they can influence the search engine giants to push your website to the top of the ranks. The PBN backlinks will seem like reputation online recommendations in Google’s eyes.

How to generate PBN backlinks?

To generate PBN backlinks, you have to access domains with existing authority. Building PBN links with a new domain that has not garnered a reputation will not tilt the scale with search engine rankings. And that beats the purpose of having a PBN domain.

It is, therefore, necessary to purchase high authority domains with a clean link profile. Domains with spammy and toxic backlinks will harm your PBN link-building efforts. After verifying the link profile and purchasing a domain, you will then publish content on the site. The content should have links to your money site to transfer link strength and hopefully increase its search engine rankings.

Not all website networks are PBN

Not all interlinking sites are PBN. Linking between sites on your own is perfectly fine. The issue arises when the links make sense and are not too much or spammy. A network of websites only qualifies as PBN when an owner builds them for the sole reason of linking to other sites.

Should you build PBN links?

Ideally, it is not advisable to build PBN links. Building PBN links puts you at risk of ranking drops and Google penalties that put you in a mess that can be hard to get out of. But on the flip side, link-building offers some notable link-building benefits. It is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. The choice of whether or not to build PBN links is not so black and white. The best way to look at it is to balance the pros and cons of PMN links:


  • PBNs are an easy and quick way to generate backlinks compared to organic link building.
  • You have control over the choice of anchor links and the exact pages the backlinks will target.
  • You can create many backlinks with minimal effort.
  • It is free if you own the PBN domain.
  • You get instant authority since you are taking advantage of the reputation of an aged, reputable website.
  • You do not have to spend time and effort on an outreach strategy.


  • You risk damaging Google penalties.
  • The PBN links you buy may end up being worthless.
  • All your efforts and ranking successes go down the drain when Google spots you.
  • Buying expired high-authority domains can be expensive.
  • It will be hard to sell a site built with PBN links.
  • It is not an evergreen strategy.
  • PBNs start your business on a shaky foundation.

Source: Carrot

Google’s Stance

Google makes it evident that it does not appreciate PBN links. Its Webmaster Guidelines warn against using links manipulating PageRank or site ranking in SERPs. PBN backlinking is a practice that seeks to manipulate search engine rankings unfairly. It is, therefore, a violation from Google’s perspective. Staying away from PBN links will put you in Google’s good books.

What will happen if you use PBN backlinks?

Here are some outcomes you can expect to come out of PBN backlinks:

1. Wastage of Money

One thing you can expect to get when you buy PBN backlinks is to waste your money. Your search engine rankings may not see a difference, but your bank account will. Google’s algorithm may ignore the links if it recognizes that they come from a PBN source. It then means that ranking will not get zero boosts even after all your efforts.

2. Penalty

You can get a penalty for using unnatural backlinks to grow your site’s reputation. The punishment will harm your ranking potential. They could also lead to the delisting of your website.


3. Ranking Increase

PBN outcomes are not all bad. You may get lucky and see your rankings increase. But that will only happen if you use it sparingly together with other acceptable link-building strategies. There are plenty of sites that have PBNs to thank for their popularity and high search engine rankings. Your best chance at getting a positive outcome is by building your own PBN. Buying PBN links from third parties may not be as effective. Remember, there is a catch to PBN success. Once Google spots you, your rankings may go down even after the short-term boost.

How to spot PBN backlinks?

SEO tools like Ahref and Moz can help you spot toxic PBN links linking to your website. The SEO tools will offer information about the websites linking to you, making it easier to spot unnatural links. They will flag the websites with low organic traffic, unexpected large spikes in organic traffic, and those with suspicious anchor texts.

Moz will help you identify sites with a high spam score linking to your website. That makes it easier to spot the sites linking to you that have features that Google penalizes. Try to go through the websites where suspicious links come from to assess them further. Some signs of links coming from suspicious sites are; toxic, poor content, questionable outbound links, and missing contact details or ‘About’ information.

Removing Toxic Links

You can remove toxic links that you suspect are affecting your rankings by uploading a disavow file to Google. Upload a .txt file containing all the suspicious domains you wish to remove backlinks from to the disavow tool in the Google Search console. Google will include them in their index. The procedure can take a few weeks to see results.

toxic links

Are PBNs worth it to you?

The answer to whether or not Private Blog Networks are advisable or bad falls in a grey or dark area. On the one hand, PBN backlinks provide a seemingly effortless link-building alternative. On the other hand, PBN backlinking is a risky affair that puts your risk at risk of penalties. It could end up causing more harm to your site in the long term. Building legitimate organic traffic may take time, but it is a low-risk way to get backlinks. You are also confident that you are growing your business and website on a solid foundation.

It will not be the case that your house of cards may come crumbling down once Google gets on to you! You are better off investing in a white hat link-building strategy to boost organic growth and visibility. You can work with a reputable link building agency to improve organic rankings, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness.

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