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Link Building for Property Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Link Building for Property Management

Did you know that over 70% of property seekers start their search online? Yet, a significant number of property management companies struggle to gain visibility in this crowded online marketplace.

While most focus on refining their listings and enhancing their website designs, a secret weapon remains underutilized: Link Building

Despite being the backbone of online authority, this strategy is often overshadowed by other search engine optimization tactics.

But what if mastering this could be your game-changer, positioning your business at the forefront of property searches? 

Dive into this comprehensive guide to know the link building secrets tailored for the property management sector. 

What is Link building for Property Managers?

Link building for property managers refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other niche related websites to their own property management site.

These links help users navigate between pages on the internet.

Why is online presence important for business growth?

  • Many people use the internet to look for homes and services. So, being online helps businesses find more clients.
  • Having a good online presence makes people trust you more.
  • If more people see you online, more will ask about your services.
  • It’s important to not just get more people, but the right people. Good links help with that.

Link building is not just about getting any traffic to your website; it’s about getting the right traffic.

It’s a technique that, when used correctly, can help property managers stand out in a crowded digital space and drive meaningful business growth.

8 Key Link Building Strategies for Property Management

Link building is like creating pathways to your property business in the huge online world. It guides potential clients right to your door. 

Ready to set up the best paths? Let’s dive into the top link building strategies to make your property management business stand out online!

8 Key Link Building Strategies for Property Management

1. Guest Posting on Relevant Property Platforms

One key way for property managers to build links is through guest posting. What does this mean? Guest posting is when you write an article or post for another website. In return, they allow you to include a link back to your own site.

Why Use Guest Posting for Property Management?

  • Property-related websites are visited by people interested in homes, rentals, or management services. When you write for these sites, you get your name in front of the right targeted audience.
  • It’s a win-win situation: the website gets a fresh article, and you get a link back, helping your site become more visible online.

So, by using guest posting on the right platforms, property managers can grow their online presence and reach more potential clients.

And even if you don’t have the expertise in this task, you can hire professional guest posting service providers for smooth and quality work.

2. Local Link Building Opportunities

When you get links from websites in your local area, it is known as local link building.

This might be from local news sites, businesses, or community groups. For property managers, local link building is a super strategy.

Why is Local Link Building Important for Property Managers?

  • People usually search for properties or management services nearby. When you have links on local sites, it helps locals find you more easily.
  • It builds trust. Being mentioned on local websites makes you look like a trusted part of the community.

It helps property managers become the go-to choice in their area. It makes them stand out to people nearby who need their services.

3. Property Listings and Portals

Property Listings and Portals

These are online spaces where properties are shown for rent or sale, allowing people to view details and images of various properties.

Listing sites and portals aren’t just places to show properties; they’re key for building online connections too.

How Do They Help in Link Building for Property Managers?

  • Every time a property manager lists a property, there’s an opportunity to insert a link back to their main website. This direct link can drive interested parties to learn more about the manager’s services.
  • These sites can enhance a manager’s credibility. When potential clients or tenants see properties listed on reputable portals, they associate it with trustworthiness, making them more likely to follow links and engage.

Effectively using property listings and portals, managers can amplify their online presence, driving more targeted traffic back to their primary site.

4. Collaborating Property Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Today, online personalities like property bloggers and social media influencers put significant influence over their audiences.

Through blogger outreach techniques you can team up with them. Property managers can tap into new, engaged communities eager for property insights and services.

Who are Property Bloggers and Influencers?

Bloggers create detailed articles on property topics for websites. Influencers share property insights on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

How Can They Help Property Managers with Link Building?

  • Collaborations might involve features or mentions, which include links back to a manager’s site, reaching a ready and relevant audience.
  • Exposure to these audiences can lead to more site visits and potential clients.
  • Moreover, being spotlighted by respected online figures boosts credibility in the property sector.

Through such partnerships, property managers can amplify their online reach, capturing interest from broader and more engaged digital communities.

5. Participating in Property Management Forums

Diving into the world of online discussions, property managers find a unique opportunity to connect and share.

These digital spaces gather people who want to talk about properties, ask for advice, or share their own experiences. 

How Does Joining Forums Help with Link Building?

  • Active participation allows managers to provide expert insights and, when appropriate, share links to their services.
  • Every link shared is an open door to curious individuals potentially seeking management services.
  • Consistent helpfulness on these forums not only shares a link but also cements a manager’s reputation as an expert in the field.

By engaging in these forum conversations, property managers can both share valuable knowledge and strategically position their services in front of a receptive audience.

6. Creating Shareable Infographics

Creating Shareable Infographics

Infographics mix visuals and data, making complex ideas easy to grasp. For property managers, they can be powerful tools.

Think of them as colorful pictures that tell a story using data and designs. For instance, an infographic could show how property values change over time in a specific area.

Why Infographics for Link Building?

  • People love to share good visuals. When someone shares your infographic, they’re also sharing a link to where it came from – your site.
  • Infographics can be used on social media, blogs, or even local news sites, increasing the chances of them being shared.
  • A well-made infographic is seen as valuable, so people are more likely to link to it.

For property managers, creating engaging infographics means turning data into art, an art that can lead more viewers back to their website.

7. Hosting Webinars and Online Workshops

Webinars and workshops are online events where experts teach or discuss specific topics.

In property management, this could be about tenant rights, property maintenance, or market trends. They can be more than just learning sessions, moreover they’re gateways to building links.

How Can They Help in Link Building?

  • Hosting these events often means creating a dedicated webpage for sign-ups or replays. This page can be shared and linked to by attendees or other interested parties.
  • Participants might share their learnings, mentioning the webinar and linking back to your site.
  • Partnering with other experts for joint sessions can lead to them linking to your site from theirs.

By sharing knowledge through webinars, property managers not only educate but also create opportunities for others to link back to them.

8. Utilizing Video Content 

Today people prefer video content over textual content. There are so many property managers who are leveraging the benefits of video content and its craze among the masses.

Videos are popular because they’re engaging and can be more informative than just text. 

How Do Videos Help in Link Building?

  • When you create a useful video, people might want to share it on their websites or blogs, linking back to the original source – your site.
  • Platforms like YouTube allow for a video description where you can include a link to your site.
  • As your videos gain views, they increase in popularity, making them more likely to be shared and linked.

With video content, property managers have a vibrant medium that’s shareable and linkable, increasing online visibility.

Connecting Digital World with Property Management

Connecting Digital World with Property Management

Today, a handshake or a face-to-face meeting isn’t the only way to build trust in property management. The online space now carries immense influence. 

It acts as a bridge, connecting property managers with potential clients, helping them establish credibility even before a direct interaction.

Digital Trust is Key:

  • Imagine you want to rent or buy a place. Where do you go first? Online! People look for feedback, websites, and what others say on social media. A property manager with a good online image is like a shop with a bright open sign.
  • Earning trust online makes everything else easy and fun.

Aligning Property Management Goals with Digital Strategies

  • Think about it: property management isn’t just bricks and doors; it’s about dreams and plans. And to get there? We need the internet’s help.
  • Here’s how:
    1. Finding new folks with online ads.
    2. Chatting about cool stuff on social media.
    3. Showing off new places on websites.

The digital world and property management go hand-in-hand. When done right, they complement each other, ensuring growth and trust-building.

Evaluating Backlink Opportunities

When diving into the world of link building, not all links are created equal. Some can be real gems, while others might not offer much value. How do you decide?

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

DA and PA

  • Think of DA and PA as grades for websites and specific pages. A high DA means the entire website is trusted by search engines. Meanwhile, PA focuses on the trustworthiness of a particular page.
  • Simply put, getting a link from a site with high DA or PA can be like getting a recommendation from a well-respected friend.

Niche Relevancy

  • When looking for backlink opportunities, it’s important to find websites related to your topic or industry. 
  • It makes the link more valuable and trustworthy to both users and search engines.

Ranking Keywords

  • Look at the main words or phrases a website ranks for in search results. These are called ranking keywords. 
  • A site with strong ranking keywords is seen as valuable by search engines. If such a site links to yours, it can enhance your site’s standing in search results too.

Domain Age

  • Consider how long a website has been active, known as its domain age. 
  • Older domains often have more trust and reliability because they’ve been around for a while. 
  • A backlink from an established site can be more beneficial than one from a newer site.

Quality-check with Tools

  • There are tools made just for this! They can scan links and give them scores based on their quality.
  • Some popular tools include: Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker.

Evaluating backlinks is about picking quality over quantity. The right tools and understanding of DA and PA can guide property managers in this endeavor.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Link Building for Property Management

As with many endeavors in the digital landscape, link building offers its mix of opportunities and challenges. For property managers, understanding these challenges upfront can make all the difference.

Common Misconceptions

  • Not all links are good. Sometimes, more isn’t better; it’s the quality that counts.
  • Instant results aren’t the norm. Like planting a tree, link building takes time to yield fruits.

Buying Links From Inexperienced Agencies 

  • Many property managers lack the time and expertise for organic link-building, leading them to buy backlinks from non-authoritative sites. Doing so incorrectly can risk Google penalties or website bans. 
  • However, buying backlinks boosts results, if it is done in the right way. It’s best to seek experts’ help who have years of experience in this field.

Selectivity is Crucial

  • Not every site is a good match. Property managers should steer clear of irrelevant sites or those of low quality.
  • A link from an unrelated site might not provide any value, and it could even harm one’s online reputation.

Monitoring and Measuring Your Link Building Success

In link building, it’s not only about forging connections, but also about evaluating their worth. By consistently keeping tabs on your link building activities, you can refine your strategies for optimal outcomes.

Essential Tools for Every Property Management Company:

  • Ahrefs: A powerful tool that provides a comprehensive backlink analysis.
  • SEMrush: Offers detailed analytics on backlinks and keyword rankings.
  • Moz Pro: Known for its domain authority metric, it’s invaluable for authority backlinks tracking and assessment. 
  • Google Search Console: Direct insights from Google about your site’s performance, including your backlinks.
  • Majestic: Focusing purely on link data, Majestic offers metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow, giving insights into the quality and quantity of incoming links.

Key Metrics to Focus On:

  • Referral Traffic: Measure the volume of visitors directed to your site from external sources.
  • Link Quality: Evaluate the size and relevance of the websites linking back to you.
  • Organic Rankings: Your website’s standing in search results indicates the strength of your link building efforts.
  • DA and DR: Increasing domain authority and domain rating of your website are major key metrics to be focused on.

Incorporating these tools and metrics ensures a more structured approach to evaluating your link building’s effectiveness and overall digital presence.


Link building can feel tricky, especially for property managers. But, it’s like setting up signs that guide more people to your door. 

Use the tips we talked about, and you’ll see more visitors on your website. And the more visitors you have, the more clients you could get. 

So, think about it: are your online signs big and clear enough?  If not, using advice from pros, such as this guide or insights from Outreach Monks, can be handy. Remember, it’s all about getting noticed in the big online world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building for property management?

Link building for property management involves creating inbound links to a property management website. It boosts online visibility, attracts potential clients, and enhances the website's authority in the real estate niche.

Why is link building important in the property sector?

Link building helps property websites rank higher on search engines. This means when people look for property services, they're more likely to find and trust your website, leading to more inquiries and clients.

Can I buy links for my property management website?

Yes, you can buy links, but it's essential to purchase from reputable sources. Quality over quantity is vital to avoid penalties and to ensure the links benefit your website's ranking.

How often should I focus on link building activities?

Link building is an ongoing process. Regularly updating your strategy, acquiring new, high-quality links, and auditing existing ones ensures consistent growth and website health.

Can link building help in getting local clients for property management?

Absolutely! Local link building, like getting links from local directories or community websites, can drive local traffic, making it easier for nearby clients to discover your services.

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