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How to Do SaaS Blogger Outreach: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Do SaaS Blogger Outreach

Did you know that over 80% of B2B marketers use blogs as a content marketing tactic? In the bustling world of Software as a Service (SaaS), this number is more than just a statistic. 

It’s an open door to vast opportunities. SaaS blogger outreach is the bridge connecting SaaS companies to influential voices in the industry, increasing their presence and securing their credibility.

With the sheer volume of SaaS solutions emerging daily, standing out is no longer optional—it’s a necessity. 

Following the right Steps for Successful SaaS Blogger Outreach can be the key to transforming from an unnoticed name into a recognized leader. 

Curious to understand this better? Dive in to unlock the potential of this powerful opportunity.

What is SaaS Blogger Outreach?

SaaS Blogger Outreach is a strategy where SaaS companies connect with bloggers. The goal? To talk about their software products in blog posts. Think of it as a bridge, linking SaaS companies and bloggers together.

Why is it Crucial for SaaS Websites?

It’s not just about getting a mention on a blog. There are deep reasons why this outreach matters:

  • Building Brand Authority: When a respected blogger talks about a SaaS service, it’s like an assurance. It tells readers, “This software is worth checking out”. This builds a SaaS company’s reputation, making them a trusted name in the industry.
  • Gaining Targeted Traffic: Blogs have readers, lots of them. And when a blogger writes about a SaaS product, their readers might want to learn more. This means more people visiting the SaaS website, and that’s always a good thing.
  • Creating Valuable Partnerships: Reaching out to bloggers isn’t a one-time thing. It can lead to long-term collaborations. These can include writing guest posts, joint webinars, or other shared activities. Such partnerships help both the blogger and the SaaS company grow together.

SaaS Blogger Outreach isn’t just a trend. It’s a powerful tool that can help in SaaS marketing. And when done right, it’s a win-win for both the SaaS company and the blogger.

Executing the Steps for Successful SaaS Blogger Outreach

SaaS businesses need a clear plan to connect with bloggers. It’s more than just saying hello; it’s about building real and lasting ties. Having a set way to do this can really help. Ready to learn how? Let’s dive into these important steps.

Steps for Successful SaaS Blogger Outreach

1. Identifying Your Goals and Metrics

In the world of SaaS Blogger Outreach, it’s like setting out on a journey. Before taking the first step, it’s crucial to know where you’re headed. That’s where goal setting comes into play.

Why Goal Setting is Essential?

Just like a ship needs a compass, a SaaS website needs clear goals. Without them, you could move aimlessly. Having clear goals gives direction. It tells you what you’re trying to achieve with your blogger outreach.

Key Metrics for SaaS Websites

Once you have your goals, you need a way to track your progress. That’s where metrics come in. They’re like signposts, showing you how close you are to reaching your destination. Here are some key signposts to watch for:

  • Referral Traffic: This tells you how many people came to your website after reading about you on a blog. The higher this number, the better!
  • Conversion Rates from Guest Posts: It’s not enough for people to visit. We want them to take action, like signing up or buying. This metric tells you how many visitors do that after reading a guest post.
  • Number of Backlinks Acquired: Think of backlinks as thumbs up from other websites. They link to you because they find your content valuable. More backlinks usually mean more trust in the online world.
  • Domain Authority Improvement: This is a score. The higher it is, the more respected your website is in the eyes of search engines. Improving domain authority is a good sign that your outreach is working.

2. Researching Potential Bloggers

Imagine you’re hosting a big party, and you want to invite the right guests. In SaaS blogger outreach, those guests are the bloggers. And to find them, you need to do some research.

Platforms for Research

Where do you start looking for these bloggers? Thankfully, there are tools and platforms to help you:

  • Google Search: The most straightforward way. Simply type in keywords related to your SaaS product, and see which blogs pop up.
  • Social Media Platforms: Bloggers often share their posts on social sites. Platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn can be goldmines for discovering active and relevant bloggers.
  • Influencer Tools: These are special tools designed to find people with a big online following. They can help point out the top bloggers in your niche.
  • Competitor’s Profile: Sometimes, checking out where your competitors are getting mentioned can lead you to potential bloggers.

Assessing Blogger Relevance for SaaS Niches

Not all bloggers will be a good fit. It’s important to find those who talk about topics related to your SaaS product. Their audience should be the people you want to reach.

Evaluating Blogger Authority and Engagement

It’s not just about finding bloggers. You want to connect with those who have a strong voice online. Check if they have a good number of followers. Also, see if their readers are active, leaving comments, and sharing posts. This can tell you how influential a blogger is.

3. Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Sending a pitch is a bit like knocking on someone’s door. You want to make a great first impression so they’re excited to invite you in. Here’s how to craft a pitch that bloggers can’t ignore.

Understanding the Blogger’s Audience

Before you start writing, put yourself in the blogger’s shoes. Think about their readers. What do they like? What are they interested in? This will help you craft a message that resonates.

Personalizing Your Outreach Email

No one likes generic emails. It’s essential to show the blogger that you’ve done your homework. Mention a recent post of theirs or discuss a specific topic they’ve covered. This proves you genuinely value their work.

Providing Value to the Blogger

Just like in any relationship, give and take is essential. Here’s how you can offer value:

  • Exclusive Insights or Data from Your SaaS Product: Bloggers love unique information. Share something exclusive about your product that their readers would find intriguing.
  • Potential Affiliate Partnerships: Who doesn’t like to earn while they share? Proposing an affiliate partnership can be a win-win. They get to share about a great SaaS product and earn from it too.

Email Templates Tailored for SaaS Blogger Outreach

While personalization is key, having a basic email template can save time. This template should be specially crafted for SaaS products, emphasizing their unique features and benefits. Remember, the goal is to make it easy for the blogger to see why your product is worth sharing with their readers.

4. Follow up 

Bloggers are busy folks. Your initial email might get buried under heaps of other messages. A follow-up is a gentle reminder, nudging them to take a look at what you’ve proposed.

Timing is Key

Don’t rush to send a follow-up the very next day. Wait for a week or so. This gives the blogger enough time to check out your initial pitch, but not so much time that they completely forget about it.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your follow-up shouldn’t be lengthy. A quick message, reiterating your main points, and expressing genuine interest in collaborating can be effective.

Remember, It’s a Two-Way Street

While you’re keen to get a response, be open to feedback. If the blogger suggests changes or a different approach, be flexible. This showcases your commitment and willingness to work together.

In the grand scheme of things, a follow-up might seem small. But it’s this attention to detail, the persistence, and the care that often makes the difference in successful SaaS Blogger Outreach.

Evaluating the Success of Your Blogger Outreach

Every effort we make has an outcome. When we’re talking about SaaS Blogger Outreach, it’s essential to measure and evaluate how our efforts are panning out. It’s like taking a report card and seeing how well you’ve performed.

Advanced Tools For Monitoring SaaS-specific Outreach Metrics

Tools for Monitoring SaaS-specific Outreach Metrics

There’s a wide array of tools available to help you gauge the effectiveness of your outreach:

  • SaaS Metrics Dashboards:  These platforms offer insights into how much traffic and engagement your outreach efforts bring directly to your backtesting software.
  • Link Tracking Tools: Such tools can show you how many people clicked on the links shared by bloggers, providing a clear picture of engagement.
  • Feedback Collection Platforms: These allow you to gather direct feedback from bloggers and their readers about your product, giving you firsthand knowledge of what’s resonating and what might need a tweak.

Adjusting Your Strategy Based on Data and Feedback

Collecting data and feedback is only half the battle. It’s what you do with that information that truly matters:

  • Interpret the Data: Spend time understanding the numbers. Are more people visiting your SaaS product thanks to the blogger outreach? Are they engaging with it?
  • Be Open to Change: Sometimes, numbers might suggest that a certain approach isn’t working. That’s okay. Being adaptable and willing to adjust is vital.
  • Seek Continuous Feedback: Don’t just gather feedback once and forget about it. Make it a routine. This ensures your strategy stays fresh and relevant.

Monitoring and evaluating your efforts is a foundation of successful SaaS Blogger Outreach. It’s through this constant cycle of action, evaluation, and adjustment that your outreach endeavors can truly shine and deliver tangible results.


In the changing world of SaaS, Blogger Outreach stands as a vital strategy to amplify visibility and engagement. 

By methodically identifying goals, researching the right bloggers, crafting tailored pitches, following up, and regularly evaluating outcomes, SaaS companies can effectively bridge the gap between their solutions and the target audience. 

Tools and feedback loops are essential, ensuring strategies stay relevant and yield desired results. 

As SaaS landscapes continue to evolve, a well-executed Blogger Outreach not only builds authority but also fosters valuable partnerships, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS blogger outreach?

SaaS blogger outreach is a strategy where SaaS companies connect with influential bloggers to promote their products, boost visibility, and establish industry credibility through guest posts, reviews, or collaborations.

Why is SaaS blogger outreach important?

It amplifies brand visibility, builds trust by associating with respected figures, drives targeted traffic to SaaS platforms, and can significantly improve search engine rankings through quality backlinks.

How do I start with SaaS blogger outreach?

Begin by identifying your goals, researching potential bloggers in your niche, crafting a compelling pitch, initiating contact, and following up regularly while monitoring and adjusting your strategy.

Can I measure the success of my blogger outreach efforts?

Absolutely! Monitor metrics like referral traffic, conversion rates from guest posts, number of backlinks acquired, and improvements in domain authority to gauge success.

What if a blogger isn't interested or doesn't respond?

It's okay. Not every pitch will be a hit. It's essential to be persistent, refine your approach, and continue reaching out to other potential bloggers in your niche.




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