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Top 11 Online Ecommerce Marketplaces for Small-Scale Businesses In 2023

eCommerce Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are growing at a fast speed. The digital world has allowed humans to have a comfortable life. An online marketplace is where many different buyers and sellers are present. In this decade, there are numerous ecommerce marketplaces introduced to entertain people.

The online marketplace offers different types of markets, ranging from niche markets, bargain-focused markets, and other types of markets. A stat by Hostinger Tutorials mentioned that online global sales are projected to grow by over $7 trillion by 2025.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to choose a suitable ecommerce marketplace. A small business buyer or seller needs to have a safe and seamless shopping experience.

Moreover, customers are expected to be treated with convenience and look where everything is catered and available.

That’s why they look for quality eCommerce sites. In fact, you can take a look at these eCommerce website examples to know what consumers expect from businesses nowadays.

Now, almost every consumer or client researches before making a purchase. A study shows that only 2.17% of ecommerce visits convert into a purchase.

Let’s have a look at some of the top 11 selected ecommerce marketplaces. They are exclusively selected and recommended for small businesses. In the upcoming year 2023, they are a must to use.


Source: First Site Guide

List Of Top 11 Online Marketplace for Small-Scale Business to Use In 2023

1. eWorldTrade


Coming to eWorldtrade, they are an online B2B ecommerce platform catering for over a decade. eWorldTrade is a one step solution marketplace for every small business, whether they are buyers or sellers. With impeccable services, there are plenty of prestigious services offered by eWorldTrade.

  • They have integrated a request for quote (RFQ), which helps in getting a free quote from the sellers. Moreover, they have a free consultation feature which is available 24/7.
  • eWorldTrade offers premium packages that have been created for the convenience of everyone. Businesses can select packages that suit them according to their needs and budget.
  • Anyone can join their partner program; it helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow their business and have a visible name at a global level.  The partnership program helps in selling, reaching suppliers, and managing business.

2. Walmart


Walmart is one of the biggest names in the online ecommerce industry. They are also known as omnichannel retailers hosting thousands of traditional stores. The store is divided into distinct categories, so it becomes easier for businesses to make purchases.

  • It is introduced as one of the best platforms for retailers, where they can sell products to third-party with their inventory.
  • One can start by choosing a full-integration option and adding products to the market. Additionally, apply for the final wait and let the platform put your products online.
  • They offer premium sponsored features; which help in finding products easily. The ad has a monthly fee, which can be chosen accordingly.

3. eBay

eBayeBay or eBay Business Supply, it is an online ecommerce platform connecting people to build communities and creating opportunities for everyone. Working in more than 190 markets, they are making a path for buyers and sellers. eBay allows small businesses to make their way and establish a thriving name.

Regardless of size, businesses can start by having access to local and global markets. They help through their inclusive entrepreneurship business model.

In eBay foundation, the marketplace partners with nonprofit organizations for addressing and removing systematic errors in the entrepreneur world.

They have an Express program that creates opportunities for buyers and sellers; helping in buying equipment by different eBay financing options.

4. Etsy


Etsy is an exclusively designed ecommerce platform for people who are looking for prebuilt customer bases. On Etsy there are millions of buyers and sellers working at a tremendous pace. One can become an entrepreneur by joining a creative marketplace. Etsy is on the mission of powering online trading and making commerce common.

Etsy has an investment plan, where they connect with millions of buyers and sellers from nearly every state around the world.

We suggest working with a reliable shipping partner when selling on any online marketplace.

They have a simple system where the platform does not ask for additional fee. Etsy offers 15% off on offsite add fee and fee is only paid when a sale is made.

5. Alibaba


Alibaba is one of the most flourished B2B platforms in the world. The platform has a directory of wholesale products. On their platform, they welcome and assist new and small businesses to start their journey. Alibaba is most liked in the Asian sphere, but they are popular globally. And if you integrate this platform with software, its B2B ecommerce features will elevate. They offer different trade services such as trade assurance, payment inspection solutions, and ocean and air shipping.

  • The website is divided into categories where interested buyers can look for needed products. The products are divided into customized products, ready-to-ship, weekly deals, and more.
  • Alibaba has integrated a request for quotation bar, where people can request quotes by entering product names, quantities, and pieces.

6. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the finest names in the online ecommerce marketplace. The platform is working for more than a decade and making an irreplaceable name. They have a global networking system providing their services in millions of products divided into categories. For a worthwhile experience, the website shows recommended suppliers.

  • The platform offers a free trial where people can join through a simple registration process.
  • They have a sourcing center, where suppliers meet and can make a VIP buyer community without worrying about boundaries.
  • The platform offers a free trial where people can join through a simple registration process. They have a sourcing center where suppliers meet and can create a VIP buyer community without worrying about boundaries.
  • Global Sources also conducts trade shows where suppliers can meet face-to-face to have transparent trade transactions and discuss eCommerce payments directly.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the contemporary online ecommerce stores. It is recommended when a business is looking to start a venture. Facebook Marketplace is reliable because of its name and is used by millions of people.

  • They have an easy selling system, where one does not have to worry about verified suppliers or buyers.
  • It is a platform with no listing or commission. Hence it makes it a great place for small businesses to start their journey.
  • Facebook keeps a weekly review on everything and asks for an updated synced inventory.

8. Amazon Business

Amazon Business
Amazon Business is an extension of Amazon working as a B2B platform. It is an easy platform to start as they offer relaxing price offers. Amazon allows adding multiple buyers by employers. To cater to people around the globe, they have multiple payment methods. To get better at selling on Amazon, consider leveraging Amazon PPC.

  • Amazon has introduced multiple shipment method programs where businesses can choose the best package according to their convenience.
  • They have impeccable offers for new businesses which help them grow, whether it is a solopreneur or a small business. You can apply a promotional code to reduce the cost of your purchase on Amazon.

9. AliExpress


AliExpress is another great name added to the online B2B ecommerce platform. The platform is a worldwide place where there are millions of products available with just a tap away. AliExpress is known for their versatile products and their prestigious features.

  • The platform has a buyer protection program, which assures a money back guarantee in case products’ are not up to the mark or not as mentioned on the website.
  • AliExpress often caters to their clients with mega sales which attracts more buyers.
  • As a global name, they cater their website into different regional and international languages.

10. EC21


EC21 is among the most used ecommerce platforms in the last ten years. They are a global name connecting millions of buyers and sellers at a global level. They host over 2 million companies. Lastly, EC21 also helps in global B2B buyer sourcing.

  • They are partnered with Google and the European Commission that defines their credibility.
  • EC21 has integrated a help box where buyers and sellers can post their queries and get them resolved by their consultants.

11. SeeBiz Marketplace

SeeBiz Marketplace is a US-based wholesale marketplace that offers a wide variety of wholesale products from the best vendors at the best prices. You can communicate, interact, and share your products with other businesses on this platform. It also offers a powerful stock screener tool, allowing you to search and filter through more than 650,000 high-quality products from over 1,000+ unique vendors from across the U.S.

In Conclusion

So, if you want to build your strong online presence and drive valuable leads to your website, you must also know some effective content branding strategies. Nowadays, even eCommerce businesses require powerful content to display services and offers. Moreover, paying attention to eCommerce link building will help you leverage the existing client base to strengthen your digital presence. We recommend working with a reliable shipping partner to succeed in any e-commerce marketplace. And if you are not sure what, why, and where about the link-building process, you can reach out to the best link-building service providers in the market and let them do the things for you. If you have questions, leave a message in the comments box below.

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