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Link Building for Entertainment Websites: How Top Brands Do It

Link Building for Entertainment Websites

Lights, camera, action! 🎬 Isn’t the entertainment world all about captivating audiences on screen?

Hold that thought. Ever wondered how to attract the huge number of internet surfers searching for their next binge-worthy content or star-studded news?

Enter the stage: Link building. But we’re not talking about just any links; we’re diving deep into the showbiz of advanced tactics tailored for entertainment websites.

Sound a bit too techie for your showbiz vibes? Don’t hit the exit just yet! This guide will roll out the red carpet, leading you straight to the spotlight of the digital world.

Ready to see your entertainment website become the star of the search engine show? Let’s pull back the curtain! 🎭🌐

What is Link Building for Entertainment Websites?

Link building for entertainment websites involves acquiring backlinks from relevant sources to boost site authority and traffic. 

It’s about connecting entertainment content with fans, industry peers, and broader audiences, enhancing the site’s visibility and credibility in the vast entertainment landscape.

Why is it Essential for Entertainment Websites?

  • Visibility Boost: Entertainment is a competitive arena. Effective link building can skyrocket a site’s prominence in search results, making it easier for fans to find.
  • Credibility Enhancer: When renowned platforms link back, it showcases trust and quality.
  • Traffic Increase: More links mean more pathways for users to visit, leading to heightened site engagement.

It’s about securing a leading role in the digital entertainment industry. Want your site to shine? Consider link building.

9 Advanced Link Building Tactics for Entertainment Websites

Advanced link building for entertainment websites elevates online presence, driving more traffic and engagement. It’s not just about getting links, but about strategically connecting with the right audience. Stay ahead in the digital entertainment realm with these cutting-edge tactics.

9 Advanced Link Building Tactics for Entertainment Websites

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting stands as one of the foremost strategies in advanced link building. Essentially, it involves creating content for another entertainment website, with the advantage of placing a link back to your site. This technique can offer numerous benefits for entertainment platforms:

  • Wider Reach: By posting on a different platform, your content gains exposure to a new audience.
  • Boosted Credibility: Being featured on respected entertainment sites can enhance your brand’s image.
  • Valuable Backlinks: The core of this strategy, backlinks from high-authority sites can significantly improve search engine rankings.

Engaging in guest posting is akin to hosting a guest star on a TV show; it brings fresh energy, broadens the audience, and fortifies the website’s presence in the entertainment niche.

2. Leveraging Social Media

Leverage Social Media

In the digital era, social media is a powerhouse. For entertainment websites, leveraging these platforms is not just optional—it’s vital. When tapped effectively, social media can act as a robust link-building avenue, ensuring your content gets the visibility it deserves.

  • Shareability: Entertaining content often goes viral. By sharing links to your articles, videos, or other content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s potential for massive reach.
  • Engagement: Comments, likes, and shares on posts can drive organic traffic to your website. Additionally, it boosts the site’s reputation and reliability.
  • Building Relationships: Engaging with influencers or collaborating on content can result in high-quality backlinks, broadening the website’s visibility.

Remember, the entertainment industry thrives on trends. By staying active and current on social media, entertainment websites can capitalize on these trends, ensuring they’re always a part of the conversation and, more importantly, the link-sharing ecosystem.

3. Infographics and Visual Content

Infographics and Visual Content

The world of entertainment is inherently visual. In this vibrant industry, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” truly holds weight. Infographics and visual content play a pivotal role in link building, particularly for entertainment websites. Here’s why:

  • Appeal to the Audience: In the fast-paced online environment, users prefer digesting information quickly. Infographics present data and insights in an easily understandable format, catching viewers’ attention instantly.
  • Shareability: Visual content, especially when entertaining or insightful, gets shared more frequently across social media platforms and blogs. This not only drives traffic but can result in organic backlinks.
  • Embed Codes: By providing embed codes with your infographics, other websites can easily share them, generating a backlink in the process.
  • SEO Benefits: Properly optimized infographics can rank in image search results, providing another avenue for visibility and link generation.

For entertainment websites, the fusion of engaging visuals with informative content creates a potent mix for link building. This combination ensures that audiences are not only captivated but are also more inclined to share and link back to the source.

4. Content Syndication

Content syndication is a technique where content originally published on one website is republished on other platforms or websites. For entertainment sites, this can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the specifics:

  • Wider Audience Reach: By syndicating content, entertainment websites can tap into a broader audience base. This expands visibility, potentially bringing in more visitors and links back to the original source.
  • Boosted Authority: Having your content featured on reputable platforms or sites enhances your website’s authority in the entertainment niche. This perceived expertise can lead to more organic backlinks.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Syndication means more eyes on your content and, by extension, your brand. Over time, this recognition can lead to direct searches and direct links from fans or followers.
  • Maintaining Originality: It’s essential to ensure that syndicated content points back to the original piece. This way, search engines understand where the original content resides, and you receive the SEO benefits.
  • Relationship Building: Syndication often involves partnering with other platforms or sites. This can pave the way for future collaborations, guest posting opportunities, or joint ventures, all of which can aid in link building.

For entertainment websites aiming to make a mark in a competitive landscape, content syndication offers a path to increased visibility, authority, and, crucially, a richer link profile. It’s an advanced tactic, but when done right, the rewards are significant.

5. Podcast and Video Interviews

Podcast and Video Interviews

In the pulsating world of entertainment, podcasts and video interviews are not just content but link-building goldmines. Here’s how:

  • Audience Reach: They cater to diverse preferences, from readers to listeners and watchers, amplifying engagement and potential backlinks.
  • Celebrity Draws: Hosting influencers or celebrities can invite their fanbase, generating organic links as content gets shared.
  • Platform Benefits: Utilizing platforms like Spotify or YouTube can provide valuable backlinks, with embedded content offering even more reach.

Diving into podcasts and video interviews isn’t just trendy; it’s a strategic move for authoritative link-building in the entertainment realm.

6. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is similar to a treasure hunt in the digital realm. For entertainment websites, where content is continually evolving, and links might drop or become outdated, this strategy is crucial. But what is it exactly?

  • Rediscovering Lost Value: Over time, you might’ve gained links that later broke due to URL changes or site revamps. Reclamation restores these valuable lost connections, bringing back the juice they provided.
  • Mention to Link Conversion: Your brand or content might get mentioned on other platforms without an active link. This tactic involves finding these unlinked mentions and requesting the site owners to convert them into live links.
  • Repairing Broken Links: Websites linking to your removed pages? Find them, fix them, or redirect them to relevant content.

For entertainment sites, where the buzz is continual, link reclamation ensures that the hard-earned digital reputation remains intact and continues to grow.

7. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)


In the bustling world of entertainment, keeping the buzz alive is paramount. But how can sites stay in the limelight without the hefty PR costs? Enter HARO, an ingenious bridge between journalists and sources.

  • Platform Overview: HARO connects reporters with experts or sources in various fields. By signing up, entertainment sites can become these sources, providing insights or stories in return for valuable backlinks.
  • Positioning as Experts: Entertainment platforms can leverage their niche knowledge, be it movies, music, or celebrity gossip. Sharing this expertise with reporters solidifies their authority in the field.
  • Building Authentic Links: Rather than cold outreach or generic link requests, HARO offers organic link-building opportunities, with backlinks coming from high-authority media outlets.

For entertainment sites eyeing quality backlinks and enhanced brand visibility, HARO emerges as an advanced, yet authentic, link-building powerhouse.

Running Entertainment-focused Contests and Giveaways

Sparking engagement and building audience loyalty are pivotal for entertainment sites. What better way to achieve this than with contests and giveaways? Besides being audience magnets, they can be instrumental in link building.

  • Audience Attraction: Contests with tempting prizes, be it movie tickets, merchandise, or exclusive passes, draw users in droves. This increased traffic can naturally lead to more shares and backlinks.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Partnering with other brands or influencers for these events can facilitate mutual link sharing, broadening reach for all parties involved.
  • Social Media Amplification: Announcing and promoting these events on social platforms not only widens audience reach but also encourages participants to share, further enhancing backlink opportunities.

Entertainment-focused contests and giveaways present a fun, interactive way to strengthen audience bonds while simultaneously bolstering a site’s link profile in the entertainment niche.

Hosting Virtual Entertainment Webinars

hosting virtual webinars

In an age where digital interactions are becoming the norm, virtual entertainment webinars are emerging as a compelling strategy for entertainment websites. These webinars not only offer value-packed content but also present potent link building opportunities.

  • Establishing Authority: Hosting insightful webinars on trending entertainment topics can position a website as a thought leader in the industry. This reputation can lead to increased mentions and backlinks from peers and attendees.
  • Collaborative Ventures: Inviting renowned speakers or industry personalities to the webinars can boost viewership. These collaborations often result in mutual link-sharing, amplifying reach.
  • Shareable Content: Post-webinar, the recording can be shared on various platforms, embedded on other websites, or even transcribed into blogs, creating multiple avenues for generating backlinks.

Virtual entertainment webinars offer a dual advantage – they engage audiences with rich content while naturally inviting link building prospects.

Measuring the Impact of Your Link Building Campaign

Every successful link building journey requires monitoring to ensure that the ship is sailing in the right direction. But how do you track the wind’s direction and the waves of the vast SEO ocean?

  • Tools and Platforms for Monitoring Backlinks: There are user-friendly tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz that simplify the process. They offer insights into who’s linking to you, allowing for quick checks on the quality and relevance of those links.
  • Key Metrics to Watch:
    1. Referral Traffic: This measures the visitors coming to your entertainment site through the links you’ve acquired.
    2. Domain Authority: A metric to gauge the overall “strength” and credibility of your site in the eyes of search engines.
    3. Number of New Backlinks: Track the total links acquired over a specified period.

Stay informed, keep an eye on these metrics, and navigate your entertainment website to link building success.

Initiating Advanced Link Building with Outreach Monks

Taking your entertainment website’s link building to an advanced level might seem challenging. So, where to begin? Think about partnering with professionals. Consider Outreach Monks. They have an impressive track record in the SEO arena.

By collaborating with them, you get access to expert strategies tailored for entertainment websites. They understand the nuances and offer targeted solutions. Their white label link building services are unmatched.

Instead of navigating the complex world of link building alone, why not leverage their expertise? Dive into the world of advanced link building confidently with Outreach Monks by your side.


Link building serves as the backbone of that digital footprint, strengthening your site’s authority and driving targeted traffic. 

As entertainment consumption patterns evolve, websites must prioritize advanced link-building tactics to stay relevant and competitive. 

Whether through guest posting, leveraging social media, or harnessing the power of infographics, these strategies are designed to resonate with the entertainment audience. 

Furthermore, tools and metrics help in gauging the campaign’s success, ensuring that efforts are yielding the desired results. 

Remember, in the entertainment sector, it’s not just about visibility but about connecting with the audience in meaningful ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building for entertainment websites?

Link building for entertainment sites involves acquiring hyperlinks from relevant sources to improve search visibility, drive traffic, and enhance domain authority in the entertainment niche.

Why is link building essential for entertainment sites?

It's vital because quality backlinks signal search engines about the site's credibility, potentially leading to higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and better online visibility in the entertainment sector.

How can guest posting benefit entertainment websites?

Guest posting on relevant platforms exposes the site to wider audiences, establishes authority in the entertainment industry, and secures quality backlinks, driving more organic traffic.

Are social media platforms effective for entertainment site link building?

Absolutely! Social media can amplify content reach, drive engagement, and facilitate natural link acquisition, especially given the viral nature of entertainment content.

How often should entertainment websites update their link-building strategies?

Regularly! The digital landscape and search engine algorithms change often. Entertainment sites should periodically assess their link-building efforts, staying updated with the latest best practices and trends.

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