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10 Powerful Pinterest SEO Tips That Work in 2023

Pinterest SEO

Around 250 million people use Pinterest every month. Of these, 83% are women. There’s always something for everyone to post on Pinterest. For example, even if you are a carpenter, you can always add your work projects that many tend to get inspired from.

Every idea on Pinterest is represented by a pin, each Pin enabling others to save it or add it to their board or collection of similar ideas. What sets Pinterest from Instagram is the ability to save and add pins.

If you are a business and want to show people your products, you can always link the pins to your website, where they can buy the product. If you are a creator, here are some tips to follow while creating Pinterest for your work.

Effective Tips To Get Discovered On Pinterest

Increasing the reach of your business on Pinterest is easier than you think, especially with the ways given below:

Tip #1: Create A Business Account

Yes, this may appear to be extremely elementary, but it is always a good idea to become acquainted with and begin with the fundamentals.

There are two sorts of Pinterest accounts: personal and business. If you’re creating pins for your business or want to reach out to more people with your Pinterest page, you’ll want to create a business profile.

You may always change your account to a business profile in a few simple steps if you already have one. Because a Pinterest business profile comes with statistics and an Ads manager, the main reason to create one is to gain more insight into how your profile is performing.

These two are necessary Pinterest SEO factors that can help you reach the proper audience and maximize the value of your material for your followers. The greatest first step is to develop a username that is SEO-friendly.

One of the greatest methods to achieve this is to write down easy-to-remember usernames. Remember that if your username is too complicated, your consumers may forget it.

Tip: Consider what your customers are searching for. When you establish a profile, your username becomes your URL. Filling out your ‘About’ section is the next step in getting your Pinterest SEO fundamentals right. Fill in all required information, as this is where your customers will learn about your brand.

See how this travel blogger has filled her about section with a brief intro and her website.

Pinterest Profile

Tip #2: Create Engagement-Worthy Content on Your Pins

No customer wants to see the basics. Many people come to Pinterest not just for shopping but also to find inspiration.

If you are wondering what will help your business, here’s the catch. If someone finds your page interesting, they will come back to find more such pins and might eventually end up liking your product and making a purchase. There are simply no shortcuts to this. Only quality content can help you reach your customers.

Search engines are smart enough to identify only the content people want to see. The bots only find information worthy of sharing and profiles that the audience should learn more about. With that in mind, ensure your first Pin or board is of the highest quality possible.

You must create content that people will want to like, share, and discuss. To put it another way, stuff that gets people talking.

Tip: One of the best ways to do this is to make original pins rather than ones already on the internet. On whatever platform, the original material has a distinct position.

Plagiarism might cause visitors to unfollow you. So, make the most of your personal touch by just posting photos that are original and developed specifically for your brand or product,” says Carly Bryanna of Haitna.

Tip #3: Setting Up Your Website for Pinterest

Like any other social media network, you can always send your Pinterest visitors to your website. Another benefit is the ability to construct targeted advertisements using information from your website. This necessitates the creation of a link between the two platforms.

Another significant factor in strengthening your Pinterest SEO is focusing on adding the Pinterest tag to develop organic marketing, which is the most important element. Add a save button to your pins so that people may bookmark them. You may add a save button to your pins with a simple HTML code. Last but not least, double-check your website.

Your profile image will be added to all your pins as a result.

Tip #4: Invest Your Time in Conducting Keyword Research for Your Pinterest

Pinterest’s keyword research differs from that of other tools. Pinterest is a search engine that builds its feed based on users’ wants.

Simply type your search term into the search field to see the most popular searches, and it will semantically recommend other connected topics. This is a terrific method to find out what people are looking for on Pinterest and what themes are trending.

Pinterest Keyword Ideas

It doesn’t have to be the same as what you’re looking for, but it should be comparable. Pinterest offers a unique feature that displays all connected niches on the same page. Investigate these niches to see what or how your competitors are making the most of their potential.

Tip: When looking for relevant terms, always type synonyms. Unlike Google, Pinterest does not display pins for the same terms but instead focuses on comparable phrases. Use these keywords to create the best descriptions for your pins for improved visibility.

Tip #5: Understand How A Pin Exactly Works

It takes a lot of practice to make a flawless pin. Experimenting is the key to figuring out which pins perform best. You use not simply the image and tags when you pin anything. There’s more to it than that.

For creators or businesses, diving deep and knowing the architecture of a Pinterest pin is critical.

There are certain thumb rules to follow when you post your Pins. For example, pick long images. Ideally, an optimum Pin size on Pinterest should be 1,000px by 1,500px, or a ratio of 2:3.

You can use an online image resizer to resize your images.

Image Resizer

Longer images get the highest number of views and clicks. Using contract colors is another way you can make your pins stand out. Never post pictures that tend to merge with the background colors.

Tip: If you want to improve your pin reach, there are a few things you should look into. Check the image quality first. Your photos should all be in high definition.

Look beyond the image when you see a pin. Examine the fonts, image style, ambiance, and language. These are critical indicators to keep an eye on if you want to stay on top of your game. Another crucial aspect is to include a keyword-rich title.

Tip #6: Add Life to Your Pins Using Descriptive Captions

Compared to any other social media handle, Pinterest is more of an inspirational platform. It’s just as vital to focus on descriptions as it is to focus on titles.

Make sure to include keywords in your description for improved SEO. But remember that no one likes to read a robotic description that consists solely of repeated keywords. They’d rather read your description to learn more about your Pin.


  1. Maintain a conversational tone in your description.
  2. Describe how the Pin will benefit your audience.
  3. Give them a cause to keep it for later, and they’ll be motivated.

Another thing to reinforce Pinterest SEO is to focus on establishing a long-term relationship with your visitors, so include something that will entice them to return.

However, remember that it should not be as large as a blog. For a respectable description, perhaps about 100 characters should be enough. Make sure you include the appropriate hashtags in your description.

Tip #7: Follow Other Profiles for Better Visibility

Pinterest is more of a place for discovering new things. However, it is also a social media site. As a result, who you follow on this network is crucial.

Better Pinterest Profile

Pinterest selects relevant accounts and displays them to those looking for inspiration on the site. Following other profiles related to your brand increases your chances of appearing in suggestions for consumers looking for inspiration on such pages.

As a result, ensure you’re following the correct people and those who strongly connect to your niche. Pinterest will consider your following list when deciding whether to include your profile in its suggestions for boards and profiles to follow.

Tip: It is not just in following similar pages on Pinterest. Another tip is to follow influencer and celebrity accounts that closely relate to your niche. By connecting with high-traffic accounts, you are helping your pins boost better.

Tip #8: Create Boards and Make Them Discoverable

Individual pins are excellent, but many overlook the importance of establishing boards. Boards assist individuals in identifying a distinct style that will entice them to learn more.

This is how boards look on Pinterest.

Pinterest Boards

Creating boards is one of the finest ways to increase your presence on this platform. Create boards using various elements from your niche.

Along with developing boards, ensure the board titles and descriptions contain SEO-friendly terms. Use keyword research to name your boards, so they are easily found on Pinterest.

Writing extensive board descriptions is a wonderful approach to take advantage of the potential to include more keywords and be more descriptive while encouraging people to explore the board.

Tip: Make sure your board names are quick to read, easy to understand, and simple to remember. For example, if you are a furniture store, you can create board names like ‘Living Room,’ ‘Study Room,’ or something like that.

Tip #9: Rich Pins Are Your Best Friends

If you’re unsure what a rich pin is, here’s all you need to know. When you make a pin from your website, it’s referred to as a rich pin. It improves your Pinterest discoverability and delivers traffic to your website. You may use Pinterest’s rich pins in four different categories right now.

App, Product, Article, and Recipe are the four categories. Rich pins perform well on Pinterest, depending on the type of Rich Pin you use. This will undoubtedly improve your search engine ranking.

Tip: Another thing to keep in mind when using Pinterest is to publish regularly. You don’t have to post every day, but you should ensure you have enough content before starting with Pinterest.

Not only will posting once and then not publishing again reduce your visibility, but it will also harm your reputation on the platform.

Tip #10: Explore Pinterest Ads

Everyone knows that ads are the most effective approach to expanding your audience. Pins can be used to create ads on Pinterest. You can pay to have a certain Pin on your profile promoted, increasing its reach and visibility. You may always use Pinterest Ads to enhance your best-performing Pin.

Pinterest’s strongest feature is that it’s a discovery platform, which means it doesn’t bombard users with branded advertising and content. This is a fantastic opportunity for creators and companies to exhibit their most popular pins.

Once you’ve configured your Pinterest Ads Manager, your Pin will be accessible to users in various places, including the feed and homepage.

How Do I Optimize My Pinterest for SEO?

With simple steps, you can optimize your Pinterest for SEO. However, the first step is to create a business account rather than using a personal Pinterest profile. Once you create a business profile on Pinterest, add a username that is SEO-friendly and easy to remember, which will form your profile URL. A brand should follow these basic steps to optimize its Pinterest for SEO.

How Do I Rank My Pins on Pinterest?

Pinterest has certain guidelines to follow when considering your Pins for ranking. Style, texts, and photo guidelines are important if you want your Pins to rank on Pinterest. Another great way to do this is by adding the right keywords and ensuring you incorporate them in your Pin names and descriptions.

How Do I Rank My Pinterest Boards on Google?

Google picks large and well-established pins from Pinterest profiles. And to rank on the first of the lists in Google for Pinterest boards, you will have to post consistently and add more pins to your profile. Google picks well-established and trusted sites regarding ranking, so you must optimize your Pinterest correctly.

How Do I Improve My Profile Visibility on Pinterest?

To stay relevant on Pinterest, it is necessary to post engaging content. Here are some things to consider incorporating to ensure you have better visibility on Pinterest. One, post-high-quality images. Secondly, ensure all the text and the font size you use for overlay text are legible and readable. Add detailed titles and descriptions, and always follow a consistent theme.

What Apps or Tools Can I Use to Optimize My Pinterest Content?

With the help of certain tools and applications, you can post optimized content on your Pinterest platform. Some of them are Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and keyword planning tools.




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